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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 102



We booked rooms at an inn after we were finished with the guild business.
I was afraid the sounds of waves would disrupt my sleep, turned out it was barely a bother.
Well they do say that the sound of flowing water has a calming effect, might apply to waves too.
...Or maybe I was just tired from all the wagon's shaking and the guild receptionist's attitude.

The morning after, we headed for the Monster Prairie located a bit away from the town in order to do the leveling and herb gathering.
The usual signboard surrounded by bushes written with 'Danger zone ahead - Entry to Monster Prairie Ruiaisa prohibited without permission' could be found near it. This would be the third signboard.
At a glance it looks nothing more than a tranquil vast prairie, but I can sense mana reactions from magic beasts all over the place.
It's all weak mobs cause we're near the entrance. They're just right for Reina.

"This field is soo large~. And the weather is so nice too I'd have loved to bask in the sun if not for the magic beasts."

"Our goal today is leveling. Even weak magic beasts may prove dangerous to you Reina. Stay alert."

"Yes ma'am."

I'm mostly leaving Reina's leveling to Alma.
The only low level magic beasts I know are all humanoid ones like goblins and kobolds.
Yet there's way more small quadruped beasts lurking in this Monster Prairie.
Apparently Alma traveled around with her parents before she came of age and learned about a wide variety of magic beasts during their travel. Her knowledge extends to the magic beasts found in this prairie.
The only quadruped beasts I know are the large stuff like Rush Boars or High Cave Bears, I know nothing on what to teach about the beasts here.
Heck, I'd love to participate as well but that'd only hinder Reina's progress, so I decided to stay an observer from afar.
In short, I'm gonna be busying myself digging out herbs in the corner. Dig dig dig... I haven't done this work in a while, as somber as ever.

"I feel like I can sense the sorrow hanging on Kajikawa-san's back as he plucks out those herbs at incredible speed..."

"Hikaru, don't pluck up too many okay."
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But of course. Apparently over plucking Hiruka grass in a cluster will slow down its growth.
Heck, why's there so many herbs this early in the prairie anyway. Maybe the land here is more fertile than the one around Daijel?

<<Many lower grade herbs such as Hiruka Grass grow well in the outer circumference of Monster Prairie. The deeper it is, the better quality of rare herbs grow. However, be warned that the magic beasts are also higher leveled.>>

Umu, I'm curious about those rare herbs but we've gotta focus on Reina's leveling for the time being.
I'd like to wait until Reina reaches Level 10 and has a Job Change at least. We should stay in these early areas for now.

"Ah Reina. Careful about that small magic beast coming from behind you."

"Eh? Whoa!? Something small is zigzagging fast this way!"

Magic Beast: Horn Rabbit

Level 1

State: Normal

HP (Health): 25/25
MP (Mana): 5/5
SP (Stamina): 24/29

STR (Strength): 50
ATK (Attack): 50
DEF (Defense): 48
AGI (Agility): 80
INT (Intelligence): 9
DEX (Dexterity): 37
PER (Perception): 100
RES (Resistance): 14
LUK (Luck): 47

Magic Beast Level 1, Quadruped Beast Level 1

Oh a level 1 magic beast, when was the last time I came across one again.
It's a rabbit with a horn, but man wild rabbits sure don't look cute. No it's nothing to do with the horn, it's just that its build and expression look kinda menacing.
Its eyes are red too and clearly hostile.
It's zigzagging at high speed, attacking by ramming its horn.
Reina just narrowly managed to dodge the attack.

"Wha, how is ambush a fair game!?"

"Of course it's a fair game. You're up against a magic beast."

"Reina, calm down. Its movement may look chaotic at first but it always starts to zigzag around whenever it moves in to attack, that makes it easy to read instead."

"R-really? Ah, it's coming here again!"

It went ramming in again but just Alma said, it kept moving in a simple pattern of left right, left right. Looks like an easy foe to kill if you just stay calm.

"...Left, right, left, riiight!!"

STAB. Her dagger went inside the attacking rabbit's belly.
She observed and read its movement nicely, she just thrust out her dagger and let the momentum pierced itself.
She then twisted the dagger to finish it off. This little girl is scary.
By the way, her dagger is not the bear fang one but an ordinary iron knife. She might end up over relying on that if we let her start with a powerful equipment, gonna have to make do with an iron knife until her first Job Change.

"M-my first kill!"

"Congrats Reina, well done... You made it look so easy. I had a much harder time with my first kill."

'I did it!' Reina looked like she was beaming that word as she held the rabbit she killed high up over her head. Quit that, the blood's gonna drip on you.
Alma smiled wryly looking like she felt mixed as she praised Reina.

"Alma-san was right, it was very easy to read... Faaar slower than Kajikawa-san during our sparring matches."

"...Ah, un, I get it."

Umu umu, if this is the result then I guess that incomprehensible training wasn't pointless. It bothers me how the two of them got this distant look in their eyes though.
If she keeps this up, she should get one or two levels today. I won't force her though.
Whoops, gotta remember to store Horn Rabbit in Item Screen. Can probably make some cash out of its fur, horn and meat.

It's now been around three hours since Reina killed the first rabbit.
She's killed 15 magic beasts in total since then. Isn't that amazing for a solo runner?

<<She is presently killing magic beasts around three times more than average adventurers around her level.>>

...This girl is pretty Cheat too.
Most were Horn Rabbits but mixed among them was one biggish wolf-type magic beast.
It was Level 6 so I was gonna lend a hand but then she 'Shadow Dive'd inside the wolf's shadow before stabbing her dagger on its head as it was bewildered at her sudden disappearance.
Who knew Ninjutsu Skill could be used like that in a close quarter combat...! I shudder at the thought of antagonizing Reina.

"Reina, are you okay?"

"T-that was scary...!"

I don't blame her flopping down after killing the wolf. I mean that came out of nowhere.
...Reina who easily disposed of it is scarier to me though.
Her fatigue seems to have piled up from all the hours killing rabbits and this wolf was the clincher. Doesn't look like she can move for a while now.
We're done for today. Let's have a lunch and rest a bit before going back.
...I've dug out lots of herbs too. Fufufu.






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