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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission SS 4

SS: Doctor Pochi


"It's terrible nanodesu! It's terrible if it keeps being left alone nanodesu."

Pochi who's wearing a female doctor fashion is accompanied by Arisa and Tama who are wearing mini skirt nurse uniforms. Mia is on an outing with Aialize.
Playing doctor huh, it's really like Arisa. At first Arisa was going to be the doctor, but since it seemed like she would sexually harass me if she took the stethoscope, it had been changed to Pochi.

"Eh~ that's troubling."
"Yes, it's troubling nodesu."

Pochi folds her arms and takes an exaggerated 'it's troubling' pose.
The flow of the conversation is like the dog policeman nursery rhyme. Arisa makes fun of her shouting, "Woofwoof woowoo~f", but it seems Pochi and and also Tama have gotten used to her eccentric behavior as they completely ignore her. Arisa, how pitiful.

Let's play along with it for a bit.

"What's the terrible thing?"
"It's the Fuji sickness nanodesu! They're having shortage of Arisanium and Tamarin nodesu."

Just what are Arisanium and Tamarin? Is it something like musukonium?
<TLN: lit. Son-nium, seems to be Nyaruko reference.>

I see so there is no lack of Pochinium huh. I see.


"Then, let's charge it quickly."

I say so, then carry both Arisa and Tama on my hand, and rub their cheeks. Since Arisa's face has collapsed, I continue to only rub Tama's face.

Pochi spreads her arms with a face full of expectation, but I leave her be.
Huh? Like so she looks puzzled.

"Master, Pochi also wants to be rubbed nodesu."
"However, the ones that are lacking are only Arisanium and Tamarin right."

I shake my head, "Unfortunately", to Pochi. She's flailing her short arms, and wander her eyes around seeking for help. Nana just waves her head to the side, Liza remains silent. Lulu is only laughing lightly.
I feel sorry for her if I keep leaving her alone, so let's put out some help.

"Don't tell me that Pochinium is also lacking?"
"Yes nanodesu! It's really lacking nodesu!"

Pochi is diving from the chair, so I receive her. Arisa, who's been hit by Pochi's knee, faints while holding her back of head in agony. A~ah. Since Arisa hasn't done anything wrong this time, I heal her with magic healing.

It has been decided that Lulunium, Lizanium, and Nananium are also lacking, so I charge them with the skinship. It seems that I'm biased with charge amount of Nananium, so the alliance of power has submitted their objection.

The check is a bit too harsh me think.

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