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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 370

370 Source of Smell


It's a collar used by the children kidnappers back then. One of many I had inside my bag.
Smashing them one by one was a bother so I left them alone thinking it'd come in handy one day.
This is the only use of them though. It got put on Underling's neck.
Not by me. Linda did. He should now listen to her as the person who put the collar on.
I don't wanna own this stuffy man. This way, Linda is gonna be the one stuck to dispose of him once he's outlived his usefulness.

"And now you gotta listen to her every command. First, let's see, right, tell some government official about this place and the kidnapped victims. Ask them to fetch these ladies here."

"Hey? Won't that require proof that we're here? Let me see, yep bring this ribbon with you. Go to the House of Lolengus's estate, my home. That ribbon alone is probably not enough to get them believe you. So say this password, 'I want a birthday flower from the one in that tale'. I'm sure father would get it."

I was a bit surprised by this. This young lady could think pretty far ahead. I thought telling some government official would be enough.
But that'd take too much time. Better off sending a messenger directly to her house.
Especially with Linda being a daughter of the chairman.
These guys should know her house having planned her kidnapping.

(Ah, still, corrupt politician huh? Kidnapping the chairman's daughter at that... A classic in revolution stories. But nothing is that simple. They'd likely fail even without my involvement. And besides, there's probably more to this stuff.)

I'd be spared of this all dodgy mess if I could just get away, but when's the right time to?

Underling went back to the forest. I should have asked how long until our rescue come but he's already gone.

"How about you take those two ladies outside? Staying inside that cave must have been suffocating. I'll take care of these bodies in the meantime. Also, how do you wanna do your business? I've got a portable toilet for adventurers with me, wanna use one if you can't hold it?"

This may sound like I lack delicacy, but that's not it. Holding it in stresses you out like nothing else. Even a short term is bad. It must be mentally exhausting.
Hence I said it out loud to free her of the suffering.

Linda glared hard at me, but her body couldn't lie as she trembled.
Looks like she's really been holding it, and me mentioning that made her conscious again.

I immediately set up the portable toilet and a screen.
Linda kept staring at me as I did before immediately rushing in once I was done.

"I'll strip these guys' belongings in the meantime. Go get those two inside the cave once you're done."

Portable toilets are a handy little stuff. They even have deodorant to erase the smell. It's some sort of sand like you see for cat litter boxes and it's surprisingly effective.
They won't have to worry about that point. I spoke to Linda how to use the sand while taking valuables from the bodies.

(There absolutely must be someone with their previous life's memory or at least knowledge here in this world... People in this world would never come up with this stuff.)

What's more curious is the tech behind this smell erasing sand. I ponder while digging holes for the bodies with Acceleration.
I came to a conclusion when I was done.
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(With miraculous stuff like magic around, it must be related. Yup, there's no way I can understand the mechanic with my knowledge. I'm just gonna lump up everything I don't get as 'magic' from now on.)

I'm just gonna pigeonhole anything I don't understand as 'magic'. Gotta stop overthinking stuff beyond me.
I undid Acceleration to throw the bodies inside the holes and entered Acceleration again to bury the holes.

I was done with everything by the time Linda came out with a refreshed face.

"...Where did that pile of bodies go? I can still smell blood... Just what did you do? Who are you really..."

"Who cares about that. What's important is the fact that I'm not your enemy. Come fetch those two now. They must be at their limit seeing you earlier. They might fall ill if it keeps on for too long."

"...Thank you. You're a great help. I don't know who and where you come from, but I'll be sure to reward you properly."

"I don't need it. Forget about me. Don't get involved with me. I'm going out to hunt now. I'll set up a tent for you ladies. Get some rest inside. You can teach them how to use the toilet."

"You're such a weird man... Well I guess that's fine. But let me reward you at least. I'm still technically a noble. We have our pride to uphold, just you know."

Linda went in the cave after saying that. I set up our camp as I made a sidelong glance.
Once done, I activated Acceleration to go hunting.

(Now then, I still lack information on the situation inside the federation. One thing for sure is that I've gotten myself involved in this mess. But if I run now I can avoid making further bonds with these ladies... what do?)

So far, I haven't made a fatal 'slip-up' yet. Therefore, I believe I can avoid this event if I just stay away from the federation.





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