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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 376

376 Guiding Light


I counterattacked by poking Irdis's forehead like a brawler who shoulders no evil creed.
The result is extraordinary. Irdis spun once in the air before falling down the ground hard. His cranium had been caved in.
He's gonna die. Even if you give an emergency care right away, his chance of survival is almost nil. So long as no one helps him.

"Y-you're... strong aren't you... Irdis is one of our best men. Yet you defeated him like he was a plaything..."

I got a praise? from Linda. I was playing around with the knife and the forehead poke for sure.
There was no effort put from me so her impression is right on the money.

"Thanks. Forget about that, I'm stumped now... Going to the federation is out of question. Do you know somewhere safe? Who was it again? Kanedor? As long as that guy's alive, there's no telling this guy is the only compromised men. I don't wanna send you home only to hear news about your assassination down the road."

Just accompanying these ladies home is no longer fit to be my 'goal'.
I'm getting pissed off at this Kanedor guy for dragging me into this mess.
A scumbag who schemes and hires thugs to kidnap women just to harass people.
If I were the Abarenbo Shogun, I'd have gone after and cut him down with my ninja subordinate.
Though that's usually done at the villain mansion's yard.

"Hey? Won't you work for me? I'd like to hire you and your strength. I will pay you handsomely. I'll even talk to father and formally contract you... No, I should speak my true feelings. I want to live. Please help me. I beg of you."

I got a bit taken aback by this. The high horsing Linda readily bowed to me. She even corrected her tone.
I'd like to accept her offer to honor her honesty. But I don't want to stick my neck in deeper. But I do want to give that Kanedor a good punch.
Hence I'm troubled. I keep pondering in silence for quite some time.

(Guess I'm fated to beat up this Kanedor guy... But how does something like fate work for someone who wishes to punch god like me anyway...)
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I can hardly say the 'something' inside me to be a guiding light. I mean it's been guiding me to all kinds of messes I never asked, that's not a light.
And if that was the handiwork of god, it would only bolster my resolve to get a good hit.
If I end up meeting god after finding a way to do it by researching old documents or something, I am confident I won't hesitate to give a good whack.
That's how much rage festering inside me. So much so I could go mad.

However, I'm a man who lacks god's 'blessing'. Therefore this 'Guiding Light' must be a different being.
I know that I won't get an answer thinking that now. It's a waste of time. No point hurrying up the answer. Thus I stop thinking.

(Futile, everything is futile... I don't dislike futility, but there's no point to it now. There's nothing to gain.)

I groaned at my inability to come up with an answer.
Meanwhile Linda kept waiting for my reply without saying anything.






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