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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 94

Side Story - Lonesome Hero


Chapter 91-93 are side story flashbacks from Reina's POV. They can be skipped per author's word, thus we're focusing on progressing the plot for now. They will be translated at a later date when time allows.

I'm hunting magic beasts by my lonesome again today. Hello, hero here.
First I have to endeavor raising my level before I even think about taking on Demon King and friends. It's the basic of RPGs. No need for explanation.
Hunting magic beasts alone lets me monopolize all the exp, it's nice... although it's pretty inefficient over a long term, and I'm lonely.
Won't somebody join my party...

Back when I dropped by the adventurer guild to register so I could get some cash from hunting beasts, the receptionist lady noticed I was the hero and yelled out loud in surprise.
Yes, yes, me am hero. I was still Lv1 though, nothing amazing still.
Thanks to her shout, the adventurers around gathered their lines of sight at me.
Their attention made me kinda feel restless. I mean I'm not that great of a human, despite all the attention I got from being a hero.
Then, when I asked them if anybody would like to join my party, they all gave me excuses like already in a party, or waiting for me to level up first, nobody was willing... Well, I get that they don't want extra baggage.

<<It's more like they'll have to accompany you in your quest to defeat the Demon King whether they want to or not if they join you. That likely doesn't sound enticing to people who left their hometowns to live freely like adventurers.>>

Yep, figured. I'd hesitate too if I were in their shoes.
Those who dream of hero's glory would probably agree without thinking twice, but adventurers are a surprisingly conservative bunch. Is that really alright?
My image of adventurers are people who travel around to various places and seek out the unknown, but apparently most actual adventurers don't lead that life.
I'm gonna go to a big town once I've got enough money and exp. Then I'll finally say goodbye to chopping down magic beasts by myself once I find myself a party there.

<<Come and chat with me if you're feeling lonely!>>

Sorry, but I've had enough of text-based friends in my past life. Like on internet bulletin boards.

<<Goddamn! C'mon let's communicate more! I don't like doing abandon play!>>

...Well I admit that I don't feel as lonely thanks to Menu, that's for sure.

<<Aren't you!? I'm such a good helper, aren't I!?>>

Even a withered tree makes noise in the mountain.

<<I don't like the sound of that idiom! Don't you know a better one!?>>

I mean, you're quick to let it get over your head whenever I pay you the slightest bit of attention.

Haah, I was so excited when the goddess sent me to this world, but the life here turned out quite lonesome.
By the way, I'm still a virgin despite my handsome blond young boy looks.
...No well, it's not like there weren't any opportunities, you know? In fact, I got invited by some beautiful onee-sans who seem into younger boys so many times, 'Wanna have fun tonight?'
But they all had this carnivorous looks in their eyes, and their State was all, 'Charmed (Major) (Lust)', it terrified me so much I couldn't bring myself to graduate from my virginity.
It'd probably become a trauma if I took their invitations... The women in this world are scary.

<<You even got a man going for you, didn't you... A bald brawny one at that.>>

Don't make me remember! I wanna vomit just recalling that time!

<<When you told him 'I'm a man', he went 'That's fine too!'. Gross.>>

Okay, let's stop here! Give it a rest already!
Oee... Something almost came out there. That brawny baldie was just gross...
Goddess, I wish you made me look a bit more manly, not this androgynous-looking neither man or woman appearance. Uh, I'd take this over being a brawny baldie though.

...Anyway, I hunted ten magic beasts today. Dunno how's that compared to other people.

<<It depends on their Job, but a solo individual usually takes on 4-6 beasts a day in average. You would be going at around twice their rate.>>

That's a far lower number than I thought. I've got plenty of MP and SP left even after this much, though?

<<Adventurers have a motto 'If you still can go on, that's far enough'. It's a common sense among them to preserve strength in case of emergency, see?>>

What's up with that roguelike game-like word of wisdom.
...Well, I guess unlike me who gets revived when I die, they've got to be super careful if they want to survive.
Also, I've been doing this hunting thing for about a month by now, but have I really grown?

<<Yes you have swimmingly. Would you like to see your Status?>>

Hm, please.

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Neo Raifu


Age: 15

Race: Human

Job: Hero

State: Normal


HP (Health Points): 267/294
MP (Magic Points): 56/152
SP (Stamina Points): 39/107

STR (Strength): 257
ATK (Attack): 257 (+45) (+17)
DEF (Defense): 239 (+50) (+20)
AGI (Agility): 242
INT (Intelligence): 248
DEX (Dexterity): 204
PER (Perception): 201
RES (Resistance): 174
LUK (Luck): 63

Swordsmanship Lv. 2, Spear Arts Lv. 1, Axe Arts Lv. 1, Staff Arts Lv. 1, Archery Lv. 1, Shield Arts Lv. 1, Martial Arts Lv. 2, Throwing Lv. 1, Self-Defense Lv. 2, Stealth Lv. 1, Offensive Magic Lv. 2, Support Magic Lv. 1, Healing Magic Lv. 1, Optional Display.


Steel Sword
ATK +45

Werewolf Leather Chestplate
DEF +50

Fire Lizard Boots
ATK +17 DEF +20

My Attributes have doubled since last month, some skills have leveled up too.
To be honest, I don't really understand which Skills to prioritize raising so I've been proactively using Skills I wanna use until I get used to combat. I should at least make an effort to avoid becoming a jack of all trades, master of none.

<<Uwaah, you're really strong, nasty even. You're not Lv 10 yet most of your Attributes are above 200, you've even got multiple Skills leveled up. Attributes-wise, you're on par with a Lv20 ordinary man, no, even better. What a cheat~.>>

I don't have a frame of reference so it's hard to tell though. And what do you mean by nasty...
I'll give other adventurers' Status a check once I get back today.
...By the way, how's the other Japanese man's Status looking when he was Lv8?

<<My? Are you curious? Has he been on your mind all this time despite what you said about not wanting to get involved?>>

...Um, well, honestly I am a bit curious.

<<Nn, seems his Attributes averaged around 35 when he was Lv8.>>

Uwaah, so low!? Isn't he too weak? How'd he even beat a magic beast?

<<Who knows...? Maybe he got his hands on some powerful equipment or had someone help him power level-->>

【Unauthorized Access Confirmed - Disabling Connection】



...Eh? O-oy, what's up with that warning screen out of nowhere.

<<...It looks like the Menu Function 'Over There' disabled my connection to it so I can't get information on that Japanese man anymore.>>

Wha? E-err, so it's like they found out you were snooping on them and they got all, 'what the hell are you looking at huh?'

<<That's about right, yep. That Japanese man himself probably wasn't aware of it, but his Menu Function seems to put a protection on his info on its own. Default Menu Function isn't supposed to have a personality though, quite overprotective this one.>>

So that man can use Menu Function too huh. I thought only heroes could.

<<Sure like it. Goddess only gave a personality to me however. Only one, I'm unique you know~!>>


<<What's with that reaction like you're so done with me!?>>

I mean, I am.
Looking at that warning screen, the Menu over there seemed like it speaks only the absolute minimum. The type that carries out its supporting job competently in silence.
...Huh? Isn't that one better than mine? I'm honestly envious.

<<Hold it right there! Default Menu Function acts super cold all year long, it's not well suited at all for the forever alone Neora-san!>>

Oh, shut it!
Once I get to Lv10, I'll head out to a town and form a party for real!





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