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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 369

369 Headache-inducing Issue


"It's question time. 'What' are you guys, and what's your goal kidnapping those young ladies."

Underling kept starting at me with a pale face. He needed a few seconds to digest my question before he finally moved his mouth.

"W-we are re, revolution army. W-we're rebelling to o-overthrow those rotten politicians in the council..."

A shock hit my head after hearing that.
Underling continued on unaware of my state.

"The plan was to kidnap daughters of the biggest piles of scum councilmen... And yet, and yet..."

Yep, that all went well until my arrival here proving to be their biggest obstacle.
It's weird for me to say but this 'something' inside me seems to exert a huge influence to everything around me.
That includes me as it keeps making all this mess find their way to me.
However, this 'Something' seems to influence people besides me in a different way. Judging from everything that happened ever since I left my village, nobody seems exempt to this rule.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa! Wha! Wha, what's all this! U...Ugeeeh!"

Linda was standing in front of the cave before I realized. She threw up on the spot at the sight of this disastrous scene.

"Ah~, who told you to come out... Throwing up should have been my role too..."

I walked up to Linda and rubbed her back. She eventually got better and spoke to me while trying to avert her eyes from the carnage.

"D-d-did you do all this? I can't believe it... How could you show something like this to me... You disappeared all of a sudden just as I heard those guys' boss, What kind of trick was that? How'd you even do that? ...I just don't understand what's going on anymore..."

Looks like Linda was getting restless by my sudden disappearance after I used Acceleration earlier.
Assaulted by a vague feeling that something just happened, she then opted to leave the cave.
And the scene she ended up witnessing must have been the most unnecessary thing she's ever experienced in life.
Nobody would want to. Unless you're a psychopath.
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"Hm? Oy, who said you can leave? You ain't going anywhere just yet. I've got more stuff in store for you."

Underling tried to make a dash for it while I was dealing with Linda. I won't let him.

"Uhawaaa!? H-how'd you get ahead of me from way over there..."

I immediately entered Acceleration and stood in front of Underling just as he turned around.
He muttered, 'no way' and cartoonishly fell down on his butt.

"I've still got business with you. You won't escape. Also, you've gotta tell us the way out of this forest."

I took a particular tool as I looked down on the fallen underling's face.





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