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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 371

371 Delineation


Two ladies with a refreshed look on their faces walked up to thank me.

I stopped them as they were about to introduce themselves while looking apologetic.

The matter with toilet must have been serious, their expressions have turned gentle.
The fact that they didn't thank me earlier probably weighed on them. So now they're trying to introduce themselves.
But now that I've grasped the situation, I don't really mind it. They were at their limit then a suspicious man came to their rescue. They couldn't help doubting me when their mental state was in disarray.
They seem relieved now that they got over the crisis without crossing the line. With the mental pressure gone, they're back to their normal personality. Which makes them regret their earlier attitude.
There was no such smell in the cave. I understand that these two were under extreme stress. Therefore, I'm not holding it against them.

"Hold it! I don't need your names. Once the cavalry is here to pick you up, that's it for us. Forget everything about me cause our paths will never cross again. Please keep that in mind."

I made that request while processing a game I hunted.
It's an animal Raine called Rabbikk. Though to me they're pretty much rabbit.
Linda spoke to me as I stripped the pelt, took out the innards, washed the sliced up meat and boiled them in the pot.

"I have no clue at all what you're thinking. When did you even get that? Hey? Can you tell me why are you so adamant on cutting yourself off us? My pride as a noble won't allow your refusal to accept my reward, what is your reason anyway? Can you tell me?"

What a pain nobles are. Linda is probably trying to avoid getting a rumor spread about her not rewarding the person who saved her.
Also, I hunted the rabbikk when Linda was in the cave. Using Acceleration.
We don't know when that underling is coming back with their rescuers, so I might as well secure our food.
If he gets back here promptly, that's fine. If he never comes back, we've got food at least. What's bad is if he returns during an awkward timing, might as well eat while you can.
It's still before noon right now. I have no more foodstuff in my magic bag. Which worried me a bit hence I prioritized food first.

There's no way the ladies have an insight on my thinking however, so their impression of me must have gone from 'suspicious fella' to 'incorrigible fella'.

Thus, I tell it like it is.
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"I don't want to get dragged into the absolute mess going on in the federation. I haven't even stepped foot in there yet. That's all there is to it. Also, there's no telling what's gonna happen if you get involved with me. Oh and since I've ended up saving you ladies, I'll at least guarantee your safety until then. Just know that's the end of the line with me."

Linda was still acting pushy as I proceeded with the second rabbikk.

"Absolute mess huh, well you're not exactly wrong. We don't know what's in store in the future. They may even made another attempt for us you know? But what's with that, 'if you get involved with me'? That's just weird. And rude, don't you think? I know that you've saved us and all, but your manner of speaking is impudent."

Linda kept talking on her high horse. Which gradually chipped on my patience.
But I opted to use it against her and cut her off instead.

"Yeah that's for sure, of course our great noble lady has no obligation to even thank such an impudent man. That's fine. No thanks necessary. Me saving you lot is a coincidence. It's a good bye once your rescue is here. You ladies get back to your home. End of. Good enough?"

Linda finally shut up with a frown on her face.






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