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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Nobusada's Hammer of Wrath


While Nobusada was doing trial runs for rice milling magic.

Three girls are facing to each other in the bathroom-turned cavern. The bathtub was made by Nobusada's magic, Mitama's life magic provided the water, then Futsuno turned it into hot water with her fire magic.
These girls are discussing something with serious expressions on their faces.

"So? How's it goin' with you and Nobu-kun after that time?"

"Nuna!? Why would you touch upon that now of all time noja."

"...Important. Nobu plunged toward a giant enemy alone once again today."

"Right right, Nobu-kun somehow always ends up going up against some troublesome opponents, don'tcha think? I'm afraid he'd overdo it and get past point of no return one of these days."

"...So you'd better make many connections to tie the knot. Besides..."

Mitama stammered a bit before resuming.

"...Besides, Kagura is part of family. Everyone together."

Mitama sheepishly said that while bashfully looking down.
Her words were transmitted clearly to Kagura despite how faint they were. Kagura herself had been all alone in the world after losing her mother. She's fully aware of what Mitama is trying to say.

"Indeed. You're all important family to me too. Beloved one and precious family. I am truly happy right now."

Then with a resolute look on her face, she spoke to the two.

"Tonight. I shall pay a visit when milord is taking his bath. That will be when my heart and body become his. I am also going to tell him not to overdo things with us as chains."

Everyone nodded and smiled at each other. The girls are tightening their bonds unbeknown to Nobusada.


Ignorance of such, Nobusada was watching his dream steam rising from the cooked rice.

The lid was uncovered to unveil shining white rice with rising steam.
Uhoo, here comes rice. Well then, time for a taste.


So gooooooooood, it's way gooooooooooood

What the heck is this stuff too good. I've never tasted rice this good in my life before. This stuff can easily complement the Louv Pork even with its overflowing meat juice for sure.

By the way, the girls have all learned how to use chopsticks. Even Sefi-san who had lots of trouble in the beginning can use it neatly now. I shaved those chopsticks myself unique to each girls. Mitama has a cat mark, Futsuno-san's fox, Kagura-san's spear, while Sefi-san has a potion mark carved on the chopsticks. Carving a snake would be in poor taste so I didn't. Mine has Tama-chan's mark.

A simple table and chair set along with a clay charcoal stove! Charcoal and igniter!
Ummu, all set.

I'll ask Kagura-san who's standing by to go call everyone. Even if we've laid ourselves bare already, I'd feel bad intruding the girls when they're relaxing.

"Kagura-san, I'm all done here, could you call everyone here?"

"Understood. I shall immerse myslef in hot bath after meal. I shall be off noja."

Few minutes later. Mitama cheerfully comes in while humming in good mood. The two girls were warmly looking at her from behind. It's already a routine for us.

"Thanks for waiting. Here be our meals today. Dipping the griled meat in this condiment before you stuff it in your mouth will bring happiness, guaranteed. Well then, itadakimasu."


I put the well done galbi in salted white rice. Then it went in my mouth as I wrapped another... Aah, bliss. The meal comes together with the meat.

"Fuhaaa, this must be what Ma referred as the taste of hometown. This rice is very nice by itself, but paired with the side dish, it's like, I feel like I can eat it forever. Oh no, I cannae stop."

"Ah, truly. This is the taste. The taste of white rice I seldom encountered even in my long separated hidden village. And here I get to eat it with this luxurious meat. I have never felt such extravagance in my life before."

"...Chomp chomp chomp chomp, gulp gulp gulp gulp."

Three differing replies, though one of them isn't exactly one. Since the people of eastern Hinoto Empire regularly eat rice, Kagura-san being someone hailing from there with her mother, it's no surprise that she's got a taste of rice before. It's a very nice match. I'll work hard to stock up more whenever I have time from now on.

When the mountains of meat that were on the table had all gone, I recalled that thing.
It's been quite some time since I put it in. If all goes well, now should be a good time, no?

Come out you! Three sake stone containers! If it went well.

First of all, peach juice! I opened it and... It's spoiled rotten! Was it too fast?!! Or probably not, it's drifting off some dangerous smell, probably because some sort of microorganisms got mixed in. Since it's fermenting fine, the experiment on accelerated time in dimensional storage is a success.

Next is apple juice. Gufu, this one's no good either. Wonder if it's because of the lack of corks. It looks half-baked.

Lastly, grape juice. Sniff sniff. Oh? Nice going?
Time for Discerning-sensei's turn.

Grape Juice (Fermenting)
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
One step before wine state. Has low alcoholic content, yet it gives off richer aroma than regular grape juice.

Fumu, looks like it needs a bit more time. Well since this doesn't look poisonous, guess I'll let the two heavy drinkers have a taste.

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After tidying everything up, I secretly went to enjoy the bath alone. Of course I added new hot water. Why would you do that to ex bath water of beauties, you ask? I would have agreed with ya there normally, but this time we were all full of mud. Of course, I replaced everything.

But man, bath time is really indispensable for a day to complete. This would have been the best if I had cow milk right after bath, but nothing I could do about that. Well, cooled fruit juice is more than good enough though.

The grape juice got all drank up by the heavy drinkers plus Mitama. Apparently, a cup right before going to bed feels just right. Since Mitama isn't too much of a drinker, she's gone to bed early though.

Come to think of it, does this world have sponge gourd? I kinda want that scrubbing sometimes.
I'll go take a look at the shopping district later.


While thinking that, the curtains that I somehow managed to put up swayed.
Hm? Is anyone... There??

I was dumbfounded with eyes wide open. Kagura-san was standing, laid bare there.
No no, what's going on. I was gonna wait for Kagura-san since I didn't want to force her, but I never thought she would act so bold in a dungeon.

"Milord, umm... err. I'm the only one who hasn't done it. I desire to be made a woman by milord tonight."

Kagura-san said that shyly while hiding her chest and private part.

"Please don't stare at me so much, young one. For I have lived my life in battlefields. I'm full of scars, unlike those two."

Indeed, remains of cut wounds and stuff can be found here and there. Her abs are visible too, proof of a fighter girl. But that's good. I love that too!

I went out of the bath tub and hugged Kagura-san. Since I'm short, my face gets buried in Kagura-san's chest, but it's all good. I draw my lips closer while gazing at the blushing Kagura-san...


Just when they were about to met, sounds of something hitting something could be heard on other side of the stone wall to the opposite of the entrance.

Who the crap!!
Anger gauge maxed out. You're makin' me mad y'know!!?


No hold back graviton to stop whatever is moving over there. The wall got blown away revealing a giant bear. This thing wasn't here when I made the walls, it must have spawned inside the cave then. It was just born, but here is a cavern without light. It's only right to be hit with full strength. I actually feel bad for it... naw, hell if I did!
Just when we were at the good part!

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! "

I keep reciting Thunder as long as my breath allows. Suppressed strength, double the pain. The bear is looking at me with eyes full of grudge. But I give no mercy! For you have angered me.

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!"

Its eyes are begging me to kill it already. But no, it's not over yet.

"Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!), Formic Acid (Thunder!).""

The spell is originally Aqua Arrow. But now it's a ball of strong acid instead water. How strong? Who cares! I just modified it impromptu in anger. But it's probably strong enough to burn through average soldiers of a certain self-defense army.

Smoke rose from its fur, the bear could barely breath. I calmed down a bit after this far. I'm gonna send it to the afterlife now.

I take Lunar Cat from Dimensional Storage and hold it aloft.

"Vibration Blade - Silver Light!"

The swung blade drew a long silver slash, flickering on the bear's head. My swinging speed has clearly risen. Must be an effect of this weapon skill.
The bear that lost its head vanished into particles of light. A soul stone, bear meat and bear liver fell in its place. Whoa, I put them inside Dimensional Storage. It's a secret I had already verified that I could put the items along with the mana husks during the battle before.

"What what! What's happenin' here!??"

Futsuno-san peeked inside the bathroom in panic.

"Ah, apparently this was a spawn point for monsters. It occurs rarely since there's no lumps of magic essence around though."

I feigned composure as I gave an explanation to Futsuno-san since it was over. But she's been listening to my explanation while gleefully looking at a certain direction. Hm? Her line of sight is toward... my... groins!?
Full exposures!! What the hell I'm doing acting calm bare naked.

"Kufufu, that's really a nice thing you got there Nobu-kun, ain't it. Well then, please enjoy yourselves, nihihihi."

Futsuno-san withdrew while smiling like some kind of pimp.
And Kagura-san was dumbfounded while also being stark naked. I hurriedly got back inside the bathtub and turned toward Kagura-san.

"So, err. Now that we've cooled down and all, wanna get in together?"

She seemed to be embarassed about it, after getting all fidgety for a bit, she bashfully got in the bathtub with me.

Afterward, we made out to our heart's content once I stealthily added more walls to keep the sound in.

I had to change the water again but I digress.

Tettere~♪ Acquired Great Nature.

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