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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 104

Side Story Prison Brave


Dammitall, guess my journey's gotta be this way.

Forgive me for cursing out of the blue. Hello everyone, it's your favorite hero-sama here.
I'm still a weakling who has finally reached Lv10 though.
Ah, right, I get new a Menu Function whenever I reach a certain Level threshold.
Lv10 gives me [Item Screen]. It lets me skip carrying around luggage.
Heck, why not just let me use these handy stuff right off the bat.

<<[Leveling up will reward you with new functions]. You get motivated if you know that right? This is one of those things, you see.>>

...Well, the conditions to Job Change for 'Hero' are apparently pretty harsh, so these clear goals do help make me more motivated, that's true.
What other functions are there?

<<It's a secret.>>

Quit screwing around. Stop putting on airs and just tell me.

<<I mean according to data from past heroes, not knowing what those functions are until they actually got them were more exciting.>>

No you, knowing those functions in advance helps planning the future easier, just tell me!
Like, I wouldn't have bought that stupidly huge rucksack had I known about Item Screen!

<<I will not. You'll find out on your own if you raise your level anyway, give it up...  By the way, speaking of plans, what's your short term one?>>

Can't you tell from this situation, take a gander?

<<...Escaping this place I guess.>>

Where is this place anyway?

<<A prison.>>

Yup, or more precisely, a prison inside a bandit hideout.

Blast it! The wagon I was taking to another town got attacked by bandits along the way, and just when I was about to go help, one of theirs was lurking inside the wagon and put me to sleep!
I heard a blow dart behind me as I was about to get down the wagon and then I found myself behind these bars when I came to.
Heck, a guy carrying around a blow dart is a prime suspect no matter how you look at it. Menu, you could've warned me!

<<No no no! You can't say that someone is a baddie just because they're carrying a blow dart! Well, the guy who shot that dart had Assassin Job but he was so brazen about it I thought I didn't have to warn you. I admit that was careless of me...>>

Assassin Job should have put him into a priority danger list! There's nobody out there not wary of one!
...Well, I'm also at fault for not checking people Jobs around me.

<<Rather than arguing who's at fault here, you'd better think up a way to escape instead.>>

Good call. Now then what do.
They had my hands tied up but I cut the rope off with a knife from Item Screen earlier.
The issue now is how to get out of this prison.
I can break down the iron bars with Axe Art or the likes, but that's gonna cause a loud sound alerting the bandits.
Should I break the wall? No can do. Even if I could, that's another source of loud sound.
...Don't I have another card I could use?

<<How about using Lockpicking Skill? There's that hairpin you can probably use to lockpick in your Item Screen.>>

A hairpin? When did I put one?

<<You know, it's the gift you got from that baldie.>>

Aaaaah!! That's right! I didn't want to remember darn it!
He kept bringing the thing back to me when I threw it, so I just put it away in Item Screen so it'd stay there forever!
One reason I was heading to another town was because of that guy...
I just knew hey would follow me to every town I go so I opted to board an early morning wagon!
...W-well, whatever. Time to pick the lock and get out--

Click clack click
Clack clack clack...
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...This stuff is pretty hard. Come to think of it, this is my first time even trying to pick a lock with a hairpin, my past life included, of course it's hard.

<<By using a Lockpicking Skill's function, [Key Scan], you will understand the lock's layout. Should make the effort easier.>>

Hm, let's give it a shot.
...But aren't Lockpicking a Thief's Skill? Why'd Hero need it.

<<I mean, isn't it coming in handy right now. Don't you worry about these trivial stuff~.>>

Yer right... Oh, I see. Gotta bend the hairpin a bit, and twist at the one just before the last one...


Alright, got it open!
Hmhmm, that was nothing.

<<It only took 30 minutes...>>

Chutup. It's open in the end anyway!
Now then, next up the getaway... No wait, somebody else on that wagon might have gotten kidnapped too, maybe I should look around first?

<<Oh, Neora-san was the only passenger kidnapped from that wagon.>>

Why!? Wasn't there that one old man who looked obviously rich! They'd have gone straight for him!

<<Err, that old man was let go after they took all his belongings. I think they kidnapped you because of your good looks, Neora-san.>>

Good looks? That is to say?

<<Neora-san is so good looking, it's hard to tell whether you're a man or a woman at a glance, so they're probably going to sell you off as a love slave. I believe that's probably it.>>

Don't even joke about that! I don't wanna end up being a pet to some hag.

<<Hag is one thing, at worst a man might-->>
Please stop, no more I beg of you.
Gotta get the hell out of here before it comes to that.

Using Stealth Skill, I sneakily got past the sentries and made my way toward the exit.
Kinda feels like I'm a spy or a ninja. I want a cardboard. Will I get Ninjutsu Skill or something sneaking around like this... Yeah right, like that exists.

<<Ninjutsu Skill does exist you know?>>

It does!? I was just joking around since I didn't see it on the list.

<<Well, only Jobs branched from Ninja can obtain that extremely rare Skill. Even Hero who's capable of learning all kinds of Combat Skill can't get it.>>

Ah right, Goddess did mention that there were very few exceptions to Skills I can get.
So Ninjutsu is one of those huh. Couldn't she just give it along with Lockpicking Skill.

<<It's because [Ninjutsu] is really strong. Even Lv1 has an ability that allows its user move inside shadows at super high speed. If you got that, you'd probably stop relying on other Skills so it's likely some sort of preventive measure.>>

What the heck, I wanna use that. Escaping this place would have been a cinch. That's just a Cheat.

<<Are you one to talk with your super cheat Job, Hero Neora-san...? Grass is greener and all that stuff.>>

Well, I guess, Hero can do anything so it's a cheat alright but like the me right now don't have a Skill exclusive to Hero.
You just can't help yourself but yearning at such a special Job like Ninja.
...Don't tell me those other minor Skills I can't get are all super powerful.

<<You're pretty sharp. Honestly, even one of those Skills alone would make its user the main force of a party. The conditions to get them are all super grueling though.>>

Mwu, hearing that kinda vexes me.
...Well, I'm already plenty cheatful right now, guess I shouldn't ask for more.
Now then, time to get out.

...Hm? I'm hearing voices nearby. Those bandits chatting?
Activating Martial Art Skill Lv2 [Fair Wind Ear] to listen to low volume distant voices.

"We had a stupid big haul this time! Got a laugh out of that upstart old man's face after we stripped him bare too! Sniveling with snots all over his face hahahahaha!"

"That kid on board's a fine article. Gonna fetch a high price, fer' sure."

"The kid who was roaming around by herself the other day was quite a catch but this one's even better... Ya guys mind if I have a taste before we sell her off?"

"Sure, go for it, but that's a guy ya know? Didja swing that way?"



"Eh, wait, what?"



Don't you 'Eh?' me! What's the deal with every single one of you!!
...Whatever, I'm gonna get caught if I keep loitering here, let's just forget about that conversation and get out.
But one thing caught my attention. That roaming kid or something. There might be another kidnapping victim here besides me.
I'll escape with them if it looks like I can help them... If things don't look good, I'm gonna bring the guards here after I get to a town. Yep that petty man's train of thought is from me, a hero.






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