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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 312

Chapter 312 Strongest Sage, To the South


"The demon at Zadoria hasn't died off then?"

"Yes. It appears 『Eye of Heaven』 did not hit it."

The demon is undoubtedly still alive.
This was supposed to be a simple fetch quest... But it's gotten quite interesting now.

"We may end up having to fight a greater demon."

"Yes... However, I believe all is well."

Grevil replied back to me without a hint of worry on his face.

"Why do you think so?"

"I can't ever picture Mathias-san losing even if the opponent is a greater demon... Ruli-san, Alma-san, and Iris-san are with you too. I would like to aid Mathias-san myself, but I am incapable of fighting due to the curse."

"Eh, us!?"

"I feel like we've been barely participating in battles so far though..."

"No way I could win against Mathias-san, okay!?"

The three girls expressed their shock at Grevil's words.
Grevil spoke to them.

"Your individual strength may fall short, but the correct support at the right time can turn the tides of battle... This party especially has a nice balance."

Grevil looks over our party.

Ruli who specializes in a wide array of augment magic and Alma who delivers those magic with her arrows.
And Iris with the strength to brute force through difficult situations.

It's a very nicely balanced party indeed.

"Grevil is right... The battle this time will probably quite tricky if we're up against a greater demon... I'm counting on you with the support."

"Understood! I'll do my best!"


"Yes! ...I'll be sure to go on a proper rampage!"

We left Second Academy after exchanging words.
Our destination, Gravy Wood--Zadoria.

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"...It should come into view soon."

As the sun was setting.
We arrived at a spot near Zadoria.

"It was so far..."

"Been a while since we ran all the way till dark!"

"Yeah... We haven't been to the national border for a quite some time."

Zadoria was located near the border to Raginia Union.
And not in the direction we last went to Raginia, but far more south.

It took practically the whole day even with our legwork.
We could have arrived sooner if I made Iris fly... But I'd like to save her power.

"...It's a bit hot even though it's nighttime soon. Kinda drive the feel of being in the south..."

Alma surveyed the surrounding area as she said that.
Indeed... The atmosphere here feels southern-like.

There's a lot of coconut trees around and the people walking down the streets are wearing light clothings.
Many are even wearing aloha shirts.

"Err, should I make some augment magic to lower temperature for us?"

Ruli fetched magic stones as she said that.
But... Wearing thick clothings in this town will likely draw attentions.

I'd like to avoid standing out in a town where a greater demon is lurking.
That way it'd be harder for it to sniff us out.

Which means...

"No, let's put on the same clothings as the locals. We should investigate stealthily instead of openly challenging the greater demon... Can you make that same aloha shirt from before?"

We could also buy some after entering the town, but that'd invite suspicion.
It's better to prepare some beforehand if we want to sneak in secretly.

Since Ruli is also pretty good at sewing, maybe she could make some for us.

"Of course, I can!"

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