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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 88

End of Commotion


...Well uh, I couldn't help but think that I might have overdone it a tad.
It was a revenge for killing a man, bringing this city near total destruction and almost getting me dead, but I was so focused on making the demon suffer as much as possible, I might have gone a bit overboard.
How would Alma and Reina think of me if they saw that... They might start hating me...

I grabbed the unconscious beaten up demon and flew to where Alma and Reina were.
Alma was the first to run up to me as I landed.

"I'm back... Let me apologies first, sorry for rushing headlong into danger on my own."

"Is that for the time you ran off to seal the monster? Or after?"

Ah, she's super mad alright.
She's expressionless but I feel like I could see an asura behind him. Scary.


"I told you, don't go on your own, yet you kept flying off right away, endangering yourself. Do you have any idea how worried you made me..."

Tears fell down her eyes midway as she turned downcast.
I made her cry again. Why do I keep making this girl sad.


"My mind was blank when that monster shot you down. You would have died if not for Reina."


"What if that was me or Reina, would you be fine? You won't be sad? You won't wanna cry?"

"...Of course not. Even thinking of you or Reina getting hurt makes break out in cold sweat."

"Then please think carefully before you do anything dangerous. First, look at all possibilities that can lessen the risk. Just like this time, it would have been much safer if you had asked Reina for help in the beginning."

"...You're right. Sorry, it was really a close one this time. You probably won't forgive me no matter how many sorry I said. I mean verbal promises don't get far with me as you can see, so feel free to stop me if you think I'm being rash next time. You can even hit me if I start acting like an idiot."

"...Got it. I'll stop you even if I have to kick your vital."

"No, uh, maybe anything but--"

"Any problem?"

"...I'll be careful next time."

Let's add becoming impotent as a risk with going on my own next time. How'd it come to this.

"Ah, err, you done with your lovers quarrel... cough, discussion?"

Lolimast who got next to us before I realized spoke up. What's lover quarrel about this, it's a one way scolding.

"There's plenty of things I need to confirm if you are, but... Who's that person you're holding?"

Ah, right, the demon is still dangling. Completely forgot about him.

"This man is the mastermind behind this entire incident. He was with another demon who sacrificed its life to erect the barrier, and two others in a ploy to destroy this city."

"So, that old man is a demon? ...Uh, and I just noticed but his limbs are bent weirdly and his face is a mess..."

"I just taught him a little lesson for almost killing me. He's still alive, feel free to interrogate or execute him once he's come to."

"Uwah, you're scary. Can't tell who's the demon here..."
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...Yup, looking closer, the demon is in a really terrible shape. Truly nasty of me.

"He's out cold now but guy's got Tame Skill to turn people into a puppet and Hypnosis Skill, make sure you're prepared."

"Tame... You mean, Puppet Strings? It's hopeless once you fall under that ability's effect. I suppose I should put a Skill-Sealing Binding on this guy... Huh? Did you get turned into a puppet then?"

"Yeah, couldn't move my body all of a sudden, thought I was done for."

"Eh? Then how did you break free?"

"I remote controlled my mana to snap his fingers and get him undo the Skill."

"What!? Alma-chan and Reina-chan are pretty outlandish themselves but they've got nothing on you!"

"It's Hikaru after all."

"It's Kajikawa-san after all."

...What's with that reaction, like they've given up trying to understand.

Lolimast put a collar on the demon, then his Skill List got an 'Unusable'  entry added.
That's the Skill-Sealing Binding thing huh. What a terrifying item! (Deadpan)

"Once I throw this guy in the jail, all that's left is the clean-up. It's going to be a pain but I'd take that over complete destruction."

"Good work. We'll be excusing ourselves back to our inn now."

"Ah hold on, can I have Soarer-kun with me. I need him to explain and stuff."

"I don't wanna. Honestly, I'm so beat I feel like I'm gonna collapse soon. Save it for tomorrow."

"Eeh... Haa, I get it. But make sure you show up at the guild tomorrow, you hear me? I can't possibly explain to the townspeople on my own."

I'm exaggerating a bit but I really am tired.
The last time I was this tired was during Stampede. The degree of danger is incomparable though.
I'll take a breather in the inn and take care of that thing I've been meaning to do.

"Alma, help me making 'that' once we're back."


"Yes, 'that'."

"...! Okay."

"What is 'that'?"

"Look forward tonight."

I made a shaking gesture and Alma who took the hint got visibly excited. It's hard to tell since she's still expressionless though.
Reina seemed lost when she saw her.

"...Huh? You mean I have to carry this man to the jail on my own?"

I ignored Lolimast wailing about something.
She could just call guild officials with Spirit Magic, she'd be fine. Fall back~.

"No no, help me! How could you just abandon me!"

Oh shut it! We've got important event coming up here!

"Hikaru, maybe we should help?"

"Hmm, some guild officials are heading here, she should be fine. Besides, I've got to make plenty of other stuff too."

"For dinner?"

"Yeah, gotta make a sumptuous feast to celebrate Reina's birthday."

"Eh, f-for me...?"

"Oh, I guess we have no choice. You can do it, guildmast."


Guildmast shrieked and all, but guild staff members should get here in five minutes, you'd be fine.
Now then, I've already made several dishes stored inside Item Screen but I still gotta cook up the main dishes. I'll get it done after a short break.







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