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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission SS 5

SS: Fishing


"What are you making nodesu?"

Pochi and Tama peek from my sides while I'm making a tool.

"This is called a fly."
"Hairy caterpillar~?"
"It's not an insect nodesu?"
"It's an artificial bait that pretends to be an insect to catch fish."

They probably don't really understand, but Pochi and Tama fold their arms while nodding, "I see~", "Nanodesu."

Since it's right when I've just completed it, I take the two along to a watering hole nearby.
Watering holes in this world have a lot of fish, and it's not limited to this Boruenan forest. Only the ones in baron Muno territory don't have the fish.

It's one thing with the rod guides, but making the reel is too troublesome, so there's only one set of fishing tackle. I wave the fly on the end of the rod and powerfully cast it to the intended place.

It seems that there are a lot of fish brimming with curiosity, the fly is bitten the moment it lands on the water.

"Am, amaziingnodesu! It's already been bitten nodesu. Fly is an expert nanodesu."
<TLN: Iregui: fish biting at every cast.>

Tama is happy nonchalantly, in contrast with Pochi who's too excited, she's flailing her arms around while fumbling her words.

This time I adjust the fishing line length to be at normal length, and try to land the fly on the water. After leaving it for a bit, another fish with the same big mouth that look like the trout earlier bites. Still, to catch 50 cms fish like this so easily, there's a limit to iregui too.

After making Pochi and Tama wait for only three minutes, I give them two impromptu fishing rods with artificial baits.

"Now, try it."
"Full speed ahead~?"
"I'll do my best nodesu!"

While having meager happenings like Pochi getting her fishing rod caught on a needle tree, or Tama getting dragged into the pond by the too-big-of-a fish that she's fished, we end up catching more than 100 fish until the evening. Some fish that can't fit the fish-tank have ran away, yet it's still overflowing with fish.

"Fish festival~?"
"Are having fish today nanodesu?"
"We need to have the mud removed from the fish. I'm sorry but, today we're having whale meat like usual."

It's delicious indeed, but it gets a bit tiring after all.

"There is no problem nodesu! I like whale meat as much as Theodore nanodesu!"
"Karaage~? Cutlets?"

We keep having fried food, and we've just had steak yesterday. I'd like to have some vegetables, so I guess another kind of dish will be nice.

"Right then, since it's not really a good match as hamburg steak, why don't we have sukiyaki?"
"Hamburg-sensei is almighty nanodesu!"
"Sukiyaki suki~"
<TLN: I love sukiyaki.>
"Of course, I love the great god sukiyaki too nanodesu."

Thus, the next dinner will be with sukiyaki.

I made the fish from today into boiled fish several days later. Pochi almost cried since there were many small bones, but since Lulu patiently lectured her the way to take the small bones away, she ate it all without leaving anything behind.

Now then, what should we do tomorrow?

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