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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 99

One Fresh Thing After Another


The day after our audience with the city lord, we went to the guild and applied for Reina's registration through the receptionist.
Now that Reina's back in form, she can finally register her membership with the guild and our party.

"Reina-san will be registered as a new member of party 'Tomorrow of Hope', is that all right?"

"Yes ma'am!"

...Oh right, almost forgot that was our party's name. I was the one who came up with it too. Stupid me.

"Understood... To be honest, I wasn't sure how you would fare when you were calling out to adventurer parties in front of the guild wearing nothing but a ragged clothing back then. But I see that there is nothing to worry about anymore now."

"Ahaha... I'm sorry for such a shameful sight. I apologize for the trouble I caused."

"Oh please don't worry about it. It was no trouble at all."

The receptionist lady is chatting with Reina with warm looks in her eyes.
She looks like a cool beauty at a glance but she's actually really kind when you get to know her.

"Your registration as an adventurer and a member of an adventurer party is now finished. Now that your party has three or more people, you are required to decide on a party leader. They will be the guarantor."

Eh, first I heard that though.

"It's a mechanism to prevent a party from putting all responsibility to a member while the rest shirk theirs when one of theirs causes trouble. We had such many cases during early days of our guild, resulting in delays to the resolutions."

"So this guarantor is to smooth things out during such cases."

"Yes. However as a prevention of forcing the member with the lowest standing be the leader, the general rule is to appoint the highest leveled person as the leader."

"Nn, both Alma and me are level 24, so it'll be either of us."

As I was thinking that, Menu Screen popped up all of a sudden. Eh, what?

<<Kajikawa Hikaru base level has increased to 25 last night during his sleep.>>

...Wha? How come?

<<Demon Murugabuio took its own life last night, thus being the one who inflicted damage and status abnormality to the demon, Kajikawa Hikaru obtained the experience points.>>

...Was he that cornered he resorted to that. I kinda feel guilty.
Eh, so you're telling me I've gotta be the leader now? Alma has more experience as an adventurer. No well, I'm not planning to push her into taking the role though.

"Ah, sorry. Looks like I'm level 25."

"Come again? ...Indeed. That means, Kajikawa-san will be the leader, is that satisfactory?"

Did she just appraise me.
Hmm, I'm not really eager to be one, but not following the rule seems like it's gonna be an issue.

"Err, I don't mind turning over the role if you two object."

"Hikaru is fine."

"No complain for me with Kajikawa-san being our leader."

"...Well that's that I guess."
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Well, thinking again, I'm the most prone person to cause trouble anyway.
I mean I did punch that pig noble which brought us here.
In a way, making the party's biggest troublemaker into the leader is the right decision. The two of them won't be stuck taking responsibility.
...No wait, I should make an effort toward avoiding making a mess if I'm aware of that.

We filled some forms under the receptionist lady's guidance and finally finished all the procedures.

"With this you're done with all the registrations. Well done."

"Thank you."

"Ah, right. Master has left Alma-san's reward with me, would you like to receive it now?"

"Eh? Ah, okay."

Lolimast sure gets the job done quickly.
She said we won't be disappointed, but now I'm worried when it's ready this fast.
It's wrapped in a thick cloth, wonder how it looks.

Unwrapping and drawing the sword from its sheath revealed a shakudo-colored double-edged sword glittering under the light.
<TLN: >
Unlike the red from rust, this one has a beautiful luster to it. It doesn't seem to be painted, the material of the sword itself must be red.
The looks alone scream it's an exceedingly goood sword. Let's check out its specs.

Lv1 Ogre Eater Shark Fang Sword
ATK+250 INT+100

Effect: Self-Repair

<<A sword made from the fang of a unique shark type magic beast known as Ogre Eater. It has high innate magic power as well as excellent sturdiness. In addition, this sword 'Evolves' depending on the amount and quality of magic beasts it has defeated. It can also repair itself over time, however this is not possible if the blade has been broken.>>

Buhho!? It's an even more incredible than I thought! Lolimast's really going for the bat, thanks.
Thing even raises INT by 100, there's no need to dual wield a sword and staff anymore. Staff no more...
Wait what, 'Evolves'? I though it was weird how it got a level next to its name. That related?

<<Equipment made with material acquired from Unique Monsters who evolve unlike common evolution sometimes turn into gears that evolve. Its form, attributes and in some cases even the material itself may change with evolution.>>

An evolving gear huh. What a peculiar sword.
I love this kind of weapons. Heck, I want it but I can't even joke about that with how sparkly Alma's eyes have turned. Okay okay, this is yours.
I want my own unique gear too one day. Currently, bare handed with mana control is my strongest arsenal, it won't cut it unless it's at this level of gear.

"What a pretty red sword. I believe it was made with a Unique Monster's material. I'm sure it'll be a great help to you."

"It looks soo strong. And it's red."

"I feel like I've used this sword longer than my previous one already. And it's red."

No no, the redness got nothing to do with it. What's with that logic.

"Err, do you know a magic beast territory nearby that's appropriate for low level adventurers? We'd like to raise Reina's level."

"Yes let's see, ordinarily we would have recommended the magic beast forest near Daijel town, but as the number of beasts there has dwindled due to a recent Stampede, the Monster Prairie near 'Randorainam' Port Town in the opposite direction would be better."

Monster Prairie. That sounds peaceful unlike other magic beast territories thus far.
The word 'Monster' destroys that image though...

"Powerful magic beasts lurk deeper into Monster Prairie however, the outer areas only have weak Lv 1-5 magic beasts, hence it's a relatively safe spot to raise level."

"I see. How high the levels go when you get deeper?"

"We have reports on magic beasts over level 50 there. I do not believe it's wise for your present party to challenge that area, so please do make sure you do not head too deep."

"You're exactly right. Thank you for everything."

"Please don't mention it. Soarer-san."

...I see, she must have been informed of the circumstances being our handler and all. Walls have ears though, wish she could refrain uttering that name.
Now then, guess it's a go time for the port town. Sounds like there's gonna be plenty of fresh marine products around, can't wait.






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