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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 10-8

10-8. Labyrinth Exploration (2)


Satou's here. I think that positioning is important whether it's in RPGs, War Simulations, or FPS. You really can't make light of terrain effect you know.

"Satou, enemies, a lot."

Please stop talking that way like you hate me.
Slightly after Mia, Tama who's in foremost position seems to have caught on the footsteps' sounds of the explorers.

"People coming~?"

Pochi steps forward from behind, and puts her ears on the ground beside Tama.

"This sounds must be from insects nanodesu."

Covering Pochi's words, Arisa who looks grave asks me the exact number of the enemies.

"How many are coming?"
"Are you asking about the enemies or the people?"

I felt like doing something slightly mean. She replied quickly, "Enemies", so I honestly told her that it's 300.

"Th, three?"
"Master, advising to withdraw."
"Master, I also agree with Nana."

I holds the trembling Lulu on my arms. Everyone has judged correctly and carefully. Muscle brains who would want to fight enemies that are 40 times their number wouldn't be going to the labyrinth after all.

"It's alright~?"
"It's alright nanodesu. It'll be easy if we're with master nanodesu!"

They're here, the muscle brain girls.
Pochi and Tama have taken their curious signature poses. I ask the two while patting their heads.

"What would you do if you're not with me?"
"Of course, run away nodesu."
"Helter-skelter, quick~?"

Oh? They're not muscle brain, but trusting me.

"Yup, that's good. You shouldn't fight enemies three times your number or more even if they're lower ranked than you."
"What should we do when you can't avoid fighting them?"
"What do you think you should do?"

I return Arisa's question with a question.

"Right, I guess make use of geographical advantage?"
"Correct, you should take the position where the enemies can't make use of their number."
"It's the basic when I was solo hunting in net games after all~"

I see, that kind of knowledge huh.
I had only ever fought against small fry that could be killed in one blow when I was solo-ing in the MMOs I played, but various things seem to be different depending on the games.

Now then, although we don't have any obligation to save the unknown explorers, but it's some monsters after much pain. Let's make them into experience points for everyone.

"There are people who are running from the monsters this time, so let's fight to save them."

I propose to go to battle while using an appropriate reason. Everyone immediately replied with their consents.

"Of course, when you're not with me, you should run away at full speed and give maximum priority to your own life okay?"

Just in case, I gave them the warning.

We retreat to the path behind for a bit, and encamp ourselves on the ramp with piled-up debris where it's easy to fight many enemies. Here the rear guards should be able to send magic and long-ranged attack from behind by flying it over the head of the vanguards who are fighting.

The problems are that we can only see 50 meters ahead since the corridor is curved, and we can't lay traps on the passage since there are explorers who are running away toward here.

As an insurance, I invoke [Remote Arrows] and hide them in the shadow of the ceiling. Of course I've properly restrained myself and only created no more than 30.

A party that consist of rabbitkins and ratkins are running from beyond the corridor like literal startled hares. Behind them are party of male humans, and the last in line are a party of female humans, and baggage carriers children, although they still can't be seen.

"Oy you guys, group of monsters are coming y'know."
"If you don't want to get eaten, don't be confused and just run!"

The demi-humans party give unanimous warnings to run while they're passing us on the side. The three of them are level 7-10 warriors.

Next, only three people of the male humans party are explorers, the two men with good physique who follow them are baggage carriers. Those two seem to be slaves.

"Oy, you slaves, if you drop the jar of ant nectar, I'll cut you bastard's limbs and feed them to the ants."

The slaves don't answer to the merciless men and keep running after the men in silence. The explorer man who's rebuking them is level 13, the highest among this group. The two slaves are only level 4.

"Besso. Those 『Beautiful Wing』 have fallen behind."
"Fuhn, it's too bad with Jenna, but we won't be in the red if we have a jar."
"You're right, let's run while they're getting eaten."

They only glanced to us, and passed by from the side.

The party of female explorers are coming way later after those two groups. Among the four, two are explorers, while the remaining two are baggage carriers. One of the carriers seems to be injured on her leg, and the other one is leading her by hand to somehow pull her.

"You people over there! Run! There's an outbreak of labyrinth ants."

Although the way of talk is like a man, she's a woman. She's in her early 20s, and although she's not a beauty, her face has a certain charm to it. She has a short wooden spear with bronze tip and a wooden shield, she wears an armor that's cotton clothes sewn with woods. I wonder if that armor is popular in the labyrinth city?

"Do you guys have a smoke ball or a flash ball? You'd get caught up."

The other one is a 20 years old beauty-san. Her breasts are slightly bigger than Lulu's, she's a calm looking person with black hair that's bundled on the back. Her name is Jenna-san.

Unfortunately, we don't have the item that she's asking. The fireworks magic can probably act in their place, but it's faster to just use firebolt to burn the ants rather than using that.

The two looked behind beside us and held their breaths toward the baggage carriers behind.

"Iruna-san, help! The ants! The ants!"
"Onee-chan, I'm fine already, onee-chan should escape alone."

The labyrinth ants that are as big as a human are chasing the two who are displaying sisterly love from behind.

I signal to Pochi and Tama.


The stones that the two have thrown get a clean hit on the ant that's going to bite the carrier sisters. The ant who has lost its balance tumbles to the ground and entangles its legs with the other ants. About 30 ants also tumble to the ground in series, and the rush stops. The remaining 270 ants haven't arrived yet.
Of course the serial tumbles are not coincidence. I secretly use [Magic Hand] on the labyrinth ants' legs to tumble them over.

I nod to Liza who's looking at me.

"Nana, provoke them. Rear guards, begin the shooting."

Arisa, Mia, and Lulu; the rear guard prepare the usual Soft Shotguns on the safety zone that is on the top of the ramp.

"You worker ants! I'm telling you to overwork yourselves to death!"

Nana's provocation is working, the ants hostilities turn here--that's fine and all, but please stop with the overwork to death part since it hurts my heart.

After the provocation, the three shot the labyrinth ants with the soft shotguns. Since they're originally weapons for suppressing humans, it give almost no damage.

"Pochi, Tama, let's go."
"Acknowledged nanodesu!"

Liza assaults while leaving the usual red afterglows from her magic spear. It's overwhelming that she tramples an ant with each of her blow.

Tama puts magic power into her two short magic swords, and defeats the labyrinth ants in flutters like she's dancing. Against small fries like these, the dual-wielding Tama is the fastest in decimating them.

Pochi has also gotten used to putting magic power into a magic sword, she moves linearly while accurately aims her short magic sword to the gaps on the labyrinth ant's shell, defeating them.

Nana deals with the ants that have gathered from her provocation by using shield bash with her magic sword and great shield. Her strength has been increased by physical reinforcement, she's moving with the goal to push the ants back rather than to defeat them. She's probably learned this way of fighting in the Spriggan trial grounds.

Since the labyrinth ants are only around level 4-6, it seems to be unsatisfactory.

"Amazing, they're easily defeating those hard labyrinth ants."
"The magic earlier might have weakened the ants' defenses."

The two female explorers lend their shoulders to the carrier sisters and carry them here. At first Liza was going to help them, but it looks like she's judged that assistance is unnecessary.
Looks like they see the shotgun attacks earlier as magic. Of course the shotguns don't have defense down effect or anything like that.

"We're saved, noble-sama."

The charming-san who seems to be the female explorers party leader talks to me. We're in the middle of battle, but since there's enough room for it, it's fine. Moreover, I want to ask something. For some reason, everyone who has met me sees through me as a noble in one glance. I want to know the reason.

"Don't mind it. Rather, can I ask something."
"O, of course, I will absolutely reward you when we get back to the town."
"No, you don't have to do that, how do you know that I'm a noble?"

The female explorers look slightly awkward, but then, the charming-san who's called Iruna answers my question. The beauty-san is treating the baggage carrier little sister who has hurt her leg. The baggage on the big sister carrier's back seems to be heavy as she's kneeling on the ground while trying to adjust her breathing and isn't looking around her.

"Because, you're wearing such high-class robe in a labyrinth like this."

I see, so it's the problem with clothes. However, I think it's normal for a magician to wear robe.

"Moreover, you're hanging such expensive looking sword on your waist."

Even though I've properly arranged Nana's and the others' magic swords with plain scabbards, I forgot my own sword.


There's still more huh.

"Only nobles-sama bring those, maid-san in their dresses, into the labyrinth."

Ah, I've overlooked it since those are their usual attires.
Lulu is wearing maid uniform, and Arisa is cosplaying [Combat Maid] uniform which I've made after getting carried away. Those were equipment that I presented them when they were doing the Spriggan trials.

Their defense powers are higher than even the metal armors that knights wear you know?

While we're having such out of place conversation, Liza and the others are resolutely exterminating the enemies. The rear guard troupe are free after the first attack since they're completely safe.

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