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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.2


"What we will be doing from here on?"

"Me too?"

"I would love to teach you <Recovery> myself. But the best teacher is seeing all kinds of illnesses and wounds with your own eyes and experiencing healing them yourself. Eda-chan's <Recovery> has turned into rumors anyway and we don't have to worry about temple for the time being. Which means, there's nothing that could hinder you from training at a medical practitioner."


"Medical practitioner, is it."

"This town has a female medical practitioner by name Norma. Her mana pool is diminutive, neither is she talented in magic. But she's quite knowledgeable in illnesses, healing and medicinal herbs. I'm thinking of lending you two over for a month, you see."


"What do you mean by that?"

"It's nothing deep. You two are my pupils who, for the sake of learning how to treat others in real world, will be under Norma's tutelage for a period of time. While Norma will make use of your <Recovery> and mana pools to heal patients that can't be cured with just her own magic and medicine. You don't have to pay for the tuition fee, but conversely, you won't get salary either. Hence, lending."

"What's the period?"

"How long will we stay there?"

"Just 10 or 20 days won't be enough. 40 days, or around a month should be good. It ultimately depends on your consultation with Norma though."



"I'd like to take Eda to a dungeon."


"Hou. For what reason?"

"In the end, dungeon exploring is what I'm best at for teaching her. Besides, Eda won't be able to afford her equipment unless she can earn for herself at least."

"You have a point. Her equipment is completely out of question as it is now."

"Eh? The ones I have now are no good?"

"They're bad. Those clothes virtually have no defensive properties. And no matter how skilled you are at ranged attacks, you still have to learn close quarter combat. You've also got to swap out your weapons. A bow and a dagger will do for now."

"Eh? Do I have to return <Bow of Isya>?"

"That bow is yours. But don't make it your main weapon."
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"<Bow of Isya> has an upper power limit, you won't be able to go past that limit no matter how hard you pull the bowstring, meaning it will never work on powerful foes. And shooting with <Bow of Isya> will throw off your sense of distance when you're using a normal bow, stunting growth of the most important quality for an archer. Most importantly, that thing will eventually break if you keep using it. What are you gonna do then?"

"I see, so it's gonna break some day."

"If the only way to fight you know is by relying on a particular piece of equipment, losing that equipment equals your death."


"That's an adventurer."

"That's... an adventurer."

"I get it now. That's fine, you're free to go dungeon exploring."

"Which dungeon you think we should go to."

"There's a dungeon north of Skales, it's close by, however it's also probably not enough for you. I believe Ninae would be best. And bows come out often there, so you may get your hand on a Grace-laced bow if you're lucky, or at the very least there will be many bows to choose from."

"How many floors does it have?"

"45 floors. But even you are unlikely to conquer that dungeon solo. If you're going there for the purpose of training Eda-chan, go no further than around floor 20. Since it's a proper dungeon, lots of professional dungeoners prowl around the place. Never let yer' guard down."


"They're adventurers who specialize in dungeon diving, y'see. Most dungeoners form parties. Some team up with locals around the dungeon they're exploring though."

"Alright then. That's our destination."

"Then I'll give you a month once you're done at Norma's. That should be more than enough time for you to travel to Ninae, explore the dungeon some and travel back here. It'll be another session of herb gathering afterward."

"Got it."

"You may be working at Norma's place for a month, but that doesn't mean you're doing that the entire time. Don't forget to show up here once in a while."

"Got it."

"I understand."

"I mean, Lecan's got to go to the orphanage too."


"It's okay, I'm coming along with you."

"Oh, and there's something I need you to do."

"What is it?"

"Please deliver these finished medicines to the pharmacies."


Jericho seems motivated.

"And also, have you two thought about changing your place of residence?"

"Hum? To where."

"You mean, we're gonna stay in the same place?"

"There's a house for rent managed by Chaney Firm around this neighborhood, see. I can send Jericho if you're there. The inns you two are staying at right now are too far from here, and you're going to stay in this town for six months anyway. It's a good idea to rent a house outright."

"I see your point. But, are there places that serve good food nearby?"

"Eda-chan makes some real tasty food you know."



"You'd know if watch her handiwork during camping."

"Fumu. I'd be glad if she could make my shares. Can I count on you to?"

"Eh. Eh. M-me? For Lecan?"

"Will you cook for me."


"My, look how red she's turned. So innocent."

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