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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! ~ Fugusha tachi no Saino Kaika ~

Skill? I Got None of That Stuff! ~ Blooming Talents of the Unfortunate ~ 


Author: silve

Kajikawa Hikaru, 25 year old, spends my days working overtimes with no particular goals.
Took a nap on my car and found myself in a forest when I got up.
Tried to look for help, a monster showed up instead, eh what, that's spooky.
After somehow managing to deal with it (almost mutual destruction), I'm convinced this is another world, but then after checking it up, I got no skill even small fry supposedly have, with all zero stats. No way man.
But thanks to the gradually evolving game-like menu screen and practical usage of mana control above even skills, I'm doing good so far. Or rather, it seems like I'm slowly getting stronger beyond common sense. Wait, do I even need skills again? It's pretty much Cheat level already?
My companions is also getting stronger beyond belief following me, makes living here surprisingly easy. Or rather, they're getting awfully scary now.
For now my goal is to take a trip around the world, eat good food and beat up those trying to mess with us, be it demon lord vassals, no mercy.
This is one such story.


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Chapter 1 Prologue

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Probable Case

Chapter 4 Growth, Deterioration  

Chapter 5 Unfortunate Girl, Even More Unfortunate Old Man

Chapter 6 First Magic, First Cooking

Chapter 7 Starting Daily Life, Heating up Kitchen Zeal

Chapter 8 How to Learn Magic Sword (?) 1

Chapter 9 How to Learn Magic Sword (?) 2

Chapter 10 Rewarded Effort, Two Under Attack

Chapter 11 Death to Magic Beasts, No Mercy

Chapter 12 Reporting to Guildmast

Chapter 13 Raid

Chapter 14 Lunch, Family Interview

Chapter 15 How'd It Come to This

Chapter 16 Absurdness

Chapter 17 Day Before Stampede

Chapter 18 Stampede (1) ~Burning Spiral T-Pose~

Chapter 19 Stampede (2) ~Kickbacking Tasty Exp~

Chapter 20 Stampede (3) ~Aim for the Vital!~

Chapter 21 Stampede (4) ~End of Fight~

Chapter 22 Celebration Party, Formed Party

Chapter 26 Our Daughter is in Your Hands

Chapter 27 To Tomorrow

Chapter 28 To Tomorrow For Real This Time

Chapter 29 To Tomorrow (Furious)

Chapter 30 Off to an All Too Plain Day

Chapter 31 Preparation Complete

Chapter 32 Say No to Thin Book-like Development

Chapter 33 Biribiri

Chapter 34 Sought After Item

Chapter 35 Ice Cream!

Chapter 36 Status Report One Month Later

Chapter 37 Taking on First Commission

Chapter 38 Women Scary. Men Painful.

Chapter 39 Steel

Chapter 40 Not Alone

Chapter 41 Work Towards Red Boar Fall

Chapter 42 Revenge (1)

Chapter 43 Revenge (2) ~Desperate Raw Finish~

Chapter 44 Two Full Moons

Chapter 45 Idle Talk 1 Cliched Reincarnation

Chapter 46 Idle Talk 2 Isekai Guide

Chapter 47 Idle Talk 3 Hero, Summon

Chapter 48 To Dungeon Slaughter, Nay, Exploration Once More

Chapter 49 New Power

Chapter 50 Communication is Important

Chapter 51 What Bastard Noble Are You

Chapter 52 A Bother

Chapter 53 Inquiry or Interrogation

Chapter 54 Barrier Ahead of Entry

Chapter 55 Lolimast Interview

Chapter 56 Inn Before Meal, Scratch That, Meal Too

Chapter 57 First Excursion Day at Vinfitt

Chapter 58 Trial Run

Chapter 59 My Turn to Save

Chapter 60 It Might Have Been a Strong Opponent

Chapter 61 Job Selection

Chapter 62 Idle Talk Aiming for Harem

Chapter 63 Painful Expenses Promising Future

Chapter 64 Simple, or Luxurious

Chapter 65 (Sorta) Harsh Training Starts

Chapter 66 Respective Training... Training?

Chapter 67 With Ma

Chapter 68 Ma, Going All Out

Chapter 69 Getting Stronger by Eating Feels Weir-

Chapter 70 Congratulations...!

Chapter 71 What Can Be Learned From the Young Man

Chapter 72 Reina's Past, and Future

Chapter 73 No Turning Back Now

Chapter 74 Kajikawa-sensei's Jolly Lecture on Energy Control

Chapter 75 Stop Going for Vital, How Many Times Must I-

Chapter 76 Welcome, to This World...

Chapter 77 π Touch!

Chapter 78 Happy Birthday

Chapter 79 There is No Escape

Chapter 80 All Right Not

Chapter 81 Can't be Picky on Methods

Chapter 82 Slime of Gluttony

Chapter 83 Ponpokopi~

Chapter 84 It's SpanKing Time

Chapter 85 Forgive? Nope. Mercy? None.

Chapter 86 Like Creature in Horror Story

Chapter 87 Red Tomato Turned Not

Chapter 88 End of Commotion

Chapter 89 Cheers!

Chapter 90 You Can Drink But

Chapter 94 Side Story Lonesome Hero

Chapter 95 A Dawn After

Chapter 96 Audience with City Lord

Chapter 97 What Should be Kept Secret

Chapter 98 Stalkers Maybe?

Chapter 99 One Fresh Thing After Another

Chapter 100 Threat or Get Threaten

Chapter 101 Port Town Arrival

Chapter 102 Leveling

Chapter 103 Scarymast

Chapter 104 Prison Brave

Chapter 105 Crying Brave

Chapter 106 Seafood, and Tasty-looking Meat

Chapter 107 Transport Leveling

Chapter 108 Offensive Reorganization

Chapter 109 High Paladin

Chapter 110 Helping One Another in Time of Trouble

Chapter 111 Hot People Party's Strength

Chapter 112 Rumor and Reality

Chapter 113 Won't Overwork (Never Said Won't be Rash)

Chapter 114 Port Town Stroll

Chapter 115 FISH! (Nobody Said It's Angling)

Chapter 116 Side Story Side Story The Path of Heroes is Steep and Precipitous

Chapter 117 Headhunting Little Girl

Chapter 118 Chancy Little Girl

Chapter 119 Is It the Hair or the Rear That's Blue

Chapter 120 Yet Another Trouble for 『Soarer』

Chapter 121 Boss VS Boss

Chapter 122 Discard Your Worldly Desires

Chapter 123 Hunting Fest Begins

Chapter 124 Hunting Fest (1) Happening During the First Tens of Minutes

Chapter 125 Hunting Fest (2) Uncharacteristic Sermon

Chapter 126 Hunting Fest (3) Knew It

Chapter 127 Hunting Fest (4) Cleaning Up of Red Area Breachers Begins

Chapter 128 Hunting Fest (5) Platinum Chicken Army Corps

Chapter 129 Hunting Fest (6) Frantic Efforts

Chapter 130 Hunting Fest (7) End of Mortal Combat

Chapter 131 Hunting Fest (8) Dead Chicken Alive Soarer Run

Chapter 132 Hunting Fest (9) Danger in Half a Pair and Impatience

Chapter 133 Hunting Fest (10) Mirroring Unique Monsters

Chapter 134 Hunting Fest End A Passing By Winged One

Chapter 135 On the Way Home

Chapter 136 Interrogation, I Mean Report

Chapter 137 Side Story The Ride on Black Dragon's Back

Chapter 138 No Energy Hospitality No Problem

Chapter 139 After Hunt Dinner

Chapter 140 Result Announcement

Chapter 141 Hunting Fest All Program Ends

Chapter 142 Like a Date

Chapter 143 Crunch Crunch Crunch

Chapter 144 Side Story Run Away!

Chapter 145 No Time for a Breather

Chapter 146 To the Town Where Director at

Chapter 147 At the Orphanage

Chapter 148 Uninvited Guests

Chapter 149 Unnatural Magic Beasts

Chapter 150 Performance Show (Enforced)

Chapter 151 That's a Bad Hand

Chapter 152 It Folds It Bends

Chapter 153 Hope (Partly Despair)

Chapter 154 Side Story Guildmaster's Recollection

Chapter 155 Revived Director Revved Up

Chapter 156 The Incident Thus Far The Plan Forward

Chapter 157 Preparatory Dinner

Chapter 158 Dessert and Discussion About the Future

Chapter 159 Company Introduction Inquiry

Chapter 160 Good to Others Good unto You

Chapter 161 Side Story Death Marathon

Chapter 162 Temperature Difference on the Surface and Bottom

Chapter 163 Prepping for Departure

Chapter 164 Farewell Don't Come

Chapter 165 Get Me Off, Off, Oofh

Chapter 166 Uneven Blacksmith Master and Apprentice

Chapter 167 Bizarre Customer

Chapter 168 Chick (Chicken)

Chapter 169 Fruit of Efforts

Chapter 170 Leaving on Clock

Chapter 171 Self-Aware-less Growth

Chapter 172 Don't Get too Worked Up Now

Chapter 173 Thank you For Your Everlasting Patronage

Chapter 174 Request and Money Raising

Chapter 175 Evolution and Another Evolution of Sort

Chapter 176 Julian's Weapon Artisan Workshop

Chapter 177 Side Story - Pickiness

Chapter 178 Stop it No More

Chapter 179 Dungeon Delving Starts

Chapter 180 Idiot Trio

Chapter 181 Deja Vu Treasure Chest

Chapter 182 Lizard's Tail

Chapter 183 Position and Will

Chapter 184 Side Story Not Alright, It's Problematic

Chapter 185 No Laughing Now

Chapter 186 Workplace Negotiation

Chapter 187 Reaching the Deepest Floor~

Chapter 188 Vs Worm

Chapter 189 Chaos Critical Crucial

Chapter 190 Close Calling

Chapter 191 Trial Overcame

Chapter 192 Clear Reward

Chapter 193 New Function - New Weapon Order

Chapter 194 Side Story (1) Respective Party's Leveling - First Part

Chapter 195 Side Story (2) Respective Party's Leveling - Latter Part

Chapter 196 A Meeting with Master (Death)

Chapter 197 Oni Sensei

Chapter 198 Craftsmen Incredulous

Chapter 199 Homecoming

Chapter 200 Years Long Reunion Dinner

Chapter 201 Parent and Child Choice

Chapter 202 Rat Cave-In

Chapter 203 Rat, Raid

Chapter 204 Rat, Extermination

Chapter 205 Until Next Time

Chapter 206 Complete at Last

Chapter 207 Is It Hero's Weapon, or

Chapter 208 Recruitment

Chapter 209 Observe, Observed

Chapter 210 The Right Time

Chapter 211 Traitor

Chapter 212 Departure Sailing Sally-ho

Chapter 213 Life on Ship

Chapter 214 Aren't They Enough

Chapter 215 Seconds

Chapter 216 Not a Fight, It's a One-sided Predation

Chapter 217 Crabbing Out

Chapter 218 The Day Before Last Ship Voyage's Day

Chapter 219 End of Voyage

Chapter 220 Fifth Continent's Landfall

Chapter 221 Hero and Training - Oni's Deed

Chapter 222 Oughta Massage

Chapter 223 Medical Town Arrival

Chapter 224 Minimum (Not Necessarily Small)

Chapter 225 Serpent Breath

Chapter 226 Importance of Reliance

Chapter 227 Black Fruit

Chapter 228 Elixir - Sketchy Conversation

Chapter 229 Carbon Dioxide - Coal Mine Town

Chapter 230 Mediation

Chapter 231 Threat to Spirits - Customary Coercion

Chapter 232 A Small Kerfuffle Before Tourney

Chapter 233 Throw Up Capital

Chapter 234 Side Story Finally All Members Are Present

Chapter 235 Side Story Secret Talk

Chapter 236 Registering

Chapter 237 Face-to-Face with Scarymast

Chapter 238 Tournament Day

Chapter 239 Martial Art Tournament - Advanced Division

Chapter 240 Intermediate Division - Qualifier

Chapter 241 Reactions from Guardians, er, Spectators

Chapter 242 Intermediate Division - First Match

Chapter 243 Instant Kill Matches

Chapter 244 Hero's Match

Chapter 245 Deprive Desert Double-cross

Chapter 246 Sneaky

Chapter 247 Semifinal Aizawa vs Alma (1)

Chapter 248 Semifinal Aizawa vs Alma (2)

Chapter 249 Little Girl vs Hero

Chapter 250 Final - Hero Vs High Paladin

Chapter 251 Raising Curtain on Battle with Demons

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