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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 90

You Can Drink But


Despite the small number of people, the party was a lively one.
The four of us chatted happily accompanied by karaage, fried fish rolls, tomato sauce pasta, entremet salad, stew, bear meat steak in one big platter.
Hope the other rooms don't lodge a complaint over the noise though.

"These bite sized boneless fried chicken are pretty good. Where'd you buy them from?"

Lolimast asked while stuffing his mouth full of karaage with an amber colored drink in another hand. She has the appearance of a minor so she looks completely like a little delinquent here.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I made these myself."

"Eh? T-then, what about that unusually juicy butter fried Trout (salmon-like fish)?"

"Yes I made that too."

"...Not only can you fight without a Skill, you even cook without a Gift, aren't you cheating? I was sure you bought and warmed them up when my Spirits told me about good food, but nope, you really made them yourself."

"I just followed the recipes I brought from my world. Without those recipes, I could only make at best ten kinds of dishes."

"That's pretty amazing enough. He's quite a catch isn't he, Alma-chan."

"...Why did you bring that up to me."

"Why indeed nehahaha."

She's quite drunk already, she keeps gulping down the food with a reddened face. Don't you know restraint. Today's main actor is Reina, y'know.
Alma's face is red as well, wonder if she's drunk too? Please keep it in moderation.

"By the way, how many recipes have you got? Around 30?"

"Ten times that at least."

Mainly recipes in my smartphone. I have only finished writing down around 30% of them.
That may look hefty at a glance, but my repertoire is quickly depleting having to make three meals a day.

"Bufuu!? That's overkill! You could open a food stall even with just one or two!"

"Well, I can't get the ingredients for most of them, so it's actually more limited."

"All of them was super good! My belly's gonna burst open from eating them all!"

"Ah, I haven't revealed the main dish, you might want to save some space."

"T-to think he's still hiding his card... This man's way good...!"

Lolimast said a line you'd see in a fighting manga with a serious face. I can't get a grasp on this person's character.

"Heck, this is a good time as any to take it out. Would be a pity if you girls get too full to have it after the length I went to make it."

"You told me to stay away when you were making the main dish. What did you make anyway?"

"Well, you know, you just gotta go with that one for birthdays. Ah, Reina, clear up the whole table."

"Eh? S-sure."

She put the empty plates and cups away, clearing the table.
...Hope she's happy with it, it's a homemade cake after all. It's rough compared to the cakes you see being sold in Japan...
Well, I could always buy another cake if it's not up to snuff.
I took a birthday cake decorated with 15 candles out of my Item Screen and put it in front of Reina.



"W-w-what is that thing!?"

The three are surprised by how rough the cake... or no, doesn't seem like it.
Maybe there's no custom of putting candles on a cake here?

"E-err, I tried my hardest to make this... Is there anything weird about it? I get that it's got some rough spots."

"Where'd you take that out from!? Wait, how'd you even make something like this!? This thing is like food for nobles!"

"Is this, a cake? It's so big..."

"F-fuoooooo...! I don't have a word...!"

Ah, seems alright. They were just too moved. Good, good.
Food for nobles huh. She's exaggerating, or else the stuff made by pros are for god.
Size-wise, I've made it enough for five, us four should take care of it.

"It's got candles on them, what are those for? Decoration?"

"You blow on them as the one celebrating a birthday, see. Doing that will make your wish comes true, or so the story goes."

"No really, where'd you get it from? Space magic? Magic tricks?"

Well since she already saw me putting that sealing megaphone away, guess there's no need to hide it.
She won't carelessly tell anybody else seeing her understanding on the danger of mana control... Surely.

"Hailing from the hero's homeworld, I can also use a specific ability exclusive to heroes, Menu. This Menu has an Item Bag like function."

"Uwaah, sounds so handy, you could live off it as a transporter... You don't need a Skill, do you?"


"Yup, doesn't need it."

I do! Like seriously! Of course I want to!
But they're unobtainable. Reality is a harsh mistress. Shitto.

"...Just blow the candles. Eating the cake would be a pain if the wax gets to it."

"Yuppers. Here I go, *inhale*... *blow*~~~~~...."

Reina blew all the candles at once.
Hope your wish come true.

"Let's do that again... Happy birthday, Reina."

"Happy birthday."

"Happy birthday~!"

"Thank you all...!"

Reina thanked with a blossoming face. Her face got a little teary.
...Yup, it's worth all that hard work making it.

"Alrighty, let's get to eating now!"

Lolimast broke the atmosphere. Read the room you.

"...Please learn some reservations."

"How do you expect me to hold back in the presence of this positively sumptuous-looking cake!"

"I agree."


"Okay, okay, thanks. Let's cut it up."

I cut a little one for me and a big one for Reina.
Alma and Lolimast got 1/4 each.
It's neither too sweet or too plain, just right. The strawberry acidity gives an exquisite accent to the texture.
...Umu, not too bad if I say myself, quite good even.
The other three had a blissful look as they ate theirs too.

"The cream outside is so soft while the inside is cold and kinda crunchy... So good..."

"The inner cream is the ice cream I made with Alma. Figured a cake with different temperatures would be fun."

"It's not like pancake, there's this sponge-like texture to it, like down quilt, um wait no, I can't really put it into word. It's just so weirdly addictive, I can't stop!"

"They call it sponge cake in my world. It's akin to a steamed bun, but paired with cream, it gets to look pretty high class huh."

"It's not just sweet, the strawberry sourness adds a nice touch. Nn, there's also this peculiar flavor in the cream, what's this? You can't get something like this just from milk and slime cream, can you?"

"That's crushed roasted Vanisoi, added with milk to give off a nice aroma."

"Vanisoi, you're using perfume for this? Can't believe you came up with that. That thing is supposedly very bitter, not suitable for eating."

"They're mainly used for food in my world actually. You don't eat them, more like to give aroma."

"It's super good that's for sure. Why don't you patent this? I don't think anybody's done it, you'd profit big."

"The whole patent thing sounds like a pain and I'm not really interested, but trying out food other people come up to using Vanisoi sounds like a good time."

I don't get why past heroes didn't introduce vanisoi snacks.
I mean they got curry propagated, wish they did vanisoi justice too.

"Ooh!? Pairing this with booze makes for a really interesting sensation, very nice!"

She went and made a weird marriage of food and drink.
That piqued Alma's and Reina's interest.

"M-maybe I should give a taste too...?"

"...Me too."

"Sure thing. This booze's pretty strong though, don't drink too much now."

Despite saying that she poured a glassful for each of them.

"How about you Soarer-kun?"

"I'm not into booze unfortunately."

"Hm? You a non-drinker?"

"I'm not particularly weak to it but drinking makes me feel sick long before it feels good. Or rather, I just don't like how alcohol tastes..."


Being forced to drink afterwork was hell. My coworkers were all old timers, so I had to accompany them.
I can't enjoy all the good food crushed under the bitterness of alcohol.
I'm so envious of people who can enjoy alcohol taste.
...What's wrong lolimast, you're looking downward.


Lolimast suddenly threw something my way.
A snake? No, a rope?

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W-what's up with this rope!? It moved on its own and bound in no time like it was alive!
What the heck is this drunkard doing!

"W-what are you...!?"

"Fufufu, can't have someone that ain't a non-drinker skip out in this special occasion."

"Hey, cut it out with alcohol harassment!"

"Shut up and drink! Drink!"

"Quit pushing a booze bottle on my mouth! Hey, you two help me stop this drunkard..."

I turned to Alma and Reina for help, but

"Gilmasta~ You can't do that~ Uhihihi. Save some for me too~ Ehehehehe."


Reina, dead drunk. She's walking dizzily toward lolimast while giggling with a reddened face.
Alma, retired to bed. Seems like she went right to sleep after drinking. That's my bed though.
Don't look like I could expect their help. How'd this happen.

"So yeah, give it up~!"

"I'm telling you no!"

"Guess I just hafta mouth to mouth it then!"

"Stop that, seriously!"

"Uhehehe~ I'm drinking that first~"

"Reina, no more drink for you!"

"Ah, hey hey hey, Reina-chan, watch your foot, that's dangerous, u-uwawa!?"

Reina leaned on lolimast and the two of them fell down.
Toward the bed where Alma was sleeping.



Two drunk girls flattened Alma while making a loud sound. What are they doing.
Right afterward.

Bang bang bang! Bam! The door to my room was banged hard before getting flung open, and an adventurer-looking man who seemed to be one of the guests here entered.

"Oy! Yer' being too dang loud! The heck ya guys been up to..."

The man yelled as he entered before freezing midway.
Must be from seeing the chaotic scene of me being bound and two drunk girls on top of Alma. Anybody would freeze.

"...Getting bound by two little girls and then having your girlfriend stolen before your eyes. Man, your life's a riot..."

The man's face turned from rage to confusion once he rebooted. No, your thought process's a riot.

As I don't wanna to trouble other guests with all the ruckus, I'm finishing our party today.
You can drink but don't get inundated by it.
Lolimast especially. You're majorly to blame here!






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