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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 419

419 Torn Asunder


I made their side to step back, wagon and all. Far back they can't see the boulder blocking the road.
There was a turn on the road and they only needed to go there.
I had gone there with them to visually check on it myself.
They won't know what I'm gonna do to the boulder now.

"Just wait here. If any traveler turns up tell them to wait. I'll notify you once I'm done taking care of that boulder."

I went back to our coachman afterward. I turned around once on my way back and saw the nice middle aged man putting on a 'what is that guy planning' quizzical look on his face.

"Now then, just pushing this thing to the roadside would create an ideal hiding spot."

I'm being extra attentive here. After all, I know from many experience how persistent thugs can be.
Letting this huge rock be is an invitation for those types to ambush people here.
It should be disposed of. If I ever find myself traversing this road in the future, this rock would definitely be an ambush spot.
Even without factoring all that, this thing is in the way. Unless I tore it asunder.
Gotta tore down all the flags I come across to. In fact, this act of me cutting the rock must be an event in itself.
I don't want to waste time on more useless stuff.

"Get back. I'm gonna cut the rock apart."

I told the coachman to go back to the stagecoach, fetched my katana from magic bag and entered Acceleration.
Then I run my katana over on the boulder from end to end like mincing a cabbage.
Next I slash horizontally from left to right over and over again.
Then I proceed with diagonal slashes from left to right, down up as well.
I got a bit too much into it I circled around the entire boulder.
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Once it was done, I kicked the boulder toward the roadside.

I never stop to think what's gonna happen once I undo Acceleration here. Yep, my mind was in a trance, been a while since the last one.
I should have thought this through first, but it's too late now. If only I planned it ahead of time.
I ended up needlessly destroying nature cause I was venting my irritation from all the rain with the slicing and dicing.
The woods would have been spared if only I noticed sooner. But it's far too late.
A huge amount of 'buckshot', an entire volume of the boulder, was unleashed the moment I undid Acceleration.
I can't even begin to calculate the amount of energy added by my kick.
The buckshot scraped off ground, grass, trees all while producing shrill sounds. Utterly decimating everything in its path.
The leftover upper half portions of shot through trees fell down one after another while creating loud sounds. The sounds didn't travel far thanks to the damp air absorbing the sound waves.
But those who heard them would definitely think something bad happened.
This highway is known for its safety which was true until this point, so it's only natural if people become wary by these shrill sounds.

What I'm saying is that the people standing by on the opposite side heard it all.
Realizing that, I was at my wits' end. But I chose to take it by the chin. I did what I had to do. The result is satisfactory.
When I went to the nice middle aged man to inform my success, he questioned me, sure enough.

"How did you get rid of that boulder? And what was that!? That terrifyingly echoing sound!? Is everything alright? Can we safely travel the road now? I had a peek and saw the boulder turned into pieces flying everywhere, what did you do, really?"

"The road is passable now. Keep your end of the bargain. Don't tell a soul about this. Come, go ahead and run your wagon first. Ours will be parking by the roadside, make sure you don't bump into us."

After telling him that, I went back to my stagecoach. There, the coachman wasn't moving with his jaw on the ground.






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