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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission SS 2

SS: The Baron's Treasure


"Mou, father. Are you looking at that autograph paper again?"
"Oh, Soruna."

Lady Soruna looks slightly amazed at his father Baron who's gazing at the autograph paper in his private room alone like usual.
This autograph paper is something that his retainer has sent from Duke Oyugock capital. It's drawn with big characters which they've never seen before.

"Look at this powerful handwriting. Doesn't it look like it's shouldering the world. And also, these ancient characters that are overflowing with dynamism! Unfortunately, it's too hard too read, but it must be words with a significant meaning."

Her smile that overflows from seeing her father nodding by himself while looking very satisfied only comes out once during the first time it's happened.
Soruna, the daughter, didn't think that he would gaze upon it every night for one month straight that continues even now.

That is the autograph of the savior of the world, the hero of Saga empire, Masaki. She doesn't know just what kind of method chevalier Pendragon did to obtain this.

The autograph paper is written with ancient characters that no one can read, that is.

『To Baron Muno-san

YES! Lolita, NO! Touch

Hero Hayato Masaki』

It's probably fortunate for them to be unable to read the ancient language.

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