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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Strongest Sage, Confirms Information

"So these are all the documents then?"

Later on.
I'm standing before the demon-encoded documents gathered from all over the country.

"Yes. Those are all."

There's only five new documents.
However... I found a new valuable information among them.

"...That sword has a guard huh."

I plan to use [Man-eating Blade] in order to defeat the [Chaotic Demon].
And this document is talking about exactly that sword.

There is a chance [Chaotic Demon] may be defeated due to artifacts.
The most dangerous among all known artifacts is considered to be the [Gravy Wood Altar's] [Man-eating Blade].
Though I do not believe the people of this current world can make use of it, we have to erase all possibility.
Send a greater demon to sneak into Gravy Wood altar and bar any attempt to utilize the sword.

"Greater demon...!"

Principal Edward shouted as he read the passage.

...You can't blame him for jumping in surprise.
The me now can beat mid class demons just fine in a direct confrotation... But that's almost impossible when the opponent is a greater demon.

"Are you sure this information is accurate? ...Is there any chance they're just bluffing to keep us on edge?"

"...That's unlikely. There's too much classified information contained in documents written in this language. They would have made use more codes if they anticipated it getting deciphered."

"That sounds reasonable... Which means, the [Man-eating Blade] is guarded by a greater demon then?"

"Yeah. No mistake about that... The problem is just how strong this greater demon is."

It's probably weaker than the greater demons found in my past life.

Those past greater demons were stronger than even Zaridias.
These demons wouldn't have gone out of their way to awaken [Chaotic Demons] if they had that much power already.

It doesn't mean we can relax our guard though.
Most demons I fought so far would be classified as lesser demons in the past era.
Were I up against a [Mid-class Demon] by the past era standard... whether I could win a direct confrontation or not would depend on compatibilities.

We have no choice but to go there since there's no other [Man-eating Blade] left in the world.
Let's just hope that the demon guarding [Gravy Wood's Altar] is one that the me now could prevail against.

I unroll the map while thinking that.
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"This Gravy Wood altar... appears to have become a town called Zadoria now."

"You mean a demon is lurking by in the middle of a town?"

"Yeah. I mean we knew that so many lesser demons were lurking in towns... No surprise to see a greater demon would too."

I replied so to Alma.
Demons in this era sure love to lurk in human towns.
Or maybe it was because towns back in the day were littered with demon-detecting magic all over, so they simply couldn't manage to.

But this is convenient to me.
If the sword is located in places with human traffic, we may be able to slip in among the crowd and grab the sword.
And since Iris's mana stands out a lot, maybe we can use her as a decoy while we carry out the deed.

As I thought that... Alma spoke.

"But the demons know where that sword is right? Couldn't they just, you know, throw it in a volcano or something instead of going out of their way guarding it?"

She has a point.
Grevil answered her question.

"The sword at Gravy Wood's Altar is heavily protected by magic... No demons can even touch the coffin where the sword sleeps."

"How exactly is it being protected?"

"We deployed the [Coffin of Sealing]... The protection on that coffin is absolutely inviolable... Is it not?"

"...I see. No wonder they can't move it far."

I gave my reply to Grevil.
[Coffin of Sealing] was a box the past me had created to preserve valuable articles.

That box absolutely cannot be opened without the matching key.
It's also virtually indestructible.

...However, the true value of [Coffin of Sealing] is not because of the key's performance or the coffin's durability.
[Coffin of Sealing] is furnished with a magic that prevents it from getting carried more than 50 meter away from the spot the seal is activated.

No matter how strong the demons are, they're no match against the magic's compelling force.
Hence they weren't able to throw it in a volcano or sink it in the ocean.

Their decision to post a guard is proof of their inability to break the seal.

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