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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission 2

Intermission: The Misfortune of Puta Town [Latter Part]


"What's happened, Kena. You've got yourselves quite a bit more members huh."
"These guys are just extras. Rather than that, I have something to report."

We've arrived at the town, and Kena tells the abnormal situation in the mountains to the gatekeeper.
I stealthily tried to enter the town during this chance, but another gatekeeper easily caught, and pinned me down on the ground. I can't slip out even though he's just putting his foot on my back.

This is the first time I'm entering the town in half a month, please be kinder.
I reluctantly pay the tax to enter to town with the pretty stripped stones that I've found on the mountain's streamlet. These stones can only be found in the mountain so it's worth some cash. Even so, a small bagful of it is only worth two copper coins, so Gadi and the others made fun of me.

"If you're going to pay in kind anyway, go get some animals instead."
"I've said it before right. I can't catch animals without a bow and traps."
"Can't you just sling some stones like Katabane?"
"That's harder than it looks you know. I tried to practice it before, but I couldn't hit the target no matter what."
"Fuh~n, it looks so easy though."
"It really is."

While sweeping the dust off my breastplate, I'm talking some nonsense with the young gatekeeper.

"Gadi, I'm gonna go to the governor's place, so I'll leave communicating with the boss to you."

Kena and Orudo are going together with the old gatekeeper to the governor's mansion. The young gatekeeper is shutting the main gate as instructed by the old gatekeeper. I'm also helping him for some reason.

"Let me get in free next time."
"You fool, this is a duty. Duty. You don't want the town to be overran by monsters right?"
"Of course I don't."

I feel like I've been coaxed somehow.
The other magic hunters haven't been here for a long time. They must be enjoying the Buri town for half a month.

"Yo, what are you doing shutting the gate in broad daylight like this."

When I was sinking down on the ground while leaning my back on the gate after I closed it, I could hear the voice of a carefree old man.

I look up and see a middle-aged old man saying something to the young gatekeeper.

Beside him, there's a handsome man who's wearing glasses and knight-like clothes with a long pole that looks like it's for laundry, and another one is a past-20s years old aunty who's wearing a robe with a staff.

The middle-aged old man is carrying a great sword on his back.
Maybe they're explorers?

"Actually, a hydra has appeared in the mountains--"
"Ho, a hydra you said?! That sure is delicious."
"Wait, you, hadn't you got stomach pain for one week back then. You haven't learned anything have you."
"Kyura is here this time, it's fine it's fine."
"I don't wanna. The fool who's still going to eat it despite knowing that it's poisonous should just suffer."

What are these people saying?
Are they going to eat Hydra? Eh? They said it's poisonous?

"That boy over there. This guy tends to badly forget his level. A hydra is an opponent for a group of armed forces, don't think that you can fight it even by mistake."

I nod to the handsome man.

"Excuse me. Fumu, this is quite wonderful."
"Hmm? Let see. Isn't this just normal wolves materials--oy, this shell is."
"Yeah, I think it's either from a Soldier Beetle, or an Assault Beetle, but I've never seen one that's so splendidly made like this. Moreover, it uses a whole beetle for the breastplate part, very luxurious."
"Hey, Yasaku, and also Tan, leave it at that. The boy is confused."

I'm happy that they're praising my breastplate, but please don't draw closer.

"Was it made in this town?"
"Yup, that's right."
"Then, can you introduce us to that armor craftsman?"
"I'm sorry, that's impossible."
"Is it an eccentric craftsman? I'll give you some reward if you introduce us."

By reward does he mean money? U~n. I want to introduce them, but it's impossible.

"I'm sorry, that person is not in this town anymore."
"I see, that's unfortunate. There's barely any merchant who deals with monster materials in the duchy capital. We're looking for someone that can repair our armors which have been damaged during the martial art tournament."

Eh~, is that rare. Armors made from monster materials are light and durable, so I thought that it was common in the duchy capital. The noble who gave me this armor also said that it was cheap.

Several days later, the hydra appeared. There are two of them.
Around the hydras, there are around 100 beastmen who are wearing strange cloth masks that are drawn with strange patterns. That crowd was divided, and some men wearing white and riding lizard horses (Raptors) appeared. These two seem to be humans.

"...■■■ Monster Check."

Oh, it's magic. The handsome man seems to use magic to investigate the hydras that have shown up their bodies in the forest.

"Their levels are 29 and 28. They're slightly stronger than the ones in the labyrinth. I tried to check on those white masked people too, but I couldn't see it. Those masks seem to be magic tools that inhibit appraisal."
"Which one do you think is the monster tamer?"
"It's probably the short person who's hiding on the back of those hydras."

I've slipped among the explorers, crowding in the watchtower on top of the gate. I'm acting as the liaison--as the reserve, between this people and the guard."

『Foolish people, we're going to release you from the tyranny of Shiga Kingdom! We are the Wings of Liberty. The one that will lead you to the true liberty!』

I can hear the loud voice of the masked person. I don't know what's he talking about since he's using some difficult words. Maybe he's saying they're surrendering?

"Yasaku-dono, the governor has permitted us to attack. The archers unit will begin the attack with yours as the signal."
"Ou, leave it to me."

Yasaku is chanting something and then, a black hole appears in front of my eyes. What's this?
Ooh, he took out a bow with some sinister engravings and stacks of arrows from it.

"What's wrong boy. Is this your first time seeing Item Box? Then, touch it once. People who are carrying explorer's gene and have touched the item box are going to obtain their own (item box) someday."

I timidly push my hand into the Item Box, and pull it back. There's no sensation, but I fear that the black hole will eat my hand.

"Yasaku, if you don't shoot soon, I'll do the first hit okay?"
"Baro, leave that to the explorer party leader. <<Disturb>> Blue Magic Bow."

The bow and arrow are glowing red as if answering Yasaku. It's called blue magic even though it's red?
The red arrow kills the monster tamer near the hydra.

"Fufuhn, that's what happen when your magic defense got cut."
"Really, that bow is really suited to be magician killer."

Following it, the archers of Puta town defense force release their arrows all at once. The opponents seem to defend against the arrows by hiding behind trees. The arrows also hit the hydra, but it looks like its skin repelled it. Ah, it's mad. It's coming here.

"Hey, isn't it better if the hydra runs amok in the enemy forces?"
"What a coincidence, I'm also of the same opinion."
"Hey you two, please don't talk so carefree, do something about it. It's coming over here."

I involuntarily complained to the two who are being carefree. I thought that I was going to be hit since it was cheeky, but the two laughed it off.

When the hydra is on the halfway point between the city gate and the forest, it suddenly opens its mouth and spits a fireball. I reflexively hide behind the rampart. I can feel the hot air above me, it burns a house upon impact.

Uwah, that house has just been completed last month.

The sociable handsome friend of Yasaku, and the robe aunty have finished their chanting.

"...■■■■ Javelin."
"...■■■ <<Lightning Storm>>"

Many light spears and loud lightning storm that hurt my ears violate the hydras. The hydras are screaming like they're going mad, how pitiful.

『Curse you, Duke! Have you heard our plan and sent some skilled people for it!』

The white masked person on the enemy's side is shouting something.
Half of the enemies charge ahead with the signal from the white masked people. Looks like they're monkeykin judging from the way they run.

"Hey, are we the duke's subordinates?"
"That's a nice misunderstanding."
"We're here by chance after all. Isn't it cute, by chance?"

I wonder why are they this carefree? Are all explorers like these?
The lightning magic seems to make the hydra skin becomes brittle as the defense force's arrows can pierce it normally now. It's going to be defeated soon.

The masked monkeykins are being shot to death one after another before they can reach the wall.
When I look closer, it seems several of them are hiding behind their companions.

『Demon lord-sama! We will offer you once again here! Our liberty with your majesty!』

"What? They're demon lord worshipers huh?"
"Looks like it. How troubling."
"I hate those kind of fanatics. Can I burn them all?"
"Wait, Sheriona. We won't know their background if we don't catch that leader."
"How annoying."

"Hey, this is bad."

The body of the beastman who have arrived on the wall are swelling and warping. I pull Yasaku's sleeves beside me to tell him.

"Geh, the heck is that?"

The people around Yasaku have begun chanting. Yasaku also puts away the bow, and take out a big shield.

The monkeykin that had became three times bigger reached the top of the wall by just jumping lightly. It's not a monkeykin isn't it? I mean, it has a mouth with a lot of fangs on its stomach.

Ah, my body has frozen, I can't move. The fang comes close to my face. Breath that smells like from a beast drifts to me.

"Yasaku the explorer, coming!"

From the side, Yasaku thrusts himself with his shield, and drops the mouth stomach monkey (monster) to the ground below together with him.
However, both are sturdy. Even though they had fallen from this height, they took some distance away like nothing happened.

"...■■■ Physical Reinforcement Over (Hard Boost)"
"...■■■■■ Lightning Bolt"

Lightning bolt hits the mouth stomach monkey along with blinding light and deafening sound. Handsome-san nimbly moves to the blind spot of the mouth stomach monkey and cuts it. Both are too fast, my eyes can't follow it.

"...■■■■ Divine Wall"

Light wall appears around Yasaku and the others.

"It's fine now. It's alright even if it's hit with a big magic."

The aunty magician who has already chanting since a while ago, lightly nods.

"...■■■ Thunder Storm"
"Uwaa, Barou, are you going to turn us to cinders too."
"Yasaku, you're too slow to get away."

Lightning storm that's far more amazing than the one used against the hydra awhile ago blows violently. Yasaku and Tan are saying something below, but I can't hear it.

"I'm taking this chance, Whirlwind Blade."

The great sword glows red and carve many wounds on the mouth stomach monkey.

"You're too soft. Sharp Edge."

From the opposite side of Yasaku, Tan continuously stabs with a light long sword.
It seems that they're going to defeat it soon. Explorers are amazing after all. They're unparalleled compared to me or Kena, or even Orudo--there are people this strong huh.

My out-of-place excitement is erased by several screams that are raised from the sides of the rampart.

There, several mouth stomach monkeys are routing the guards and the magic hunters.

『Be awed! Our trump card! Taste the overwhelming violence that even we cannot control! This is exactly demons! Ah, your majesty demon lord! The world of demons will begin once again on this land.』

"Demon?! This is bad."
"Really bad isn't it. Yasaku, Tan, let's escape quickly."
"Right, monsters are one thing, but demons are bad."
"Why? Aren't you just about to defeat them."

Yasaku and his friends are going to escape as soon as they heard about the demons. Even though they're the only people that can fight it head-on.

"Demons, you see, are clever. A weak magician and priest can only do this much."

The aunty magician takes out another staff that's different from what's she's been using until now, and sticks it out toward the mouth stomach monkey. Firebolt comes out of it, exploding the mouth stomach monkey. The mouth stomach monkey that have fallen to the ground doesn't seem to be damaged at all.

"We can handle one of them, but only hero can do something with this many."
"Look out."

A mouth stomach monkey that has jumped over the wall and descended, tramples me. The pain from the gatekeeper trampling me can't be compared to this weight. I muster my consciousness that's almost gone, and stabs between the fangs of the stomach mouth monkey with an arrow I've grasped. The mouth stomach monkey looks like it doesn't feel anything even thought I've stabbed it many time.

The magicians and the aunty seem like they're trying to save me, but it seems they can't use magic because I'm in the way.

I wonder what is that.
I saw the shadow of a floating person when I was forced to face up. Purple hair?

『<<DANCE>> Claiomh Solais』

Several swords are sprinkling down from that figure. It's beautiful.
That sword arbitrarily moves like a creature and slashes the mouth stomach monkey (demon) that has trampled me. The mouth stomach monkey is cut right in half with just one slash.

When I crawled out of the mouth stomach monkey, the battles inside and outside the rampart were over.

"It's the swords of heaven."
"It's the Ancestor King Yamato-sama."
"Yamato-sama, hooray!"
"Glory to the Ancestor King Yamato-sama!"

Everyone unanimously calls Yamato-sama name.
I don't know whether the person flying in the sky is really Yamato-sama. However, I was able to shout "Thank you" with all my might, before that person flew away.

I thought that Gadi and Bahana had died, but it seems they've gotten off with just bone fractures. Kena and Pomi seem to get off with just scratches.

I've only gotten bruised. Yasaki and the others call it a miracle. Maybe it's thank to the armor I've gotten from noble-sama. I'll thank him once again the next time we meet.

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