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Okami wa Nemuranai 12.3_4


Lecan delivered barrels packed full with medicine to several pharmacists together with Jericho.

It's Shira-made medicine from the one Lecan helped making after the first herb gathering session back then.

Every stores was celebrating like they were about to cry. Since they had run out of Shira's medicine and couldn't respond to their customers' demands.

While Lecan was busy transporting the medicine in and out, Eda was getting a lecture on <Flame Arrow (Veyart) from Shira. There was not even a sign of her casting the spell at the end of the day.

In Lecan's case, he managed to cast the spell on his very first try.

(Perhaps Eda has no aptitudes in Light and Heat type magic.)

Right as Lecan was thinking of going back after he was done with the delivery, Dans came by. It's the messenger man Chaney employs. The man is most likely one of the upper echelon in Chaney Company. He's not supposed to do such busy works. Lecan could sense a considerable discretionary power from all interactions with him so far. Dispatching this man as a messenger probably signifies Chaney's consideration toward Shira. Same toward Lecan.

"Please excuse my tardiness, Shira-sama. I take it you need something with the house for rent we have."

Apparently, it was Shira who called him.

However, Shira never left her house.

She must have some sort of secret means to transmit messages.

"Lecan and Eda told me they want to live in that house. Can you show them the house for now."

"Affirmative. Would you like to go now?"


"I wanna go too."

"Very well, I shall lead the way. Shira-san."

"What is it?"

"My master will arrive here soon to visit you. He appears to have something to report and to give as a reward."

"I don't really need one though. But well, I'm not going to drive him away if he's coming."

"Thank you very much."

Led by Dans, Lecan and Eda went to the house.

It's an old compact house, but it's got a well and all stuff you'd expect from a house. Most importantly, it's surrounded by a tall sturdy outer wall, and the front door is bulky and bolted, a good point to have.

"The wall is so high, hanging out the laundry feels like it'd be a bit of a pain. The front door is so heavy too, need too much power to open and close."

What Lecan thought was an advantage, Eda saw it as a disadvantage. Yet, this house is close to Shira's and the shopping street. She thought it was a good article. The rent fee is 12 silver coins for the remainder of this year. Lecan is not familiar with the market price, but he understands how cheap it is.

"What do you think, Eda."

"Unn. I like that it's cheap. And we can just move out if we find a problem after living here anyway."

"Alright then, we're renting this house."

"Thank you very much. Here are two keys to this house."

Dans left after handing over the keys to Lecan and Eda.

"Well then, let's pack up and move in."

"What are you saying. We've got to clean it up first, and there's not even a bed or even a bundle of straw to sleep on. We gotta buy cooking utensils and tableware too."

"That's unnecessary. We've got our camping tools anyway."

"Why should we camp out when we've rented a house. Geez, Lecan. Okay then, just let me take care of cleaning up and purchasing minimum necessities. Lecan, you can come tomorrow, I mean three days later."

"Got it. Well then."

Lecan stayed in a room at his usual inn.

Looking at foodstuff that was in his <Storage>, he found out many already spoiled or nearing expiration. He threw away the spoiled ones and gave the rest to the inn to be cooked.

Lecan chewed down the cooked food while drinking strong liquor aplenty before falling asleep like a log.

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"Oh my, what's wrong with you, Lecan. You look kind of worn-out."

"I went to the orphanage."

"Oh that's, good work there. Were you with Eda-chan?"

"No, Eda should be shopping around and cleaning the house now."

"Did you give her money?"


"Don't forget to give her, okay."


"So, how was it at the orphanage."

"Made them cry."


"The kids cheered out loud the moment they saw me, then they swarmed on me."

"Isn't that nice. They love you. You sure are popular from just one visit before."

"If it was <Red Apes (Urd)> swarming me, I would have exterminated every last one."

"Why would you exterminate the orphanage you went to offer service at."

"I know. Hence, I kept myself from drawing my sword."

"That's only natural. And then?"

"Afterward, they all asked me to squat down."


"So I did since refusing them would be too much trouble."


"Then the children started climbing on my head and shoulders."

"I can just picture that."

"They fell down one after another since they were jostling around. Catching them gently was really challenging."

"How hard could that be with reflexes as good as yours."

"I would have crushed them if I got too rough, took me a considerable control."

"Ah, I see now."

"They're loud."


"Children are loud. Boundlessly so."

"Yes well, that's just how they are."

"Shrill voices kept resounding on and on right next to my ears. That must have been a type of mental attack."

"Of course not."

"Then they clamored me to walk."

"Well, that's how the order goes."

"I was thinking. It would take too long if they went at it one at a time."

"Hum? So?"

"I walked with five children at a time. The other kids followed after me. My legs had a kid clinging on them each."

"My my, I'm amazed you managed that. I guess it's thanks to your size. It must have been quite a spectacle to the kids."

"There were 29 children in total. It was over after six laps."


"But that wasn't the end of it."


"Just when I thought it was finally over, the children said. 'One more time'."

"Oh my"

"After the third lap was over, I immediately took a red potion out of <Storage> and gulped it down."

"I don't think that's quite right."

"One of the children said this when they saw me doing that. 'Where's our snacks'."

"It must've looked like a candy to them. I mean, it's red and all."

"I recalled something. A bag of cake I got at Zaikaz Company."

"Each of us did receive a bag then."

"I took that out and began giving out the content. The children kicked up a fuss like they all went crazy. That must have been a type of Berserk transformation."

"No no, I don't think it is."

"But then, something terrible occurred."

"Hee. This gets more interesting the more I listen somehow."

"There were only 25 pieces. Of the cake."

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