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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 366

366 Shoot First Ask Later What?


I think I walked for around an hour? I tried to walk straight ahead but it wasn't always the case cause I had to go around occasional trees in the way. These infrequent detours turned my path into a slight curve.

"Oh? Is that a cave... Guess I'll take a breather... Hm? Is that people!? Oy!"

I forgot about my constitution by this point. My mind was fully occupied with wanting to get the hell out of this forest.
Hence, I ended up calling out to these people thoughtlessly. To ask them the way out.

"What the, who's there? ...Tch! Hafta kill him now that he's seen us..."

There was no turning back by the time that reached my ears. Someone who'd go straight to declaring to kill a person who did nothing but called out to them can't be a decent human being.

"...Haah... I forgot. Completely. I've got 'Something' in me, yep."

There's two people, both armed. They're inching for my flanks.
They must be well trained. Or 'used' to it.
Looking closer, their drawn swords seem well maintained. Therefore, they're not just some random bandits.

"Oy, let's do this right, ya got it? Gonna be a pain if this guy got away and went in the federation."

"I been doin' nothing but keeping watch lately. Time for a lil' exercise. Got some sore spots too. I'ma unravel a bit."

It's clear by this point. They're criminals. And I'm but a pitiful little lost lamb.
However, I'm not giving up. I'm gonna struggle till the end.

"Excuse me. I am but a humble traveler who's lost in this forest. I swear I won't tell anybody about your hideout if you let me leave this forest. So can you please point me how to get to the exit? I have no idea why you people are here to begin with. I'll wipe my memory of this place clean, so can you please tell me the way to the nearest human dwelling?"

I slowly and carefully spun my words as not to alert them. However, I do look suspicious with the hood and all. Getting looked at doubtfully is the natural response.
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"Guy looks real dodgy... Better off him outright. Oy, let's do this."

I mean they're ones to talk about being dodgy. Keeping watch in front of a cave deep in a forest like this. Can't just call people dodgy when they're the very picture of ones.

"Aah, and now you're gonna tell me you won't let me leave alive aren't you? It's always kill this or that in the end. I wasted my time trying to talk this out... Geez!"

I whined. It's a template. This whole thing is. Always hanging around my neck like an albatross.

"Let's get it over with before boss comes back. Gonna be a bother if he found out. Just bury him somewhere. Let's go."

One of the two bandits who had gone around me came slashing.
His step is firm, a sign of proper training.

(Well, he's moving slow enough for me to just take half a step back in order to dodge though. No need for Acceleration.)

As someone who trained in all kinds of martial arts in my past life, the man's attack was simple to dodge.
However, it was just a decoy, the other bandit slashed horizontally in the same time.
But they're too naive. I went straight to tackling the man and stopped the slash.

"Ugoo!? B-bastard! Guy's pretty good!? Oy! We're going all out! He ain't playing!"

"Tch! Someone must sent him here! Did they sniff out this place!? No, we didn't do no blunder!"

The two criminals slashed in sync to prevent me from dodging. I still don't know what these people are scheming.
But considering one of them said 'boss', they must be working in a group.
A nefarious group clearly.
As clear as the fact that I'm already shoulder deep in this incident now. With no way get out and my only option is to sink down.

(Ah sheesh... What are these baddies scheming here anyway. Considering how happy they were at the thought of killing me, there's no point in letting these people alive, is there?)

I don't have any reason to keep dodging their swords anymore. Thus I punched one of them with a good amount of strength without Acceleration. They've been trying to hit me all this time, to no avail. Creating an opening was just as simple. Their swordsmanship is pretty good, amateurs would have a hard time but not me who learned martial arts.

The result of my punch was akin to a scene you often see in a battle manga, or a gag manga.
The man got blown around five meter away before crashing hard down the ground.
The man's face facing upward has been deeply caved in, it's indistinguishable. An instant death naturally.

"Geeeeeh!? W-what in the hell!? Y-you bastard! W-who the hell are you!?"

Another template line. I don't think he's justified to ask that, not after trying to kill me outright. Which is another template I suppose.
I was fed up I body blew the remaining man to finish him off.





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