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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9-30

9-30. Pests Extermination Operation


Satou's here. It's said that lights are usually followed by shadows. Even though it looks fine at a glance, out that some things have been overlooked. I think one should do a review during their free time.

"Ah, Satou-san! It's about the Scarecrow Mk.7 that you've entrusted to us, it's broken through the jellyfish's detection, and succeeded until it gave the [Currently Watching] signal."

Lua-san reports so to me who have just come back from the duchy capital.
I was involved with a small disturbance in Puta town so I was slightly late returning back. It's not because I was playing at the store of a beautiful onee-san, nope.

I tested the Scarecrows up to the third revision myself, but Lua-san suggested that it would probably better to leave it to Jia-san who would be the one using it in the future, so the plan changed. Above all, the experiment had always relied most on Jia-san's magic, so there was no substantial change even if it was left to her.

The shape of the Scarecrow Mk.7 is like a beach ball that's stacked with swimming rings. The swim rings part is the magic power storage vessels (battery), and the beach ball is the main body. The main body is inserted with a philoshoper's stone as its core that acts as the power reactor, the surplus magic power from the stone is then deposited into the battery. The accumulated magic power is going to be used to transmit signal when it finds an enemy, and for changing its course.
The jellyfish detection seems to be enough by having the scarecrows and the alarms that have been put on top of the above town by Jia-san and the others to work in conjunction. The elves who are good at long-range attack magic are going to be the ones who will annihilate the enemies.

I receive the file that contains the detailed result, and head toward the tree house together.

"Master, welcome back nanodesu!"

Over there, Pochi is literally flying.

"'elcome~ look look~?"

Tama is also doing somersaults like she's dancing.
The two are wearing fairies clothes like the ones from fairy tales. With wings like the pixies', they fly around. Since I can feel magic power flowing on the wings, they're probably magic tools, or elf flight magic that are put on them. Pochi's wings are transparent like a dragonfly's, and Tama's wings are like the yellow butterfly's.

The two fly to beside me, take poses, and emit [Praise me] auras, so I dutifully praise them.

"You two are really cute. You look just like faeries."
"I'm happy nodesu!"

Since Pochi emits [Praise me more] aura, I praise her more until I'm writhing. Of course, for Tama too.

The two who are satisfied fly before me, and hold out their hands, inviting me to fly together.

I guess I might as well treat myself to some sky stroll.

I rise with Sky Drive while taking the two hands. Since Lua-san has refused before I go up, the three of us are dancing in the sky.

"Who put you on these cute clothes?"
"Arisa made it nodesu."

Arisa is the one who made it huh, they're certainly different from the elves' native dress. I'll make some short staffs, one with a star decoration on its tip for Pochi, and one with a crescent moon decoration for Tama next time. But Tama likes cute things, maybe I should make her staff heart-shaped instead?

"Aze put her magic on us nodesu."
"Aze is great~"
"Eh~, have you properly thanked her?"
"Yes, nanodesu!"

I'll make a pudding a la mode for Aialize-san as a thank for entertaining these two. She looked really envious when I made one for Mia back then, she must be going to be happy.

"Your very own cute fairy, Arisa-chan, appear!"

While saying some half-asleep things, Arisa and Mia fly out of the tree house.

Unlike Pochi and Tama, these two are wearing see-through celestial robes-like clothes that are erotic cute. Although it'll be a different story if it's Nana or Aialize-san, I don't feel the H with these two. Of course their important places are hidden since they're properly wearing underwear.

"How is it? Doesn't it feel like you're losing to your passion tonight?"
"It doesn't."

We've been taking bath together everyday, what are you saying now for just seeing you half-naked. Since it's bad for the children, I poke Arisa's forehead to keep her silent.

With Arisa and Mia joined in, we dance in the sky for a short while. The elves seem to be captivated by it, a lone tune plays, then another, and then, the fun music performance begins. Even though everyone is doing it impromptu, it's mixing really well together.

I lift aproned Lulu and Nana who were looking enviously from the balcony with [Magic Hand], and let them participate in the sky dance. I ask Liza who's hiding behind a pillar with my eyes whether she wants to participate, but she slightly puts her hands in front of her face while shaking her head, so I overlook it out of mercy. Come to think of it, Liza is bad with the sky isn't she.

I catch a glimpse of the exhausted Aialize-san leaning her body on a giant chick cushion in the living room of the tree house. It must be because she's lost to Mia and the others' [Request] to put flight magic on several people, even though she's been continuously using magic to capture the jellyfish everyday. Rather than pudding, I'll bring her some energy drink during my visit to her.

"Aze-sama, it's terrible. Beriunan clan seems to have carried out the plan."

Hey now, high elf-sama, I think you shouldn't let out such sound since you're maiden. While Lua-san is wiping the bits of pudding that Aialize-san was eating until just now, Aialize-san asks the elf-san who's intruded again. What's this person's name again? Oh right, she's Roa-san, Jia-san's big sister if I'm not mistaken.

"And the result?!"
"It seems to be a success. There is no vacancy. There's only one injured person who touched the world tree because he was flustered and suffered a burn."

Good, it's a success.
However, according to the plan, this Boruenan village should have been the first to perform the extermination plan so we can follow-up if there's anything wrong with the plan. Did some arrangement change?

"thev becom the intial scrifce, so isnt good."

Arisa is talking some unknown words while chewing the garnish peach from the pudding a la mode. Good grief, so ill-mannered.

"Arisa, don't talk when you still have something in your mouth."

Liza gives her a warning faster than me, but--

"You have to properly savor the taste, don't talk. Otherwise, it's a sacrilege against the delicious meal."

--the point of the warning seems to differ a bit.

Per Liza's warning, Arisa talks after she's chewed her food.

"They've become the initial sacrifice, so isn't it good. With this, don't that mean the secret operation will be safely done?"

I have talked the matter about the jellyfish up to the things allowed by Aialize-san to Arisa and Nana. Of course, since I wasn't allowed to talk about the role of the world tree and the impact if the plan failed, I didn't talk to them about it.
Although, since Arisa has learned various theories about ether from the elf elder-san together with me, and read a lot of books that she's got from the elves as thanks for the food, I feel that she's found out about it on her own.

"There is no change to our plan."
"I understand. As planned let everyone beside the observer to take some rests for today, and tomorrow."

Right when Aialize-san's stopped her words that sounds like it's come from a different person, Roa-san runs toward the Fairy Ring with overflowing vigor just like when she entered the room. What an energetic person.

500-strong elves have gathered in the observatory area. Everyone is a veteran whose level is more than 30. They had been continuously working to put the jellyfish to sleep and capture them in ice cages for ten days, alternating in three turns.

They will be divided into three groups; one group is taking the jellyfish outside the world tree with the four light ships, another group is dragging the jellyfish with spirit magic with Aialize-san as the chief, and the last group is riding a golem that looks like a tank with many legs to launch the jellyfish beyond the void sky using wind magic and nature magic.

I'm on the bench since if the elves can't exterminate the pests on their own, it will be troubling if they're suffering from jellyfish problem again in several hundreds years.

Of course, I'm standing by in the command room where Jia-san is, for if anything happens.

"Now, Boruenan children! The jellyfish cage operation has started! Let's do it carefully and happily!"

Aialize-san declares the start of the operation to the elves in the void sky by using [Mass Telephone]. It seems the instruction from the control tower is performed through communication magic tools. The elves working in the void sky are carrying communication devices that are as small as a mobile phone. It seems to be many times more advanced than even the com tool I've obtained from the hero Hayato.

With movements so slow it might irritate you, they begin moving the ice cages with the jellyfish inside to outside of the world tree little by little.
It seems that they didn't cut the jellyfish's feelers when they captured them in the ice cages, the feelers tangle with the world tree when the cages are lifted, breaking several branches.

I can see twinkling lights like they're from fragment of glasses, or rather, torn frost from where I am.

What a waste.
Having mentality of the poor, I couldn't overlook the world tree branches that were falling from the gravity. When I come to, I have already used sky drive and ground shrink to gather the ones that can be saved into my storage.

However, in the end, this slightly shameful behavior ends up saving many elves' life.

The quiet void sky becomes noisy slightly after this.

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