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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 139

After Hunt Dinner


I cracked three chicken beast eggs into a bowl, stirred and put a pinch of salt.
Putting sugar would make it taste milder but also burn easily so not today. Eggs have a thick flavor so salt is enough.

I heated up adamantite frying pan and put in butter and vegetable oil.
I made sure the oil and butter spread all over the pan as to prevent the egg sticking.
...Now then, the butter is bubbling time to put in the egg. I don't know why I'm being so serious for a home cooking, but speed and heat control are important for egg dishes so you gotta focus.
The heat is right, flame is medium to high, it's time to pour!
I shake the frying pan with the egg on to spread the heat while stirring the egg with chopsticks, making sure it's half-cooked.
I gradually peel off the egg into one corner and flip it around in one go, splash

Blast it!! It was going so well but then it just gotta spill over and lose shape!
Unununu, guess it's impossible for me...? If only I had Cooking Skill, would be a cinch...
...Let's make this one mine.

Can't be helped, guess I gotta cheat with Mana Control.
Eh, haven't I readied myself for this? Don't remember.
It would make for a good joke material if I weren't entertaining a guest, I've got no choice.

...First the heat, previously the flame was maintained between medium and high, but it's now losing firewood and temperature.
I could put in more firewood, but it'd take too long and the cost is getting up there.
Hence it's mana-to-heat energy conversion with Mana Control's turn and make a pseudo IH cooker. Cheapskate.
I'm relying on menu to control the temperature so it's accurate. Unfair.
Then I simply wrap the egg with mana when I need to flip it, no chance of failing. Dirty.
...What's with this weird sense of guilt.

Then once it's done, I put the egg on top of the fried rice I made earlier and pour tomato sauce on the omelette, done.
The inside is nicely half cooked.
It's nothing like in anime and manga where slicing the middle reveals a nicely overflowing egg though.
...Wonder if that's even doable in reality. I'd love to learn from anyone who can do that.

I only have respects to earth chefs who can cook well without Skills or Mana. Mad respect.
I mean, I'm not looking down on this world's chefs either, okay?
...Wonder how high the Skill level gotta be to cook an omelette well.

<<Depending on individuals, one needs Cooking Skill Level 6-7 to create an omelette of this equal.>>

Wait, doesn't Level 7 let you work as a chef in a high class restaurant?
So Mana Control gets me to that height... I gotta be careful not to become over reliant or I won't be able to cook normally.

<<By the way, creating an omelette that overflows from the inside requires Level 9-10 Skill.>>

So it's impossible for me huh, too bad.
I'd like to eat at a high class restaurant someday...

I'm done cooking for us all, time to deliver them.
It took a bit of time since I needed to make little chicken's portion too.
...Come to think of it, can a chick even eat eggs. I mean, ethically speaking.

<<Wild magic beasts' intakes include unfertilized eggs of their own, in extreme situations, they may eat their own flesh or youngling-->>

Stoooop!! Spare me from that stuff, I'm about to have a meal! I'll lose my appetite!
...Well, eggs are one thing but I'm gonna make a different menu for this little guy whenever we're eating chicken meat and stuff.
Especially that platinum chicken, it's the mother and all, I should give this little one Crimson Scale meat or something instead.


This guy probably doesn't mind.
Eh, then why don't you refrain from eating the platinum chicken?
Nope, no can do. We were locked in such a fierce battle, I gotta be the one who feasts on the meat to settle our scores.
...Wonder how do I cook it. Drool.

I brought omelette rice to the table where three starving kids were waiting.
They looked like they were nearing their limit. Your eyes are scaring me, stop chasing me.
I add pre-made cream stew as part of the menu and it's finally time for dinner.
Little chicken and me are seated.

"Let's dig in."


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Three people and a chicken followed, and we started working on our meals.
...The three faces' broke out into smiles, they must be really hungry. Glad to see it's to their liking.

"It's so soft, and fluffy...!"

"The half cooked egg and red aro rice make for an indescribable mix...!"

"...You folk get to eat this kinda feast every day? Can't remember the last time I had something this good!"

Thanks. It's an honor to hear your high praises.
Also, Reina tried hard to express the taste, but it came out kinda forced.

"But isn't yours kinda weird, Kajikawa-san?"

"...There are times when I fail too. Omelette is quite hard to make right, just so you know."

I'm the only one with the weird mix of scrambled egg and fried rabbit rice.
It doesn't look that well together, but it actually tastes pretty good, so I don't really mind.

"Even your failure looks so good. Woulda be a charred remain if I tried cooking."

"That's how it should be when you don't have the right Skill..."

"Aro rice with the sauce looks red yet it's not spicy at all. The sourness feels just right in the mouth."

"Ah, this redness comes from heavy tomato."

"I actually don't like tomato, but I'mma make an exception for this."

Tomato is full of nutrition, you better fix that... I didn't like them when I was a kid too tho'.

『Pi pi!』

"...Um, what is the meat in this aro rice from?"

"You might think it's chicken, but that's actually from the twice evolved Horn Rabbit. Feeding the little thing with chicken is a bit, you know."

"O-oh okay, that's good... But really, just where does all that food go into that small body."

"It's eating way more than its size that's for sure..."

"What a mystery hahaha..."

"No, Kajikawa-san, you're not one to talk. You cleaned up like 30 plates during that eating contest."

"The portions weren't that much, I'm safe."

"Yeah, but it was still like four people worth..."

My SP was zero at the time. I had to eat several people portions to replenish it, a bit inconvenient.
There's no more need of that now that I've got Mana to Stamina Conversion with Menu update.

"I wonder who's gonna be the fest's winners."

"Can't tell with Pea Green Area, everybody was really going at it. Reina kept killing magic beasts one after another so fast, I ended up trying so hard myself."

"There was this party who used lots of Scrolls, but their points would get split by the number of members. It's probably between me or Radia-san."

"I usually hunt magic beasts with enough safety margin, never thought I'd get to hunt that much. My level even went up by 2."

Radia-kun was Lv13 before the fest. He's now Lv15.
Just how many beasts did he defeat anyway. Getting this result without Mana or Energy Control, is this kid maybe a prodigy...?

"I'd say Yellow Area top ranker must be Alma. She went to another area during the last hour so that stung a bit, but even so she should still lead comfortably due to sheer quantity and quality alone."

"Another area? Why? You don't get points hunting in areas you don't pick, right."

"...[Soarer] asked for my help to deal with magic beasts breaching from Red Area into Orange Area."

Hey now, don't glance at me when you mentioned 'Soarer'. What'd you do if he picked up.

"Red Area beasts!? Aren't they all over Lv40, are you alright!?"

"It was a close call, but I managed somehow thanks to Soarer's help."

A close call (she almost died).
Well, a dragon did show up soon after. I guess that overwrote the gravity of the situation.

"I couldn't compete cause I had to prepare for my stall tomorrow. Sounds like you all had it rough. I mean you looked really worn-out when I came to fetch you."

"Right right."


"...What's with the half-hearted replies, guys?"

Well, that must have sounded like a bare faced lie to those two.
Now that we all have our fill, time to prepare for the tool required for my dessert stall tomorrow.
I plan to open at noon, so I'm free to walk and eat around in the morning, fufufu.






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