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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 101

Port Town Arrival


Tens of minutes after arresting the bandits. The port town finally came into view.
Hello, me here inside a wagon with the worst mood hanging in the air. Thanks to me terrifying the people here with my loud voice when I yelled at those bandits.
Trying to talk to them might make it worse instead, the only thing I can do is to stay still and silence.

"...I think the last time Hikaru got that mad was the day we ran from Daijel."

"So that wasn't the first time..."

"Un, he yelled so loud and hit a baron hard when that baron tried to make me serve under him."

"Oh right, I remember you telling me about that story. He seemed super mad too when that guy (father) threw a bottle my way. I rarely see Kajikawa-san gets mad when it comes to himself."

"Well duh, anybody would when they got an arrow stuck to their head."

"No uh, they'd be long dead before that..."

Well yeah.
...I'm really gradually turning into a monster, aren't I. Scared of myself.

"You weren't mad because that arrow hit you, were you?"


The merchant man who had been averting his eyes all this time spoke all of a sudden.

"Once you took that arrow off, your expression only turned grim after looking at those ladies. You must be imagining, 'What if this hit them?'"

"...Well, yeah."

Man, you could have kept it to yourself even if you noticed. It's embarrassing.
Heck, why'd this mister choose to speak now after the silent treatment.

"I thought you were a menacing lad when I saw you yelling at those bandits. But now that I think about it, you're a passionate man who gets mad on other people's behalf. I like that."

"You're putting too much credit on me. Even earlier I just went with the flow."

"'S fine, 's fine, I get ya... I go by the name 'Kanakmatt'. It's thanks to you my goods got out safe. Give me a holler if you see me peddling at the town, I'll give you a discount."


The man went on to have an understanding and thanked me on his own.
I didn't particularly do that for other.
The reason I don't get mad isn't because I don't have anything or fine with it, I'm just used to it. Like half given up.
...Well whatever. Might as well take up his offer. Depends on what he's selling though.
Oh, and we're finally here, what a long journey.

Port town 'Randorainamu'.
There's no checking station for incoming and outgoing traffic like in other towns, but you can see ships coming and going at the sea side as befitting of a port town.
The seafood is naturally abundant here, yet that's not the only thing this town has as it also receives goods from other islands and continents, resulting in a kind of variety different from Vinfitt.
Umu umu, that alone is worth going afar.

"The scent of seas, it's salty."

"Fuwaaaa... I've never seen the sea before in my life..."

"You can hear the sound of waves crashing between all the hustle bustle... Wonder if that's gonna negatively affect our sleep."

The three of us gazed at the port town each with our own impressions. You've got this hard to describe feeling whenever you go to a new town, it's exciting.
We should go to the guild after handing over the bandits to the authority.
I'd love nothing more than to sample the seafood right away, but it's already getting dark out, gonna save it for tomorrow.

We arrived at the guild by referencing signposts.
It looks more like a beach hut than a normal building cause it's built on the coast. You'd think they'd be selling lemonade here.
It's got handrails instead of walls too, very liberating compared to guilds in other towns.
Entering the venue, I see many circular tables set up inside with adventurers eating and drinking like in a tavern... You sure this place is an Adventurer Guild? Or is it a seaside clubhouse?
We went to the receptionist to take magic beast culling commissions.
...A blue curly haired lady in her late teens is resting her chin in one hand looking lethargic. She looks obviously unmotivated, is this guild really okay.
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"...Ah, welcome, don't think I know you. Newbies?"

"...Ah no, we came from another town. We'd like to take commissions to cull magic beasts from tomorrow on."

"Ah, really... Uwaa, what's with your Status. Skill Unobtainable, what the heck is that. Your Job is Unidentifiable too, can you even fight?"

"Well, to a degree yes."

"Your Attributes aren't half-bad yeah sure, but without Skills you'd better give it up. How about herb gathering over here? You can find those herbs near the entrance to Monster Prairie, pretty safe gig all things considered."

"Err, we're mainly here to raise our party new recruit's level."

"Ah, so the girls behind you do all the fighting, you a leech?"

...What's with this girl's attitude?
I mean she's at least kind enough to recommend herb gathering I guess. But she should know I can deal with magic beasts if she just confirms my Kill Log.

<<...It appears she only appraised select entries because she found it bothersome.>>

Is this girl okay. Is this guild okay.

"Well whatever. Don't leave it all to those girls, earn your keep too you hear me, leech man. Here, take these culling and gathering cards and move along now."

"...Thank you."

She went and labeled me a leech and even handed over a herb gathering card we didn't ask for.
When was the last time people looked down on me due to my lack of Skills again. It kinda feels nostalgic.

"...Hikaru is not--"

"Well then, we will rest up at an inn today and start working hard tomorrow. Thank you for your help."

"Oou, you go get to work."

...I stopped Alma who was about to pop up and hurriedly left the guild.
Alma looked displeased but there's no point in raising a commotion and bringing us trouble for this.

"...That receptionist was not nice."

"She made fun of Kajikawa-san just because he doesn't have Skills... I'm kinda getting mad too."

"Calm down, I'm used to it. Besides, I can simply show it up to her through work, not word."


"Also, it's been awhile since my last herb gathering routine, this is good for a change... I'mma dig a lot, oh I sure do gonna dig it out fufufufu."

"K-Kajikawa-san, you got this really creepy face with that laugh, we're talking about herb gathering right? We're not gonna head off to kill a giant magic beast or something, are we?"

"...I feel a bit bad for that receptionist."

Reina looked confused while Alma seemed to have inferred what's gonna happen.
Now then, time to find out who's ballsier, that girl earlier or Neia-san?






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