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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-34

17-34. Offenses and Defenses at Purple Towers


Satou here. In games with level systems, you often see enemies that prove challenging in the beginning end up being pushovers at the endgame. Though that's not limited to games, you see things in real life that mimic such.


Sera relayed me an oracle from god Tenion, [Go to the Netherworld, and take back the White Imperial Radiant Crystal from Demon God].
A ridiculous request, but it would also be bad if the Realm of Gods lost its divinity.

『Master, you don't have to obey such a ridiculous order!』
『Un, I don't think there's any need for Satou to willingly step into a minefield.』

Arisa and Hikaru are against it.

『However, the only one who can save the world from this crisis is--』
『Not only Satou-san.』

Princess Sistina interrupted as Sera was about to make a plea.

『Yep yep, those gods can just go fetch it themselves.』
『Nn, only right.』

Arisa followed after princess Sistina, Mia gave her affirmation.

Zena-san and Lulu seemed like they had something to say as well, but they kept it to themselves due to their reserved personalities.
The beastkin girls and Lady Karina tend not to participate in difficult topics like this.

『Master, are there no specialty products and sightseeing spots in the Netherworld? so I inquire.』

Mu, I wonder about that.

Though I don't think we can expect much on the culinary side of things--

『Ah hey, Nana!』
『That's one thing you shouldn't say out loud! It's going to latch on Ichirou-nii's mind!』

--There might be Netherworld-exclusive monsters that can be made into food.

I mean, the word [Netherworld] itself makes it sound like it'll be littered with sightseeing spots everywhere.

『This is bad! The thought leaking through Familiar Link is leaning over there! Karina-sama! Catch Master's little clone and shove it inside the cleavage on your armor! That'll surely make his mind go blank!』

Lady Karina thrust her hand inside her shadow below and grabbed my little clone out.
I can't see her face under the silver armor, but her trembling hand tells me her state of mind.

『...I can't do something so shameless after allllllllll!』

Lady Karina threw my little clone beyond the horizon, then she ran off and started mowing down the surviving vanguard monsters and demons.
That's quite a violent way to hide embarrassment.


I could hear a voice from the little clone attached to Echigoya Firm's Manager Elterina.
I put aside thinking about Netherworld Trip and switch my consciousness to the little clone.

"Saga Empire's Emperor has made concessions."
"I see, well done. I expected nothing less from you, Manager."

My little clone in Kuro's getup praised the manager as I focus on talking in Kuro's speech pattern which I haven't done for a while.
All members of Echigoya Firm including her have been dispatched all over the world with Bridal Knights as their escorts to seek agreements from kings and territorial lords for the destruction of Purple Towers.

Since a lot of people treat Purple Towers as Magic Core mines not unlike dungeons, destroying them without permissions could potentially garner hostilities instead of gratitudes.

Naturally there were many kings and lords who refused the towers' destruction, but once we declared that Hero Nanashi and Golden Knights won't be dispatched if another stampede is ever to occur again, many suddenly had a change of heart.
Only militaristic nations like Saga Empire wouldn't budge until the end, but the manager had finally made them relent.

"No, it's all thanks to her highness Maryest helping to persuade them for us."
"Is that right, I have to remember to give Maryest-dono my thanks later."

Since I couldn't let anything happen to Manager, I had sought the assistance of princess Maryest and lady Ringrande to help guard her alongside Bridal Knights, they proved useful in more ways than one.

"With this, only a few percent of all territorial lords in the entire world still oppose the destruction of purple towers."
"Yeah, we can put that plan into motion now."
"Before you do. Saga Emperor has asked the Purple Tower in the old capital to be the last as their condition..."
"That shall be done."

The Purple Tower located near Saga Empire's old capital--also known as [Labyrinth of Heroes] behind public eyes--has grown exponentially over the last half year to become the biggest tower in the whole world.
I'm planning to use that spot as the final battleground of the stampedes anyway, so this is convenient.

Matching the enormity of being the largest in the world, the scale of monster stampede there was also enormous, but thanks to the united front of two heroes, hero Hayato's attendants, light warriors Rusus and Fifi, priestess Loreiya and the attendant of past generation hero, Lady Brum Julberg, none of the vanguard monsters managed to set foot on the old capital.
The longearkin (Booch) Wiyaryi didn't participate because she was leading a force of longearkin tribe to aid villages located at remote regions of her hometown.

Hayato's attendants were included as Bridal Knights until half a year ago, but they've been working independently recently.

"Well then, we will now enter the final phase. Manager, call your subordinates at the airship and withdraw."

I put my consciousness back to my real body.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

『Do you read me, everyone?』

Using space magic [Tactical Talk], I call out to the girls fighting all over world while floating around in a zero gravity room.
After confirming everyone's replies, I get to the point.

『We will enter the final phase of the plan in 30 minutes from now. If you don't think you can exterminate all the vanguard monsters in time, just concentrate on individuals that are too much for the local forces to deal themselves.』

From what I can see through Map and satellite orbit, there are still many locations left unresolved.

"To all Burg One to Burg Thousands in the satellite orbit, start up mana refill."

I gave an order to the void sky-use artificial spirits, [Burgtomai Concar].

These are a modified version of the artificial spirits [Burgtomai] developed by Burainan Elf clan intended to shoot down mysterious creatures from a distant, these ones have been modified to launch air-to-ground attacks.
They have no means to move at all so they need to be placed at the shooting positions, but that's no problem for me and my Unit Arrangement. After annihilating the mysterious creatures back then, the satellite orbit has somehow turned into my domain after all.

The artificial spirits spread open their dragonfly-like gigantic wings to gather magic element from streams of Ether Veins in the void sky, filling up their laser cannons with mana.

『Master, we're all ready over here.』

Arisa informed me as a representative of the girls.
I'm done with my side of things as well.

『I'll fetch everyone here.』

With Unit Arrangement, I bring everyone to where I am--the dock of a large-scale space ship.
I also sent all non-combatants including Bridal Knights who aren't of golden and silver members to the airport at Shiga Kingdom's capital. Of course, that excludes Hayato's attendants who are still fighting at Saga Empire.

"Back am~?"
"Pochi is back nanodesu!"

With Tama and Pochi leading, the girls fly in the zero gravity room.
The girls who aren't used to space are flapping around, but before I could support them, Aze-san followed by the other girls came to their rescue.

"Is it still going as planned?"
"Yeah, it is. Hero Nanashi will announce the destruction of Purple Towers through a projection in the sky, then the artificial spirits at satellite orbit will bombard the towers with lasers."
"--Lasers? Can physical attacks even destroy those purple towers?"

Hikaru pointed the obvious problematic point.

"Those lasers are mainly for eliminating small fry around the towers and to act as a smokescreen that averts people and gods' eyes from the real attacks."

The sealing amulets I asked the girls to put on those towers will act as markings for those real attacks. They also serve as a ward to prevent local adventurers from secretly going into the towers.

After telling that to the girls, I head to the room with the projector facility.

"It kind of looks like the Communique Room in the royal castle."
"That's cause I copied that device."

While replying to Hikaru, I entered the egg-shaped magic device in Hero Nanashi's form.
Countless eyes (cameras) inside this egg-shaped device are used to create a three-dimensional projection of the person inside. The way all these eyes turn toward me all at once is pretty eerie.

I shake off the innumerable gazes and start the broadcasting as scheduled.

『Hello, people of the world. I am Hero Nanashi.』

I refrained from using [of Shiga Kingdom].

I seemed to be a little tense today as I ended up using Satou's speech pattern instead of Nanashi's.
I'm gonna run with it since changing now would be weird.

『I will now proceed to destroy the Purple Towers that have put this world in danger. We have obtained permissions from kings and lords of many nations already, but there may be some of you listening to this broadcast who are against it. However, for the sake of your safety, we have to destroy these Demon God's traps in the form of Purple Towers, I very much hope for your understanding.』

There are people who rely on Purple Towers for their livelihoods, I've set up Echigoya Firm to aid them all over the world.
We've stockpiled more than enough provisions in preparation for this, I'm sure it will work.

I could hear Arisa's murmuring, "Doesn't it feel like we're doing the same thing as demon god and gods?", via Familiar Link, I'm ignoring that.

『I hope you could stay 300 meters away from the Purple Towers until sunset of this day.』

If everything goes as planned, it should be over shortly, but you've got to have a flexible schedule for everything always.
I execute Unit Arrangement to put the artificial spirits on their positions.

『Well then, <<Light Be>>.』

With my command, all the artificial spirits shot out their lasers toward the ground.

"Satou, I have set your standby pose to be on loop."
"Thank you, Aze-san."

After thanking Aze-san, I get to the next step.

"Well then, time to go smash all those purple towers."
"Do your best, Master."

I smile back at the girls and put up defensive magic before teleporting away with Unit Arrangement.

--Mythology Down.

I cast the anti-god magic inside a pillar of laser light with a deliberately weakened output.
A tremendous flash and explosion occurred before my eyes, and the purple tower vanished just like it did during the test back then.

After confirming the result, I move to the next tower with Unit Arrangement.

It's possible for these artificial spirits to radiate out their lasers continuously for a period of time, but their rate of mana recharge won't be able to keep up with the output after a few minutes.

While thinking that, I go around all over the world casting anti-god magic, Unit Arrangement and occasionally recharge my mana, destroying the purple towers in the process.

There were times when some extremists would try to get in my way destroying the towers, but they always ended up evacuating to avoid the lasers, so I faced no particular problem.

But the fact that there were not insignificant numbers of people who took a praying pose toward the pillars of laser lights and Hero Nanashi's projection in the sky bothered me a bit.
Don't tell me they're gonna start believing in Hero Nanashi now?

I continued the work of destroying purple towers while stuffing that worry away in the corner of my mind.

"...The 700th one huh, this is getting tiring."

Magic dragons and greater demons started appearing in the latter half of my quest for destruction, but they all ended up becoming victim of anti-god magic along with the purple towers.

From my point of view, they looked more like bonus experience point characters rather than a hindrance.
I mean, by the time the majority of Purple Towers have been destroyed, I have leveled up 15 times to level 328.

If I knew this, I might have let Arisa try to destroy these towers and see if she would reach level 100.
Though well, even if 99 is the level cap, we can safely reduce level using demon lord Shizuka's Unique Skills [Familiar Transform] and [Transfer] so they can learn more skills anyway.

『Everyone, any change with the destroyed purple towers?』
『It's all fine, there's no change at the moment. We see no change in the area around the remaining 24 towers either.』

I'm leaving everything to the demons and apostles at the 23 towers that refused destruction.
Unlike the towers I've destroyed, the demons at those places are still playing their savior act so there's no dangerous vanguards like the magic dragons and the likes there.

If the remaining towers start regenerating other towers like some sort of root divisions, I'll just take care of them all then.

『What about the tower at Saga Empire's old capital?』
『Hero Yuuki is trouncing the remaining mobs over there.』

Fumu, it doesn't seem like Demon God is gonna launch a counteroffensive, this after everyone is gathered at the anti-demon god large space ship and all.

While feeling a bit anticlimatic, I joined up with the girls waiting at the large space ship dock, and came down to the purple tower at the old capital all together using Unit Arrangement.
Aze-san who's unfit for battle is on stand by at the space ship with the infant dragon and Core Two as her escort. I've put my little clones on them each, it should be fine.

At the site, Hero Yuuki was just done purging the vanguard monsters in front of the tower.
His attendants are encircling him as they're discussing about something.

Noticing us walking toward them, Hero Seigi informed Hero Yuuki with his finger.

"Hero Nanashi."

Hero Yuuki turned around and called my name.

That's fine and all, but his voice sounded stiff, and it's like there's some kind of resolute light dwelling in his eyes looking at me.

"I have just received an oracle from Parion."

Did she tell them to go invade the Netherworld with me?
I don't plan to though, so please relax.

"That's right."

In place of the two hesitating Heroes, an attendant of a hero long past, Lady Brum Julberg took a step forward.

"Kill the treasonous one who threatens world peace. That is you, avatar of Demon God."

Lady Brum turned her sword toward me.

Looks like god Parion has decided to take Demon God's side.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.5


"So? What happened next?"

"The last group of children realized that they wouldn't likely get their shares of cakes as they looked increasingly anxious. While I kept handing out the cakes while racking my brain, trying to figure out what to do once I ran out of cakes."

"Un un. And then?"

"By the time I gave the last cake to the 25th kid, the four remaining kids were already on the verge of tears. But that was exactly when it hit on me."

"What did?"

"What would I do if I run out of arrows when a swarm of <Red Apes> are charging at me. Obviously. I'd throw knives at them. If I don't have a knife, even stones or sticks will do. Just, throw anything."

"Please don't tell me you threw rocks at them."

"I'm not that lacking in common sense."

"Never would have thought I would be told about common sense from you of all people."

"I smiled at the four kids. They got cramps on their faces."

"You have no idea just how destructive your smile is, do you."

"I said to them. Good job holding on until the end. I have something special to those who wait till the end."

"You just gave them more false hopes."

"Then I put my hand inside <Storage> and desperately wished. 'Give me something good'."

"You're not even trying to hide <Storage> anymore, are you."

"My right hand grabbed on a lump of jerky."

"Ah, that jerky huh. That was tasty."

"I said this to the 26th kid. Turn your hands into the shape of a bowl."


"I stood up, put the jerky on my left hand and took a solid sacred silver (Lescharade) sword out of <Storage> with my right."

"You sure keep some amazing stuff."

"It's the sharpest sword I have. With a sword in my hand, my head calmed down."

"And who was it that preached someone else not to rely on their equipment recently?"

"Then I threw the jerky up in the air and swung my sword. It got cut into four pieces and fell in the 26th kid's palms. The other children who were watching cheered out."

"Nicely done."

"Then, the 27th kid stood up, made a bowl with his hand and with gleaming eyes full of expectations."

"I'm not surprised."

"I took another jerky and did the same thing. So did I for the 28th kid. I was gonna do that again for the 29th, but there was no jerky no more."

"Oh my, ran out of tricks, did you."

"I had no more foodstuff with me. Since I just cleaned up my <Storage> off food."

"How'd you get out of that tough spot?"

"Yet I fetched a rock salt when I wished for food."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"But that's not gonna work as snacks."

"I recalled something when I saw that rock salt. The color looked quite similar to an exquisite jewel I once saw at the royal capital."


"I threw the rock salt up in the air with my left hand and shaved it down with the solid sacred silver sword. Then I throw the rock salt again with my left hand and shaved it down with the sword. I kept doing that over and over again. How to replicate that exquisite jewel was the only thing occupying my mind then. The next think I knew, that rock salt had turned into an exact replica, color and shape, of that jewel."

"You're really a man who solves all his problems with swords huh."

"I might have attained a new height in swordsmanship right then."

"I don't care about that. How did the kid take it?"

"I handed over the rock salt to the 29th kid and said, 'this may be sour, but it's really a tasty snack'."

"That's a lie."

"That kid said, 'No, I can't eat something so pretty', with gleaming eyes."

"Don't tell me, that 29th kid was a girl?"


"Geez, you must be cursed."

"I told her. 'You'll become as beautiful as that sour snack if you manage to eat it'."

"And now you're a smooth talker."

"But then, that 29th kid said this. 'Uncle Wolf, don't you have flowers today?'"


"When I visited the orphanage before, I had some flowers accidentally stored away inside <Storage> from a gathering session in the forest, I fetched one out of thin air and gave it to her then."

"Hee. That sounds tasteful of you."

"I told her, 'I don't have flowers today'."

"That's a bit cold."

"I brought them flowers as present last time. It would be boring to do that again."

"Girls, you see, are a creature that always desires for flowers as a present no matter how often."

"What? Anyway, the 29th kid looked dejected and eventually cried out."


"Then the other kids began to cry as well. Eventually all the girls ended up crying."

"Oh no."

"I told them out loud. That I will bring every girl a flower when I visit them next time."

"What happened then."

"The kids stopped crying all at once. The 29th kid said. 'Uncle Wolf, only one flower?'"

"Oh my my."

"I was probably panicking at the time. I reflexively said that I would give them two flowers each. The girls were all overjoyed."

"I can just imagine what comes next."

"The 26th kid spoke. 'Uncle, give us boys somethin' too'."

"They sure work you hard."

"I don't want to go there anymore if I can help it."

"Sheesh. Well, you have no choice in this matter. Be a man and <Roast over the burning fire>."

"What the heck is that?"

"Oh it's a folklore. An adventurer came across a Flame Wolf (Banje) in a forest, or in other words a Flame (Ban) vomiting Wolf (Je), he roasted that Flame Wolf over the flame the wolf produced and ate it."

"Flame Wolf? There's one such magic beast?"

"You're asking that? It's not a magic beast. A Divine Beast. Not Flame Wolf to be exact, but a White Flame Wolf (Slubanje). No one has ever seen one for real though. It's just a folklore."

"Just some old wives' tales huh."

"That would be it, yeah."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 83

Chapter 83 General Merchant Dornuko - Part One


Right now, I'm having a face-to-face talk with Sefi-san in a room while listening to the sounds of bell outside.
Our agenda today is the processing of dungeon items and their sales routes.
The processing stuff can be easily done by mixing in Dense Mana Water to alter the quality for the better, so this one's good.

Oh yeah, I gave up trying to sell Alraune's Honey in its raw form. Felt like selling it to someone would have disastrous results regardless of whom, so I decided to just mix a bit of it in energy drinks and stuff along with Orc's Golden Balls. Now you can keep on hustling with this!

The problem is sales routes.
It's probably gonna take around a week before all the stuff are ready for sale, and processing that amount of items feels like it's gonna take a lot of work. Since we're not in a hurry, I can just put it up little by little. It's gonna stockpile eventually if we haul this much every time we go into the dungeon. Would be nice if we had more sales routes since I'm gonna make a lot more in the future.

There's a few nobles who do business with Sefi-san's store. Then there's knights, guards and adventurers buying up potions. That much is more than enough for a store located at the outskirts of the town, but I'd like to sell lesser version of our featured products, nutrients and face lotions, to the common people as well. Once that comes true, the personnels we have now won't likely be enough to handle the increased load, so selling those in another store would be best, but we're at our wits' end trying to figure out how.

While the two of us were exploring various options like asking through guilds or the unfeasibility of Alchemy Guild, I could hear sounds of light footsteps coming.

"Nobu-oniichan, you have a guest waiting."

Tino-chan informed of a guest. Hmm? I don't remember making an appointment with anyone.

I went to the entry hall and saw an unfamiliar plump gentleman there. He turns a kind gaze at me with his mustached face.

"Please excuse me for this sudden visit. I am Dornuko, an owner of a store here in Gramada. The other day, Ranba-shi informed me that you had brought the Evil Tadpole Tendon for a quest I posted. Pardon me for intruding here since I just couldn't wait anymore."

I see, the client of that quest huh.

"I see. I'm Nobusada an adventurer. It wouldn't do us good talking here, please come on in."

I brought him to the parlor and got straight to the business.

"Dornuko-san, does your store deal with weapons?"

"Oh yes, not only weapons, we also handle tools and all kinds of stuff, a general merchant if you may. It is but a humble establishment, however we take pride in offering goods we looked for and processed ourselves. I'm blessed with a friend who is a skilled craftsman. We somehow managed to make our store prosperous enough. It's the [Cat's Eyes] located at a section of the main street. It would be our delight to receive your patronage."

Hohou, what an interesting store. I'll go take a look later.

"The items requested in the quest I posted are intended for the making of five bows custom ordered to that craftsman in question. We went through great efforts to collect all the required materials save for the string. But unfortunately we were unable to find a material fit for it, hence we posted a quest, and while waiting for good news from the quest, I was told about this matter."

Dornuko-shi paused and let out a sigh. Oh crap, forgot to bring the tea.

"Excuse me for a bit."

I went to the corner of the parlor and secretly put out glasses and poured Lipovitama DX inside. Then I produced a block of ice with magic.

"Thank you for waiting. Please have a taste of a trial product we're thinking of selling."

"Ooh, I'm sorry for making you go out of your way. Hn gulp gulp, phew. This coldness is so good. The aftertaste is so refreshing too, this is really good stuff."

"Thank you. Your impression will help me bring it to completion. I'm planning to market this as a nutritional supplement, you see."

Ouh, he drank it all up huh. I made my share too but since he looked like he wanted more, I offered mine.

"I would love to be a customer once this is up for sale. Oops, we got sidetracked. As for the matter with Evil Tadpole Tendon, we would very much like to purchase it off you. That will be more than sufficient as the material. Will you consider selling the tendon to us? We will pay generously of course."

Fumu, I don't mind selling... But I'd like to meet that craftsman. Skilled enough to get custom orders. I'm intrigued.

"I see. I don't mind selling it at the market price. We've got a lot on us anyway. But in exchange, could you introduce that craftsman to me? A party member of ours is an archer you see, we'd like to borrow their expertise."

"Are you really fine with market price!? I can't believe you have a lot of materials from a monster said to be hard to defeat on you. Nobusada-san's party must possess great skills. I'm sure our craftsman would love to work with such people. I will be sure to introduce you when you visit our store."

Umu, market price is good enough. I've still got more and will get more. If I can him indebted with this, it's a WIN-WIN. Hmm, the man seems nice and all, should be fine showing him that. I'll talk about it with Sefi-san later.
Thus, five pieces of Evil Tadpole Tendo were sold for 50,000 mani. I mean, I can just hunt more by bombing them with ranged attacks from afar since there's no one around anyway.

After receiving the money, I take the tendon out of dimensional storage while pretending to fetch it from my pouch.

"These are the goods indeed. They're of high quality as well, I'm sure I can not obtain better material than this at present. Thank you very much."

Looks like he appraised the goods.

Tettere~♪ Succeeded obstructing Appraisal with the use of Seclusion
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up
Tettere~♪ Succeeded obstructing Appraisal with the use of Seclusion
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up

The man also appraised me. Twice at that. No-goddess calls echoed for awhile. The Appraisal would have probably worked if not for [Seclusion].

Name: Dornuko - Gender: Male - Age: 36 - Race: General Human
Class: Merchant Lv34 - State: Slightly Unhealthy
Title: None
One-handed Sword Lv2 - Negotiation Lv4 - Appraisal Lv4 - Coachman Lv2 - Life Magic

On my side, Discerning-sensei passed through. As expected.
As one you'd expect from a merchant. Got to have a stubborn side. Nothing to worry about so long as my ability remains a secret. Wonder if the slightly unhealthy state refers to his slight plumpness?

Our deal concluded nicely despite ongoing information warfare. Discussing with Sefi-san, the man's kind demeanor all while having a tough side came as a positive, thus we decided to bring in the negotiation to him if his store proved unproblematic.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Afterward, I kept myself busy with the making of goods and their containers. The ladies were in charge of monitoring. A trial resulted in their skin turning lustrous with no side effect, they were all overjoyed. The low quality version had an effect as well, though the high quality version exceeded it by far.
After discussing with Sefi-san, we decided to contract more slaves to work as employees. I'm actually fine with hiring normal employees, but since there's just way too many things we cannot divulge, might as well raising slaves from zero. I plan to pay a visit to Kirishna-san's place soon.

While I was busy with all that, the 3 + 1 girls worked hard raising their levels and doing quests. They're mainly hunting at 7F rooms. Since the types of spawned monsters are limited, they've become quite adept at dealing with monsters even without me around.

These are the processed goods this time.

Great Pig Medicine x 20
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 12/12
Dried and processed medicine form of Orc's Golden Balls. Has great effects on raising vigor, and recovering impotency and infertility. Due to the mixture of Alraune's Honey, even a small dosage demonstrates great effects.

Lipovitama Deluxe x 200
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 2/2
A mixture of Tama Soup, Dense Mana Water, Herbs and Orange for an easy to drink nutrient.

Lipovitama Agent x 100
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 10/10
High class nutrient that enables a man to fight 24 hours. A gem that recovers vitality, stamina, mana and vigor. Tama Soup, Denser than usual Mana Water, and a tiny bit of Alraune's Honey result in an adult taste with a slightly bitter twang on it.

Tama-chan Approved Skin Beauty Water x 500
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 2/2
Cheap skin lotion. Prevent dry skin. Alcohol-free, hence it doesn't hurt your skin much.

Tama-chan Approved Skin Beauty Water x 100 (With Pailfuls from the Stone Basket)
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 10/10
Expensive skin lotion. Moistures the skin preventing dryness, also has anti-aging effects. Mixed with Tama Soup and herbs. The synergy with mana elevates and keeps its skin nourishment effects for longer.

The Great Pig Medicine will be a featured product at our store. Cause it's presently sold out. Sefi-san will take care of promoting the expensive stuff to the nobles. Now to deal with the cheaper ones. By the way, I also got my hand on Mandragora and the suspicious Mandoragorua the other day, but I haven't processed these ones yet.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Strongest Sage, Challenged to a Match


"Giruas found us... Come over here."

After saying that, I left the lord's mansion and ran to an alleyway.

"Wha, wait for us!"

The girls followed after the suddenly running me in a hurry.

"It's you huh, Mathias."

I encountered Giruas right as I entered the alley.

"Giruas, what are you doing here?"

"I felt a presence of something strong, came here to challenge 'em... Never thought it would be you though, Mathias."

"But this is outside your country."

"Those national borders are full of holes. Areas with lots of monsters barely got any guards."

Illegal entry huh...
It's very like him.

Giruas drew his weapon while I was thinking.

"...So yeah, this means a match. I'm running out of worthy opponents lately, ya see."

Well, there's probably no one who can match him now at Raginia Union.
This guy is most likely the most talented person in magic combat this current world has seen yet.
His talent is sky high he was even capable of chantless magic subconsciously even before learning it from me.

Once someone like that began training with a Second Academy textbook, it's only right that no one else at Raginia Union can match him now.
Eis Kingdom has Second Academy students... but judging from Giruas in front of me, even the elites of Second Academy students probably can't win.

This guy has gotten incomparably stronger than the last time we met.
The quality of mana flowing in his body is on a whole different level than before.

To be frank, I'm intrigued with the idea of a match with him myself, however...

"Sorry, but I can't afford to use flashy magic and stand out here. Can we postpone the match for later?"

"Don't want to stand out eh... You in a situation?"
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Giruas asked back.
This guy is still a rank S adventurer despite how he looks.

Rank S adventurers aren't just strong in battle, they're also expected to lead people in times of crisis.
We can have a decent conversation like this precisely because he's one of those adventurers.
...At least so long as he listens.

"Yeah. There's a pretty powerful demon here in this town. I don't want to be found out by that."

Hearing that... Giruas' eyes are gleaming.

"Didja say demon? ...Sounds like fun! Mind if I fight it?"

...Yup. I expected this reaction.
But unfortunately, I can't let him fight the demon.
He's only going to throw away his life for nothing.

"Unfortunately, that's impossible. You're no match for it."

"Right back at ya. Y'think I'd let go of a chance to fight strong guys? ...Unless you're willing to fight me instead, that is."

Well, I also expected this reaction.
Which means... I'm also gonna take the action I had prepared beforehand.

I draw my sword.

"...Got it. But you're gonna listen to me if I win."

"Oh, yer' rearing to go now... Sure thing. Just ask me anything."

Giruas takes a stance with his sword... He cast Physical Reinforcement chantlessly.
...It's quite a high level Physical Reinforcement.
You can tell how overwhelming Giruas's talent in magic just from this.

However... It's still a bit rough around the edges.
Only by polishing talent can you truly demonstrate your power.

"Here goes."

I took a step ahead as I said that.
Giruas attempts to meet me with his sword.

I took half a step sideway, slightly shifting my center of gravity to evade that sword.
Then I went straight ahead and placed my sword on Giruas's neck.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.3_4


Lecan delivered barrels packed full with medicine to several pharmacists together with Jericho.

It's Shira-made medicine from the one Lecan helped making after the first herb gathering session back then.

Every stores was celebrating like they were about to cry. Since they had run out of Shira's medicine and couldn't respond to their customers' demands.

While Lecan was busy transporting the medicine in and out, Eda was getting a lecture on <Flame Arrow (Veyart) from Shira. There was not even a sign of her casting the spell at the end of the day.

In Lecan's case, he managed to cast the spell on his very first try.

(Perhaps Eda has no aptitudes in Light and Heat type magic.)

Right as Lecan was thinking of going back after he was done with the delivery, Dans came by. It's the messenger man Chaney employs. The man is most likely one of the upper echelon in Chaney Company. He's not supposed to do such busy works. Lecan could sense a considerable discretionary power from all interactions with him so far. Dispatching this man as a messenger probably signifies Chaney's consideration toward Shira. Same toward Lecan.

"Please excuse my tardiness, Shira-sama. I take it you need something with the house for rent we have."

Apparently, it was Shira who called him.

However, Shira never left her house.

She must have some sort of secret means to transmit messages.

"Lecan and Eda told me they want to live in that house. Can you show them the house for now."

"Affirmative. Would you like to go now?"


"I wanna go too."

"Very well, I shall lead the way. Shira-san."

"What is it?"

"My master will arrive here soon to visit you. He appears to have something to report and to give as a reward."

"I don't really need one though. But well, I'm not going to drive him away if he's coming."

"Thank you very much."

Led by Dans, Lecan and Eda went to the house.

It's an old compact house, but it's got a well and all stuff you'd expect from a house. Most importantly, it's surrounded by a tall sturdy outer wall, and the front door is bulky and bolted, a good point to have.

"The wall is so high, hanging out the laundry feels like it'd be a bit of a pain. The front door is so heavy too, need too much power to open and close."

What Lecan thought was an advantage, Eda saw it as a disadvantage. Yet, this house is close to Shira's and the shopping street. She thought it was a good article. The rent fee is 12 silver coins for the remainder of this year. Lecan is not familiar with the market price, but he understands how cheap it is.

"What do you think, Eda."

"Unn. I like that it's cheap. And we can just move out if we find a problem after living here anyway."

"Alright then, we're renting this house."

"Thank you very much. Here are two keys to this house."

Dans left after handing over the keys to Lecan and Eda.

"Well then, let's pack up and move in."

"What are you saying. We've got to clean it up first, and there's not even a bed or even a bundle of straw to sleep on. We gotta buy cooking utensils and tableware too."

"That's unnecessary. We've got our camping tools anyway."

"Why should we camp out when we've rented a house. Geez, Lecan. Okay then, just let me take care of cleaning up and purchasing minimum necessities. Lecan, you can come tomorrow, I mean three days later."

"Got it. Well then."

Lecan stayed in a room at his usual inn.

Looking at foodstuff that was in his <Storage>, he found out many already spoiled or nearing expiration. He threw away the spoiled ones and gave the rest to the inn to be cooked.

Lecan chewed down the cooked food while drinking strong liquor aplenty before falling asleep like a log.

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"Oh my, what's wrong with you, Lecan. You look kind of worn-out."

"I went to the orphanage."

"Oh that's, good work there. Were you with Eda-chan?"

"No, Eda should be shopping around and cleaning the house now."

"Did you give her money?"


"Don't forget to give her, okay."


"So, how was it at the orphanage."

"Made them cry."


"The kids cheered out loud the moment they saw me, then they swarmed on me."

"Isn't that nice. They love you. You sure are popular from just one visit before."

"If it was <Red Apes (Urd)> swarming me, I would have exterminated every last one."

"Why would you exterminate the orphanage you went to offer service at."

"I know. Hence, I kept myself from drawing my sword."

"That's only natural. And then?"

"Afterward, they all asked me to squat down."


"So I did since refusing them would be too much trouble."


"Then the children started climbing on my head and shoulders."

"I can just picture that."

"They fell down one after another since they were jostling around. Catching them gently was really challenging."

"How hard could that be with reflexes as good as yours."

"I would have crushed them if I got too rough, took me a considerable control."

"Ah, I see now."

"They're loud."


"Children are loud. Boundlessly so."

"Yes well, that's just how they are."

"Shrill voices kept resounding on and on right next to my ears. That must have been a type of mental attack."

"Of course not."

"Then they clamored me to walk."

"Well, that's how the order goes."

"I was thinking. It would take too long if they went at it one at a time."

"Hum? So?"

"I walked with five children at a time. The other kids followed after me. My legs had a kid clinging on them each."

"My my, I'm amazed you managed that. I guess it's thanks to your size. It must have been quite a spectacle to the kids."

"There were 29 children in total. It was over after six laps."


"But that wasn't the end of it."


"Just when I thought it was finally over, the children said. 'One more time'."

"Oh my"

"After the third lap was over, I immediately took a red potion out of <Storage> and gulped it down."

"I don't think that's quite right."

"One of the children said this when they saw me doing that. 'Where's our snacks'."

"It must've looked like a candy to them. I mean, it's red and all."

"I recalled something. A bag of cake I got at Zaikaz Company."

"Each of us did receive a bag then."

"I took that out and began giving out the content. The children kicked up a fuss like they all went crazy. That must have been a type of Berserk transformation."

"No no, I don't think it is."

"But then, something terrible occurred."

"Hee. This gets more interesting the more I listen somehow."

"There were only 25 pieces. Of the cake."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-33

17-33. World Crisis (3)


Satou here. Angels and demons, Indra and Ashura, God and Demon, such confrontations can be found in tales as old as time. Must be because it's easier for people to accept the contrast between good and evil.

"Master, it's demons! Arm Exchange--Prepare Anti Demon Acceleration Buster."
『Aye aye ma'am, Acceleration Buster Launcher, standby.』

Once she confirmed an army of demons appearing in the sky by sight, Lulu ordered her golden armor's support AI to replace her equipment.

The demons seemed to be faltering for an instant as they lorded over the ground before they made a nose dive.


"Aim, and--"
"Hold it, Lulu."

Just as Lulu was about to pull the trigger, I made my little clone jumped out of her shadow, stopping her.

"Look closely."
"Aah, the demons!"

The demons are launching a furious assault on the ground with their nose dive.

"Why are they attacking the vanguard monsters?"

Indeed, the demons aren't attacking us or soldiers at the rampart, but vanguard monsters overflowing out of the purple tower.

Most of the vanguard monsters had been annihilated by Lulu though, so they were done cleaning up the remainders in a flash.
Seemingly feeling anti climatic, the demons begin surveying the surrounding area, looking for more monsters.

"Did those demons kill those monsters for us?"
"Yeah, as if. They're coming for us next, I'm sure of it."
"Just look at those demonic figures!"

The soldiers couldn't hide their surprise at the unexpected action the demons took.
Only a minority believes those demons are friendly though.

"Master, are the demons allying themselves with people?"
"Hmm, I don't think so."

Judging from all the demons I've seen so far, whenever one is acting friendly, it's almost assuredly not out of the goodness of their heart.

『Master, some demons appeared out of thin air and began hunting vanguard monsters around purple towers.』
『Master, same here so I report.』
『Master, the demons who showed up here seem to loiter around the tower without doing anything else once they're done dealing with monsters.』
『Pochi won't lose to demon persons nodesu! Those are Pochi's prey nanodesuyo!』
『Tama won't lose too~?』

Apparently, demons have appeared near purple towers all over the world and cleaned up the vanguard monsters that had overflowed out.

"Master! Look at the sky!"

Lulu points at the sky.

A woman who looks like an image of holy mother is projected in the sky.
She's neither Demon God nor gods.

『My beloved children living in this world.』

A voice full of gentleness reverberated in the sky.

The soldiers on top of the rampart have forgotten about the demons as they look up at the holy mother projection.
Since they looked a bit overzealous to me, I tried appraising them and found out that the lower leveled soldiers had been put under Bewitched state.
Lulu is fine thanks to her golden armor, but things could get ugly if this kept up.

It might be a good idea to halt the currently progressing plan I'm executing and circle around the world to undo these Bewitched states with my real body.

『Intruding the purple towers--[Tower of Trials] and letting Monsters of Trials flow out of the towers is a ploy by gods to reduce your faith toward Demon God-sama.』

That holy mother is apparently a familiar of Demon God.

Would the fact that Demon God didn't do it himself be a proof that he had been severely weakened?

I would have been willing to hear him out were not for the Bewitchment, but it's pretty clear that this situation we're facing now is a work of Demon God.

『Except for God Parion, you must not put your faith on [Seven Pillar Gods]--』
『O people! Let not thyselves be misled by Demon God's trickery!』

A dignified voice interrupted the holy mother's speech.

To the opposite of the holy mother's projection, a silhouette of a fine man made of orange-colored light showed up. It's god Heraruon.
Lit by the orange light, the projection of holy mother warped and transformed into a feminine-looking metallic demon.
And at the same time, the soldiers were freed of Bewitched state.

God Heraruon sure can be pretty handy at times.

『Demon God is attempting to reduce thine faith toward us, to take this world in his own hand.』
『People! Believe in your creators, us! That's the only thing those who crawl on the ground such as you can do! This great War God Garleon-sama shall annihilate the likes of demon god!』
『That's wrong Garleon! I, the great Zaikuon-sam will be the one who destroys Demon God!』

God Garleon's and Zaikuon's voices echoed after god Heraruon's.
Just when god Heraruon was acting like a proper god for once, these two gods just had to ruin it for him.

『Heraruon, Garleon's and Zaikuon's voices are dispersing through the Wide Area Oracle system. You must correct this defect at once. Karion said so too.』
『I didn't. But I'm in agreement about correcting defects.』

So the messy broadcast was because of a bug in the Wide Area Oracle system, huh.
Their voices immediately disappeared, the orange pulsing lights loosened up.

『pEoPlE. yoU MuSNt bE dECeiveD bY tHoSe fOOlisH gOds.』

Befitting of its now demonic mother form, its body swayed every time it spoke with its eerie voice.
Unlike before, the soldiers on top of the rampart are pointing their bows and spears at the demonic mother in dread.

『onLY dEmOn gOd-sAMa aND gOd pARiOn hOLd yOu DeAR.』

--Guess God Parion is in Demon God's camp then?

『Minions of demon god! By thrones of gods and Heraruon's name, I order thou! Be gone from this world, back to Netherworld with thee!』

In the face of a brightly shining orange light, the demonic mother projection is melting down.

『peOPle. dOnT bEliEve iN FooLisH gOds tRicK--』

The demonic mother disappeared in the middle of its speech.

『O people. Interfering with the world of men should not withal, I shall make an exception this time and grant thee a miracle.』

God Heraruon's light pulsed, then geometrically shaped apostles showed up in his place.
Though they weren't numbering in many, six kinds of apostles with six different colored ring light contours charged at the demons.

A lavish treatment you wouldn't think coming from these divinity-starving gods.

The gods must be trying leave a good impression of them to the people, thus stimulating recovery on faith.

"Do your best, apostles-sama!"
"Crush those demons!"

Soldiers on top of rampart cheered for the apostles.
Judging from their reactions, it's going just as gods wanted.

Those demons would probably just go back on their own once they eliminated the vanguard monsters even if those apostles never showed up though.

"How should we proceed, Master?"
"Let's just leave them be so long as the soldiers aren't in danger."

After telling that to Lulu, I switched my consciousness to my other little clones to check on the other girls.

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"Those apostles appear to be suicidally charging toward the demons, so I analyze."

The apostles has the upper hand at Nana's location.

"Pochi don't really get it nodesu. Lyuryu, which one should Pochi fight nodesu?"


A three pronged combat between vanguard monsters flowing out of purple towers, demons and apostles is unfolding at Pochi's location.
Pochi can't decide on to whether defeat the vanguard monsters or the demons.
Since the apostles run away whenever they catch sight of Lyuryu, they're not even under consideration apparently.

"Tama is a white angel-san~?"

A three pronged fight is happening at Tama's location as well, but the situation there is a bit different.
Cat Ninja Tama in her pink mantled golden armor is staying still on top of a spire, but the person inside that armor herself is busy going around treating people wounded in the fight using magic potions while cosplaying as a white angel.

"These apostles have no fight in them. They just charge straight ahead without thinking... They're no good as a sparing partner, unlike demons with their hidden tricks and sneak attacks, can't let my guard down against them."

Liza was hunting down the demons while ignoring the apostles when she made a mistake and reflexively defeated an apostle trying to attack her.
Well, those apostles are kind of like autonomous mechs, so this should count as an act of self-defense.

"Mwu, weak."

Mia's battlefield had apostles lay defeated, with the demons raising a victory cry.
Mia's summoned Behemoth is standing by in front of a rampart, keeping a lookout for the demons.

"Master, all sides faced annihilation over here."

None of the three, not the demons, apostles, or the vanguard monsters remained on the battlefield Arisa was in charge of.
The majority seemed to have been swallowed up into the <<Vortex Traps>> Arisa set up, getting expelled to some dimensional ends.

"So demons and apostles only show themselves up in locations with concentrated populations centers huh..."
"Yes, the vanguard monsters are still rampaging around in this area."

Zena-san who has finished her duty at Seryuu City tells me the results of territorial army's investigation at Kainona Town and surrounding villages.

I decided to convey that to others girls and ask them to concentrate on stopping stampedes at locations with no demons and apostles around.


Sera called out to my little clone attached to her.
I switch my consciousness there.

"What's the matter, Sera-san?"
"A Demon God's familiar had showed up at Puta Town."
"Puta Town?"
"Yes, it fled after demolishing an alchemist store."
"What about the alchemist?"
"It's an alchemist young couple who had just moved in the town from Saga Empire, they're nowhere to be found after the familiar left."

--A married alchemist couple who just moved in from Saga Empire.

Kinda feels like I know this couple.

"Did they get abducted?"
"Oh no, according to the witness who was on site at the time, magic hunter Kena, the wife cast a spell to teleport themselves away after they repelled the familiar."

Teleportation huh... So it's most likely Tactician Touya and the plain-faced reincarnated person with Teleportation Unique Skill after all.
According to marker list, they're hiding in one of their former hideouts in Saga Empire.
Since that place is supposedly protected by Yuika's barrier, they're unlikely to get sniffed out by Demon God's familiars there.

"Au, a--kuh."

Sera sounded like she was in pain while clutching her chest.
A pale green light pulsed around her, but it doesn't seem like she's using the Unique Skill loaned by god Tenion in this situation.

Her agony quickly receded, Sera looked up at my little clone with a face full of sweat.

"Satou-san, I have received an oracle from god Tenion."

That agony earlier was apparently a side effect of an oracle from god Tenion.
The reason why it was unlike the usual oracle is apparently because she was forcefully sent a highly compressed information by way of a resonance with the [God's Fragment], source of Unique Skill, within her.

"What was the oracle about?"
"Yes well, please allow me some time to decipher it since this one feels like it's been highly compressed."

Afterward, Sera shut her eyes.

"O-Oh no, Satou-san, this is bad!"

As she opened her eyes wide, Sera cried out while hugging my little clone.

"The Divinity Crystal kept in the depths of the Garden of Gods, [White Imperial Radiant Crystal] has been stolen by Demon God."
"--Divinity Crystal?"

That sounds bad.

Divinity is needed to maintain the barrier that keeps the Outside Invaders away from this world.

"There was a request from god Tenion to Satou-san within the compressed information. She's asking you to go to the Netherworld, and take back the White Imperial Radiant Crystal from Demon God."

Great, another ridiculous task.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Strongest Sage, Discovers Enemy


A completely wasted space architecturally speaking.
Located around the center of a building.
And... All the areas surrounding this space cannot be entered by anyone.

"It's suspicious all right... So, think the sword is in there?"

"At the very least, I'm sure it's hiding something."

Ruli glared at the map.
Then she drew a line.

"Breaking walls on this line nets us the shortest route to this suspicious space... But these walls seem to have been deliberately reinforced, don't they?"

"Yeah. Good eyes."

"Because they're using some unusual building materials..."

Ruli is correct, the walls in the shortest route have been reinforced.
They're made of an abundant amount of stuff like Mithril, rare in this era, and expensive building materials like steel.

The construction seems recent too, and we've even found traces of processing by way of magic.
There are also other miscellaneous marks of reconstructions in the mansion.

Since the [Coffin of Sealing] where the [Man-eating Blade] sleeps can't be moved far, they must have no choice but to build a house that's easy to protect to keep the Coffin hidden away.

"Mere sturdy walls can be destroyed any time... Our problem in this case is the demon itself."

Even if we make Iris break the walls, it will still take us around 10 seconds to get to the hidden space.
It would take less than 10 seconds for the demon lurking in the mansion to make its way to us.
We can't avoid fighting either way.

"...We should cook up a plan while scouting the demon's strength. Let's go to the lord's mansion once again."

"Got it!"


The girls stood up.
Then just as the three were about to leave the room I told them.

"...Also, careful not to use Comm magic until after we beat the demon."

"Is it because it could be tapped, like when we fought Grevil-sensei?"

"Yeah. Comm magic transmits out mana. They'd suspect us."

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A few minutes later.
I investigate mana reactions outside the lord's mansion.

"It's hiding really well."

I murmured while looking at the surrounding mana.

"I don't sense even a tiny bit of mana that fits the bill... Mathi-kun, can you tell?"

"I can. Of vestiges of magic used by demon rather than the demon itself though."

I couldn't see the demon's mana itself even after getting this close to the mansion.
The only demonic things I could sense from here is vestiges of mana from when the demon used magic and stuff.

However, you can guess a demon's strength by such vestiges.
But you'd need a proper analysis and enough amount of mana as sample...

"Oh found it."

I'm paying attention on walls surrounding the town lord's mansion.
There were traces of a recent repair on the corner of the walls.

I feel demonic mana from that repaired part.
The demon must have done the repair itself.
And... Magically repaired walls are a treasure trove of mana sample.

I put my hand on the wall... and analyze the mana.

"...No wonder it's 'Greater', this demon is pretty strong."

I managed to guess the demon's strength from the mana reaction.
It's weaker than Zaridias... But it's the second strongest demon I've encountered after reincarnating so far.

It's not like I can't fight it head-on... But winning would prove difficult.
It'll most likely turn into a stalemate where we both attempt to exhaust each other's mana.

If it comes to that, we'll be in a huge disadvantage.
A demon has a far larger mana pool than human.
We need a plan to win.

As I was thinking that... I sensed one mana reaction among many in the town rapidly approaching.

This mana, it's Giruas.
Looks like he found us out.

We could shake him off... But this is a good timing.
It might even be the breakthrough we need.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Strongest Sage, Discovers Suspicious Place


"Err... This is Giruas, isn't it..."

"It is Giruas..."

Ruli and Iris are of the same opinion.
There's no mistaking his mana reaction.
Well, I suppose there's no way anyone can overlook that peculiar mana reaction.

"...Alright, let's be careful not to get found out by him."

"Eh, we're hiding from him?"

"Yeah. It smells like trouble... I don't want to stand out while we're looking around this place."

Giruas being here wouldn't be out of place if this were Raginia Union.
But... it's in Eis Kingdom here.

He must have some kind of reason to go out of his way and come abroad.
Probably sensed a presence of some strong person or something like that.

Giruas is a battle maniac.
If we encounter him here, he's almost assuredly going to challenge me.

I would be fine with that, normally... But fighting him in this situation will cause a commotion.
We have no idea where the demon and its underlings are lurking in this town.
Now is the time to grope around stealthily.

"You're right, Giruas will definitely stand out..."

"Yeah. So let's go survey the town while avoiding him."

I walked in the town after saying that.
First, we need to look for the 『Coffin of Sealing』.
Can't fetch the sword unless we know where it's located first.

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"...The sword is inside the town lord's mansion, no doubt about it."

Just as the night fell.
We came back to our inn and discussed with the girls.

"That mansion was suspicious indeed."

There's a town lord's mansion in the center of this town.
Such a mansion is a common sight in any town... But what peculiar with this one was the inside.

"No one was inside such a big mansion besides the entrance... That's just weird!"

That's right.
The mansion was uninhabited, save for the area around the entrance.

Of course it can't be an abandoned house.
Lights were on when it got dark, and there were traces of people living as well.
And there were light foot traffic in the area near the entrance.

The town lord's mansion also function as a sort of public office.
It's clearly weird how only the front entrance was used.
I can't think of any reason why in ordinary situations... But I can hazard a guess from the information Second Academy obtained.

"They don't want to let anyone in... Perhaps there's something that must not be stolen inside."

"You think so too..."

"Yeah... Though it's been concealed, there were traces of demonic mana mixed in the air. That mansion is undoubtedly under the rule of demon."

There are spells that can control human's senses among ancient magic.
For instance, a spell that makes people who come to the lord's mansion unconsciously [unwilling to enter rooms in the back].
Commonly known as [People Clearing] magic.

"Does that mean, the sword is inside that mansion then...?"

"Most likely. We can find where it is if we use  『Active Detection』... But I can make a guess even without."

I unrolled a drawing of town lord's mansion on desk.
By looking at the drawing, I can make an educated guess from the way the building is structured, where it's focused into protecting something.

"This is the lord's mansion blueprint."

"This drawing is so precise... Where did you get this?"

"I guessed it from mana seen through [Passive Detection]... As such, there are some parts where I'm not sure as well."

I pointed at an area around the center of the mansion.
Mana from [Passive Detection] didn't pass through those sections well since they were too far from the path I took.
This much distance wouldn't pose a problem were the mana reaction was as big as a monster's at least... But I need to get quite close when the mana is only a trace amount from stone walls.

"Y-you made a drawing this detailed just from looking at the mana!?"

"Yeah... You too can tell mana reaction of say, those walls, can't you Ruli?"

I pointed at the inn's walls.
These inn's walls are made of woods that contain relatively dense mana.
It's easier to grasp than those made of stones.

"I can, sure... But only one piece of wall, you know?"

"If you can tell one piece, you can tell two, ten, any number of walls... You simply need to detect piece by piece and then drop them all onto a drawing."

I put colors on some sections of the drawing.
Sections confirmed to have foot traffic.

"...This space is obviously suspicious, don't you think?"

After I was done coloring, I pointed at an area enclosed by walls.
That area isn't connected to any other room... It's completely isolated by walls.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.2


"What we will be doing from here on?"

"Me too?"

"I would love to teach you <Recovery> myself. But the best teacher is seeing all kinds of illnesses and wounds with your own eyes and experiencing healing them yourself. Eda-chan's <Recovery> has turned into rumors anyway and we don't have to worry about temple for the time being. Which means, there's nothing that could hinder you from training at a medical practitioner."


"Medical practitioner, is it."

"This town has a female medical practitioner by name Norma. Her mana pool is diminutive, neither is she talented in magic. But she's quite knowledgeable in illnesses, healing and medicinal herbs. I'm thinking of lending you two over for a month, you see."


"What do you mean by that?"

"It's nothing deep. You two are my pupils who, for the sake of learning how to treat others in real world, will be under Norma's tutelage for a period of time. While Norma will make use of your <Recovery> and mana pools to heal patients that can't be cured with just her own magic and medicine. You don't have to pay for the tuition fee, but conversely, you won't get salary either. Hence, lending."

"What's the period?"

"How long will we stay there?"

"Just 10 or 20 days won't be enough. 40 days, or around a month should be good. It ultimately depends on your consultation with Norma though."



"I'd like to take Eda to a dungeon."


"Hou. For what reason?"

"In the end, dungeon exploring is what I'm best at for teaching her. Besides, Eda won't be able to afford her equipment unless she can earn for herself at least."

"You have a point. Her equipment is completely out of question as it is now."

"Eh? The ones I have now are no good?"

"They're bad. Those clothes virtually have no defensive properties. And no matter how skilled you are at ranged attacks, you still have to learn close quarter combat. You've also got to swap out your weapons. A bow and a dagger will do for now."

"Eh? Do I have to return <Bow of Isya>?"

"That bow is yours. But don't make it your main weapon."
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"<Bow of Isya> has an upper power limit, you won't be able to go past that limit no matter how hard you pull the bowstring, meaning it will never work on powerful foes. And shooting with <Bow of Isya> will throw off your sense of distance when you're using a normal bow, stunting growth of the most important quality for an archer. Most importantly, that thing will eventually break if you keep using it. What are you gonna do then?"

"I see, so it's gonna break some day."

"If the only way to fight you know is by relying on a particular piece of equipment, losing that equipment equals your death."


"That's an adventurer."

"That's... an adventurer."

"I get it now. That's fine, you're free to go dungeon exploring."

"Which dungeon you think we should go to."

"There's a dungeon north of Skales, it's close by, however it's also probably not enough for you. I believe Ninae would be best. And bows come out often there, so you may get your hand on a Grace-laced bow if you're lucky, or at the very least there will be many bows to choose from."

"How many floors does it have?"

"45 floors. But even you are unlikely to conquer that dungeon solo. If you're going there for the purpose of training Eda-chan, go no further than around floor 20. Since it's a proper dungeon, lots of professional dungeoners prowl around the place. Never let yer' guard down."


"They're adventurers who specialize in dungeon diving, y'see. Most dungeoners form parties. Some team up with locals around the dungeon they're exploring though."

"Alright then. That's our destination."

"Then I'll give you a month once you're done at Norma's. That should be more than enough time for you to travel to Ninae, explore the dungeon some and travel back here. It'll be another session of herb gathering afterward."

"Got it."

"You may be working at Norma's place for a month, but that doesn't mean you're doing that the entire time. Don't forget to show up here once in a while."

"Got it."

"I understand."

"I mean, Lecan's got to go to the orphanage too."


"It's okay, I'm coming along with you."

"Oh, and there's something I need you to do."

"What is it?"

"Please deliver these finished medicines to the pharmacies."


Jericho seems motivated.

"And also, have you two thought about changing your place of residence?"

"Hum? To where."

"You mean, we're gonna stay in the same place?"

"There's a house for rent managed by Chaney Firm around this neighborhood, see. I can send Jericho if you're there. The inns you two are staying at right now are too far from here, and you're going to stay in this town for six months anyway. It's a good idea to rent a house outright."

"I see your point. But, are there places that serve good food nearby?"

"Eda-chan makes some real tasty food you know."



"You'd know if watch her handiwork during camping."

"Fumu. I'd be glad if she could make my shares. Can I count on you to?"

"Eh. Eh. M-me? For Lecan?"

"Will you cook for me."


"My, look how red she's turned. So innocent."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.1


"Welcome back."


"Aah! Shira-san. You're finally back."

"How have you been, Eda-chan."


"You too Jericho, long time no see. Lookie here, I got dried fruits of all kinds for you."


Come to think of it, how long has it been since Eda met Shira in her Shira form, thought Lecan, but he couldn't recall.

"I was just about to have some tea. Care for a cup?"

"Shira-san's tea is so good, I love it."



"Has your speech mannerism changed?"

"Un. I feel like I don't have to force myself anymore."

"Force yourself?"

"Like, I don't have to try so hard to speak like how an adventurer should, you know."

(So that weird way of talking was made up.)

(Dunno why she thought that would make her like an adventurer.)

Shira's tea was good.

A deep taste that takes your fatigue away.

"Looks like it went well huh."

"You knew about it, Shira-san?"

Lecan and Eda went straight to this house after leaving the temple.

And yet, Shira seemed to be aware of the events that occurred in the temple already.

"Just that. The not forcing you part is a trick, y'see."

"You're right. The vice temple head never said anything about not trying to invite me over again after all."

Lecan was a bit amazed to hear Eda said that.

Her noticing that fact means she's got a proper understanding of what transpired.

"Lecan, you did really good there. Well done."


"But, demolishing Zogus Idol at the end was a bad move."


"Thanks to that, you'd have to provide your service for free. Nine times at that."


"You're an idiot, aren't you."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Shira-san, do you not get compensation working at the orphanage?"

"Lecan won't be in this case. It's a service not a work, y'see. By having Lecan provide a service at the orphanage for free, it signifies his respects toward the temple."

"Is that so. By the way, where's Nike-san?"

"Nike is away from town for a while to take care of something I need her do."

"Shira. One thing's been bothering me."

"What is it."

"Was there really a need for me and Eda to go to the temple? If we just told them about me being a Dungeon Conqueror, and that Nike and Shira would leave the town if I and Eda did, wouldn't that take care of things?"


"Yeah? What's up, Eda."

"Nike-san may have said that she would leave the town if you and I did. But Shira-san never said that. Vice temple head did say she would yeah, but Shira-san never told us about that, you know."



"When did you get so smart."

"Eda-chan. That's because Nike told my circumstances to the vice temple head. Lecan, that wouldn't work."

"Why wouldn't it."

"That wouldn't have stopped priest Casis from trying. Because it'd be like he's barred from trying to solicit a <Recovery> user that he found. Were that to happen, he'd grope around for your and Eda-chan's weaknesses, pick quarrels, and just generally harass you two at every opportunity. Don't you hate and is poor at dealing with those subterfuges?"

"I hate and am not good at dealing with it."

"Doing it your way would leave us with a mess to deal with behind the scene, and that'd be a pain. Hence, going about it directly by angering him and revealing his guilts, to then wrecking it was best."

"So you knew that letting me go would anger the guy, and made him disclose his guilts."

"Naturally, of course. You're someone who doesn't care about priestly honor and stuff, while Casis was the type of priests who won't forgive anyone that doesn't revere him. He definitely believes adventurers to be nothing but trash. That's precisely why you were belittling him from the outset, no?"

"I see you had made a prior arrangement with the vice temple head."

"That old hag's pretty lazy despite her capability, y'see. But since this was the perfect chance to put the sniveling rat in cage, she agreed to cooperate. That said, despite his many misdeeds, priest Casis has made many contributions to the temple as well as having many personal connections. It'd be tough cleaning up the mess."


"What is it?"

"There's a spell <Sharp Hearing> among perception type magic, isn't there."

"Oh there is."

"How far away can you hear sounds with it?"

"Ordinarily, it's only good enough for listening in the room right next to yours. But if you're in a desert with nobody else around, it can be used to hear from thousands of steps away."

"Suppose it's cast by the best mage in history, can it listen to conversations in the temple from here?"

"If that mage has an accurate grasp of the temple's location and shape, it might just be possible."

"I see. By the way, you think priest Casis get banished."

"Why'd you do something so dangerous. You wouldn't want to let that thing out of your sight, you know."

"Does that mean he's gonna get confined in this temple until his last."

"Most likely yep."

"Right. I wanted to ask you something."


"I managed to shoot dozens of <Flame Arrow (Veyart)> all at once."

"I saw that."


"It's been so long since I saw something so ridiculous like that. Were you planning to shoot down stars or something?"

"But I have no idea how to shoot it right. I just can't form the image. Please teach me the ropes."

"Humm. That huh. Well, I guess it's fine. I'll tell you how before long. More importantly, let's talk about what you two will be doing from here on."

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-32

17-32. World Crisis (2)


Satou here. I have been on the receiving end of a table flip at the final stage because I did not confirm what our client wanted. But thanks to those experiences, I never forgot to ask during the meeting with our clients, reducing frequency of such tragedies.

"We will protect Aze-sama!"
"Un, Shiro. We will definitely carry out the mission masita gave us."

Two reliable guards stand before Aze-san.
The wingkin little girls, Shiro and Crow in the latest version of silver equipment.

『Cheeky little--』
『Beat? Let's beat them up?』

And it's not the demon god that's pointing their blades at Shiro and Crow, but pink-haired little girls, demon god's familiars. Those little girls are brandishing purple-colored equipment including giant scythes.

Since there have been a lot of traffic in and out of Solitary Island Palace lately, they must have invaded by matching their timing.

『Who's this Aze anyway?』
『That high elf maybe?』
『Who--, cares--』


Are they not here to kidnap Aze-san as ordered by Demon God?

That was when Core Two rushed in.
Along with the green infant dragon, not sure how they got through the gate.

"Shiro, Crow! I brought infant dragon with me!"

--Pipiru! Piru! Piru!

Looking again, they're also with the godbird Hisui, and the sage mice Raven Riders.
Unlike the green dragon, you lot will be in a serious bind if you get hurt so please get back.

『Gyaa, it's a dragon!』
『I hate those things, they bite!』
『Geez, and we found no egg girl and no demon lords here.』
『Let's head back before it bites us!』
『Un, let's!』

The pink-haired little girls seemed to be afraid of dragons, they rushed back into the gate they used to invade while falling onto themselves.

My little clone jumps out of Aze-san's shadow and speaks.

"Are you alright, Aze-san?"
"Yes, all thanks to these children protecting me."

'Ehehe', Shiro and Crow laughed, after thanking them and the slightly triumphant looking Core Two, infant dragon, Hisui and sage mice, I asked them to keep guarding Aze-san.

Apparently Demon God is targeting reincarnated people like Arisa and demon lords like Shizuka.

He's probably trying to retrieve the [God's Fragments] he handed out to them during their reincarnations.

Arisa and the former sword demon lord foxkin girl have my little clones on standby so they're fine, but Shizuka is shutting herself in the sub-space and won't come out, while the squirrel Hamsaemon and the retired former rat demon lord Nezu-san that are in the same sub-space have had their [God's Fragments] removed when they stop being demon lords, so they should be fine.

The ones in danger would be the reincarnated people in labyrinth's lower layer, the vampire progenitor Ban, little oni princess Yuika, [Iron Stalker] Armor, and [King Mummy] Corpse, four of them--no, and one more.

The reincarnated person, Kei who's working as an apprentice priestess of Zaikuon Temple at Makiwa Kingdom.
I've gotta instruct the member dispatched to Makiwa Kingdom to guard Kei.

"Lyuryu, rout them up nodesu!"


Pochi and her dragon steed, Lyuryu, are overwhelming their opponents at Makiwa Kingdom.
She's already done dealing with the stampedes at the capital and four neighboring points, and now she's going around demolishing the purple towers' stampedes at various locations.

Pochi was quickly done dealing with this one also, so I talk to Pochi via my little clone hiding in her shadow.

"Pochi, I need your help to protect Kei."
"Yes nanodesu. --Where is Kei at nodesu?"
"Lyuryu's wings will take you there."

I asked through my little clone.

After getting the direction from me, Pochi pointed Lyuryu's nose toward it.
Kei should be fine now.

I changed my consciousness to the little clone attached to Hikaru.

"Hikaru, I need you to do something."
"OK. Where should I go help?"

Looks like Hikaru is done already dealing with the stampedes at Bishtal Dukedom, she's currently patrolling around the central small country group.

"Please deliver a warning to the reincarnated people living in the labyrinth's lower layer."
"That's fine with me, but wouldn't it be better to do that through Arisa-chan's Telephone?"
"That place's got Yuika's barrier up, you see."
"Ah, guess Telephone won't reach them then."

She's quick to catch on thankfully.

"Getting there from here would be a hassle. Need me to ask Arisa for a shortcut?"
"Ahaha, I'll be fine. I can go reasonably fast by making good use of acceleration circles. That aside, can I count on you to take care of the countries around here?"
"Ah, I'm going to ask Tama who's been dispatched to the southern part of Saga Empire to deal with things here."
"Ah with Cat Ninja Tama on the case, there's nothing to worry about then."

After saying that, Hikaru produced acceleration circles mid air and flew off in the direction of labyrinth city.

『--It's here.』
『--It's here.』

Reports from little clones attached to the former sword demon lord and Arisa.

After hesitating for a bit, I changed my consciousness to the little clone attached to Arisa.

"Fuhahaha, where do you think you're going to, huh."

『『『Bully demon lord is scary--』』』
『『『We're gonna tell milord on you!』』』

Arisa wearing sunglasses on top of her golden helmet is chasing around the purple-armored pink-haired little girls while laughing loudly.
I understood that reference, but please don't forget that we're facing a world crisis right about now.

"Oh my, Master. I haven't forgotten you know. Since there were nothing but mobs, I've put <<Vortex Traps>> around all the towers I'm in charge with. There should be almost nothing left of the enemy by now, I think?"

I see, so she was ambushed by these little girls during a downtime.

"Should I go capture one of them?"
"Nah, we don't want to attract Demon God's attention. Did you remember to check out their goals?"
"Oh yes, I sure did. Those girls are going for the Authorities (Unique Skills) given to us by demon god, they're apparently collecting it for the sake of Demon God."
"--For the sake of Demon God?"
"Un, it sounds super bad."

Must be the Disintegration Factor booby trap inserted by those gods--.

『『『Retreating for now--』』』

The little girls ran away.

"Ah, they ran off. How is it coming along on your side, Master?"
"It should be be done by sunset today."
"I see, so the last battle ground will still be at the highest purple tower near Saga Empire's [Hero's Labyrinth]?"
"Yeah, no change in plan as of now."

After telling her my progress, I changed consciousness to the little clone dispatched to the former sword demon lord.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"You ought to train more degozaru."


The former sword demon lord, foxkin girl said in triumphant as she trampled down the dizzy pink-haired little girls.
Just like Arisa, her demon lord form has come undone, but her Unique Skills--[God's Fragments] are still residing in her.

『An openiiiiing!』

A pink-haired little girl swung down a huge scythe from behind the former sword demon lord.

The scythe's blade looked as if it had successfully cut the former demon lord's body in two, but then her body faded before turning into light brown fur.

"That is but an illusion degozaru."

She failed to learn Primeval Magic like the beastkin girls, but in exchange, she managed to use the illusion art passed down in foxkin family a bit.
She told me that she could only produce one illusion of herself for a short period of time, but I think it's more than potent enough paired with her swordsmanship.

"Judgment, degozaru."

The little girl that was hit by the sword's hilt got beaten down to the ground.
She's probably not gonna die with just that much, but the scene reeks of crime, visually speaking.

"You can let them go if you're done with their chastisement."
"Ui, I got it degozaru."

I gave an instruction to the former sword demon lord through the little clone.

『Don't think you've won yet!』
『Right right!』
『We won't lose next time, you hear us.』

The little girls freed by the former sword demon lord cursed out.

"I welcome a revenge match any time degozaru."

Noticing former sword demon lord battle junkiness from her reaction, "I can even go at it now", the little girls ran off toward a magic circle they produced to flee, "Noo, no more."

How do I say it, it's like watching subordinates getting pushed around by their superior.

Since Hikaru seemed to have arrived at the labyrinth's lower layer, I changed my consciousness to the little clone lurking in her shadow.

"So even Ancestor King Yamato is used as a gofer now eh?"
"Ahaha, Satou doesn't think that at all."
"Hyo hyo hyo, that's just how all men are like, y'know?"

They seem to be at [King Mummy] Corpse's domain.

She's talking to the master of the domain, Corpse and his sworn friend, [Iron Stalker] Armor.

"But still, how did you maintain the same looks as you were 700 years ago despite being a human?"
"Oh but it hasn't been 700 years yet. I repaired a magically induced cold sleep facility from Furu Empire and went into a long sleep until just recently, you see."
"Cold sleep in a sword and magic world? What the heck is this SF."

An energetic voice resounded as Armor and Hikaru chatted.

"Corpse! I brought Ban-sama and Yuika with me!"

Behind the vampire princess Semeri who shouted that, a tentacled creature, ropers, carrying a portable shrine with vampire progenitor Ban and little oni princess, Yuika riding on it, followed.

"I heard you have got a business with me, who knew it was a visit by Yamato dearuka."
"Long time no see, Hikaru-san."
"Hi Yuika-cchi, last time was at the Solitary Island Palace wasn't it. And Ban, that curly hair still looks as wonderful as Rau-kun's."
"It's about time you stop praising my point of similarity with characters from shoujo manga every time we meet dearu."

After renewing their old friendship, Hikaru got to the point.

"--So please, be on your guard."
"Demon God coming for our fragments, dearuka..."
"Whoa, it sounds so fun above ground."
"An all out war between gods and demon god huh. --Yuika, what do you think."
"Eh, um, you mean Founder-sama? Please wait a moment."

Suddenly getting talked to, Yuika shut her eyes.
Her expression saw a complete change when her eyes reopened.

"There have been many signs of that from Demon God's behaviors before, I see that he finally acts on it."
"And on the outset, he is making an attempt to deprive us of our fragments dearuka."
"Hmph, he's got a big mistake if he thinks we're just gonna take it lying down without a fierce one."
"Hyo hyo hyo. How long has it been since I played with demons I wonder."
"How about we loosen up Yuika's barrier and invite them into the minefield huh."

With a nasty smile on his face, Corpse brandished his skull wand and weakened the barrier.

"Hyo hyo hyo, can't wait fer' it."

"...Not having anything to do brings ruins to men dearuna."
"You tell me nanoja."

Armor and Corpse smiled back to back, while Ban and Yuika looked astonished.

"Armor, Corpse, you're mistaken."

Hikaru who was late to react at the series of events corrected Armor and Corpse's misunderstanding.

"Un, it's not demons that are coming, it's going to be little girls who are demon god's familiars."
"Little girls huh... I can't fight that."
"Boring. I got no interest in harassing kids."

"Worry, not, Cerulean Blue the first, correcting dayo."

A flat paper-like demon intruded from between the crack in the barrier Corpse was going to close.

"Greater demon--level 63. Posses Water magic and ice magic. It uses deadly poison and plague as well, careful noja."
"Tch, just a lone level 63 eh. Corpse and Ban will gonna make a short work out of it. Lemme go first."

"Worry, not, Cerulean Blue the second, correcting dayo."
"You guys, have no chance, Cerulean Blue the third, proclaiming dayo."
"Perish here, and return your fragments to milord. Cerulean Blue the fourth, condemning dayo."

The flat demon unraveled into tens of demons.
Fortunately, there's only four greater demons, the remaining tens of demons appear to be support-type mid-class demons.

"Armor, Ban, Yuika, buy me time. I'm gonna cast a forbidden spell."
"My turn first--"

Armor took out a weird magic sword furnished with gears and protuberances.

"<<BELLOW>> Magic Sword Machinery Heart!"

With the activation verse recited, the gears on the magic sword began to spin as the blade transformed while making sounds.
I don't get the point of this transformation, but it's a pretty good gimmick that raises your tension high just by watching it unfolds. Had Arisa and Pochi seen this, they would definitely want to mimic it.

"<<DANCE>> Claiomh Solais!"

Hikaru unleashed Claiomh Solais to guard Armor while she herself began chanting the lesser version of anti-god magic to be used against demon lords.

"Foirnis, use this."
"A jet black katana with a blood-colored line huh--my friend, Ban, you know your stuff noja."

Progenitor Ban fetched two japanese katanas from Item Box.
He handed over one of the swords while calling the soul name of Yuika to her, and drew the other, a red katana with a black line for himself.

"Ban-sama, leave your back to me!"

Semeri shouldering a scythe ran up to Ban's side as if emphasizing her glamorous body.

There were several other shadows hot on her heels.

"Shiki is right! Try to score a win against us first before you claim Ban-sama's back!"

It's the wives of Progenitor Ban, the vampire princesses.

"Right right!"
"Hey wait, I already scored lots of wins against fatty!"
"I am not fat! Just a bit well-rounded!"
"Leave playing around for later dearu."

Warned by Ban, the vampire princesses cut up their wrists to produce blood swords before attacking the mid-class demons.
The demons skilfully used their flat bodies to evade the slashes.

"I shan't lose to Armor and Ban noja--Divine Sight."

Purple light swept over Yuika's body.

"These demons' weak points are the crest on their waist nanoja! Break that point and they can no longer dodge to 2D!"

Hearing that, the vampire princesses started aiming at the crests on the waists, felling the mid-class demons one after another.

"As expected of my sworn friend Foirnis! 『Concentration』--Phantom Blade."

Ban sheathed his red katana, then after a purple light swept over his body, he unleashed a draw-slash sword skill toward one of the greater demons.

"--Water Blades."

The greater demon produced countless swords made of water stream in an attempt to block Ban's sword.


Shiki who was following Ban like his shadow muttered.
As if proving her word, the stream swords got smashed into pieces, and the upper half of that greater demon got finely chopped into pieces before it could find out how.

"Amazing as always Ban-sama!"

Semeri jumped gleefully like it was her feat.

"--A shallow cut dearu."
"Correct dayo. Eat counter dayo."

The greater demon that should have been pulverized turned into a cerulean blue mist and blew away the upper half of Ban's body.

"Fret not."
"Shiki is right. I mean Ban-sama is immortal after all."

The younger vampire princesses were beside themselves worrying over Ban, while the older generation princesses including Shiki watched attentively, convinced of Ban's safety.

"Ah! In the purple whirl!"
"Will Ban-sama's blood win, or will it greater demon's water current--"
"Pointless question."
"--Good grief. Like Ban-sama would lose against a mere greater demon."

The vampire princesses watched over the inhuman fight between Ban and the greater demon while they clashed with the mid-class demons themselves.

The fierce fight between water and mist finally came to a conclusion, a filthy blue water splashed down the ground.
The red water that had remained in the air turned back into Ban.

The older vampire princesses were right, Ban came out victorious in the inhuman fight.

"Don't think you've won just yet dayo."
"Hmph. Should you really focus fully on me dearuka?"

Progenitor Ban spoke to the regenerated but tattered greater demon.

At the end of his jerked chin, three of the greater demons were locked in Yuika's trick.

"Kuhahahaha, nothing less to expect from greater demons, they even survived Death Game! Next is Death Counter nanoja!"

Yuika is cornering the greater demons using Unique Skills which I've never seen before.
When she's this strong at her current lowered level, I can't imagine just how powerful Yuika is in her prime.

"Come now, quickly undo your curse noja. If you don't do it in the next three seconds, your souls are gonna be broken into pieces, no matter if you're a demon noja."

One greater demon that couldn't undo the curse in time disappeared into blue mist while wailing ghastly.

"Yuika, I'm good now!"

Corpse who was done reciting forbidden spell shouted.
Hikaru is about done with her chant as well.

"I see that Corpse is done preparing. You play along with Corpse now. Out of goodness of my heart, you'd better be ready with defensive magic, hear me?"


"Gnaw upon them, <<Hell Beast Jail>>"

Hundreds, thousands of wolf-shaped specters welled out from within darkness in ceilings and grounds, and then they rushed toward the greater demons with their ink-like lower halves.
Two of greater demons that survived their match against Yuika amassed thick blue barriers around themselves, but those barriers were quickly getting bitten down into pieces by the wolf specters.
The wolf specters eventually bit and tore the barriers down, and flooded onto their next target, the greater demons.

The specters are gnawing on the greater demons.

Quite a wicked magic.
No wonder it's got classified as a forbidden spell.


The demons blew apart the specters with their magic and peculiar ability, but unfortunately for them the difference in numbers is simply staggering.
No matter if a swing of their fists and tails break several wolves, no matter if their magic and peculiar ability swallow dozens of the wolves, they're up against an army of thousands.

There's no way to repel it easily.

"Tch, these greater demons sure are sturdy."

Corpse's grumble is right on the money, two greater demons survived through the forbidden spell.
Only the demon that missed its chance to put up defensive barrier died by Corpse's forbidden spell.

"Yuika, yer' gonna take responsibility for this ya hear me?"
"Aye, understood noja. But, your worry is unwarranted, no?"

Yuika glanced at Hikaru.

"Ban! Withdraw the vampire princesses! Yuika! Take Armor to a safe zone!"

As instructed by Hikaru, the vampire princesses who were fighting off mid-class demons fell back, and Yuika activated her [Unparalleled Arm Strength] Unique Skill to drag the sitting Armor that had used up his stamina back.

"Lesser Mythology Extinction."

Hikaru's delayed anti demon lord forbidden spell burst out, the remaining two greater demons and several mid-class demons vanished beyond the flash.

"What the heck, those demons got evaporated just like that."
"That's one amazing forbidden spell nanoja."
"First I've seen this forbidden spell dearu."

Everyone besides Corpse clamored when they saw Hikaru's forbidden spell.

"Yamato. That a modified version of the forbidden spell I taught Satou, yeah?"
"Un, that's right. --Interested?"

"...Hell naw. Seeing that is enough. I'm gonna make one myself now."
"Ahaha, Corpse you haven't changed at all from back then, still really hate to lose."

Hikaru's laughter echoed in Corpse's domain.

This side looks to be fine.

Next, let's check all the girls one by one starting from Lulu.

"Awesome, those monsters just went poof with every shot."
"The buckshot that purged the swarm in front of the rampart was already amazing, but that sniping is just something else."

Lulu is sniping down the purple tower's vanguard monsters from on top of a tower connected to a rampart.
The wind brought murmurs from guards stationed on top of the rampart to her, yet Lulu was unaffected, she just kept sniping on.
I'm sure she's concentrating so much she couldn't hear a word.

--Crisis Perception.

I felt danger from a distortion in space in the sky.
Looking up, I saw something trying to come out of a purple distortion in the sky.

"Oy! Look at that!"

People looked up at the sky as they noticed it.


It seems like the second round of stampedes sparked by Demon God will be an army of demons.

※ Next update is planned for 9/22

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