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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 415

415 Enemy in Sight, yet Win You Cannot


I love games. Fighting games especially. None of those exist in this world.
As if venting that frustration up, I unleashed a strong straight punch at the mansion's wall.

"Hmph!", a cobweb-shaped crack formed on the point of impact.
Then the entire wall broke apart and got flung ahead, all the splinters flew vigorously into the mansion reaching the other end of the wall.
Not just the wall in the room ahead of me. But beyond that and even to the scenery behind the opposite end of the mansion. The splinters along with wall wreckage penetrated them all.

"Yup, thankfully there weren't anybody around. Would have been an instant death otherwise. I really should have thought this through first. But well, all's well at least?"

Feeling refreshed after venting my anger, I turned around and looked at Gilgel.
But something's wrong with him. He's foaming at the mouth, passed out while standing.

"...Too huge a shock his brain overloaded huh... Oh well. I've got no more business here anyway, time to make my exit."

'Sky and River' Inn. I recalled that was the name as I retraced my path.
I went back to where I met Gilgel the first time and started walking toward the main street.
Nobody from Gilgel's organization tried to mess with me all the while.

(Either they've got it, or they're making preps before coming for me again. I really don't want anything to do with those guys anymore though.)

Nobody tried to stop me when I was leaving Gilgel's mansion. The place was literally deserted. Only Gilgel and his ten underlings were there.
He must have deemed that they didn't need extra forces to kill me and ordered the rest of the group to keep working.
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"Just gonna hope I won't meet anyone working for them again."

Despite knowing that little wish would never come true, I couldn't help but uttered it.
In this reincarnated life of mine, my biggest enemy is the 'something' inside me.
And I just can't envision myself ever prevailing against that. This battle started with my 'defeat' already predetermined.
Coerced into a hopeless match with zero chance of ever winning. Unreasonably, abruptly.

After everything thus far, I've been made painfully aware just how utterly nonexistent the solution is.
The only path ahead is a straight line to 'defeat'. Minus is the natural outcome, zero would be preferable, plus doesn't exist. Rock bottom.

As I was groaning at that realization, I saw Linda standing in front of an establishment with a bed drawn on its signboard.
Linda bowed when she noticed me approaching.

"We were discussing to go look for you since you were running a bit late. I was just about to head out. I'm glad we didn't miss each other."

"Ah, thanks. Got into a bit of a mess, actually it's, you know? Hm, this isn't a good place to talk about it."

Linda is standing in front of the 'Sky and River' inn.
So we both went inside. Linda had checked in my room already so I went straight to it.
I thought we'd go our separate way here but she stopped me.

"Umm, there's something I wish to discuss with you, may I come in?"

I couldn't hazard a guess as to what it was about, but I had no reason to refuse her so I welcomed her inside.





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