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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 105

Side Story Crying Brave


Hello hero here. I'm in the midst of carrying out a prison break.
Since there's apparently another kidnapped victim besides me, I'm now trying to find that person and see if I could escape with them.
I tried to use [Fair Wind Ear] but this hideout is unexpectedly huge, I had no success.
My escapade's gonna be in jeopardy if I tardy up and they notice me missing. Gotta find this person quick.
They'd likely tie me up even stringent if they caught me again. Escaping would be hopeless... I've put the necessary stuff in Item Screen, so offing myself is an option in a worst case scenario.

<<Items put in Item Screen don't get lost if you die that's right, but don't you think your outlook is kinda pessimistic...>>

Even though I know I'll get revived, dying is still scary to me so that's a last resort thing.
But I'd rather die than being made into a plaything by these bandits. I can only afford saying that because I know I'll get revived though.

...Hm? I can hear a high-pitched voice behind this door.
Clearly different from bandits... It's kinda sounding hysterical. Scary...
Could it be the kidnapped victim mentioned by those bandits?

I got in the room and found a row of cells inside, the same one used to lock me up.
How often do those guys kidnap people anyway... Or maybe this place was originally a prison.
I went deeper and came across a girl with both her hands tied behind her back.
She's got a red braided hair, groaning resentfully on the ground. She must be the girl the bandits mentioned.
Let's check her Status.


Level 7

Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Apprentice Spear User

State: Normal

HP (Health): 162/174
MP (Magic Points): 92/92
SP (Stamina): 30/71

STR (Strength): 96
ATK (Attack): 96
DEF (Defense): 87
AGI (Agility): 99
INT (Intelligence): 84
DEX (Dexterity): 69
PER (Perception): 85
RES (Resistance): 84
LUK (Luck): 40

Spear Arts Level 2
Martial Arts Level 2

Hmm, she's about the same age as my current body.

<<Ooh, already Lv7 at 15. Ordinary Combat Job people are still busy with combat training or adventurer training at that age, she's quite high leveled considering.>>

Really? I mean I'm Lv10 aren't I.
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<<Well duh, you're an outlier. Normally going straight to leveling in real combat without any training is suicidal, you know? It's all thanks to your high Attributes you managed to do it by yourself.>>

Well, yeah. When you think about it, guess those protagonists in RPG must have been training before their departure... Let's get back on track.

She looks like a cute girl outwardly, if not for her glares staring dagger at me... Have I done something?

"Hey you! Are you one of those bandits lackeys!? Get me out of this place!"

She yelled aggressively toward me all of a sudden.
You're mistaken, I'm also kidnapped.

"Wait aren't you my age! How pitiful are you to serve bandits when you're so young!"

"Y-you're wr--"

"You must have been cast aside because you lounge around all day! That's how it always goes with people who lower themselves to banditry! Am I wrong!?"

"A, au..."

...What do I do, she kept roaring out whenever I tried to speak.
Heck, how many years since I last talked to a girl, how'd you expect me to deal with one this aggressive...

And she's right about me lounging around all day... Ah, my tears are coming out.

"Ha, and now you cry. Are you scared by a little girl like me yelling? What sorry sight."

"...I-I'm not... *sniffle*... A bandit..."

"..Eh? What? I can't hear you between your sniffles."

"I'm telling you, I'm not, a bandit!"


"Uuu.... I was going out of my way to save you, and look what I got, *sniffle*, so much yelling..."


...I can't stop my tears. When was the last time I felt this downhearted.
I turned downcast and kept sobbing like a little kid.
...How uncool I am, wonder if this young body is affecting my mental state.

I cried for a good few minutes in front of the shocked girl.
...Some hero I am. I'm just a brat who burst into tears from being shouted by a girl. I wanna die. I'm so embarrassed I could just die.

<<E-err, it's okay Neora-san. Your weeping figure is so cute it stimulates the desire to protect.>>

That's not a consolation! You making fool of me?!

"H-have you calmed down...?"


"...I'm sorry for yelling at you. Were you kidnapped by those bandits too?"

"Yeah, I was. I overheard them saying about another victim on my way out, so I went looking for you..."

"R-really now... I'm truly sorry for shouting so much at you after all the trouble you went through to save me."

"...Forget about it already."

The girl looked apologetic as she said that. While I replied to her curtly.
...What's with this scene. Are we grade schoolers.

<<More like kindergartners...>>

I'm gonna smash you to pieces if you continue, you dang 2D denizen.

I pulled myself together, unlocked her cell and cut the rope binding the red haired girl, Leviaria.

"Anyway, I should introduce myself. My name is Leviaria, an Apprentice Spear User, also an adventurer. Thank you for coming to my rescue."

"We haven't gotten out yet... I'm, Neo Raifu. Nice to meet you."

"What's your Job?"

"...Take a guess?"

"Well considering the dagger and your lockpicking, must be a Thief."

"OK, let's go with that."

"What do you mean!? Tell me straight!"

"Quit yelling so loud, what are we gonna do if those bandits come here."

"Then stop pulling my leg, you!"

I mean, there's no way she'd believe me if I told her I'm a Hero after that show of tears, explaining is a bother too.
Might as well just let her believe I'm a Thief. Ah, what a pain.

"Okay, we're gonna have to work together if we want to get out of this place, no objection right?"

"No, tell me first! We have to think about our formation if we end up fighting those bandits!"

"I'm a vanguard mostly. And it's not an if."


Several bandits made their way inside this room full of cells from the only door.
...I told her.

"Oy, how the heck didja get outta your cell!"

"Oy oy, even that tomboy is here. How'd she get here from way over her cell."

"No, he ain't a tomboy, he's a girly boy."

I'm beating the crap outta those two who called me a tomboy and a girly boy.

"Some patrolling bandits got here cause you kept yelling, what now."

"...Eh? You're a boy?"

"Is this the time for that!? Haven't I been using 'Ore' to call myself!"

"I mean you're way cuter than average girls! How do you expect me to tell right away! Even your speech sounds more like a boyish girl!"

"...I feel like crying again."

"T-those guys started quarreling."

"Now's our chance, throw 'em back in the cells!"

The bandits rushed in while we were arguing.
I'm gonna vent my anger on these guys, dammitall!!






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