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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 315

Chapter 315 Strongest Sage, Discovers Enemy


A completely wasted space architecturally speaking.
Located around the center of a building.
And... All the areas surrounding this space cannot be entered by anyone.

"It's suspicious all right... So, think the sword is in there?"

"At the very least, I'm sure it's hiding something."

Ruli glared at the map.
Then she drew a line.

"Breaking walls on this line nets us the shortest route to this suspicious space... But these walls seem to have been deliberately reinforced, don't they?"

"Yeah. Good eyes."

"Because they're using some unusual building materials..."

Ruli is correct, the walls in the shortest route have been reinforced.
They're made of an abundant amount of stuff like Mithril, rare in this era, and expensive building materials like steel.

The construction seems recent too, and we've even found traces of processing by way of magic.
There are also other miscellaneous marks of reconstructions in the mansion.

Since the [Coffin of Sealing] where the [Man-eating Blade] sleeps can't be moved far, they must have no choice but to build a house that's easy to protect to keep the Coffin hidden away.

"Mere sturdy walls can be destroyed any time... Our problem in this case is the demon itself."

Even if we make Iris break the walls, it will still take us around 10 seconds to get to the hidden space.
It would take less than 10 seconds for the demon lurking in the mansion to make its way to us.
We can't avoid fighting either way.

"...We should cook up a plan while scouting the demon's strength. Let's go to the lord's mansion once again."

"Got it!"


The girls stood up.
Then just as the three were about to leave the room I told them.

"...Also, careful not to use Comm magic until after we beat the demon."

"Is it because it could be tapped, like when we fought Grevil-sensei?"

"Yeah. Comm magic transmits out mana. They'd suspect us."

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A few minutes later.
I investigate mana reactions outside the lord's mansion.

"It's hiding really well."

I murmured while looking at the surrounding mana.

"I don't sense even a tiny bit of mana that fits the bill... Mathi-kun, can you tell?"

"I can. Of vestiges of magic used by demon rather than the demon itself though."

I couldn't see the demon's mana itself even after getting this close to the mansion.
The only demonic things I could sense from here is vestiges of mana from when the demon used magic and stuff.

However, you can guess a demon's strength by such vestiges.
But you'd need a proper analysis and enough amount of mana as sample...

"Oh found it."

I'm paying attention on walls surrounding the town lord's mansion.
There were traces of a recent repair on the corner of the walls.

I feel demonic mana from that repaired part.
The demon must have done the repair itself.
And... Magically repaired walls are a treasure trove of mana sample.

I put my hand on the wall... and analyze the mana.

"...No wonder it's 'Greater', this demon is pretty strong."

I managed to guess the demon's strength from the mana reaction.
It's weaker than Zaridias... But it's the second strongest demon I've encountered after reincarnating so far.

It's not like I can't fight it head-on... But winning would prove difficult.
It'll most likely turn into a stalemate where we both attempt to exhaust each other's mana.

If it comes to that, we'll be in a huge disadvantage.
A demon has a far larger mana pool than human.
We need a plan to win.

As I was thinking that... I sensed one mana reaction among many in the town rapidly approaching.

This mana, it's Giruas.
Looks like he found us out.

We could shake him off... But this is a good timing.
It might even be the breakthrough we need.

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