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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 375

375 Won't Let It


"I won't let you though? What makes you comfortable going on and on while ignoring me anyway? You don't even try to comprehend why your sword broke, are you stupid? Dunno what that underling told you, but your lack of wariness is hilarious. You're just an overconfident small fish in a small pond."

I provoked Irdis to make him focus on me.
All the villains I came across to so far believe that they'll always be fine, their opponents are no big deal all while boasting their strength.
Reasons include numerical superiority, having authority on their side, going mad from all their wrongdoings, and judging their foe by looks alone.
All baseless stuff. Only pure 'strength' deals the ultimate hands on one's life and death, yet the majority of these scoundrels seem incapable of understanding that, wonder why?
You can't judge 'strength' from outward looks alone. First strike kill exists due to that.

A strike nobody can possibly handle. Trying to overturn it results in them getting beaten to death. That's first strike kill.
The way to deal with it is to counter the hard to pull attack with a fatal strike on your own. This is a powerful strength.
You absolutely can't judge it by the looks alone.

This Irdis guy should have the strength to back his position as a bodyguard.
Yet he doesn't seem to get that concept.

My strength lies in a different dimension though.

"...Oy, say that to my face again I dare you. Me, a small fish? You got a death wish? Looking down on me... fine. I'mma make you regret. Die."

Irdis thrust his dagger at me without any hesitation.
Targeting a vital point that would be fatal.
But the attack stopped midway the moment I entered Acceleration state.

(Once I'm in this state, anything is a small fish.)
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I cut off Irdis's dagger from the hilt up.
Then I grab that cut blade on my hand before undoing Acceleration.

"Heh... Where'd your big talk's gone to huh? Guess you can't even talk no more... what?"

Naturally there's no fatal wound. Irdis quickly noticed how weird it felt.
The dagger didn't dig in my flesh, or even clothes. Irdis leaped back with a look of shock at that fact.

"Here's a quiz. What is this thing? The answer is that dagger's blade."

I'm fooling around too much but I just don't care anymore.
Might as well have a bit of fun.
I flaunted the broken blade at Irdis.

"How? Some kind of trick? ...Tch! Oy! The hell did you do?"

"You're really a dumbass through and through... This is the end of the line for you. Like are we even in friendly terms enough for me to tell you my secret? Of course not. You're a fecal matter and I'm your average man stuck with the job to wipe it off, you damn criminal."

Looks like I have tendency to provoke my enemy when I'm fed up.
Irdis got so mad the veins on his head popped up as he charged at me with his fists.






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