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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.12


Lecan breathed out a huge sigh of relief inside his mind.

He had been mulling over how to carry himself ever since they marched in here.

That was when he realized how imperative it was not to let Eda use <Recovery>.

Her <Recovery> is at quite an advanced level even now, worst comes to worst, she might even end up casting <Recovery> with hints of <Purification>. This temple apparently has no <Purification> users, but it's still a temple nonetheless. A specialists' stronghold. Having Eda's <Recovery> be seen was already bad in itself, but if it's ever known that she has an aptitude in <Purification>, it's game over. That will mean the end of Eda's peace, and they can never go back to this town again.

That said, letting her fail on purpose is also dangerous.

First of all, she could still succeed the casting even if she intended to fail. And even if she managed to fail on purpose, the priests might not accept it when they saw her mana flow.

As such, Lecan decided to be the one showing off his <Recovery>.

"Well then, let me show you <Recovery> now. I'll make it manifest on my right hand. Watch closely."

"What? Where's your wand?"

Lecan thrust his right hand forward with an open palm.

His five long fingers are spread apart.


(Make it.)

In fact, treating Vandam on their way to Vantaroy was the first and the last time Lecan ever used <Recovery> on someone else. He had been practicing more after that, and ever since the awakening of Eda's higher class <Recovery>, he had got many opportunities to observe that. But that's it.

He would have practiced more had he known it would come to this, but the decision to go this way was reached after they arrived here. There was nothing he could do.


(If I were to fail.)

(Or if I only showed them elementary class <Recovery>.)

(My word would lose persuasive power.)

(And they would turn their attention to Eda again.)

(That's bad.)

(So, for Eda's sake.)

(For the sake of protecting Eda.)



With that quiet yet resolute recitation of the spell name, an orb of green-colored light manifested on top of Lecan's right hand.

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"What a"

"What beauty"

"What vastness"

"I-is that really <Recovery>?"

Lecan was surprised himself.

It was simply that much of a gigantic, distinct and powerful <Recovery>.

(Thanks, god.)

Lecan offered his gratitudes to the god who helped him, regardless of which gods.

Lecan himself believes in gods despite his dislikes toward temples. Rather, for adventurers who live their life always flirting with the jaws of death, moments where all you can do is pray to gods are aplenty. Furthermore, he has borne witness to countless priests and knights who demonstrated extraordinary techniques by praying to gods. Fear of gods has taken root deep inside Lecan's mind.

But that's a completely different matter to him handing Eda over to the priests who don't know her. And that feeling has just grown stronger after coming to the temple and meeting priest Casis.

The priests have settled down before he realized.

Lecan swung his right hand to delete the green light.

"Oy. That <Recovery> just now."

"There was no, preliminary casting..."

"No way!"

"It's true, he only recited the spell name."

With eyes wide open, priest Casis's face is having a cramp while various emotions like shock, anger, and hatred surface bits and pieces.

"Priest Casis."

"What is it, Lecan."

"That was the utmost <Recovery> I could muster."

"It was <Recovery> indeed."

"Was that elementary-class by Ceres Temple's standards? Or mid-class?"

Priest Casis kept quiet, priest Pajil gave the answer instead.

"That was clearly higher than mid-class."

The other priests also weighed in.

"And with the size of that light orb. It must hold an extraordinary amount of recovery power."

"I can believe someone suffering severe injuries and dying being healed instantly with that."

Lecan sighed out deeply. They've crossed over the mountains.

"My pupil Eda could employ a percentage of that <Recovery>."



"That's practically a divine act."

"As you have witnessed, my teachings need not preliminary casting."

"T-that's it!"

"Just how are you able to accomplish such a feat."

"R-right. Weak <Recovery> that gets cast by coincidence is one thing, but I can't fathom how you could manifest that class of <Recovery> without preliminary casting."

"Which means, Ceres Temple doesn't have techniques that allow someone to cast <Recovery> without preliminary casting, does it?"

The priests could only sink into silence in astonishment at this impolite inquiry.

It was priest Pajill who replied to Lecan.

"Preliminary casting possesses the effects of raising the art's precision and efficacy. This particular temple put emphasizes on careful and precise preliminary casting."

"That may be the case with temples. But not with dungeons."


"That's right. A moment difference could mean your life or death in dungeons. All the magic I employ, I use without preliminary casting."

Priest Casis interrupted.

"All magic, you say? Lecan, are you a mage?"

Since he couldn't have been armed as they entered the temple, Lecan had stowed his sword inside <Storage>. But no one would have suspected Lecan being a mage with his build.

"I'm mainly a swordsman. But I also use magic."

A long silence filled the room once again. The priests are in a state of confusion at the contrasting reality to their common sense. Now's the time to withdraw.

"I just showed you lot that I could use <Recovery>. Eda being my pupil, her <Recovery> and all other magic are still not quite there, she's still honing them. I believe she will eventually be able to employ the <Recovery> you just witnessed one day. That's the answer to your questions. Can we go back now?"

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