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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission SS 1

SS: Muno City Anecdote


"Ni, Nina-sama, there are a group of carriages carrying a letter from chevalier Pendragon-sama on the castle gate, what should we do."
"『A group』 of carriages? Where is that letter?"
"Here it is."

The sealing wax on the letter is certainly that of Satou-dono.
I tell Yuyurina to make the carriages wait on the courtyard, and tear off the sealing wax.

What? Inventory list huh?

Large quantity of foods, which makes me doubt my eyes, are written there.
I move my feet to the terrace and look down, I understand that this list, at least quantity-wise, isn't a lie, looking at the parked carriages.

"Good grief, thanks to this the people won't starve, but just how much do those cost. It'll be troublesome to calculate the total sum of our debt."

I pass the list to Misona, the civil official who has come in place of Yuyurina, for her to check if it matches the commodities on the carriages. This girl is inflexible as she's very suited only with this kind of work.

I couldn't believe the story about that man I had heard from the merchants.

He exterminated the demon that had attacked Gugurian city? It's not like I don't believe it since it was a lower demon, but I have never heard anyone defeating it without any victim. Karina-sama seems to have also fought with him, that girl is really. We know that he's quite excellent, so just get him quickly won't she.

More than that, the personal connections that he's built in the duchy capital is quite frightening. It seems he's bought the smoked food this time for cheap from earl Houen, but just how did he obtain the favor of that hard to please earl.
Even for Orion-sama, if he keeps being unsteady, Satou-dono will likely reverse their master and servant relationship. Thankfully, Satou-dono doesn't have ambition to rise in dominion.

With these many food, I guess we can distribute them to the villages for a bit. Let's give meal for the slave labors who are working on the town and cultivating new land for their payments instead, I guess I'll have Misona and Yuyurina work hard to hammer out the details.

However, it seems that I've misread that man.

After that day, three more carriage groups of the same scales arrived.
That was already quite enough in itself, but I was shocked with the content of the letter that Karina-sama had brought from Satou-dono.

It was written that several workshops had accepted to send exchange students to Muno city. Even though it usually needs extraordinary hardships to make them agree to it since they don't want to spread their technologies.
Good grief, even though he's declined the [Special Liaison Chief] position, he's actually doing it--no, he's done something far bigger than I've expected.

While savoring the pastry called [Muno Roll] that Gelt the head-chef has brought, I'm racking my brain as to how are we going to reward these achievements.

We have neither money nor treasures. We've already given him peerage. It should be appropriate to make him into a chevalier from a honorary chevalier, but that man didn't have interest to it. Raising his peerage more than this would need a recommendation from his majesty the king. And, there's also women huh.

Even baron-sama has a second wife after all.
That man probably won't refuse if he can marry a young girl.

Shall I make that village girl called Totona to be an adopted daughter of Baron-sama.
It's painful that there's a possibility for that jest to happen.

"Good grief, I should think hard in the more proper direction about this."

I can't help but grumble like that while hearing yells that come from sir Zotor and Karina-sama's fight outside.

If only I was 20 years younger.
I take a deep breath while thinking such foolish thing.

It's insufferable to have my worries increase as the management of the territory improves you know.

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