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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Strongest Sage, Challenged to a Match


"Giruas found us... Come over here."

After saying that, I left the lord's mansion and ran to an alleyway.

"Wha, wait for us!"

The girls followed after the suddenly running me in a hurry.

"It's you huh, Mathias."

I encountered Giruas right as I entered the alley.

"Giruas, what are you doing here?"

"I felt a presence of something strong, came here to challenge 'em... Never thought it would be you though, Mathias."

"But this is outside your country."

"Those national borders are full of holes. Areas with lots of monsters barely got any guards."

Illegal entry huh...
It's very like him.

Giruas drew his weapon while I was thinking.

"...So yeah, this means a match. I'm running out of worthy opponents lately, ya see."

Well, there's probably no one who can match him now at Raginia Union.
This guy is most likely the most talented person in magic combat this current world has seen yet.
His talent is sky high he was even capable of chantless magic subconsciously even before learning it from me.

Once someone like that began training with a Second Academy textbook, it's only right that no one else at Raginia Union can match him now.
Eis Kingdom has Second Academy students... but judging from Giruas in front of me, even the elites of Second Academy students probably can't win.

This guy has gotten incomparably stronger than the last time we met.
The quality of mana flowing in his body is on a whole different level than before.

To be frank, I'm intrigued with the idea of a match with him myself, however...

"Sorry, but I can't afford to use flashy magic and stand out here. Can we postpone the match for later?"

"Don't want to stand out eh... You in a situation?"
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Giruas asked back.
This guy is still a rank S adventurer despite how he looks.

Rank S adventurers aren't just strong in battle, they're also expected to lead people in times of crisis.
We can have a decent conversation like this precisely because he's one of those adventurers.
...At least so long as he listens.

"Yeah. There's a pretty powerful demon here in this town. I don't want to be found out by that."

Hearing that... Giruas' eyes are gleaming.

"Didja say demon? ...Sounds like fun! Mind if I fight it?"

...Yup. I expected this reaction.
But unfortunately, I can't let him fight the demon.
He's only going to throw away his life for nothing.

"Unfortunately, that's impossible. You're no match for it."

"Right back at ya. Y'think I'd let go of a chance to fight strong guys? ...Unless you're willing to fight me instead, that is."

Well, I also expected this reaction.
Which means... I'm also gonna take the action I had prepared beforehand.

I draw my sword.

"...Got it. But you're gonna listen to me if I win."

"Oh, yer' rearing to go now... Sure thing. Just ask me anything."

Giruas takes a stance with his sword... He cast Physical Reinforcement chantlessly.
...It's quite a high level Physical Reinforcement.
You can tell how overwhelming Giruas's talent in magic just from this.

However... It's still a bit rough around the edges.
Only by polishing talent can you truly demonstrate your power.

"Here goes."

I took a step ahead as I said that.
Giruas attempts to meet me with his sword.

I took half a step sideway, slightly shifting my center of gravity to evade that sword.
Then I went straight ahead and placed my sword on Giruas's neck.

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