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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9-32

9-32. Victory Celebration Party


Satou's here. I had only ever seen the parade of triumphal return when an Olympic athlete from my town came back bringing a gold medal. The player I saw at that time looked slightly embarrassed yet very proud.

"Umm, you two, isn't it about time."

Lua-san reservedly calls us. Aialize-san seems to notice that we're in public after she hears her. I've noticed that since awhile ago, but since it was such a wonderful scene, I enjoyed it until it was stopped.

"I-it's not, it's not like that!"

Aialize-san pulls away from me in panic, and begins to make an excuse to Lua-san and the surrounding elves. I mix in with the surrounding elves, and enjoy the panicking Aialize-san.

"It's not huh."
"It's, it's not, but, that's not it."

I reply her slightly lonely, and Aialize-san starts to explains in fluster. While I'm admiring her "au au"-ing with her eyes going round and round, I tell Jia-san and the others the reason for the jellyfish rampage and the way to cope with it.

"Then, those eggs are the cause that makes the world tree mis-recognize the jellyfish as its part aren't they."
"I have no proof, but the probability of that is high."

I inform them that the failure this time was caused by the larvae which hatched from the eggs and turned the jellyfish from [Sleeping] to [Frenzy] condition, and when the larvae were massacred, the jellyfish became [Raged].
Furthermore, I pass the jellyfish egg that I've put in a bottle to Jia-san. I secured some since I thought that it would be needed for research.

It seems that the PR elder-san will replace the job of Aialize-san, who's fainted, to tell the other clans about this.

The elves who are here had agreed to tell the same story, that "The hero Nanashi beat the jellyfish." Actually, the silver masked Nanashi version was included in the plan, they easily acknowledged that heroes were eccentric. It's convenient, but now I'm curious just what did Daisaku-shi wear.

Unfortunately, the jellyfish remains don't have any magic core. My work of collecting the jellyfish remains along with the cages was in vain. It might be natural since they are not monsters but [Mysterious Creatures]. The EXP that I've got from the jellyfish are fewer than from monsters. I obtained less EXP from 10.000 jellyfish than what I got from seven whales.

We, who have returned to the ground, join the party that the elves who are house-sitting are preparing. Since the place where the curry festival was held wouldn't be able to fit it, they had opened the meadow block in the underground town for it.

I've changed to ceremonial clothes, and participate in the triumphal return parade with the elves.

I'm outfitted with a holy armor that looks hero-like per the request of Lua-san.
Rather than hero-like, this holy armor seems to be an equipment left behind by Daisaku-shi. Even thought it was obviously too big, it changed to become a perfect fit when I wore it. I questioned for nearly one hour about the mechanism for it, but since Lua-san who passed the equipments to me didn't know, I put it off for later.

A lot of pixies are sprinkling flower while looking cheerful from above us who are parading.

I go with Aialize-san and the other on a temporary stage that's been set on the center of the venue while basked in cheers. Aialize-san and her four attendants are wearing miko attires like when I meet them for the first time.

"Children of Boruenan! We have safely exterminated the pests which have polluted the world tree for long--"

Aialize-san reports the result with clear voice to the people who have gathered on the venue. Even though she seems weak with this kind of thing, I wonder if she's fine since they're like her family?

"--He is the hero of human, Nanashi! Please give him applause!"

My introduction was over while I was admiring her face from the side. Slightly late, I wave my hand toward the elves.

Before long, Aialize-san's speech is finished, and the stage is handed over to the bands to start the party. There are people dancing on the center of the venue, and people assaulting the food stalls on the circumferences, everyone is doing what they like each.

I use quickdress to change back to the usual Satou from hero Nanashi. I returned the hero's attires to Lua-san.

I pick a fruit water goblet from the beverages served by the living doll, and wet my mouth a little. While carrying the goblet on one hand, I passed through the crowd toward Pochi and the others.

I got in touch with Arisa using [Telephone] when I had returned to the ground. It seems they're putting some stalls, Lulu with a crepes stall, and Liza with a grilled frog meat corner. The frog meat that Liza is exhibiting are from frogs the size of piglets. They're common amphibians, not monsters. The beastkin and Nana went on a hunt with miss Poltomea leading them yesterday.

Heavy drinkers are crowding Liza's stall, while Lulu's stall is crowded with the pixies and women who like sweets. The elves are happily chatting and playing music while waiting. They are patient, or rather, they're very tolerant against [Waiting].

"Master, here~"
"Master nanodesu!"

Pochi and Tama who have found me come out between the legs of the elves and come to pick me. The two are wearing frilly maid uniforms. I join hands with the two and go to the stall while navigating through the elves.

Looks like Mia has come to help, she's wearing mini skirt maid uniforms, matching with Arisa. Nana and the older group are wearing long skirt maid uniforms. I think it's better if it's reversed. Apparently, my taste and Arisa's differ for this one.

"Welcome back~ I won't do such inelegant thing like asking if you didn't overdo it, but you're not hurt anywhere right?"
"I'm back, I don't have any injury."

Arisa is worried about me while taking a pose to show off her cute clothes. It would have been good if she finished there, but since she muttered, "I'll be sure to inspect for any scars during the bathing tonight", it was spoiled.

Lulu and Nana are making the crepes. Arisa and Mia are taking orders and handing out the crepes in front of the stall. The gluttonous pixies seem to be trying to snatch some of the crepes, but Nana catches them and forcibly put them on her cleavage when they get close, so they're not getting it. How enviable. I want to snatch crepes too.

Lulu said, "It's special" to me, and made a small crepes on the edge of the iron plate for me. I feel bad for the elves who are waiting their turns, but since I'm slightly hungry, I thankfully accept it.

There's a tatami-wide wire net spread on Liza's stall for grilling the frog meat with the charcoal that miss Poltomea has supplied from somewhere. Good smell like from grilled chicken meat adrift. Liza uses a pair of long tongs to give the finished one to the customers while watching the heat level. How do I say this, her expression is too serious.

"Yo, Satou. Don't you have some dragon spring liquor from the other day?"
"I do, here you go."

Miss Poltomea's language is rough despite her cute western doll-like face. I stopped by the black dragon, Heiron's place, when I was going to the get the scrolls on the duchy capital, so I acquired some dragon spring liquor. I received it after I shared some of the Brownie Wine barrels I had a lot with the black dragon.

"Oh, nice smell. I'd like to get along with dragons just fer' this liquor."
"Poa, do it moderately okay."

Miss Poltomea's said some strange thing, maybe she wants to drink other liquor for a bit. Her elf friend who has started to pour the dragon spring liquor to an extra-large goblet holds her back. He's also a drinker, so half of his warning must be for her not to decrease his share of liquor.

"Savor the taste a bit more Poa. It's a blasphemy to wash down the meat with the liquor."
"I'm savoring it properly okay, Liza is fussy."

I distribute some human liquor and the dragon spring liquor to several tables that have the drinking bout started while listening to such magistrate-like exhibit from behind. This isn't because of miss Poltomea's words, but I'm slightly expecting the start with the black dragon with liquor as the impetus.

When I've returned from distributing the liquor, the frog meat have all been used up, so I take out 50 kilograms of whale meat. I cut some moderately big slice of meat, and put it on the meat place beside Liza.

"Liza~ another three servings of frog grills~?"
"Liza, another additional orders nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi who have taken some orders announce it to Liza. When they're announcing the orders, their mouths are opening and closing, demanding for some grilled meat from Liza.

Liza seemed to be aware of it too, she had prepared two small slices of meat on small plates when she saw Pochi and Tama came back from the crowds. She catch the meat with the tongs and throw it into the mouths of the two.

"Freshly grilled~"
"Hot, hot, nanodesu!"

Liza smiles fondly seeing the two like that. At the same time, her hands quickly put some meat onto the plates like they're different creatures, and hand over the next portion of the orders to Pochi and Tama. There are more meat on the plates than the ordered, they must be for Pochi and Tama to secretly eat. Pochi and Tama who have received the plates ran happily to the customers.

I present the grilled meat that I've received earlier to the mouth of Liza who's busy for her to eat. Liza eats the grilled meat from the skewers like she's pecking while looking slightly embarrassed.

Lulu and the others who have ran out of fresh cream close their stall, and come to help Liza.

There's the figure of Aialize-san who has secured the last crepes behind the stall. The pixies are flying while protesting above her head, saying "Aze, one bite.", "Aze, monopolizing is unfair.", but she's not listening to those voices, and nibbles on her crepes bite by bite while covering it with both her hands. She's like Mia who likes fresh cream. The figure of Aialize-san who's smeared in fresh cream appeared in an instant in my mind, but I erase that out. Calm down Satou.

I catch Arisa and Mia who have ran from behind Aialize-san. Lulu and Nana have gone to take lunch boxes that they have ordered from the wives network ahead of time.


I turn my head toward the short scream behind me, looks like Aialize-san's crepes has fallen to the ground. I think there is no need to have that despaired look on your face.

"Uu, it was the last one."
"A~a, I don't~ kno~w."
"It was the punishment for monopolizing~"
"Aze, regrettable."

She's on the verge of crying from the merciless words of the pixies. I was moved by her state, and inadvertently spoiled her.

"I will make some for you again tomorrow, so please don't be too down."
"Is it true? Will you promise me?"

I gently nod to the high elf-sama who looks up while tilting her head.
She presented her left hand's pinky to me, and I was going to present mine, but our fingers never joined.

Arisa and Mia take my hands from both side, and drag me to the table where Lulu and the other have spread the catering food.

Aialize-san looks at her little finger lonely while tilting her head. I won't break my promise to make you crepes even without that look on your face you know.

Ten days later, Arisa and the others have finished clearing the last Attraction, and we're going to leave the elf hometown.

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