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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9 Intermission SS 3

SS: Lulu's Pests Extermination


<Author's Note: This is an SS with Liza's POV, not Satou.>

"Ufufu, you're bad you know? Since you've put your hands on other people's thing..."

What should I do, Lulu seems strange.

"Now, be obediently exterminated."

When I look at Lulu who's holding a kitchen knife on her hand while having a dark smile, I feel a slight cold on my back.

"Ara ara, are you scared? Pulling your hands and feet back like that. Are you trying to hide it by doing that?"

I'm at a loss as to whether call Lulu who's speaking like she's driving it into the corner, but since she'll be still speaking when master come soon, let's stop her now.

"Now, resign yourself--"

When I called her, Lulu very quickly turned her body around. Looking at the kitchen knife being hold in both hands like she's going to thrust it sure is scary.

"D, did you see?"
"No, I didn't. Rather than that, master is coming, so you should end your little drama, and quickly finish catching the vegetable bugs."
"P, please Liza-san, about this, to master--"

Lulu who's drawing near in a panic looks cute, but since she's still holding the kitchen knife, I lightly take it off. Since it's dangerous.

I promise the nondisclosure, "I swear that I did not seen anything" to Lulu. As a thank for keeping it a secret, Lulu is going to give me the thick slice of the steak today. I did not have such intention, but the meat has no sin. I will gladly accept it.

"What's wrong Liza? You look happy about something."
"No, it is nothing."

This is a secret between girls after all, so I'm keeping it a secret from master.

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