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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 363

363 Idle Talk - Kingdom


The new ruler of this country, Queen Katrina is currently listening to the PM for their regular morning report. This is to become her daily duty from here on.

"Good morning. I am here for today's report. First, the matter about federation."

"Is it true that there were no casualties?"

This battle which wasn't apt to be called a war ended with zero death. Not even a single wounded man. The queen is asking for its veracity.
And unbelievably enough, even though there were disturbances happening all over the kingdom, not a single soul died despite some injuries.

"Zordak apparently had a 'change of heart' and opted to use a non-fatal Blessing. We have arrested around 10,000 men whom we lack accommodations for."

"Dispatch them to villages that need riparian works at once. I leave the command to you. Send them to any locations that need manpower as well."

The new queen is fully focused on revitalizing the kingdom's villages and towns.
So much so that she's even spending her 'allowance' as a queen on the effort.
At this point of time, Katrina was none the wiser about how this would eventually become the foundation that supports the kingdom for many years.

"Baridol is acting extremely cooperative and willing to divulge on everything he knows, including inner working of the federation."

"Do make sure to treat his direct subordinates with care and cordiality. He might be willing to cooperate with us further as long as we treat prisoners of war with utmost hospitality."

Baridol is a competent and straitlaced man. Someone that would benefit the kingdom.
This decision would sway Baridol enough to change his allegiance to the kingdom. He was given true freedom until his rise into a trusted retainer.
This freedom, the treatment of his subordinates and the 10,000 prisoners of wars truly touched Baridol's heart.
The POWs who were sent to the villages were not only granted necessities but even wages, something unprecedented.
After finding that out, Baridol himself offered his steadfast loyalty to Queen Katrina.

"Next is the matter with a recently discovered 'Dungeon'. Adventurer Guild has testified that the dungeon master was a 'Wraith King'. Unbelievable it may be."

"I don't believe the guild would jest on such subjects. They could have made a more convincing lie if their goal was fame. And besides, 'White Fang' renown was widely known before this conquest. They have no need to lie. With so many dungeon conquered under their belt, their strength is undeniable."
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The queen was convinced. But the PM corrected her with a doubt.

"According to the legend, Wraith King was an extremely powerful mage. One I do not think even 'White Fang' could be a match of. I very much doubt they were capable of defeating such a monster. I do not personally doubt the existence of 'Wraith King' itself but the claim on that party defeating it. There must be something else at work. However, they have been uncooperative in the investigation."

"Let's not pursue the matter further. This 'something' must be of significant issue if 'White Fang' is that adamant on keeping their mum. We should not scrutinize them. All is well with the dungeon gone."

Adventurer party 'White Fang' would go on to conquer many more dungeons afterward, putting stops on many dungeon monster outbreaks, making their ability and names known far and wide, but that's a story for another time.

Thus this matter was settled, but the next report was a big one.

"Understood. We shall cease the investigation. However, we discovered another problem following their movement..."

"Marquis Alestain... It's quite a headache indeed. We cannot afford to allow one of this kingdom's main houses fall into ruin..."

"Regarding that, a distant relative of the marquis is known to be a talented man. We plan to contact him as an emergency measure. If all goes well and things stabilize, we shall have him formally assume the position."

"Very well. Proceed with that plan. After all, all the marquis's wrongdoings have been made to light following his demise in the dungeon. His children cannot be allowed to succeed the house. Be sure to draw up countermeasures for that."

This story would eventually lead to the introduction of a senior statesman into the court.
Thus, the kingdom that was on the verge of ruin is gradually getting back to its former glory under Queen Katrina's rule.

"The next subject is about mithril. Discovered in a blacksmith store during our investigation on 'White Fang'."

"Mithril? I don't believe I've heard such reports? The material department hasn't received one..."

"We have confirmed its authenticity. The mithril belongs to a certain blacksmith by the name 'Furud'. We haven't confirmed the exact amount however."

Minya's grandfather, 'Furud' took on the job to make equipment for 'White Fang' after he got their 'message'.
As this resulted in a huge sum of money being moved, the PM's spy traced it back to him.
From the matter about Furud's debt. As well as witnessing 'White Fang' receiving their equipment and testing them.

"Prime minister! Buy up all the mithril from that blacksmith! Make this Furud person an official blacksmith of the kingdom. Do not skimp! Get our people there at once! Have you put out a gag order?"

"It has been done. Rest assured. We are currently negotiating on the amount of mithril and whether to invite the blacksmith as well or not."

Thus Furud would go on to forge many swords known as treasured blades under the kingdom's patronage. Something not even Furud himself dreamed of.
As an extra, both the queen and the PM were slack jawed when they found out how much mithril there was.

"Speaking of which, prime minister, I have heard about how you're currently giving education to children? ...Has something happened?"

The queen threw that question out of nowhere. She's sharp on this kind of thing.
The PM recounted what happened without hiding anything.

"I see, so that black haired man came. And, where is he now? I would have loved to have such a capable man working for this kingdom."

"...That man is dangerous. I am unable to get a read on him in the slightest. He would only bring harm to this kingdom in my eye. However, I can attest that he is at least not 'evil'."

The PM also told her how the man should have left the kingdom already by now.

"I wanted to say my thanks after that incident in the audience chamber, but I could not find him anywhere. Perhaps I should have extended my invitation then?"

'He's not going to say yes anyway', the PM kept that thought in his mind.
The PM touched another subject before resuming his report.

The children receiving education would eventually grow up into chief vassals that support the kingdom in the future, but even the mere idea of that didn't cross the PM's mind at this time.
He's not doing anything to sway the children. Even their education is only done to avoid his ruin if the man ever visits the kingdom one day.

Thus all these events would eventually connect to an unshakable foundation the kingdom would enjoy, but neither the queen nor the PM even entertained the possibility.
Everything that happened was a step toward the kingdom's future dubbed as the age of 'Immovable Solidity'.





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