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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 373

373 Non Intersecting


"Stop right there. Who are you? Answer me."

A man in a knight armor showed up. He's got no helmet, his head is laid bare to see.
The underling we sent to call for help is following behind him.

"Who do you think you are, knave? Where's the young lady. Let her out. Otherwise I'll cut you down. Do as you're told, and I'll overlook you."

"We ain't even on the same wavelength!? Why do I always get stuck with this type? Can it please stop, I'm begging here please? At least try to establish a conversation. Hey? Answer me. Who are you? Start with that."

"Oy, I won't repeat myself. She must be in the tent behind you, isn't she? Get out of the way."

The knight man tried to get closer and I stopped him by holding my hands aloft.

"Are you alone? That's weird. Why'd they send a lone man to rescue the chairman's daughter? How isn't that suspicious. Tell me why you're here alone. I'll get outta the way once you do and bring the ladies here."

The knight frowned after I said that. He must interpret the line 'bring the ladies here' as them not being here. The knight took a step forward before stopping.

"Oy, where is she? Confess. Or else I'm gonna torture it out of you. Now's your last chance if you don't wanna get hurt. Make it quick before I change my mind."

The knight put his hand on his sword's hilt. His face with shoulder-length all-back hair is sneering while looking down on me.
Man is acting so aggressive even though there should be nothing to hide. Makes it all the more suspicious.
If he's really here to save the ladies, he should have at least sounded worried about their safety yet he's full on blaring his hostility towards me instead.
If he won't answer my next question right, he's out.

"I've saved those young ladies. I'm not your enemy. Take it down a notch please. Those ladies are in somewhere safe right now. They're unharmed. Rest assured."

It's a lie. Where can you find a place like that in this forest? Those ladies are in the tent. I don't know if they're still sleeping. But everything should be clear with the knight's reaction to my word.

"That doesn't matter. I reiterate. Tell me where they are. Otherwise I'll kill you."

"Why would you kill me? I rescued them, you know? Or what, is it bad for you if I live? I don't mind telling you where they are, but why won't you ever answer me? Tell me. Who are you?"

Thus our utterly non-intersecting conversation continued. The knight spoke to the underling.

"Oy, you sure this guy really did it? I don't feel mana from him. Guy got amateurish form too. Well fine. I'll just give him a good shaking he wish he'd die. It's too late to regret, that's what he deserves for disobeying me."

"Irdis? Have you come for me? Of course you do, you are my personal bodyguard after all."

Linda came out of the tent at this timing.
She seemingly didn't hear our conversation as she nonchalantly walked up to Irdis.

"My lady, you are safe. What a relief. Are you hurt anywhere?"

Irdis's hostile gaze instantly turned gentle as he turned his sight at Linda.
His hand was still grasping his sword's hilt however.
He then proceeded to draw his sword aimed at Linda's neck.





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