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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 83

Chapter 83 General Merchant Dornuko - Part One


Right now, I'm having a face-to-face talk with Sefi-san in a room while listening to the sounds of bell outside.
Our agenda today is the processing of dungeon items and their sales routes.
The processing stuff can be easily done by mixing in Dense Mana Water to alter the quality for the better, so this one's good.

Oh yeah, I gave up trying to sell Alraune's Honey in its raw form. Felt like selling it to someone would have disastrous results regardless of whom, so I decided to just mix a bit of it in energy drinks and stuff along with Orc's Golden Balls. Now you can keep on hustling with this!

The problem is sales routes.
It's probably gonna take around a week before all the stuff are ready for sale, and processing that amount of items feels like it's gonna take a lot of work. Since we're not in a hurry, I can just put it up little by little. It's gonna stockpile eventually if we haul this much every time we go into the dungeon. Would be nice if we had more sales routes since I'm gonna make a lot more in the future.

There's a few nobles who do business with Sefi-san's store. Then there's knights, guards and adventurers buying up potions. That much is more than enough for a store located at the outskirts of the town, but I'd like to sell lesser version of our featured products, nutrients and face lotions, to the common people as well. Once that comes true, the personnels we have now won't likely be enough to handle the increased load, so selling those in another store would be best, but we're at our wits' end trying to figure out how.

While the two of us were exploring various options like asking through guilds or the unfeasibility of Alchemy Guild, I could hear sounds of light footsteps coming.

"Nobu-oniichan, you have a guest waiting."

Tino-chan informed of a guest. Hmm? I don't remember making an appointment with anyone.

I went to the entry hall and saw an unfamiliar plump gentleman there. He turns a kind gaze at me with his mustached face.

"Please excuse me for this sudden visit. I am Dornuko, an owner of a store here in Gramada. The other day, Ranba-shi informed me that you had brought the Evil Tadpole Tendon for a quest I posted. Pardon me for intruding here since I just couldn't wait anymore."

I see, the client of that quest huh.

"I see. I'm Nobusada an adventurer. It wouldn't do us good talking here, please come on in."

I brought him to the parlor and got straight to the business.

"Dornuko-san, does your store deal with weapons?"

"Oh yes, not only weapons, we also handle tools and all kinds of stuff, a general merchant if you may. It is but a humble establishment, however we take pride in offering goods we looked for and processed ourselves. I'm blessed with a friend who is a skilled craftsman. We somehow managed to make our store prosperous enough. It's the [Cat's Eyes] located at a section of the main street. It would be our delight to receive your patronage."

Hohou, what an interesting store. I'll go take a look later.

"The items requested in the quest I posted are intended for the making of five bows custom ordered to that craftsman in question. We went through great efforts to collect all the required materials save for the string. But unfortunately we were unable to find a material fit for it, hence we posted a quest, and while waiting for good news from the quest, I was told about this matter."

Dornuko-shi paused and let out a sigh. Oh crap, forgot to bring the tea.

"Excuse me for a bit."

I went to the corner of the parlor and secretly put out glasses and poured Lipovitama DX inside. Then I produced a block of ice with magic.

"Thank you for waiting. Please have a taste of a trial product we're thinking of selling."

"Ooh, I'm sorry for making you go out of your way. Hn gulp gulp, phew. This coldness is so good. The aftertaste is so refreshing too, this is really good stuff."

"Thank you. Your impression will help me bring it to completion. I'm planning to market this as a nutritional supplement, you see."

Ouh, he drank it all up huh. I made my share too but since he looked like he wanted more, I offered mine.

"I would love to be a customer once this is up for sale. Oops, we got sidetracked. As for the matter with Evil Tadpole Tendon, we would very much like to purchase it off you. That will be more than sufficient as the material. Will you consider selling the tendon to us? We will pay generously of course."

Fumu, I don't mind selling... But I'd like to meet that craftsman. Skilled enough to get custom orders. I'm intrigued.

"I see. I don't mind selling it at the market price. We've got a lot on us anyway. But in exchange, could you introduce that craftsman to me? A party member of ours is an archer you see, we'd like to borrow their expertise."

"Are you really fine with market price!? I can't believe you have a lot of materials from a monster said to be hard to defeat on you. Nobusada-san's party must possess great skills. I'm sure our craftsman would love to work with such people. I will be sure to introduce you when you visit our store."

Umu, market price is good enough. I've still got more and will get more. If I can him indebted with this, it's a WIN-WIN. Hmm, the man seems nice and all, should be fine showing him that. I'll talk about it with Sefi-san later.
Thus, five pieces of Evil Tadpole Tendo were sold for 50,000 mani. I mean, I can just hunt more by bombing them with ranged attacks from afar since there's no one around anyway.

After receiving the money, I take the tendon out of dimensional storage while pretending to fetch it from my pouch.

"These are the goods indeed. They're of high quality as well, I'm sure I can not obtain better material than this at present. Thank you very much."

Looks like he appraised the goods.

Tettere~♪ Succeeded obstructing Appraisal with the use of Seclusion
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up
Tettere~♪ Succeeded obstructing Appraisal with the use of Seclusion
Tettere~♪ Disguise leveled up

The man also appraised me. Twice at that. No-goddess calls echoed for awhile. The Appraisal would have probably worked if not for [Seclusion].

Name: Dornuko - Gender: Male - Age: 36 - Race: General Human
Class: Merchant Lv34 - State: Slightly Unhealthy
Title: None
One-handed Sword Lv2 - Negotiation Lv4 - Appraisal Lv4 - Coachman Lv2 - Life Magic

On my side, Discerning-sensei passed through. As expected.
As one you'd expect from a merchant. Got to have a stubborn side. Nothing to worry about so long as my ability remains a secret. Wonder if the slightly unhealthy state refers to his slight plumpness?

Our deal concluded nicely despite ongoing information warfare. Discussing with Sefi-san, the man's kind demeanor all while having a tough side came as a positive, thus we decided to bring in the negotiation to him if his store proved unproblematic.

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Afterward, I kept myself busy with the making of goods and their containers. The ladies were in charge of monitoring. A trial resulted in their skin turning lustrous with no side effect, they were all overjoyed. The low quality version had an effect as well, though the high quality version exceeded it by far.
After discussing with Sefi-san, we decided to contract more slaves to work as employees. I'm actually fine with hiring normal employees, but since there's just way too many things we cannot divulge, might as well raising slaves from zero. I plan to pay a visit to Kirishna-san's place soon.

While I was busy with all that, the 3 + 1 girls worked hard raising their levels and doing quests. They're mainly hunting at 7F rooms. Since the types of spawned monsters are limited, they've become quite adept at dealing with monsters even without me around.

These are the processed goods this time.

Great Pig Medicine x 20
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 12/12
Dried and processed medicine form of Orc's Golden Balls. Has great effects on raising vigor, and recovering impotency and infertility. Due to the mixture of Alraune's Honey, even a small dosage demonstrates great effects.

Lipovitama Deluxe x 200
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 2/2
A mixture of Tama Soup, Dense Mana Water, Herbs and Orange for an easy to drink nutrient.

Lipovitama Agent x 100
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 10/10
High class nutrient that enables a man to fight 24 hours. A gem that recovers vitality, stamina, mana and vigor. Tama Soup, Denser than usual Mana Water, and a tiny bit of Alraune's Honey result in an adult taste with a slightly bitter twang on it.

Tama-chan Approved Skin Beauty Water x 500
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 2/2
Cheap skin lotion. Prevent dry skin. Alcohol-free, hence it doesn't hurt your skin much.

Tama-chan Approved Skin Beauty Water x 100 (With Pailfuls from the Stone Basket)
Quality: High - Enclosed Mana: 10/10
Expensive skin lotion. Moistures the skin preventing dryness, also has anti-aging effects. Mixed with Tama Soup and herbs. The synergy with mana elevates and keeps its skin nourishment effects for longer.

The Great Pig Medicine will be a featured product at our store. Cause it's presently sold out. Sefi-san will take care of promoting the expensive stuff to the nobles. Now to deal with the cheaper ones. By the way, I also got my hand on Mandragora and the suspicious Mandoragorua the other day, but I haven't processed these ones yet.

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