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Okami wa Nemuranai 11.14


Three priests are standing on top of the stone steps.

An elderly priest standing in the middle is wearing luxurious garments.

To the right is priest Pajill. He's got a necklace and a cane with him.

Lecan knows the small priestess standing to the left. She's the orphanage's director. Still wearing the same modest outfits as before.

"Priest Casis. Just what are you trying to accomplish by deploying temple knights and soldiers without giving a notice to the temple head?"

"Vice temple head. I am fulfilling my duty to god by my own judgment."

"And what would that duty be."

"You're a third rank priest, the same as me. I am under no obligation to answer you."

"Oh but I'm asking as a proxy for temple head, you see. Isn't that right, temple head?"


"Could we have your answer, priest Casis."

That old woman was a vice temple head huh. Her kind and calm demeanor is the same as ever, but Lecan could feel some sort of solemn dignity coming off her today.

Priest Casis changed his expression from hateful to a smiling face of a kind plump man. Splendid performance.

"Temple head, you will be overjoyed to hear this. A new <Recovery> user blessed by our great god Ceres has been born. And yet, this huge man kidnapped that <Recovery> user girl, and attempted to leave the town with her. Hence I gave the order for temple knights and soldiers to save the girl."

Eda, seemingly thought up of something, hugged Lecan from behind.

"The girl looks quite attached to that large man, doesn't she."

"She's being threatened of course! Can't you tell what kind of man this giant man is just by looking! He's a ruffian! An outlaw! Ignorant of reverence to gods, a man lacking human compassions! He's garbage unworthy of living!"

Priest Casis exploded out emotionally. Lecan might have bullied him a bit much.

The clamor from worshipers watching from behind stopped all at once at the sudden outburst.

"That's wrong."

Someone muttered that. That man put his hand on his mouth in panic when he realized all eyes had gathered on him.

"Doni-san. What do you mean by wrong?"

Gently encouraged by the vice temple head, Doni the tamer began speaking in murmur.

"Le-Lecan-san, is a kind man. I had tried to let Parade go in the forest, but Lecan-san instead prompted me to think what would truly make Parade happy. He even trained Parade. Parade was only able to win thanks to that. Lecan-san had gone out of his way to help me and Parade even though he really didn't have to. H-he may look like an overlord outwardly, but Lecan-san is truly a wonderful man with a warm heart inside."

"He is, isn't he. Thank you for telling us that. Zakar-san. You look like you've got something to say as well."

"Eh? Me? No, err. That big black adventurer is the guy who tidied up old man Fobea's house. I, saw it m'self. Lotsa huge rocks no one could remove, he cleaned it all up in just four days. By a service quest with cheap reward. The neighborhood was all in awe. We had no idea that there was someone like that among adventurers. H-his face's scary tho'."

"Is that so. We heard you loud and clear."

"T-they're being deceived! He's threatened them! Either way, testimonies from these foolish rabble worth absolutely nothing! Lecan is a barbarian! Someone ignorant of decorum toward clergymen!"

"Oh come off it already."

Vice temple head spoke in a dignified voice.

"Priest Casis. Are you aware of Article 3 of Ceres Temple Law?"

"Who do you think I am! I have memorized all temple articles without missing a word!"

"Then please recite that."

"<Ceres Temple blesses other blessings>! How's that! Satisfied now!"

"The first interpretation of that text is the avoidance of scuffles between temples. This is fine now. The second interpretation is to not infringe upon town lords' authority. After all, going against town lords instated by the royalty mandated by great god Erekus won't bring joy to god Ceres."

"I don't need you lecturing me on that stuff now!"

"Then, by what authority do you attempt to banish the adventurer who was promoted to gold rank by the Adventurer Association through town lord's commendations after saving this town twice."


"Adventurer Lecan and Adventurer Eda have formed a party together with the gold rank Nike-san. Were Lecan-san and Eda-san forced to leave the town, Nike-san would as well. The act of banishing the sole gold rank adventurer this town has without the town lord's consent or anything is clearly in violation of the second interpretation of article 3 of the temple law."

"H-hold on."

"The third interpretation is to avoid quarrellings with adventurers. Adventurers who explore dungeons full of gods' grace-laden items and bring those to the ground are an existence that has received the blessings of gods, they live in a domain outside the law of surface. Do you have any idea the enormity of sacrifices us temples have paid in order to reach this third interpretation."

"Wrong! That's wrong! The third interpretation only gets adopted to a very small fraction of adventurers with real strength! It's only valid to truly powerful adventurers that have delved the depths of dungeons!"

"<Flame Spear (Bandroux)>"

The gigantic magic beast statue to the left of stone steps was blown away, leaving only its pedestal behind.

Lecan did it.


"Oh my my, what amazing destructive force. The defensive magic on it didn't even activate. And without preliminary casting at that. Simply outstanding. It looks like even this whole temple would have been turned to rubbles if Lecan-san was serious."


"But, that was unnecessary really."
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"Priest Casis. Lecan-san is an adept adventurer who has conquered Golbul Dungeon twice and acquired a golden potion and <Dagger of Harut> from the dungeon bosses there. He did that twice at that."


"Making enemy of such a powerful adventurer is clearly a violation of the third interpretation."

The vice temple head presses further on the already mouth-opening-and-shutting priest Casis.

"Considering Eda-san has never prayed to god Ceres nor has she stepped foot inside Ceres Temple before, there is a high chance Eda-san's power comes not from god Ceres's blessing. And despite that, you arbitrary decided that it was."

"T-the decision came from a priest conference."

"And you threatened them with the wellbeing of their families and friends if they refused to join the temple."

"T-that's, I meant we'd try to persuade them through those people. Besides, taking care of talented <Recovery> users is the duty and authority of temples."

"Priest Casis."


"Apothecary Shira has spoken, she will get out of town if the temple drives Lecan out of town."

At this, the looks of surprise came to not only priest Casis's face, but the temple head's and priest Pajill's as well.

"I believe the always investigative priest Casis is aware of this already, but as you know, Lecan-san is the very first pupil Shira-san has in this town. She favors him greatly, he's currently under her tutelage for secret techniques. If Shira-san leaves this town, the pharmacies will completely lose access to Shira-san's medicine. And in effect, we will lose donations from the pharmacies, or at least it will be of lower quality and quantity. The temple will lose its face, and also suffers a huge blow to medical treatment side. It will also invite wrath from influential people in this town. The temple cannot possibly let such a major blow comes to pass."

Priest Casis's face was aghast.

"Temple head. Your decisions please."

"Umu. Priest Casis will be temporarily deprived of his priesthood. His treatment will be formally decided in the Priest Conference. Temple soldiers, seize ex-priest Casis. Strip him off all ritual implements. No one is allowed see him without my permission."

The temple soldiers dragged priest Casis away. His face looked awfully aged.

After seeing that off, the vice temple head turned her smiling face totally lacking of malice toward Lecan.

"Now then, Lecan-san."


"Our temple would like to apologize for all our discourteous acts to you and Eda-san."

"Apologies accepted."

"But temples aren't really scary, you know. It's true that we're gathering <Recovery> users, but we don't keep them under house arrest just because they're affiliated to us, and they're free to quit anytime."

"I see."

"However, our way of doing things was a bit out of line this time for sure. I'll promise you this, this temple will not attempt to force adventurer Eda to join us from here on."

"That'd be helpful. I thank you for your considerations."

"By the way, you just demolished the idol of god Zogus. That's pretty bad."

What Lecan thought a magic beast statue was apparently an idol.

"Look. Doni-san is mourning for the loss of his patron god."

"I thought that was a statue of magic beast. What kind of god that statue was based off?"

"My my. You're asking from there? It's Zogus the god of magic beasts. A god that watches over and bring prosperity and well-being to all kind of animals."

"I see. Didn't know that. I apologize for destroying the idol. I will donate to cover for the expense of making a new statue."

"We accept your apologies. We'll also gratefully accept your donation. But it's not a problem of money, you know. At this rate, it will be treated like adventurer Lecan didn't accept the holiness of Ceres Temple, that he'd carried out a sacrilegious act of destroying an idol out of dissatisfaction at the temple, and that the misunderstandings did not get resolved even after temple head and vice temple head made their appearance."

"What should I do."

"Right, then. You are to provide a service for nine days. At the orphanage that is. The children have been waiting impatiently for you, see. You can choose the days yourself."

I'd rather leave the town right away than having too suffer through that, thought Lecan.

However, Eda would feel responsible then.

And Shira would have no reason to leave the town. Which means, it would be tough for Lecan to learn apothecary if he didn't stay in this town.


"Really now. That's good. The children will be delighted."

The vice temple head's wrinkly face broke into a smile.

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