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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-12

10-12. Courtesy Calls


Satou's here. Even though I've forgotten about it after I got used to internet payments, formalities are something that take time. Although I understand that it's necessary, it still makes me impatient.

"Heya, I'd like to extend my booking period, is it alright?"
"I-if it isn't Chevalier Pendragon-sama. We're glad to see you're fine, w-w-we can extend the period yes. I'm very sorry, but we're going to clean your room, so please relax yourself in the lobby for a while. Of course we won't charge you the admission fee.

How do I say this, the inn owner looks suspicious.
Right at that time, Pochi and Tama who have gone to see the horses come back.

"The horses aren't here~?"
"The carriage isn't here too nodesu."

Glint, Arisa's and Liza's look toward the inn owner. I'm smiling like a Japanese person would.

"T-the horses are currently being let to exercise on the ranch. Since the carriage was dirty, it's being cleaned in a studio that usually deals with high-class carriages. Of course they're free since it's our inn's service."

I see, he secretly sold them since he thought I had died huh?

"Hou? That carriage is something that I've ordered from the master craftsman in the duchy capital, it worths no less than 200 gold coins. It's not a studio that would damage or peel the paint is it?"
"Y, yes. Of course it is not."

Let's claim 200 gold coins if the paint really gets chipped. That's the actual market price after all.

"Liza, Nana, I'm worried about it so could you go and see the carriage?"
"N, no, you don't need to do that. Everyone must be tired since you all have just got back from the labyrinth. We have just acquired some good lambs, so how about some meal. We'll pick up the horses and the carriage from the store, so please wait for it while you're having the meal, that, er..."

How do I say this, he's too small time. So small I can't imagine he's the owner of this high-class inn. Maybe he's the son-in-law taken by the family, and thus wanted some small sum of money?

"Everyone, the inn owner-dono will treat us to a meal, thank him properly."

I'll make him treat us with plenty of lamb dishes as the compensation for his trick. That much should be fine. The youth troupe thank him unconcernedly. I'm not sure if the owner thinks that his trick has been found out or if he's successfully deceived me, but he honestly treat us with dishes.

The horses and the carriage were safely returned to the inn when we had finished our meal. I guess I'll forgive him since he didn't try to change the horses. I'll treat the horses to some specially-made feed later.
Now then, even though the horses and the carriage have been returned, we still shouldn't stay in this inn for long. I've extended our booking period as intended, but I'll check the current condition of the Ivy Mansion before we dive into the labyrinth next time, and if it looks habitable enough, we'll probably move there.

"What is the meaning of this, Heson! What's happened to my carriage! After overcharging it to 300 gold coins, now you're backing off from the deal, what is this."

There are people who don't know TPO out there huh.
I see, so my carriage was going to be sold at 300 gold coins huh. He seems to be quite excellent at overcharging people.

"Baronet Dyukeli-sama, that mistake happened--"

The inn owner draws closer to the old gentleman who looks like a wire. Urged by the landlady, we went to a passage guided by an employee.

I don't intend to thrust myself into an unnecessary trouble, so I come back to the room and take a rest with everyone. While being covered by little girls on the bed, I read the Toruma Memo in the menu.

It seems that he has investigated Baronet Dyukeli too, but as expected, even Toruma couldn't have personal connections with such faraway nobles, there are only two informations written, [A follower of Marquis Ashinen], and [Deals with Magic Tools].

However, there are slightly more detailed information written about the current viceroy of Selbira, Marquis Ashinen. Information that sound almost like he's badmouthing him; like how the previous generation had died unnaturally in the royal capital 20 years ago, or that the current marquis is stingy and like bribe money, or that he's a hen-pecked husband and arrogant.

It's written that Marquis Ashinen will soften his attitude toward someone who's brought him some expensive gift. Since it seems that it's better for the gift to be of the vulgar [Looks Expensive] kind rather than work of arts, let's present him with the gold nude woman statue I've acquired from my duchy capital acquaintance. Since that thing worths 20 gold coins, it should be enough. It's also written that he's into men, but since he likes the macho-type one, I should be safe as I'm outside his type.

I'll bring some presents for the wife too since it's said that he's a hen-pecked husband. According to Toruma Memo, she likes jewelries and confectionery, so I've decided to bring some jewelries I've got from the duchy capital, and some castella. Since hotcakes seem to be all the rage in the duchy capital right now, I choose a slightly different kind of castella.

I slip out of the bed after confirming that everyone has fallen asleep, and ask an inn employee to deliver a letter that contains my wish to meet face-to-face with the viceroy to his mansion. Since I'm scheduled to meet the Labyrinth Army General tomorrow afternoon, I've made an appointment to do this one the day after tomorrow.

"My, you've already collected the needed magic cores quota?"
"Yes, this is the achievement proof I've received from the staff-san on the labyrinth entrance."
"Quite a wonderful result isn't it. Have you entered a labyrinth before?"
"Yes, another labyrinth for a bit."

I make which of the labyrinth vague. She seems to have asked about it casually too, she doesn't seem interested to ask which labyrinth it is.

"Well then, please wait on the sofa over there while for the person in charge that will guide you."

Pestered by Arisa and the others, we went to the east guild after breakfast to raise our rank to bronze. By the way, the breakfast were dried white breads, potage pumpkin soup, and scrambled eggs with thick sliced roasted bacons. The line-up somehow feels like something that have been influenced by a reincarnated person.

We've been guided to another room, and then we submit our IDs from Muno city, and sign the official registration deeds. I checked it with magic perception just in case, but there didn't seem to be any magic-related trap. We were offered to check our status and skills with Yamato stone free of charge for the rank up, but I refused since there was no need to do that particularly.

"What would you like for the party name?"

Everyone began to argue from the words of clerk-san. Since it didn't seem like it would be decided immediately, I asked the clerk-san some time.

"Chevalier Pendragon and His Mistresses."


"Pochi and Master."
"Ara, Pochi-chan, do you not like being together with us?"
"I-it's not like I don't like it nodesu. Pochi and Master and Tama and Liza and Lulu and Mia and Nana and Arisa is fine nodesu!"

Lulu teases Pochi's verbal slip. She corrected it immediately, but just as Tama's said, it's too long.

"It should be more concise. How about Demon Lord Slayers?"
"Isn't that like a title?"

It'll be troublesome if there's someone who believes that, and most people will probably laugh at us for trying to be like heroes.

"Young Organism Protection Corps, so I recommend."
"Eh~, then we would be obliged to protect the little girls in front of the labyrinth."
"I'd like to at least protect them from starvation though."

Is there no organization or something that distribute food in this city?

"Chevalier Pendragon and His Pleasant Friends sounds nice."
"Lulu, you really are Arisa's big sister after all."
"Eh, Liza-san, what do you mean by that?!"

Looks like Lulu has been steadily dyed with Arisa's Showa power.

"Friends of Fairy."
"Well they are our friends and all~ But it doesn't sound like a party name~"

And, I guess Tama is the only one who hasn't stated her opinion?

"Nn~? Eat Meat Corps." <TLN: "Niku ga tabe tai".>
"Eat Hamburg Steak Corps."
"Eat Roasted Whole Bird Corps."
"Eat Chocolate Parfait Corps."
<TLN: In Japanese, they're all pronounced the same as "I want to eat (corps' name)">

Isn't everyone just mentioning the thing they want to eat while pretending to suggest the party name? But, I'd like to eat chocolate as it's been awhile. I feel that I'd find it if I search around the southern archipelago.

I had a feeling that we wouldn't ever decide on it if it continued like this, so I registered my house name as the temporary one.

"Well then, it'll be complete in three days, so please use these temporary bronze plates until then."

Each of us receives a temp bronze plate that's carved with East-1~East-8.
The official bronze plate probably takes time to complete since it's carved with the owner's name and the party name.

The General of the Labyrinth Army is a middle-aged man with hooked nose who's the very picture of someone from a noble family with his arrogant air. It's the younger brother of Duke Bishtall from back then, Honorary Earl Eltall.

After the greeting, we begin to apologize to him. For the time being, I've brought three kinds of smoked food and the dragon spring liquor as presents. I've also asked the inn to make the liquor store deliver several kinds of first-class liquor in barrels to the soldiers.

"Hou, so he's the outstanding talent who's carrying the future of Shiga kingdom huh?"

I harden a little from General Eltall's words.
I don't remember carrying that future you know?

"That's right. Thanks to him, Muno City which had become the breeding ground of demons was saved, and even the lower demon in Gururian city was destroyed with surprisingly low amount of victim.
His and his retainers' abilities are probably equal to first-class knights' prowesses.
And, in addition to his battle prowess, he's also well versed in magic. He single handedly developed various magic, including the beautiful 『Fireworks』 magic that captivated people's hearts.
Perhaps because of his personality, even among the factions that are spread in my lord's domain, I've never heard any disturbing rumor like assassination's attempt, thanks to his cooking and personality as the lubricants."

Please stop the excessive praises. Poker Face-san is dying.

Moreover, leaving aside the Barondom and Gururian city. What do you mean by lubricant? Have I done something? Let's ask the detail from the viscount later. Were there really factions in that carefree duchy capital.

"If you really can change someone with your cooking like that, I'd like you to do something to that Marquis Ashinen."
"He might be unexpectedly changed you know? His cooking has mediated that Marquis Lloyd and Earl Haku after all."
"What! Those two who are like cats and dogs?"

Which Marquis Lloyd and Earl Haku are they talking about again?
Is it about the predecessors? The two people that I know should be in a really friendly term. They were always smiling after all.

The boy page came while bringing the smoked meat that I had presented on a plate. He had prepared cups for several people. Don't tell me we're going to drink in the broad daylight?

Contrary to his appearance, General Eltall is an affable person.

"W, what's this liquor? Chevalier Pendragon, where did you get this liquor? It's the first time I've drunk this liquor."
"It tastes like Toruma's treasured liquor huh, so that liquor was really something you had brought."

Let's fabricate some story since I can't exactly tell them that it's something summoned by the black dragon's magic.

"That is something I obtained from a merchant called Heiron in the trade port of the dukedom. I heard that it was liquor from some distant land, so perhaps it's from the archipelago or another continent."

I don't know whether it's because they comprehend that excuse, or because my Deception skill is at work, but it seems they've consented. The story flows, and I've been made to promise to give the two another dragon spring liquor later.

If I can get along with the military top position in the place where I'm staying with just one bottle of liquor in ton unit, I've got my money's worth.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-11

10-11. The Value of Safe Return


Satou's here. In my primary school days during my visit to my grandfather's house, I took part searching a mountain where a neighbor middle school kid was believed to be spirited away. I can still remember the serious faces of the adults back then even now. That middle school kid seemed to have been playing in the city, and they scolded the kid harshly afterward.

"Should we head back immediately after we have renewed the inn booking?"
"We can't nanodesu!"
"Ara? Didn't you say 『I belong to the battlefields』?"
"Walking the horses~" "Nanodesu!"
"Eh~, they're just horses, we can just ask the inn caretaker to do that."
"No good no good~?"
"Arisa doesn't understand nodesu."

I take no notice to the little girls' conversation as my mind is occupied with the thing that's happening on the first hall just ahead the passage.
There are nearly 200 knights in full equipments like they're going on a march. I wonder if they're on a mission to save an important person? Since there are people like a foreign country prince and the youngster an earl house inside the labyrinth, their target might be among them.

Arisa who was running out of breath when she was descending this stair has become able to calmly climb it while conversing. Level ups are great after all.

We enter into the labyrinth gate that Pochi and Tama have opened, going outside of the labyrinth.

There, I see the face of someone whom I didn't expect to find here.

"Viscount Shimen! It has been a while."
"Ooh! Chevalier Pendragon, so you're safe!"

I can guess the current situation while being surprised by the calm older brother of Toruma who's suddenly hugged me. I affirmed that after hearing Toruma-brother's story.

It started from the rumor about some half-destroyed explorers who acquired ant nectar that he heard in a noble-only saloon when Toruma-brother was visiting the labyrinth city to get a hold of rare magic cores the day before yesterday.

When he asked about the detail, he heard that the explorers were saved by a black haired young noble who had an excellent mithril sword and brought along little beastkin girls, and a magic spear-user lizardkin girl, he seemed to have associated them to be about me.

Then, he asked the Explorer Guild about it just in case, and the fact that we had become explorers, went to the labyrinth and had not come back yet came to the light.

At first he requested the Explorer Guild rescue unit to be deployed, but since they persisted that they couldn't dispatch it before the scheduled date of our return had passed, it wasn't going well. Good going Explorer Guild. If they had dispatched yesterday, it would have made many things complicated.

Therefore, he directly talked to the General of Labyrinth Army, borrowed some elites to form a rescue unit, and asked some explorers to become the guide. The viscount himself wouldn't be going into the labyrinth of course, but he purposely came here since he's acquainted with the captain of the unit.

"I'm very sorry for making you worry."
"No, judging from your conditions, I've jumped to the wrong conclusion myself. I'm sorry for making this commotion."
"I already said right, against a magic warrior who can repulse a lower demon, even if the first four area monsters ganged up on him, they wouldn't even nick him."

The knight captain who's wearing a full body armor entered the conversation by saying so. This person seems to be a honorary viscount. Toruma-brother has come to an agreement to deliver some barrels of wine and five sheep to the soldier barrack. I will apologize to the General together with Toruma-brother tomorrow. He told me that I didn't have to go, but as an adult myself, I couldn't exactly say, "Oh is that so.".

The knights seem to be going to eliminate the lost thieves since they've made preparations and all. It's just right since the ones I've knocked down should be still there.

Toruma-brother seemed to be busy, he left a subordinate to deal with the trivial after promising about the tomorrow matter.
The subordinate-san is a 40 years old man with good physique. I wish it was a beautiful female secretary instead.

After parting with Toruma-brother, we go to the purchasing counter of the guild staffs before the labyrinth gate.

"Congratulations on your safe return."
"Thank you."

I feel that there's something wrong with that, but since it seems like she's blessing me, I thank her.

"How was the result?"
"We've got magic cores, labyrinth ant's materials, and labyrinth frog's meat."

I take them out of the satchel. I purposely did it like this to leave an impression that we are in the possession of a magic bag <<Holding Bag>>. It's better than having them suspiciously think that we have Item Box.

I take out more than 100 magic cores, 10 of ant's breast shell, carapaces, and claws each, and 100 kilograms of labyrinth frog meat.

"T, that's a lot of magic cores."

Just as Arisa's expected, the face of the guild female receptionist is cramping. It seems to be within common sense as it's not enough to create a commotion.
I think it's actually unexceptional considering our levels, but maybe it's unprecedented for first-time explorers since the guild have onlye information about their names. I'm really glad that I've left the magic cores we've acquired from stronger monsters on the campground.

"Are these all Chevalier Pendragon-sama?"
"No, although I don't know if they have purchase request, I have the meat of strange yellow lizard."

I already knew that it had no purchase request, but since the meat is delicious, I've brought it to treat the children who are standing by here. There are only 20 kilograms of the meat, but it should be enough to treat them.

"Strange yellow lizard? Is it that legendary ingredients?!"
"Oy, Huey. Appraise this meat. It seems to be of the yellow strange lizard."
"Is that true. You've done well to defeat such fast running lizard."

Come to think of it, it was trying to run away from Tama's surprise attack, so I caught it with [Magic Hand]. I had thought that its price was too high, so it was a rare ingredient huh. I ask about the prices of the other things while they're appraising it.

The labyrinth frog meat is worth four copper coins a kilogram, so 100 kilograms are four gold coins.

The ant's breast shell is two silver coins, and the carapace is one silver coin. I think the carapace can be used for many things, is there a few demand for it? The ant's claw is quite cheap, 10 of them are one silver coin. It's two copper coins a piece.

"It's the strange yellow lizard without a doubt. It's 10 gold coins if you sell it to the guild. You can possibly sell it higher if you bring it to the city, but in that case, the tax for carrying out will be one gold coin."

I don't particularly need to pay the tax since it can be deducted from the materials and magic cores I'm selling it. Since the market price is 20 gold coins, it's more profitable to sell it in the city even if I have to pay the tax.

As for the magic cores, each one of the 103 magic cores of the labyrinth ants is one copper coin, the strange yellow lizard's core is one silver coin, and the labyrinth frog's core is two silver coins.
The staff-san teaches me how to break down the price of the magic cores.

"These lots of small magic cores are White 9 and Vermilion 1 so they're of the lowest grade. Please note that it's the lowest priced core since there is little use of this low-ranked magic core."

I asked her to teach me the detail of magic core grades.

It seems that the deeper the red color of the magic core is, the better.
There are four colors classifications which are White, Vermilion, Red and Crimson, [White 9 Vermilion 1] to [Vermilion 10] are the low grade, [Vermilion 9 Red 1] to [Red 10] are the intermediate grade, [Red 9 Crimson 1] to [Crimson 10] are the high grade, and above it is the highest grade, [Blood Crimson].

Since the level 30 frog is [White 7 Vermilion 3], while the level 15 lizard is [White 2 Vermilion 8], it doesn't seem that being higher leveled means that the magic core will be better. By the way, the whales' cores are Deep Crimson. I don't have any intention of selling it, but I'm slightly interested just how much is that giant magic core worth.

Since the price of the magic cores doesn't depend on quantity but its grade and weight, the staff-san politely measures it one by one while wiping them. There's a magic tool for this measurement, it calculates the price after you set the value standard on the ballast. It's quite an excellent thing.

However, she's implying that the [White 9 Vermilion 1] magic cores don't have any use, but I've used it normally for making diluted potions, I wonder if there are individual differences?
The guild staff breaks down the total and shows the written blackboard to me.
I've decreased the labyrinth meat I'm going to sell by 20 kilograms.

"Do you agree with this amount of money for the purchase?"
"Yes, good enough."

The deal has been made, and I receive the documents needed for us to rank up from Wood plates to the Bronze plates from the guild-san. Strangely, they don't check whether I'm carrying something out. I wonder if the checking is lax?

I got permission from the guild staffs to borrow the BBQ stove beside the counter. It seems that they're loaning the set and the fuel for one big copper coin.

"Noble-sama, so you're safe!"
"I'm glad!"

The two people from the [Beautiful Wings] called and hugged me. The women seemed to have thought that we were defeated and abducted by the ants. Putting aside the muscle body of charming-san, the soft embrace of the beauty-san is very wonderful.

Since Lulu who's grilling some frog meat is looking here with a complex expression of surprise and reproach, I gently pull the two apart. Arisa and the others were busy ordering the children to line up, so they didn't notice it. It seems I've avoided the guilty festival.

"I'm glad that you two are also alright."
"It's thanks to noble-sama."
"We were really saved by you."

These girls seem to be the explorers who were going to guide the rescue unit. Apparently they received a fine for not only causing trouble for other explorers, but also the labyrinth army. The fine was expensive, so the prize money they got from the quest weren't enough. They were being vague about it, but they probably borrowed money to cover the deficiency.

The children who are treated with grilled meat on wooden skewers come to me to say their thanks, and then get back near the wall to enjoy the food. Arisa had specially told them that I was the one who treated them while she was distributing the meat. Everyone seems to be experienced from the food distribution at the duchy capital, the children line up while keeping the order.

The beastkin girls ate the little of meat that had remained. You girls, haven't you each just eaten 10 kilograms of the meat yesterday?

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-10

10-10. Labyrinth Exploration (4)


Satou's here. When I'm engrossed with something, I often forget the time. Like when an MMO got a new version, I stockpiled two days worth of food and engrossed myself with the game.

"Nana! Endure it for a while. Pochi, Tama, use Magic Edge! Let's settle it in one go."
"You ivy! Are you a plant or an animal, be clear about it, so I complain!"
"Magic Edge~" "Go~ nanodesu!"

With Nana's provocation, the Thorn Foot rushes by crawling with its octopus-like ivies toward Nana, and entangles her body. She quickly cuts the ivies with her nature magic Sharp Edge-strengthened magic sword, so the ivies don't have any chance to twine around her. Geez, I'd have liked if it was a bit more erotic.

While my mind is in another place, Pochi and Tama cuts the main ivy that's connected to a giant thorn with their magic edged magic swords.

Arisa pierced the bump part of the Thorn Foot's head with her [<<Dimension Cutter>>], severing half of the bump.

Lulu who's beside her fires a big caliber magic bullet from her magic gun, completely blowing away the half-torn bump of the Thorn Foot.

There, Mia demonstrates the effect of [<<Water Shredder>>], shredding the monster's rind by making use of the body fluids that flow on its surface.

Lastly, Liza drives her magic edged Spiral Spear Attack on the legs-like ivies of the Thorn Foot, finishing it off.

"Big victory~?" "Nanodesu!"

I clean everyone who's raising cheers of victory with life magic and heal them in one go with [Aqua Heal]. I leave it to Mia to heal injuries during battles, but it's my job to heal injuries after the battle is over.

They were fighting against a level 30 Thorn Foot this time, but they were able to reliably beat it.

This is the area 1-4-9-17 that's overflowing with plant-type monsters. The name seems to be like this since the place you end up in can differ even if you're in the same area depending on the course you've passed through. Since it's long, let's just call it area 17. In here, plant roots that are hanging on every room emit light so it's bright. I tried cutting those plant roots before since I was curious, there were light fiber-like things in its cross-section. The natural light  fiber roots and stalks must have brought the light from outside.

Due to that reason, there are a lot of plant-type monsters in this area. Various enemies have attacked us, like the walking ivy monster like before, a big tree monster which fires durian-sized acorns from its cannon-like part, a walking corn monster that rapidly fires its thumb-sized kernels like a machine-gun, or carnivorous plants that send out their slime-like mucus feelers to predate upon us. Any one of them is around level 20-30.

One interesting monster is called [Walking Bamboo (Ugi)], they look exactly like a bamboo. You can extract green-tea colored sugar by processing the fiber of this monster's main body. Furthermore, its leaves are raw material for potion stabilizer. The ivy of this Walking Bamboo (Ugi) and the Thorn Foot that we've just hunted now are material for making intermediate potion. Since the ivy would start to contain toxic after it's left to decompose for a few days, I compounded it by following the instruction on the documents of the elf alchemist.

I can see demi-goblins and herbivore monsters sometimes, but since low-leveled monsters are just a hindrance, I exterminate them with Remote Arrows.

There is no one in this area besides us, partly because area 9 is infested with small insect monsters and slime monsters that especially use poison, disease and paralyze inducing attacks, on top of the area being a traps heaven. It seems that even for the past explorers, hardly any have come to this area, there are only around 20% of the sign monument compared to the other areas.

"Alrighttt! I did it! I've leveled up to 27 from just now!"
"Did it nodesu!"
"Self-conceit is prohibited. This is the result of master being here."
"Affirmative. It is thanks to master."
"Of course I feel thankful. Other enemies don't come when we're hunting one, and convenient enemies quickly come right after the break, it's a program that will even freak out an efficiency freak."

I take no notice to Arisa's subtly impolite praise.
We walked slightly further in since the enemies were too weak in area 1-4 where we fight the ant in the beginning as it wouldn't have become a training for everyone. Thanks to the suitably strong enemies in this area 17, it has become an efficient level up training. I'm concerned with Arisa who was lacking in stamina, but according to the person herself, it was because she had raised her stat to be oriented toward being a magician. During the (stat) adjustment on level up, she had raised (her other stats) to be at standard level so she had somehow resolved it. I'm quite envious that she can arbitrary allocate her stat points.

Since this place (the labyrinth) has night and day cycle, and the ground looks like bare soil, it doesn't feel like underground. Moreover, there are water sources, and the air don't get muddied even if we cook since there are air vents high on the ceiling. It's probably the best place for camping and hunting.

Since I could easily split groups of monsters by using earth magic to control the bare soil, it was easy to make only one monster could fought everyone at a time. The reason why Arisa didn't use her space magic to split monsters was because it seemed hard for her to use space attack magic while fighting against higher-leveled enemies.

"Come to think of it, a few days have passed already, is it alright for us not to return to the city yet?"
"We have a lot of water and food, so it's fine isn't it?"

Four days have already passed. We've only raised 2-3 levels each day, but since we've leveled more than 10 levels since our entry, the result is quite good.

The big one is particularly Lulu who has gained life magic and nature magic skills, and Mia who has acquired Spirit magic skill.

Arisa has also acquired fire magic skill when she's gotten her space magic skill to level 8. Apparently, the required point to level up to level 9 and more was too large, it almost made her heart broke she got something else. She picked fire magic that's good in battle since she could use advanced level magic the way she is now.

According to Arisa, body reinforcement magic of fire magic creates the energy by burning fat in your body, so it's good for diet. She boasted that it was something that the elves had taught her.

As far as my analysis goes, it uses nothing but magic power so the body fat things must be the elves' joke. I failed to mention it to her since she looked too happy, but I have to tell Arisa before she begin overeating.

Since we had already annihilated all the enemies in this hall, we went toward the log house that we had been using for the last four days in order for having dinner.

The log house that was made from plant-type monster materials originally only had a living room, but it was added with more rooms and got improved little by little every day. Right now it has become like a villa which has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a workshop.

We're growing tomatoes and medicinal plants on the patch of soil in front of the villa. Let's plant all sort of plants like flowers, soy beans and potatoes the next time we come here.

This hall is located in a place where there are watering hole and air holes, gushing holes can't be formed here. There are three passages on this hall, but I've put up doors with magic keys on each end of the passages, and left threefold traps there. Since even Tama has given up canceling the traps halfway through it, it's probably enough for preventing crime. I've made it to be able to be unsealed with authentication magic tools and passwords since it would be troublesome to go in-and-out otherwise. I've included simple version of barrier pillars on the doors in order to prevent bodiless-type monsters intrude.

"I'm home."

We enter the log house while unanimously saying so. This log house is installed with scarecrow series surveillance mechanism that will send alarm [Signal] when they discover an intruder. There are abundance of mana in the labyrinth, so I made use of the jellyfish's feelers to gather mana for the magic power needed to power the surveillance and alarm mechanisms.

I think the doors and the traps from earlier are enough, but just in case.

"The hot water have been boiled."
"Yeah, I'm going."

Since Arisa has called, I put the blueprints of the bronze Living Armor for guarding this villa on top of the sheet, and head to the bathroom.

Recently, Arisa who has learned the fire magic does the heating. At first the bathroom was partially destroyed by fire since she made a mistake during the heating adjustment, but she's become able to reliably do it now.

"Everyone is already waiting, undress quick quick~"

Since it was troublesome to make the changing room, undressing is done in the living room. Everyone will get caught up in Arisa's bad influence if I'm too tardy, so I use quickdress to change into waist coiled with towel style and enter the bathroom.

Everyone who's in one-piece yukata like Arisa's wearing is waiting in front of the bathtub that's made of cypress-like wood. I don't think that I must be the first one to enter, but since Liza and Nana were insisting, "The first bath is for master.", me entering first has become the custom.

After Liza and Nana pour hot water from both of my sides, I set foot into the bathtub. I slowly lean my back on the bathtub's edge, and relax my mind and body with the hot water that feels just right.

There are a lot of spirits in the watering hole here. I don't know whether it's because they're the prey of the monsters, or simply because it's the gushing point of an earth vein. Just by submerging in the hot water, I feel that my body feels light like it's being massaged, the spirits might be massaging me unexpectedly.

While I warm my body, I'm washing the back and hair of the youth troupe besides Arisa. I also washed Lulu and Arisa before, but Lulu had become so red it looked like she was going to faint, and Arisa was too excited she got a nosebleed and fainted, so they get left out.

Since Mia who has won the janken for the first player is already waiting with a shampoo hat, I quickly bubble her hair with the shampoo soap. This shampoo soap is something from the recipe I've learned from the elf hometown alchemist, Tsuya-shi. It's not as good as the shampoo from my former world, but it produces more bubbles than a normal soap and it's tender for scalps. I made the shampoo hat for Pochi, but for some reason, Mia and Nana also have become to like it.

After washing the hair of the little girls in turn, I warm up my chilly body in the hot water and count to 100 with Pochi and the others, and then we get out of the bath. I tried not to be captivated by Nana who had her yukata become slightly transparent from the hot water, but it was quite hard.

"I'm thinking of going back to the above ground tomorrow morning."
"Eh~, let's get back after we've leveled up to 30."
"I'd very much like to, but I've only paid the inn for five days, so if we don't go back tomorrow, our carriage and horses would be sold off you know."

I persuade Arisa, the only person who's complaining, by telling her the reason to go back. Putting aside the carriage, I feel sorry if the horses get sold off. The horses are our companions who have accompanied us in the long journey after all.

"Moreover, we can instantly go back here if we leave the carved seal board right?"

That words seemed to be the decisive factor, succeeded persuading Arisa.

Before we go back, I choose the booty we're going to take above ground.

Among the magic cores, I decided to put the large quantity of deep red magic cores acquired from area 17 inside the Magic Bag <<Holding Bag>>, and left it in the log house. I've already used large amount of the small whitish magic cores from the ants and small fries for making diluted magic potions, but there are still more than 100 of it remaining. I put only these magic cores into a small bag and bring them along.

Since everyone will look at us dubiously instead if we don't bring any monster material, I've decided to bring 10 of the ant's breast shells, carapaces and claws each that are in acceptable conditions, and also some labyrinth frog meat. Every one of them had been in the purchase list of the guild.

I remembered something and decided to bring some yellow lizard meat that weren't in the purchase list. They were strange lizards that looked like an iguana with feelers, but they were delicious with chicken-like taste and little fatness.

With [Return] magic, we return to the hidden room in area 1-4 that we've found. Of course I had made sure that there were no monsters or explorers in the room beforehand with [Clairvoyance] magic. Making sure of the situation ahead for teleporting is simpler with this magic, so I use it often recently.

Since I discovered around 30 lost thieves that were approaching like they were enclosing us when we were in a junction of the first area, I dealt with them with three consecutive [Remote Stuns] before they were even in our field of visions. They probably won't die, but since I hit them with 2-5 shoots each, they're probably going to be fainting in agony for a while.

Since I took some detours by using some small passages along the way, we safely got out of the labyrinth without even encountering the fainted lost thieves.

We were meet with a surprise outside of the labyrinth, but the surprising vector seemed to be slightly different than what Arisa had expected.


They seem to be living comfortably in the labyrinth.

The following skills changes are tentative. I might delete them when I make character glossary for chapter 10 later.

●Main Characters Levels and Skills Changes

Arisa...Level 27
[Never Give Up]
[Over Boost]
[Self Status]
[Status Check]
[Hide Skill]
[Item Box]
[Space Magic (Lv8)]
[Fire Magic (Lv1)]

Liza....Level 27
[Heavy Blow]
[Magic Edge]
[Magic Edge Cannon] (new)
[Spiral Spear Attack] (new)
[Flickering Movement] (new)

Tama....Level 27
[Short Sword]
[Two-Swords Style] (new)
[Magic Edge] (new)
[Enemy Search]
[Unlocking] (new)
[Trap Cancel] (new)
[Trap Discovery] (new)
[Horseback Riding]

Pochi....Level 27
[Short Sword]
[Heavy Blow]
[Helm Splitter] (new)
[Magic Edge] (new)
[Enemy Search]
[Flickering Movement] (new)

Lulu....Level 26
[Self-Protection] (new)
[Life Magic] (new)
[Nature Magic] (new)
[Service] (new)

Mia....Level 20
[Short Sword]
[Water Magic]
[Spirit Seer]
[Horseback Riding]
[Spirit Magic] (new)
[Self-Protection] (new)

Nana....Level 27
[One-handed Sword]
[Horseback Riding]
[Nature Magic]
[Abduction] (new)
[Capture] (new)
Nature magic:
[Magic Arrow]
[Short Stun]
[Light Boost]
[<<Floating Board>>]
[Sense Magic]
[Sharp Edge]
[Protector] (new)
[Fake Patch] (new)
[Magic Shelter] (new)
[(Blank)] (new)
[(Blank)] (new)
[(Blank)] (new)

Name: Satou Pendragon
Race: Human
Level: 34
Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom Barondom of Muno
Occupation: Apprentice Explorer
Rank: Chevalier
Title: Magician of Dining Table
[One-Handed Sword] (new)
[Life Magic] (new)
[Nature Magic]
Rewards and Punishments:
[Muno Barondom Medal of Blue Gleam]
[Muno Barondom Army Medal of First-class]
[Oyugock Dukedom Medal of Blue Flame]

[Muno City People Medal of Honor]
[Gururian City People Medal of Honor]
[Puta Town People Medal of Honor]

※ Satou's stat is from the exchange column for public status. His original status is concealed.

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Main Characters' Levels and Skills Change

● Main Characters' Levels and Skills Change

<TLN: This list is from before Chapter 10, at the end of Chapter 9.>

Arisa and Lulu have leveled up from fighting the horn snake and the wyvern in 9-9. Nana has leveled just barely at the elves hometown, but it's slightly insufficient for other members.

Arisa....Level 14=>15
[Never Give Up]
[Over Boost]
[Self Status]
[Status Check]
[Hide Skill]
[Item Box]
[Space Magic (Lv6)]

Liza....Level 15
[Heavy Blow]
[Magic Edge]

Tama....Level 15
[Short Sword]
[Enemy Search]
[Horseback Riding]

Pochi....Level 15
[Short Sword]
[Enemy Search]
[Heavy Blow]

Lulu....Level 13=>14 ※No addition to her skills

Mia....Level 10
[Short Sword]
[Water Magic]
[Spirit Seer]
[Horseback Riding]

Nana....Level 13=>14 ※No addition to her skills
[One-handed Sword]
[Horseback Riding]
[Nature Magic]
Nature magic:
[Magic Arrow]
[Short Stun]
[Light Boost]
[<<Floating Board>>]
[Sense Magic]
[Sharp Edge]

Name: Satou Pendragon
Race: Human
Level: 30
Affiliation: Shiga Kingdom Barondom of Muno
Occupation: None
Rank: Chevalier
Title: Magician of Dining Table
[Nature Magic]
Rewards and Punishments:
[Muno Barondom Medal of Blue Gleam]
[Muno Barondom Army Medal of First-class]
[Oyugock Dukedom Medal of Blue Flame]

[Muno City People Medal of Honor]
[Gururian City People Medal of Honor]
[Puta Town People Medal of Honor]

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-9

10-9. Labyrinth Exploration (3)


Satou's here. I've done some explorations in dungeon-exploring game without preparation before, but in real life, the problem with food and water is real and loom over you. Though in the other world, the problem of drinking water can be solved with magic.

There are only 10 Labyrinth Ants (Maze Ants) now from the 32 ants before. Halfway through, some ants that Nana had failed to handle almost surrounded Pochi and Tama, but Arisa and Mia supported with magic from the rear and managed to avoid further problem.

"Tama! I'll make a wall on the left, so attack from the right. Right is the direction with the fork!"

Arisa's magic, [Isolation Wall (Deracinator)] is particularly effective. Looks like the more advanced version of this magic, [Maze (Labyrinth)] can create isolation walls that form a maze which arbitrary lock enemies within. It seems the magic power consumption for that is quite large, but she's said to me that she'd like to try it when the trailing ants have caught up.

The female explorers party whom we have saved earlier are still around. After those girls understood that assistance is unnecessary, they begun to intently watch the vanguard's battle. Judging from the words of admirations that occasionally leak out of them, they're probably fascinated.

Although the main body of the ants swarm won't be arriving in another 10 minutes, a group of ants are closing in to here from the monster-only passages that connect to this corridor. It's a group with little over 20 ants.

"There are sounds coming from the other side of the wall nodesu!"

Looks like Tama and Pochi have detected the crawling ants in the wall while they're fighting. They've done well to do that while having such intense battle.

"Satou, sign monument."

I look at the place where Mia points from atop of the ramp, the light is flashing red and blue like it's going violet. I wonder if it's reacting to the enemies who are coming from the other side of the passage?

"Noble-sama, that's the sign of the gushing holes creation. Monsters will come out of those holes."

The leader of the female explorer party warned me so.

It's not from the main battlefield of Liza and the others, but around the sign monument behind us. The passage wall that look like stone wall in a glance is thinning out like mucous membrane, turning into small passages.

Now then, I guess I should take care of this one. I draw out the fairy sword and cut the ants that gush out of the wall in half with a single stroke of the sword. I took care as not to cut the magic cores in half.

A small passage has also been created behind the female explorers, and an ant is crawling out of it. I warn them about it since they don't seem to notice it.

"You there, behind you."
"Eh? There's a gushing hole here too! Jenna, let's do it."
"Yes. You two, please get away."

The carrier sisters follow Jenna's words and withdraw to the back.
About this female explorers party, [Beautiful Wings], Iruna the leader is level 8, and Jenna the beauty-san is level 6. The crawling ant is level 5, so they should be able to easily win.

Or so I thought, but they're having a hard fight.
They thrust their short spears while blocking the ant's attacks with their shields, but the ant's outer shell repels the attacks, and they don't seem to give it real damage. They should have aimed for the gaps on the shell like Pochi and Tama do.

Since the ant was showing a sign of attacking with acid toward the beauty-san, I picked up an ant's claw from the remain below my feet, and threw it to the ant's neck to disturb it.

I took out a tongs from the bag, used it to pick up magic cores, putting it into a small bag.

Liza and the others' fights seem to be over soon too. When I looked back at the female explorers after finishing collecting magic cores, they were still in the middle of attacking and defending against the ant, so even though it might be meddlesome of me, I cut the neck of the hissing ant, ending the battle. This much should be normal for a level 30 magic sword user.

I reply the girls' thanks by lightly waving my hand, and then head toward Liza and the others who have finished their battle.

"Master, should I commence the materials collecting?"
"Just the magic cores is alright. The ant's shell is soft after all, so there is no use for that."
"Master, the shell should be usable for making armors or weapons. I believe that the claw should be better suited for daggers or sickles rather than spears since it's slightly curved."

It seems that in Liza's hometown, materials from ant monsters are highly valued for making tools.
Although it's weak enough to be broken by normal iron swords, it seems that there aren't enough material for making equipments since the people here even use wood chips for armors, I guess it might be good if we bring the ant materials to the above ground?

"We won't have meat festival nodesu?"
"Let's not. Ant's meat is bitter and it's not delicious. There are some cases where children get food poisoning when they eat it too."

Food poisoning is scary.
I feel sorry for Pochi and Tama who look disappointed, but I'll treat them to some meals that I've stored in the Storage later, so please put up with baked sweets and water for now.

"Noble-sama, here it is."
"Isn't that from the one you two have defeated? If it's for reward, your words from earlier are already enough."

Iruna the female explorer presented a magic core that seemed to have been taken from the ant, but I pushed her hand back.

"Rather than that, you should escape soon. My companion's magic has caught wind of a swarm of maze ants coming here. They will get here in less than a quarter of half an hour."
"Noble-sama won't run?"
"We'll escape after we've appropriately kept them."

I implicitly said that it would be better for us if you escape. The female explorers finally sluggishly got up and begun to escape. I catch sight of the ant nectar jar that the older sister carrier carries on her back. The ants might be chasing after that unexpectedly.

Now then, more than that, let's prepare for the next battle.
I gather everyone and replenish their magic power with [Magic Power Transfer (Transfer)]. It's quicker than using magic recovery potion, and above all, it's free.

While I'm at it, I use [Soft Wash], and [Dry] to cleanly wash off the ant's blood.

"Then, I'll set up the 『Maze(Labyrinth)』 from here to the corner over there okay."
"Can you make wall that won't let them pass but let our attack pass?"
"Nn~ I do have 『Isolation Cage <<Deracinator Jail>>』, but the enemies' attacks will also pass through it, so it's not suitable for enemies that use long-range attack you know?"
"No problem, first, everyone will attack with Soft Shotgun, and Mia will use 『Water Screen』 to block the enemies' acid attacks."

After the briefing is over, Arisa uses [<<Deracinator Jail>>] to create a lattice. Since it's radiating dim light, I can see the shape of the lattice. Stabs and shots can pass through it, but slashing attacks will probably be stopped by the lattice.

I set up [<<Flexible Shield>>] just in case. It's an insurance for when some acid attacks that pass through the lattice can't be defended by Mia.

"They've come nodesu."
"Everyone take your position~?"

Everyone is readying their shotguns behind the impromptu defensive wall that's been created by piling up the ants' remains with cloth on top.
The large swarm of ants show up from the corner and rush here while resounding their hard legs' footsteps. It's quite intense even though we have the magic lattice. Mia and Lulu have leaned to me on both sides, looks like they're scared. I pat their heads to sweep their worries away.

"Wait a bit more."

The ants vanguard crash into the isolation cage, scattering their bodily fluids. Looks like the vanguard ants can't stand the weight of their friends behind, their health have been greatly reduced. There are black insects squiggling in front of the lattice, it's become a sorry sight.

After waiting for around five minutes, all the ants have gathered in this corridor.

"Roger~" "Nanodesu!"

By my command, the seven gun muzzles incessantly rain down countless buckshots. I secretly adjust everyone's muzzle with [Magic Hands] to make it hit as many enemies as possible.

"Nana, Pochi, Tama, put down the gun. Prepare for close combat."

The shootings are finished, and Arisa invokes [Maze(Labyrinth)].
Afterwards, the monster extermination process is as simple as the vanguard defeating ants and then Arisa lets out some other ants. Nana and Pochi sometimes got caught with the ant's attack, but their armor and mantle kept them from taking damage.

The vanguard aren't the only ones busy, the rear guard is also busy. Looks like managing the maze is hard for Arisa. Too many enemies have gathered on one section of the maze, so she's adjusting the maze's path. Mia is working hard to follow up with [Bind Mist] when there are too many enemies, and [Blind Mist] to decrease the enemies' accuracies.

I'm free since I'm only watching everyone, so I use [Magic Hands] to gather the defeated ants alongside the wall.

Since Lulu doesn't have anything to do after shooting the shotgun in the first attack, she's begun to retrieve the magic cores of the ants I've gathered. She's not only wearing mittens, but also an apron and a hood so her hair and clothes won't get dirty while working. I told her to be careful about the acid gland on the ant's mouth so she wouldn't get burned.

After they've defeated around half of the enemies, the vanguards look very tired so it's better if they take a short break I guess?

"Arisa, I want to let the vanguards rest. Do you have enough magic power to maintain the maze?"
"Okay, it'll be dangerous if they become lightheaded after all. I can reduce magic power consumption if I only need to maintain the maze state, so it's alright if I just drink some MP recovery potion later."
"Alright, then let's take a break after they've defeated the enemies they're currently fighting."

Pochi and Tama vigorously said, "Not yet~" and "I can do it nodesu!", but they were visibly staggering, so I made them drink water and sandwiches with salted ham and a lot of mayonnaise.

Since everyone is young, they have become like different people just after taking a break and napping shortly for 30 minutes after the meal. Arisa has recovered her magic power after a bottle of MP recovery potion and [Magic Power Transfer], so the second round begins.

It seems that the ants who didn't come here were rioting all over the first area of the labyrinth, but the female explorers party from before had safely got out of the labyrinth.

After the ants have been completely exterminated, Pochi and Tama fall down from depleting their stamina, but since their faces look like they've fully accomplished something, I consider it a good thing.

Since Liza and Nana were also totally exhausted, I decided to rest on the temporary camp at the higher ground where Arisa and the others were positioned. Everyone seems to be really tired as they sleep like a log, I keep the night watch with Lulu.

Nevertheless, everyone has leveled up in one day.
Labyrinths are quite efficient after all.

Author's note: Mia and Lulu have leveled up by one, while everyone else by two levels.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-8

10-8. Labyrinth Exploration (2)


Satou's here. I think that positioning is important whether it's in RPGs, War Simulations, or FPS. You really can't make light of terrain effect you know.

"Satou, enemies, a lot."

Please stop talking that way like you hate me.
Slightly after Mia, Tama who's in foremost position seems to have caught on the footsteps' sounds of the explorers.

"People coming~?"

Pochi steps forward from behind, and puts her ears on the ground beside Tama.

"This sounds must be from insects nanodesu."

Covering Pochi's words, Arisa who looks grave asks me the exact number of the enemies.

"How many are coming?"
"Are you asking about the enemies or the people?"

I felt like doing something slightly mean. She replied quickly, "Enemies", so I honestly told her that it's 300.

"Th, three?"
"Master, advising to withdraw."
"Master, I also agree with Nana."

I holds the trembling Lulu on my arms. Everyone has judged correctly and carefully. Muscle brains who would want to fight enemies that are 40 times their number wouldn't be going to the labyrinth after all.

"It's alright~?"
"It's alright nanodesu. It'll be easy if we're with master nanodesu!"

They're here, the muscle brain girls.
Pochi and Tama have taken their curious signature poses. I ask the two while patting their heads.

"What would you do if you're not with me?"
"Of course, run away nodesu."
"Helter-skelter, quick~?"

Oh? They're not muscle brain, but trusting me.

"Yup, that's good. You shouldn't fight enemies three times your number or more even if they're lower ranked than you."
"What should we do when you can't avoid fighting them?"
"What do you think you should do?"

I return Arisa's question with a question.

"Right, I guess make use of geographical advantage?"
"Correct, you should take the position where the enemies can't make use of their number."
"It's the basic when I was solo hunting in net games after all~"

I see, that kind of knowledge huh.
I had only ever fought against small fry that could be killed in one blow when I was solo-ing in the MMOs I played, but various things seem to be different depending on the games.

Now then, although we don't have any obligation to save the unknown explorers, but it's some monsters after much pain. Let's make them into experience points for everyone.

"There are people who are running from the monsters this time, so let's fight to save them."

I propose to go to battle while using an appropriate reason. Everyone immediately replied with their consents.

"Of course, when you're not with me, you should run away at full speed and give maximum priority to your own life okay?"

Just in case, I gave them the warning.

We retreat to the path behind for a bit, and encamp ourselves on the ramp with piled-up debris where it's easy to fight many enemies. Here the rear guards should be able to send magic and long-ranged attack from behind by flying it over the head of the vanguards who are fighting.

The problems are that we can only see 50 meters ahead since the corridor is curved, and we can't lay traps on the passage since there are explorers who are running away toward here.

As an insurance, I invoke [Remote Arrows] and hide them in the shadow of the ceiling. Of course I've properly restrained myself and only created no more than 30.

A party that consist of rabbitkins and ratkins are running from beyond the corridor like literal startled hares. Behind them are party of male humans, and the last in line are a party of female humans, and baggage carriers children, although they still can't be seen.

"Oy you guys, group of monsters are coming y'know."
"If you don't want to get eaten, don't be confused and just run!"

The demi-humans party give unanimous warnings to run while they're passing us on the side. The three of them are level 7-10 warriors.

Next, only three people of the male humans party are explorers, the two men with good physique who follow them are baggage carriers. Those two seem to be slaves.

"Oy, you slaves, if you drop the jar of ant nectar, I'll cut you bastard's limbs and feed them to the ants."

The slaves don't answer to the merciless men and keep running after the men in silence. The explorer man who's rebuking them is level 13, the highest among this group. The two slaves are only level 4.

"Besso. Those 『Beautiful Wing』 have fallen behind."
"Fuhn, it's too bad with Jenna, but we won't be in the red if we have a jar."
"You're right, let's run while they're getting eaten."

They only glanced to us, and passed by from the side.

The party of female explorers are coming way later after those two groups. Among the four, two are explorers, while the remaining two are baggage carriers. One of the carriers seems to be injured on her leg, and the other one is leading her by hand to somehow pull her.

"You people over there! Run! There's an outbreak of labyrinth ants."

Although the way of talk is like a man, she's a woman. She's in her early 20s, and although she's not a beauty, her face has a certain charm to it. She has a short wooden spear with bronze tip and a wooden shield, she wears an armor that's cotton clothes sewn with woods. I wonder if that armor is popular in the labyrinth city?

"Do you guys have a smoke ball or a flash ball? You'd get caught up."

The other one is a 20 years old beauty-san. Her breasts are slightly bigger than Lulu's, she's a calm looking person with black hair that's bundled on the back. Her name is Jenna-san.

Unfortunately, we don't have the item that she's asking. The fireworks magic can probably act in their place, but it's faster to just use firebolt to burn the ants rather than using that.

The two looked behind beside us and held their breaths toward the baggage carriers behind.

"Iruna-san, help! The ants! The ants!"
"Onee-chan, I'm fine already, onee-chan should escape alone."

The labyrinth ants that are as big as a human are chasing the two who are displaying sisterly love from behind.

I signal to Pochi and Tama.


The stones that the two have thrown get a clean hit on the ant that's going to bite the carrier sisters. The ant who has lost its balance tumbles to the ground and entangles its legs with the other ants. About 30 ants also tumble to the ground in series, and the rush stops. The remaining 270 ants haven't arrived yet.
Of course the serial tumbles are not coincidence. I secretly use [Magic Hand] on the labyrinth ants' legs to tumble them over.

I nod to Liza who's looking at me.

"Nana, provoke them. Rear guards, begin the shooting."

Arisa, Mia, and Lulu; the rear guard prepare the usual Soft Shotguns on the safety zone that is on the top of the ramp.

"You worker ants! I'm telling you to overwork yourselves to death!"

Nana's provocation is working, the ants hostilities turn here--that's fine and all, but please stop with the overwork to death part since it hurts my heart.

After the provocation, the three shot the labyrinth ants with the soft shotguns. Since they're originally weapons for suppressing humans, it give almost no damage.

"Pochi, Tama, let's go."
"Acknowledged nanodesu!"

Liza assaults while leaving the usual red afterglows from her magic spear. It's overwhelming that she tramples an ant with each of her blow.

Tama puts magic power into her two short magic swords, and defeats the labyrinth ants in flutters like she's dancing. Against small fries like these, the dual-wielding Tama is the fastest in decimating them.

Pochi has also gotten used to putting magic power into a magic sword, she moves linearly while accurately aims her short magic sword to the gaps on the labyrinth ant's shell, defeating them.

Nana deals with the ants that have gathered from her provocation by using shield bash with her magic sword and great shield. Her strength has been increased by physical reinforcement, she's moving with the goal to push the ants back rather than to defeat them. She's probably learned this way of fighting in the Spriggan trial grounds.

Since the labyrinth ants are only around level 4-6, it seems to be unsatisfactory.

"Amazing, they're easily defeating those hard labyrinth ants."
"The magic earlier might have weakened the ants' defenses."

The two female explorers lend their shoulders to the carrier sisters and carry them here. At first Liza was going to help them, but it looks like she's judged that assistance is unnecessary.
Looks like they see the shotgun attacks earlier as magic. Of course the shotguns don't have defense down effect or anything like that.

"We're saved, noble-sama."

The charming-san who seems to be the female explorers party leader talks to me. We're in the middle of battle, but since there's enough room for it, it's fine. Moreover, I want to ask something. For some reason, everyone who has met me sees through me as a noble in one glance. I want to know the reason.

"Don't mind it. Rather, can I ask something."
"O, of course, I will absolutely reward you when we get back to the town."
"No, you don't have to do that, how do you know that I'm a noble?"

The female explorers look slightly awkward, but then, the charming-san who's called Iruna answers my question. The beauty-san is treating the baggage carrier little sister who has hurt her leg. The baggage on the big sister carrier's back seems to be heavy as she's kneeling on the ground while trying to adjust her breathing and isn't looking around her.

"Because, you're wearing such high-class robe in a labyrinth like this."

I see, so it's the problem with clothes. However, I think it's normal for a magician to wear robe.

"Moreover, you're hanging such expensive looking sword on your waist."

Even though I've properly arranged Nana's and the others' magic swords with plain scabbards, I forgot my own sword.


There's still more huh.

"Only nobles-sama bring those, maid-san in their dresses, into the labyrinth."

Ah, I've overlooked it since those are their usual attires.
Lulu is wearing maid uniform, and Arisa is cosplaying [Combat Maid] uniform which I've made after getting carried away. Those were equipment that I presented them when they were doing the Spriggan trials.

Their defense powers are higher than even the metal armors that knights wear you know?

While we're having such out of place conversation, Liza and the others are resolutely exterminating the enemies. The rear guard troupe are free after the first attack since they're completely safe.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-7

10-7. Labyrinth Exploration


Satou's here. The labyrinth from the classic masterpiece, the one that has been made into its own game genre, seems to impress people. Although, in the other world, it has stronger implication as an American dream than a romance.

"Uwah, this time it's stairs huh..."
"Arisa, maybe it's good for you to start weight training or jogging to build up your physical strength."

I lightly push the back of Arisa who looks like she's about to cry, and advance on the stair.

There's a broad stair beyond the labyrinth entrance. It's not a normal or spiral stair, but a meandering one. The stair probably has been installed on this place with its broad winding slanted path and high ceiling.

There are crenels along the stairway rails on fixed intervals for shooting arrows below.

They're most likely used to cope with monsters invasions. There is a barbette on the center of every stair step, enshrining artillery wrapped in a cloth. Two soldiers are standing by on each barbette.
They seem to be free as they're playing a board game similar to Shogi. It's probably better than drinking liquor or dozing off. The soldiers aren't human but beastkin such as wolfkin who look strong.

Since I'm free while we're descending the stair, I try to use All Map Exploration for a bit.

Even compared to the withered labyrinth of the duchy capital, it's unbelievably wide.

Even only three areas of this labyrinth can completely swallow the entirety of Seryuu city's demon labyrinth.
The search only ranges to [Labyrinth of Selbira: Upper Stratum], yet it's likely that there are  hundreds of areas. Just like the demon labyrinth and the duchy capital labyrinth, the labyrinth has lower stratum that extends underground, there must be at least twice the areas more.

In one area, there are roughly 100 corridors and rooms connected three dimensionally. There are also an area where there is only one room, or one that contains 1000 small rooms only among those areas.

And then, despite such vastness, there are 30 areas which have explorers within. Most of them are in the first area and the seven areas that adjoin it. In the underground, there are around 2000 explorers, 500 soldiers, 300 baggage carriers, and 400 lost thieves. There are also several dozens other people beside those.

Arisa and Lulu have become tired along the way on the stair, so Liza and I carry them. Lulu who's burying her embarrassed face on my back is ticklish. Leaving Lulu aside, I think it's better for Arisa to train her physical strength.

There are many people in the first room of the first area. This room is bright since there are lighting from magic tools-like things that have sprouted on the wall. As for its size, I wonder if it's easier to understand if I say that it's about the size of three standard gymnasiums connected?

All of the soldiers beside the ones on the stairs are here in this room. About 90% of the soldiers are doing practice swings commanded by senior-like person on one section that's on lower elevation. It's not just soldiers as there are also magic soldiers like Zena-san among them, but there are few of them compared to Seryuu city.
However, the [Red Ice] people earlier should have reported about the monsters outbreak, yet they're so carefree. Maybe something like monsters outbreak is just a daily happening huh.

There are also stallholders beside them. I'm amazed that they're doing business in this place.

Most of them are food stalls, grinders, equipment repairmen, or general stores, but there are also some interesting ones.

"The noble-sama over there, would you like to touch someone who bears the 『Item Box』 gen before you level up? One touch is one silver coin, but if you're lucky the 『Item Box』 may dwell in your slaves or subordinates you know?"

That seems interesting, but every one of us has already touched Arisa who has [Item Box] herself, so it's meaningless.

"Noble-sama do you carry enough food and water? It's one copper coin a meal. How about it?"
"Noble-sama, do you have the map? We're selling the first area map for one silver coin."

They promoted it as such, but I declined since I wasn't interested. I was slightly interested with the take-away food, but since its ingredients were unknown, I passed on it.

In this room, there are three big corridors that are five meters wide each. There aren't just big corridors, small ones also exist. There are more than 10 of them, but none connects to other area. There are armed staffs of explorer guild before the door that leads to the interior of the main big corridor. There's a spiral stair that leads underground in that interior, and it continues to outside of the map search range. Let's invade it alone next time.

We're walking to the big door that leads to the [Area 1-4] that Jeje of the [Red Ice] earlier has mentioned. The soldiers who had made military encampment by piling sandbags in front of that door also warned us not to get close to area 1-4 since there was a rumor about ants outbreak there.

"It's alright. We're only going to see things today, we're going back after going around the first area."
"Ah, that's fine then."

I tell so to the soldier who's giving us warning, and go through the door that Liza and the others have opened.

When we're advancing through the big corridor, leaving the big door behind, Liza verifies our formation.

"Master, what should we do about the formation?"
"When we're moving, the center is Lulu with Mia and Arisa on her sides, the advance guards are Nana and Tama, the rear guards are Liza and Pochi."

With this formation, we'll be fine even if we get attacked from the front and the rear.
Moreover, they should be able to fight without me, and it might be better if I don't act too overprotective and let them grow up.

"Mia, use 『Bubble Searcher』 magic, and confirm the frontward okay."

Mia replies Arisa's request in short, and invokes a magic. It seems that they always use this magic first and foremost in the Spriggan training grounds to search for enemies.

This magic produces around 30 bubbles that float in the air. They're brittle as they will break if you just touch it, but you can feel the things around it like feelers. The detection range is only about 30 centimeters from the bubbles, but the bubbles can be separated several hundreds meters away from the user. Moreover, the effect lasts for about 2 hours if the bubble doesn't break, so it's quite useful for exploring labyrinths.

However, its weakness is that the magic will be canceled if the user uses other magic.

"Should I use lighting magic? I don't have light magic skill, but I can do at least that much you know?"
"No, there's no problem even though it's dim, so it's alright."

There are dim lighting equipments on one side of the corridor that illuminate only from knee-high to the ground. That's probably the Sign Monument. Just like what I've heard, its color changes from white to blue when we're approaching.

Moreover, Pochi and Tama can detect monsters and traps, while Mia's search bubbles can detect things that approach from outside their ranges. There are small passageways and cavities and shelters indistinguishable with the former piled with spiderwebs and dust on the corridor's wall that appear at fixed intervals.

"There's something~?"
"I hear sounds of battle from beyond the path nodesu."
"Nn, a battle."

Pochi and Tama noticed the battle ahead, and slightly later, Mia's bubbles seemed to have caught on the battle between six demi-goblins and five explorers 300 meters ahead.

There are air holes on the ceiling of the labyrinth corridors that constantly emit low-pitched noise, as the consequent, it's difficult to sense presences from faraway sounds. In fact, even Pochi and Tama seemed to be slower than usual to notice it.

The explorers and the goblins seem to be in a small corridor branched from the big corridor we are in. They're not too far away from the big corridor. They seem to have noticed us approaching, one of the explorer raises his voice to warn us.

"These goblins are ours. You go over there."

I don't want to distract them too much, so I answer shortly.

It seems to be quite the melee battle as the explorers are hurt equally, even though they're only up against level 1-2 goblins. These explorers are around level 3, so they're probably newbies. Like I've thought, they're all warriors. Explorers that have magic skills are only around 5% of the whole, so they're probably scarce.

There are hardly any monsters in this first area we're in, maybe because there are too many explorers.

There are some corridors where monsters are moving within, but it seems they're not connected to where the explorers are, so we never meet it. After observing it for a while, battles begin in a faraway corridor that's connected with that corridor by the tunnel.

I see, so monsters POP up with this mechanism.

"Enemy coming."
"Insects, three~?"

Yep, correct.
Fly-type monsters came out of the small tunnels around the ceiling. There are three of them. Every one of them is level 3.

"You insects! So I declare."

Responding to Nana's provocation, the flies made nose dive attacks.
Even though this was a commemorative first battle, it's over before Arisa took off the cloth wrapped on her wand. It was settled with Pochi's and Tama's stone throwing, and Liza's spear attack.

"Uu~, the enemies are too weak~"

I comfort the vexed Arisa by slightly roughly patting her head. I praise Pochi and Tama who are wagging their tails, and Liza who looks like it's obvious yet also slightly triumphant.

After one hour, we're getting close to the big junction that connects to [Area 1-4]. We've gathered nine magic cores while passing through several rooms and junctions to here. Since one person should need five magic cores to raise their rank, it will be for two people's shares one more.

We've only encountered fly-type monsters like the ones from the beginning. We also came across normal rats, insects and bats that weren't monsters, but since they wouldn't give much EXP, we left them alone.

A lot of monsters are reflected on the radar at last.

Around 300 ant-type monsters, and 12 people from three explorer parties and baggage carriers are coming to where we are.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-6

10-6. Passage of Death


Satou's here. When I was playing a console-RPG-like tabletop RPG, there were a lot of quests without completion deadline time. I felt that it was odd as everyone would then just take those quests since they had nothing to lose.

"Ooh! It really feels like the genuine entrance to a labyrinth isn't it."

There's a downward stair beyond the opened gate, and after descending five meters below, we come to a semi-underground passage that's five meters high and ten meters wide.

Looks like Pochi and Tama have remembered Seryuu's city labyrinth, they've encamped themselves on both my sides in silence.

Since the passage has skylight windows on the ceiling, it's sufficiently bright. It's not bright enough to read a book, but it's also not so dark you can't walk without a torch.

The other side of the skylight windows is probably the above ground, I can sometimes see soldiers who seem to be on patrol there.

I don't know whether the passage's way is meandering, or how long until it reaches the entrance of the labyrinth ahead. It seems to be called [Passage of Death] here, and the labyrinth is still a bit more beyond.

Since I'm free, I check various things on the MAP.

The labyrinth city Selbira has 110.000 people in total. Among them Shiga Kingdom army that's called Labyrinth Area Army is 10.000 people. The army is in the giant fortress to the southwest. The average soldier's level is 8, higher than other territory army. It's slightly higher than retainer knights, so they're probably elites. Since I have a letter from Nina-san to the general of this army, I have to see to it after we're done with the labyrinth exploring.

The army that's in charge of the labyrinth city defense is not this kingdom army, but the army of the present viceroy of Selbira, Marquis Ashinen. I've had some slight trouble with this person in the trade city, so I don't really want to get involved with him. It should be a while before he returns here from the trade city, so my duty should be fulfilled if I just give the house some greeting and passable gift before he comes back. I'll be excusing myself from troublesome things.

Now then, the search continues.

There are unexpectedly few explorers, no more than 5000 people. According to the traveler's journal there are 1000 young people who come here to become explorers every year, so I think this number is too few considering that. Fundamentally, they reside in the western area.

There are about 1000 people who are working as baggage carriers like the little girls earlier. Most of those people are working outside the labyrinth city. Are they working in some kind of public construction since they failed to find job in the labyrinth?

There are 50 people in the labyrinth entrance ahead, I wonder what are they doing?

Four explorers are coming from ahead. Their level are low at 7-9. No, considering levels of knights are around 10, they might be mid-level explorers or prospective newbies. Looks like one of them is heavily injured.

"It smells of blood nanodesu."
"Someone's coming~?"

Pochi and Tama quickly notice the appearance of the explorers from the meandering path ahead.

"Nana, protect Arisa and Lulu."

Is Mia fine. I thought so, but Liza has already moved in front of Mia.

"I am Jeje of 『Red Ice』! We have an injured person! Please leave the dispute for later."

A young man who seems to be the leader shouts so while waving his hand. I thought that it was a chuuni nickname, but it seems to be their party name.
I can't see the face of the injured person, but the person's armor is split widely, and blood seeps out of the shirt that's been used to wrap the wound.

"Uuh, that's a really terrible wound..."
"Nn, Satou?"

Arisa and Lulu become very pale when they look at the injured person. Mia asks with her eyes if it's fine for her to use magic, but I signal not with my hand.

"I'm Satou, a beginner explorer. Please use this medicine if it's fine with you."

So I say, and hold out two diluted magic potions from the shoulder bag. This should be enough for recovery judging from their levels.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have anything. I'll pay you back when the leader who's selling the magic cores catches up. It's shameless of me, but can I have the medicine beforehand?"
"Yes, go ahead."

Since I originally intended to give them for free, I quickly replied and presented the magic potions to Jeje.

"Huh? Don't tell me that these are magic potions?"
"Yes, that's right. Rather than that, drink it to that person fast."
"Yeah, I'm indebted."

One bottle recovers nearly 60% of the health. I can't see the wound since it's wrapped in cloth, but it should be closed now.

"Then, we'll take our leave."
"P, please wait. We still haven't paid the cost."
"I've got those from someone, so please don't worry about it. We'll meet again if fate allows."

We can't keep loitering here all day, so we part with them. I heard warning from behind, "There's an abnormal outbreak of ants in area 1-4 of the labyrinth, don't get close to it." so I waved my hand to express my thanks. That's just right, let's head there today.

Mia and Lulu are trembling, maybe they're anxious after seeing someone's injured. Arisa's tension has also fallen, but it doesn't seem as bad as these two.

"You two, should we stop today?"
"I, I'm fine."
"I'm fine."

The two force themselves to be stouthearted and walk forward with clenched fists.
If their conditions aren't restored when we get to the labyrinth entrance, let's go back.

There's a big around-five meter tall door at the end of the passage. That's probably the labyrinth gate. A deep red devil's face is embossed on the jet black door.

There's a 10 meter long 5 meter wide counter beside the gate. There are several people who seem to be guild staffs behind the counter, and also four high-leveled magicians who seem to be their escorts.

At one part of the counter, the leader of 『Red Ice』 and a middle-aged man who seems to be a guild staff are apparently arguing about the price of magic cores.

On the opposite side of that counter, children are sitting down, occupying 30 meters space.

They're human children of around 10-14 years old, the ratio of male and female is approximately the same. There is no slave. Everyone's levels are 1-3. They're wearing short clothes, and sandals knitted from weeds. There are also children who only wears trousers and without sandals. They're all not explorers, but baggage carriers. None has weapons or armors.

"There are a lot of children nanodesu."

Pochi, Tama, and Mia tilt their head together while looking puzzled. I don't think they've arranged it beforehand, but they're doing it splendidly uniformly, inviting a smile from me. Arisa is saying, "I was late." while looking vexed, but let's pretend that I didn't see it here.

Now then, those children lock-on to me with their eyes without even a sound or sign. It's a bit, scary.

"I wonder what are they doing?"
"Their eyes are scary."

Arisa also wonders. Lulu feels that it's spooky, I totally agree.
I was worried that Nana would abduct them since they were all children, but--

"Denying that I'm fine as long as it's a child."

--so she says. She might have her own criteria too.

"Master, the staff is calling."

I didn't notice that the staff was calling me until Liza brought it to my attention.

"What is it?"
"Excuse me, but are you a beginner explorer?"
"Yes, please take care of us from now on. I'm Satou."
"Ara, how thoughtful of you. I think you've already heard it when you are registering, but we will buy the magic cores you get from the labyrinth here. And also, we will be buying monster parts from the notices that are hung on the wall over there, but since some of those applications posters aren't always present, there is no guarantee that they will remain when you've gotten out of the labyrinth so please take care."

I've only noticed it after the staff explains it smoothly to me, but there's certainly a big board that looks like a bulletin board standing, and it's stickied with a lot of posters. Most of the clients seem to be craftmen or stall merchants. There is no request from the guild. There is a blank space on the bottom half of the poster, it's written with symbols that seem to be date and name.

Anyone who aims for the request probably fills the space.

Beside the posters, there are children with slightly better clothes. According to the staffs, there are no small numbers of explorers who can't read, so the children of merchants who can read and write stay here to read aloud or write for them and earn some small incomes.

"I recommend the applications for labyrinth frog meat and shells of insect monsters since they're always present. There are some persons who mistake the labyrinth frog with wart poison frog and carry the meat back with them, so please be careful."

The staff tells me some recommended requests. Since behind me, Liza is nodding while muttering, "That's delicious." she probably knows the difference. She probably remembers about the barbecue party in the labyrinth of Seryuu city.

Right, might as well ask about it.

"By the way, what are those children?"
"Ah, they're children who work as baggage carriers. They're waiting to be employed by explorer parties from there. The children waiting outside change with them every two hours, and they're prohibited to promote themselves."

She added that it's because the echoes on the wall were noisy.
Still, for carrying baggage, isn't it better to employ adults or beastkin rather than those children?

When I was going to ask about it, the labyrinth gate opened, and a 10-person explorer party came out. It's a party with mostly warriors averaging at level 20. The three beastkin among them seem to be baggage carriers.

"Yo, Vena. Sorry for interrupting you, is the request for Grey Spider meat still there?"
"I'm really sorry. The 『Owl's Beard』 has brought it this morning, so I think there won't be any request at this time."
"Ceh, those guys again huh. Can't be helped, Vena, I'll grill this meat. Oy, you brats, I'll give some to you guys. You can say, "Dozon-sama is cool", or "Thank you Dozon-sama" all you want while you're eating them."

After the bear-like bearded explorer declares so to the children, shouts of joy that split my ears are raised.

Pochi and Tama were also lining up as they seemed eager to eat it, but they came back immediately when I called them. I'd feel sorry to snatch the feast of those undernourished children after all.

We show the gate staff our wood plates one by one, and tread upon the labyrinth. The guild staffs looked surprised toward Pochi and Tama who opened the solid labyrinth door.

Well now? What is it I wonder?

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-5

10-5. To the Labyrinth


Sato's here. In a game, due to item limits, it was often the case that I had to tearfully throw away the items I acquired during a quest. I miss having to worry about which to keep and throw.

"Ooh! Why didn't you peek at me changing."

Not peeking at someone's changing is quite the natural thing to do, yet she's calling it bad.
Arisa and the others who have finished changing go down to the lobby in the first floor. There is no bar-room in the first floor of this inn. It's a high-class inn as even this lobby need separate payment to be used. They serve tea that's as good as the one Lulu makes.

This inn is located behind the Explorer Guild.
I actually wanted to go to the mansion that Giril had referred, but since I didn't know if we could immediately stay there, we got ourselves an inn to keep the horses first.

By the way, about the magic tooled carriage, I switched its appearance to look exactly like a normal carriage when the stable boy had left the place. The dirtiness are slightly different, but since I've made use of Evidence Destruction skill, it's probably going to be alright.

"Now then, shall we go."
"Master, it is presumptuous of me, but you should wear some armor."
"Reporting that equipments are important."
"I'll be standing by today. I have Nana and Liza to protect me."

This robe is made of Yuriha fiber, and I've used the whale leather to make the mantle and the boots, so most attacks shouldn't be able to get through it.

Just in case, I pick up the fairy sword that's leaned on the sofa while I'm wearing the thin gloves.

Since it seems that there is a carriage that goes from the front gate to the west gate every two hours, we take that to go there. Originally we should've waited for another hour before it departs, but since the passengers have reached the quota that is eight, it's going to depart just like that. It's quite flexible huh.

"Ehehehe~ this is my first real labyrinth. It must be different than the Spriggan's trials."
"It's completely different~?"
"It's not a playground like that nodesu! It's a true battlefield that makes your blood boils nanodesu!"
"You two, you would get hurt in the labyrinth if you're like that. Focus your minds."
"Roger~" "Nanodesu!"

Liza reproves Pochi and Tama who are acting like seniors to Arisa. Mia seems to be tense, she has little to say. Nana is operating normally, so she's probably fine.

"Chevalier-sama, I'm sorry, but would you be willing to allow one more person ride in?"
"Yes, feel free to."

Although it's called a carriage, this one only has seats without a roof, there are four two-seater seats lined up. If someone is as small as Mia, three of them can occupy one seat easily. When we were about to embark, the female staff asked so. Since having another one wouldn't be a problem if Tama sat on my lap, I agreed to it.

"I'm sorry for forcing in. My name is Gina, I'm a daughter of Chevalier Daryl.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Chevalier Pendragon."

It's a girl around 16 years old who's equipped with a dark brown hard leather armor, a round shield and a flail. She's about as tall as me. I don't know the precise size since it's pressed by the armor, but it looks like it can rival Nana's. She has shoulder-length red hair, reddish brown eyes, and she's slightly tanned. I wonder if she's from a knight family, she's level 6 despite her age, and she also has Shield and One-handed Staff skills.
The flail has two iron balls connected with chains to its one meter long iron pole. Those iron balls probably improves the centrifugal force. I've seen it a lot in games, but this is the first time I do in this world.

Gina seems to hate, or rather, be afraid of demi-humans, she doesn't seem like she wants to sit beside Liza and the others, so she's sitting between Lulu and Arisa. Isn't it cramped?

"Gina-sama, are you an explorer perchance?"
"Umu, I've become one just now. There are people from my town that are also explorers, so I'm going to look for them near the west gate and then go tackle the labyrinth together."

Arisa talks to her in polite tone. Lady Gina speaks like a knight, I don't know if it's by nature or if she's acting it.

I feel slightly odd with Arisa's tone, but since she's also acting like that with the hero, I leave it alone.

After leaving the quarter where the riches live, we've come to the wonderful street that seems to be the pleasure quarter. The calm atmosphere of the city up until now changes completely, engendering vulgar atmosphere. Although the beautiful women from the multi-story buildings aren't particularly waving their hands, I wonder what's with this excited feeling. I feel like I've understood Arisa a bit for looking forward to the labyrinth. Of course I don't say it out loud.

After leaving the pleasure quarter, we come a narrow aisle filled with small shops that are full of clamor. Armed men and women who seem to be explorers are having negotiations on those shops.

"Uwah, everyone is wearing gaudy armor aren't they~"
"Gaudy gaudy~"
"They're like Tori-san nanodesu."

Hero Daisaku, what did you teach to the elves hometown. Moreover, Arisa, your true self is showing.

Nevertheless, those armors are probably made from monster parts, but I wonder just what kind of meaning do those pointless looking ornaments have? I guess it's for menacing things?

Still, equipments of explorers sure are peculiar. The equipment of the explorers who have participated in the duchy capital match are normal in comparison to these. Looks like even explorers know TPO.
<TLN: Time Place Occasion.>

There are as many young people as there are people with mysterious equipments. There is someone who's wearing sewn wood block as armor, or people who have stone axes, or black stone spears. The equipments of the magic hunters in Puta town were more normal.

We get off the carriage in front of the Explorer Guild of the west gate.

The Explorer Guild here is full of people. I guess the Explorer Guild that's right before the labyrinth is more convenient for them.

"Yo', the newbie explorer noble-sama over there. How 'bout it, do you need the labyrinth map? It's three silver coins."

The market price is one big copper coin. Even ripping-off has a limit too. Lady Gina beside me is astonished, "Is it that expensive."

The map shop man seemed to think that I, who didn't falter even after hearing silver coins, to be an easy target, he tried to promote it further. Let's ignore it, and haggle it down first.

"I'll buy it for one big copper coin."
"Oy oy, ain't that too much of a beating?"
"I don't particularly need it if it's more than that."
"Wait, I'll give you for one big copper coin especially this time. We're selling the most accurate labyrinth map 'round here. If this map is useful, please buy from us again by all means."

I exchange one big copper coin for the map. 'First area' is written messily on the edge of the map that's drawn with it. The map is full of strange lines and symbols, I don't know how to read it.

"How do you read this?"
"That's another big copper co--"
"This much, include it in the fee earlier."

The small man was going to snatch more money, but I covered his words, and coerced the service. Looks like they're various trial-and-errors for depicting the three-dimensional map in a plane paper.

"What is this symbol?"
"That's a sign monument."

Summarizing the small man long-winded explanation, sign monuments are something that the olden days explorers have set up in the areas that have been completely explored, they're built on a fixed interval in the labyrinth. Three information, [Area Number], [Distance from Entrance], and [Serial Number] are carved on these monuments.

It has one more important function. It glows red when monsters are approaching, and blue when it's people. It's to prevent friendly fires between explorers in the dark labyrinth.

"However, young master. Even if it's glowing blue, don't let yer' guard down eh?"
"There are these thieves called Lost Thieves who aim for the explorers who have hunted monsters."

I see, there are those kind of guys in MMOs with PK too.

"What should we do if we're attacked by those guys?"
"That's, difficult to say."

If the other party attack first, you're free to either kill them, or sell them off as crime slaves, but it seems that it's hard to tell them apart if they pretend to be some friendly common explorers. Thus, if you meet other explorers, you have to be cautious and keep some distance away from each other, unless you're acquainted with them.

However, putting aside Arisa and me, I think it's hard to know if the other party has a criminal record or not. It seems that it can be judged with the Yamato stone at the entrance of the labyrinth. In case you catch them before they kill someone, there are staffs who have Mind Reading and Authenticate skills standing by who will judge for it it seems.

Since Arisa and the others have become impatient, let's put off the information gathering for now.
I got more information that I had thought, so I secretly gripped him with one big copper coin.

Since lady Gina said that she was going to look for her acquaintances, she went to the Explorer Guild building, and we parted way.

The west gate seems to be normally shut, unlike the eastern gate.
When you show your wood ID to the gatekeeper, they open the gate for a bit. Being the gatekeeper here seems to be quite difficult.

When we get close to the west gate, children who are wearing short clothes approach.
Are they beggars, or orphans?

When I check on it, their occupations are [Baggage Carriers]. There are a lot of girls for some reason.

"Noble-sama, please employ me."
"Employ me, I'm alright with two pennies a day."
"I'm fine with one penny a day!"
"Hey, don't interrupt me."
"I don't need money if you give me food. I'll do anything!"

Uwah, if hero Hayato heard this, he would shout "No touch, Satou!" Liza gently push away the little girl who was trying to grab my clothes with the blunt tip of her spear.

The children inched back slightly from Liza's glare, but they keep promoting on.
Every child is level 1-2. I can't take them into the labyrinth since it's dangerous.

Pochi and Tama look like they want to say something as they seem to sympathize with the children who have growling stomaches. It can't be helped.
I take the children to the shop that's selling grilled skewers nearby, and buy one for each one of them. The skewer seems to be made of monster meat from what the eastern guild people have told me, but since other explorers are normally buying and eating them, it should be alright. Even though the skewer is quite big, they're only one copper coin each, cheap.

"Uwah, it's a labyrinth frog skewer."
"It's a feast."
"Delicious. I'll work hard noble-sama."
"Un, I haven't had feast like this for a long time."

Just what do you guys usually eat.
I've also bought some for Pochi and the others since they look like the want it.

We leave the little girls there, and go to the labyrinth. For some reason the little girls were going to come with us, but I left them since I couldn't let them.

"Little girls are looking here like they want to join the party."

Arisa says something like a system message from some game, but I ignore her.

The little girls were looking so reluctant toward us who had gone through the west gate that was closing, but I steeled my heart and did not go back.

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