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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 97

What Should be Kept Secret


Once we were done with the Q&A, they started discussing on how to explain this incident to the populace.
I wish they saved this for after we got home, but we can't go yet since we've got a few demands to ask.
Guess I might as well start now so we can go home.

"Oh yes, how are things going with that captured demon?"

"...Dunno what that mask-kun over there did to him, but he was raging around in a frenzy the moment he came to in the jail before suddenly apologizing profusely over and over again like he was afraid of something..."

...So it's really turned into a trauma huh.
Guess I overdid it. Don't look like they can get good info in that state.

"...Out of curiosity, what did you do to him?"

"Well, first I broke two, three of that demon's fingers and--"

"Okay, it's my fault for asking, please no more."

The city lord stopped me, looking taken aghast. Don't be.
The two guildmasters looked at each other before smiling wryly. They really do get along.

"As you can see, he's definitely not a bad person, however getting on his bad side may come with a rather painful consequence."

"...Duly noted."

"You're both reassuring and terrifying, aren't you."

"Oh no, I don't usually do that--"

"By the way, the other demon had been smashed into pieces leaving only stains on the ground. How are you usually fighting I wonder?"

Stop spreading needless intel, you! Look, even the city lord plainly took some distance away from me!
Or what, are you so eager to watch a grotesque scene or something!

"I would love to show off that move I used to smash the demon into pieces. So who will be my target?"

"No no, nobody told you to hit someone with that."

"Julia, really, stop making more unnecessary victims cause of your pranks."

"I'm telling you! I never asked him to show it off!"

Victims eh. I'm not gonna use that high powered move on just anyone.
As long as they're not antagonizing us.

"May we get back on track."

"Agreed. This topic has run its course, that's for sure."

You're the one who got us here, assassin guild master.
Let's abbreviate that title too. Sarcasmast? Hmm doesn't sound right.

"It should go smoothly because nobody died in this incident, nevertheless we still have to decide how much should we tell the people."

"...A correction, one slum resident did fall victim. He was manipulated by the demon to undo the monster's seal."

"A slum resident he may be, he's still one of our citizen. Truly deplorable..."

The city lord looked sad as he said that.
Guess he sees slum populace as people too at least.
There may be people who'd tell him to give them jobs then, but there's no avoiding places like that forming once your city gets big enough.
I mean, those who make that demand should also offer their solution... Went off topic.

"First, why don't we discuss about what information that can be disclosed to the public?"

"Yep, like whether we should tell people that the reason those demons managed to easily get their hands on the password was due to an existence of a traitor among the church affiliates?"

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"...Is that for real?"

"Real real. We deployed Hypnosis Skill on the demon once he recovered from his frenzy and confirmed it. And it was one of the head priest's aides, to boot it off."

"Eeh? Was he holding a grudge on the head priest?"

"Apparently he was simply lured by money. The man was never a good believer with many problematic behaviors in the first place. They let him serve head priest to double as a check in an effort to keep his toes on the line. The man leaked everything for the money the demon offered him, from the guard patrolling route to the sketch of the church, all of it."

"What's the point if he ends up dying along with everyone in the city..."

"Looks like he was planning to leave the city before it comes to that. Our good head priest couldn't believe what he heard either."

"...Unforgivable. That is one thing those who strive to heal people heart must never fall into."

...So that traitorous priest was planning to sacrifice an entire city while he saves his own hide.
I'm gonna stuff that man's full of chili till he bursts.

"But you know? The culprit is clear now, isn't it? Which means we can have our guild members go after him."

"What are you gonna do once you arrest the man? Make him prostrate in front of the citizens?"

"...The revelation that a traitor among Cult of Goddesta was responsible for this incident may result in the wavering of people's faith, or worse, a riot. There is no atonement for the sin of nearly wiping out an entire city. That priest's betrayal never happened. He will be dealt with accordingly as to prevent leaks."

"So once we find him, it's gonna be this."

Assassin guild master gave a thumb up before swiping it in a straight line over her neck.
...I see, so that's why she's here.

"Any other issues?"

"...Please keep my involvement in defeating the demons a secret."

Alma spoke when lolimast asked that.

"Eh? But why? Practically soloing a demon is great for your record. It's definitely worth a rank up, you know?"

"I am still not ready. It went well this time, but one wrong step and I would have died from that spell she cast at the end. I don't want to raise my rank until I'm capable of defeating demons safely."

"...I believe your strength is more than satisfactory for a rank up. You don't think so, Alma-chan?"

"Not at all. I'm still at Level 24, and I haven't mastered the Skills I have right now. I don't want to become a half-baked adventurer whose only good is a high rank."

She told me the same thing too when we were discussing this beforehand.
Well, we are still in the middle of our training. We're already ranking up too fast as is, getting another rank up is gonna make us stand out.
Would be a pain if that ended up bringing us trouble. Not like we're in a hurry to raise our rank anyway.
Thus, even though it's a bit of a waste, we've decided to keep Alma's achievements this time to only a select few people.

"Splendid, you have such a modest outlook for one being so young."

"This girl is soo earnest. I want one in our guild~."

"Hmhmhm, aren't you envious?"

The city lord and assassin guildmast were impressed by Alma. And for some reason lolimast put on a smug look. Why'd you.

"Will all the achievements of defeating the demons fall onto Soarer-kun then?"

"Please do. Most of it is all thanks to Hi... Soarer-kun after all."

She almost blurted out Hikaru just now, close call.

"...Taking credit of people's achievements really doesn't feel great."

"Well most of the credits belong to you in the first place anyway, adding one or two more to the pile changes nothing."

That's fine though, by doing this, Alma won't get unnecessary attentions. It's not a great feeling all the same.
This is all that Soarer dude's faults.






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