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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 103



"...You, aren't you getting carried away with this harassment?"

"Come again?"

Hi, hello. After having our lunch, we're now at the adventurer guild to report the culling and deliver the herbs.
Once I put down a huge bundle of Hiruka grass and other antidote herbs on the counter, the receptionist sent a look like she was looking at garbage my way. I wonder why.
But I only did what she told me and worked hard without relying on the two, maybe 197 pieces of grass is still not enough?

"You started gathering this morning, there's no way you could've gotten this many. Can you even pick apart these herbs without Appraisal? Being told by a Skill-less leech man to Appraise a mountain of random weeds is a hindrance to my work, cut it out."

"No, I picked them all up on my own."

"That's what you want to believe, right? I told you, picking apart those herbs takes a lot of time without a Skill. Can you even tell the minute differences in the leaf veins and such?"

"...If that's the case, how about appraising a few of them?"

"No way. Even just Appraising one is tiring, I don't wanna play along with a childish old man's prank. Get it? Now go and dump this pile of 'weeds' outside."

'Shoo shoo', the receptionist girl waved her hand like she was shooing an animal.
...Are guild staff members allowed to drive people away on their own without Appraising?

<<In cases such as this, they have the right to if the result of an Appraisal on one piece of grass comes out as weed. However, this condition has not been fulfilled as she has not Appraised one.>>

...Is this girl even aware of the guild's rules. Well, I can't blame her thinking I'm pranking her bringing this many herbs on a short notice.
Guess I was acting childish. Should have started with 20.
Wait no! I can tell the wrath overflowing out of the two behind me!

"Oy, you're holding up the line, get outta the way if you're done. I been waiting--"



An adventurer man who was waiting in line behind us complained and then screamed when the nearly erupting ogre (Alma) and yaksha (Reina) glared at him.
...Alma aside, even Reina sounded pissed. Women are scary.

"Hey, take it outside if you're gonna raise a stint. Or you want me call our guildmaster and let her do the honor?"

"You called?"

"!!? G-guildmaster!"
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The receptionist tried to drive us out before suddenly sounding panicked when a woman who showed up out of nowhere behind her replied.
...No really, when did she get there? I didn't even see her coming. Does she have Stealth Skill or something?
This woman is the guildmaster huh. Think she's around my age? She's got a red pony tail with intense-looking slanted eyes, pretty tall for a woman. About my height.
...First impression-wise, she might very well be the scariest guildmaster I've come across so far. Daijel's one has her beat in term of scary-looking face though.

"Any trouble here? It's a trouble isn't it? Tell me it is."

"Eh, ah, y-yes. T-this person here went out this morning to gather herbs and brought back this pile of grass. I don't believe it's anything but a prank, or more like a harassment."

This girl started speaking politely all of a sudden. Well, I guess she can't act the way she usually does with that intense aura behind her.

"That's a lot for sure. That black haired man brought it in? ...Mwu, black haired man, lots of herbs... Oy, mind if I ask you something?"

"G-go ahead."

I got startled by her suddenly speaking to me. Scaryy.

"Did you come here from Daijel through Vinfitt?"

"Eh? Y-yes, that's right."

"...I see. Oy, Naima. Appraise that bundle of herbs, leave none behind."

"E-eeh!? A-are you saying I have to work on this entire batch alone!?"

"Do it."

"Hiie, y-yes ma'am!!"

After I gave my reply, guildmast looked like she got it and told Naima the receptionist to Appraise the herbs I brought.
No, she tried to protest but folded right away after a glare... It may look like an abuse of power at first, but this particular case is more a boss reprimanding her employee for slacking off at work so it's safe.

"Apologies. Our staff member has wronged you."

"O-oh no, I don't really mind."

"I've heard about you from Velga. I had an inkling you would be coming here sooner or later. Sooner it is huh, Kajikawa-kun."

So Daijel's guildmast contacted this person too. GJ.
But man, this person sure is intense. Scary faced guildmaster, abbreviated scarymast, let's call her that from now on... It's absolutely not an abbreviation of scary guildmaster.

"Oy, Naima. Appraise this man's Kill Log. Ah, do not utter anything that looks amiss out loud, you hear me?"

"Y-yes ma'am... !!?"

"See? Do not look down on this man just because he's got no Skill."

...The receptionist who finally saw my Kill Log had a complete shift of expression, from begrudging eyes to like she's seeing a monster. Please, there's no need to look so shocked.

"Feel free to consult me whenever if you're troubled by our guild. I too won't hold back asking your cooperation when the time calls for it."

"Eh, ah, okay."

I replied reflexively but that sounded like she's gonna push dangerous job on me when trouble comes?
I wanted to protest back but the timing was awkward, and above all this person is too scary. How'd it come to this.
The other adventurers who were enjoying their food and drink are all looking this way nervously too ever since this person showed up.

"Folks, be at ease, no need to mind me. Take this chance to take a breather from a hard day work."

That's impossible. I can tell the air in this place is tensing up by just you being here.
It's like having your boss suddenly turning up during a nice lighthearted meal between relatives.

"Uuu, my head is splitting from so many Appraisal..."

"You said something?"

"Aah~! Appraising herbs is so much fun~! It's oh so fulfilling~!"

"Glad to hear that."

That was just from the receptionist girl grumbling a bit... I felt a bit guilty for causing this.
But well, I wouldn't have to resort to this if she didn't act that way in our first meeting.
Now that we're done with cashing out our reward, time to shop ingredients for dinner and go back to our inn.
...Wonder what should I cook up today.





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