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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 95

A Dawn After


Good morning. A fine weather we have today.
Getting the complaint from another guest thanks to the two drunken girls last night makes my stance on no alcohol all the more firmer.
The complaining man went back to his room in a good mood once I offered our leftover food as an apology, so it didn't turn into a bigger deal thankfully.
Eh? How is giving leftover an apology again? I didn't think so either at first, but his gaze was locked on the food after turning away from the chaotic scene in my room, so I offered them whom he readily agreed to. What a cheap apology...
For now, I'll head to kitchen and make breakfast.

So I cooked up miso soup, grilled fish, boiled vegetable and white rice, but only Alma was sitting on the table... Wonder if the two are still sleeping in.

"Good morning, Alma."

"Morning. Thank you for yesterday."

"You're welcome... Where's Reina and Guildmast?"

"Guildmast went back to the guild in a hurry just now. Reina is still sleeping from a hangover."

Was guildmast supposed to go back yesterday and got carried away sleeping in until this morning? The guild staff must be looking at her coldly right about now. RIP.
Reina got taken in by the atmosphere and guildmast last night and gulped down so much, no wonder she got a hangover. Should make for a good lesson. That's what you get for drinking.

I finished my breakfast first and went to their room, only to be greeted by a groaning Reina.

"Uuuuuuu... My hearf hurf~...."

Yup, it's a severe case.
She might throw up if I made her eat.

"Good morning, Reina. Think you can have breakfast?"

"G-g'morning... Uppu...! ...Doesn't look like I can..."

"Drink in moderation next time. Have you got a taste on the hell you're in afterward?"

"Y-yess... sire.."

"I know that it might be hard to swallow anything, but try to sip miso soup at least. Hangovers are caused by not getting enough water, so you gotta focus on hydrating."

"I-I'm just gonna throw it all up..."

"Don't drink it all right away. Take your time and sip bit by bit."

I put miso soup in the room and let her sleep. Forcing her to eat isn't a good idea.

"You seem used to handling hangovers."

"Naw, I just read how drinking enough water is important when you have one."

Despite Alma's wonder, I have no experience looking after someone with a hangover.
In reality, it's cause the liver can't break down all the acetaldehyde or something, but I don't get the detail myself.
What I know is that you need to have lots of water and miso soup which has plenty of water and salt both should be ideal, I think.
...Kinda random I know. According to Menu, she'd get better on her own by tomorrow so it should be okay.
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We left Reina to rest at the inn while we went to lolimast's place.
The people involved in the incident are required for the clean-up to give their accounts.
Who's gonna give the explanation? Should I boast 'I took care of it' in front of the city's populace? I don't wanna stand out though. Even with the mask on.
I've had enough of standing out in front a large crowd during the Stampede back then.

As I was feeling gloomy inwardly, a guild staff member led us to the guild master's room.
...Unlike Dajiel's guildmaster's room, this one has a fancy door furnished with pink flowery patterns. Is this lolimast's preference? Pretty girly of her despite her BBA-ness.
I knocked on the fancy door, and entered when lolimast inside replied, 'Come on in'.
...The insides were full of fancy stuff like stuffed toys and laced curtains as well. Can I go home?
Lolimast is doing some paperwork on her desk adorned with more fancy objects and a jar full of candy.

"Hey there, morning."

"Good morning."

Lolimast greeted with a tired expression this early in the morning. Must be swamped with work. No wait, probably just a hangover?

"Now then, I've got plenty to discuss with you, but before all that."

She stood up and bowed to us all of a sudden.
Not just with her head but her whole upper half.

"...If not for you, the entire population of this city would have been devoured by that monster. You have our eternal gratitude... Thank you ever so much."

"Please don't mention it. We didn't do this for free either."

I dunno how to react when she's acting all proper and polite like this. Not saying that out loud though.
Her character is way different from yesterday.

"We will, of course, reward you. You can name your price and we shall strive to honor it, what do you say?"

What to do, we can do that but we never discussed on the reward.
She'd probably get mad if it was too unreasonable, what do.
...Ah, right.

"Do you mind if the compensation is in the form of an item instead?"

"An item? That depends on what it is, what do you like?"

"Please find a 'sword' that fits Alma well. Her current sword isn't bad, but Alma will soon outstrip its performance. Not to mention, it's already chipped here and there."

"...So you noticed."

Alma awkwardly muttered while looking a bit surprised.
You can't hide from Menu-san. That sword is not for long already, it's got some fine cracks when you look closely. And she's only been hanging to it for around a month...

"I get that you want to save on equipment because they're expensive, but you really shouldn't compromise on your tools of trade especially when it directly connects to your life. You could have died if it broke down at a crucial time."

"...Un, sorry. I should have told you earlier."

"Ah, well, I can see ordinary swords aren't going to last with such intense swordplays. The swiftness in which Alma-chan cut up that demon was extraordinary."

Is she talking about 'Storm Sword'? Magic Swords is a powerful Skill but your average swords just can't endure the abuse.
...Also, her training with me for my new techniques probably didn't help. Sorry.

"In that case, I'll have a real sturdy sword ready in a few days time. Oh phew, I'm glad you asked for an item instead. I wasn't sure what to do if you demanded a few million en or something."

"No, that's a bit..."

"Can you prepare that much?"

"...Honestly, I'd ask you to give us a break but considering you saved a whole city, that amount of money is not outlandish."

Is she for real!?
...Umu, maybe I should have asked for a few hundreds thousands at least.
I could afford curry and stuff then. Oh man, what a waste.

"Ah, but we won't skimp on that sword just because. Rest assured, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with it."

Really. Well, I'll hope for the best then.

"By the way, who are we explaining this incident to?"

"Hm? Ah, to this city's lord. Let's go to his mansion once you're ready."

The city lord huh.
Just gonna hope he's nothing like that pig noble I punched at Daijel.
Would be a pain if we had to flee again.





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