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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 82

Chapter 82 So How Much for the Loot?


Our one week expedition has netted us quite a lot, I'm very looking forward to the assessments at the trade counter.
I plan to process the items I can process and sell them at the market myself though!

Here's the list of our loot this time.

Black Soul Stones (all kinds) x 390
Red Soul Stones (all kinds) x 130
Yellow Soul Stone (Savage Starfish) x 1
Yellow biggish Soul Stone (Bear) x 1
Green big Soul Stones (Evil Tadpole) x 12
Satan Brocade (for consumption not for sale) 25 straw bags
Evil Tadpole Tendon x 20
Evil Tadpole Mucus (will be processed, thus not for sale. Seven big bucketful.)
Bear Liver x 1
Vanilla Essence (put in bottles for sales) x 59
Alraune Honey (will be processed, not for sale. put in bottles) x 39
Sardines x 387
Mackerel x 119
Salmon x 29
Salmon roe x 1 (Persuaded by Mitama, not for sale)
Black Tiger prawn x 58
Twist Gelatin (Ryouma Jellyfish drop item) x 4
YaranaIka egg (YaranaIka drop item. Apparently a delicacy) x 1

There's way too much!
By the way these excludes the portion we enjoyed in the dungeon. We're gonna put aside some ingredients if there are quests for it, but the rest will be put to use in our daily consumption.
Thanks for the meal.

"So yeah, Eleanor-san, I'm back."

As I led everyone to Adventurer Guild, I ran up to Eleanor-san when I saw her there.

"Welcome back, darling."

Haua, what an ambush. The girls behind me seemed a bit taken aback as well to see the smiling Eleanor-san. The guys inside the guild are sending their drop-dead glances hard at us too. Mostly to me!!

"I-I didn't expect that ambush. So uh, do any of these items get posted on a quest? I'd like to deliver them if they do."

Even Eleanor-san looked surprised when she saw the loot list written on a parchment. But as you'd expect from a veteran receptionist. She quickly pulled herself together and picked up several quest tags.

"You can take on these quests here right away as no one else has taken them yet. What would you like?"

I'm calculating in my brain weighing if the rewards are worth the effort to get the items. I probably shouldn't worry too much since Eleanor-san recommended these quests, just my nature as a sad underling.
There are four quest tags. Quest looking for a large amount of fish, 10 vials of vanilla essence, seeking urgent soul stones (yellow), and material for five bowstring. Just right, just right.

"We'll take them. And we're delivering the requested items right away. There's quite a lot, where should I put them?"

"Well then, let's proceed to the dismantling area in the back. You can put the goods in the cold storage there."

Everyone went to the dismantling area in the back as suggested by Eleanor-san. We're getting many kinds of glances, envy, jealousy and tasty all the while. Oy, what's up with the last one!?

I ain't gonna let them go no matter how much envy we got. They're my family I will protect.

There's Eleanor-san and Ranba-san in a room at the Dismantling Area besides our party. I asked for somewhere without prying eyes, but Ranba-san ended up accompanying us. Well, I guess I can trust this person. The stability ratio of sombre old men in this town is pretty scary.

"What about the fish? The quest asks for a large amount, but specifically how many??"

"Will 100 sardines, 20 mackerel, 10 salmons, and 20 black tigers as the special be fine?"

Thud, thud, I put the requested goods on the rack for fresh fish. There sure is a lot when I look at it again. And since these goods were put inside a dimensional storage with the time stop function, the freshness was exceptional. Eleanor-san was fine since I had told her about it in advance, but Ranba-san looked bewildered. His usual composed face broke down as his mouth flapped open and shut. But as you'd expect from a sombre old man. He immediately snapped out of it and began assessing the goods.

There was no problem with soul stones and vanilla essences. The problem is the number of Evil Tadpole tendon for the bowstring quest. I don't know how much value the Evil Tadpole tendon carries after all.

"Fumuu, you don't see this one often... This item is way too good for the reward of this quest. Are you truly sure about this?"

"No err, I have absolutely no clue about the price of this thing, just how much is it worth?"

The Evil Tadpole tendon. Surprisingly enough, each piece is worth 10,000 mani. Because on top of its quality, it rarely appears on the market. A party risks getting annihilated challenging an Evil Tadpole unless they have a very talented mage among their ranks, so the value is just not there.

"Fumu, it would be a waste to miss out on this material. As the client of this quest is someone with a discerning eye, would it be all right with you if I inform them of this? I believe they would jump at the chance."

"I have no problem with that. So, are these are all fine then?"

"Umu, I'm grateful for your consideration. Indeed, there is no problem with these goods. They're of very high quality as well. Eleanor-dono, these are the confirmation tags."

"Yes, allow me to take them. Okay then, let's get back to the counter and hand over your rewards."

Gotcha, thus we went retraced our path back. Still, for Evil Tadpole tendon to be worth that much, what a lovely surprise.
Ah, right. Might as well invite Eleanor-san now.

"Eleanor-san, are you free tonight? I'm thinking of holding a feast to celebrate our return with everyone. It would be grand if Master could come too."

"Oh yes, I'd be glad to. And father is off duty today and tomorrow, I'm sure he can come as well. I've been... waiting, you know?"

She's looking at me with a slightly criticizing eye. Sorry about it, Eleanor-san.

Our rewards for three quests, 12,460 mani. As for the soul stones, black netted 39,000 mani in total, red 65,000, the bear soul stone netted 7,000 mani and the Evil Tadpole's green soul stones netted 90,000 in total since they were big. I didn't trade in the tendon since it looked like it would come in handy.
213, 460 mani in total. 7,500 mani for every person a day huh... Pretty good. I mean this is without sales from processed goods. If I just dilute that with Dense Mana Water and find a buyer, it'll worth a fortune surely. There's an obvious increase in profit. A huge difference from 5F.

And since I'm in charge of our funds, I'm making it once in a week pocket money format. Since if I gave too much, someone whom I won't say will spend it all up on food. On the other hand, I won't interfere with the girls using our party funds to buy equipment. But since the risk is too big if I manage it alone, I've entrusted half of our funds to Futsuno-san. There will be more handouts once I manage to sell the processed goods, but this is it for now. It all hinges on the sales.

Our present capitals are as follow. I haven't told anyone about the hidden capitals. As those are black money that no one should or can know about.

Secret N(obusada) Capital (Confiscated from Jami and idiot noble), 10,500,000 mani.
I still haven't assessed the secret jewels' worth. There's quite a lot.
Magic tools in my custody -> on hand. I plan to give them to the girls soon.

Party Capital, 200,000 mani (excluding pocket money)

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Afterward, we partied hard that night. Seafood based hot pot, roast, sashimi and hodgepodge for all.
With booze in full force, Sefi-san made a huge show too, drinking, singing, dancing and stripping. Even Master was completely smashed, so everyone ended up staying for the night. I too let loose and got myself wasted.

In the end, everyone huddled together in the hall that day. This kinda thing's pretty nice once in a while.

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