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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 364

364 One Day, in a Forest


I'm full of regret right now. Why you ask?

(We're getting farther and farther away from the road~! Gotta course correct... Whoa!?)

Chimera in Tiger Mode suddenly lunged at me from my flank.
We're in a forest located in the old road connecting the kingdom and the federation.
It's quite a big forest and I'm running deeper into it as if being chased.

(I shouldn't have! Made that promise! From above this time!?)

I dodged Chimera's lunge and ran full speed toward the correct course, aka the old road.
However, Chimera in Kitten Mode jumped from a tree above me before I realized it was there.
I had to jump backward to dodge. I quickly turned around and headed deeper into the forest again.

(Aah! What's gonna happen now? I'm never arriving at the federation at this rate!)

This all began when I left the old road gate.
As promised, I started playing a game of chase with Chimera.
The old road was an unmaintained route overgrown with vegetation, you could hardly tell where the road was.
Nevertheless I managed to stay on track. Up until just a while ago.

(Ready set go and all, but who could've guessed it would go at me so hard...)

I went astray not a moment sooner after we started the game.
Tiger Mode Chimera went lunging at me out of nowhere using its camouflage, and I instinctively used 'Acceleration' to dodge it out of shock.
My luck ran out then. Chimera must be thinking 'Interesting', 'Fun' once it saw me managing to dodge its perfect ambush.
And it got serious. Tapping into its wild side.

(I lost to that pressure and dodged every single tackles! Which only put oil into the fire!)

Chimera seemed to have decided to go all out afterward. Its lunges have been gradually getting more intense.
On top of camouflage, it would constantly switch between Tiger and Kitten Mode to hide behind trees and tall grass.
Tiger for ramming attacks, kitten for ambushes, the assaults were unrelenting.

(I should have thrown my pride and let it catch me! But it's too late now! I mean, seeing a tiger charging right at me is straight up terrifying you know!? 'Course I'm gonna get outta the way!)
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Anybody would when they saw those fangs. Out of fear.
Looking so scary has its drawback too. Really can't say this is a mere play anymore.
Then why don't you let yourself be caught by its Kitten Mode? Or so you may ask me.

(The claws, they're really sharp! I shudder at the thought of getting hit by those!)

I just jumped backward to avoid Kitten Chimera going for my legs. But then it immediately transformed into 'Tiger' and charged at me.
I vaulted over it to dodge the ramming attack.
Chimera seemed surprised by my method, its tail went straight up, freezing up for a moment.

I used this chance to run toward the old road at full speed. We got quite deep into the forest, I'd definitely get stranded if I don't go back now.

But it was too late. After all the chasing, dodging, and running, I couldn't even tell where my bearing was.

I stopped running at this realization.

(Oy, no way... That way... No, maybe this way?)

Chimera didn't overlook this opening. A massive tiger suddenly leaned on my back.
I ended up falling and hitting the ground.

"I-it's my defeat... Gufu..."

Thus our game of chase ended. Chimera raised its victory cry? on my back in Kitten Mode.


I could only mutter as I listened to that over the setting sun.

"What do I do now, we're definitely lost. Completely."





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