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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.14


"I cannot give you a yes to that question."

In other word, he knows, but admitting that would force his hand to punish Lecan, thus, he's pretending to be clueless on the matter.

"Let's just say that I've heard about a certain admirable adventurer who donated a new statue to the temple, and went to play with the orphanage children for nine days. Oh and we have been informed of Goncourt House's eldest son's passing to an illness as well."

"Eda is an intermediate, no, likely a high-class <Recovery> user. She also knows <Purification>."


The town lord was agape.

"No, yes, I see now. That does explain it. To tell you the truth I had my suspicion. And now it's clear."

Did he mean that it's clear why Goncourt Family took such a drastic measure as abduction, Lecan thought.

"Anybody who tries to confine Eda against her will or utilize her as a tool is my enemy. Doesn't matter where I will be in the future, that somebody is dead. I want to make that clear to you."


"Sorry for being selfish here, but you've got to keep this matter only to yourself."

"I understand. Agito and Tesla here shall swear by my honor to keep silence as well."

"Much obliged."

"However, Lecan. Would you let someone ask for Eda's <Recovery> if they pay for it?"

"That depends on the situation then and there. But I believe there are cases where a request for Eda's <Recovery> can be met. At the very least, I don't see a problem if it's you asking."

"That's good news. Even from rumors alone, Eda is known as a conqueror of a medium scale dungeon Ninae, and a comrade of adventurer Lecan. I don't believe anyone would leave her alone even without the knowledge of <Purification>."

"Eda is my pupil and a party member for the remainder of this year. But I have no idea what's in store in the future. I want to secure Eda's safety no matter how things turn out. Hence, I'd like you as a town lord to be privy of Eda's secret and to watch over her."

"Very well. I promise I will do everything in my power to ensure Eda's safety as long as she is in this town. That said, we can't exactly keep watch on her at all time. At most we'll keep nobles and influential individuals trying to capture Eda in check. We're open to consultation if you need something."

"That's good enough."

"T'was truly a fruitful discussion we had today."
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"Yeah, it is."

Lecan was surprised at himself and quite satisfied with the way the discussion went.

The discussion itself had the town lord asking Lecan to do something for him, and Lecan agreeing to deal with that bothersome matter. In other word, the town lord owes Lecan a debt now.

As for the matter with Eda, Lecan would have owed the town lord a debt had he come to him to consult about it. However, Lecan was merely stating his determination to raise hell had anything happened to Eda, and the town lord made the promise to secure Eda's safety on his own. It only turned out like that because Lecan brought up the topic during this discussion where he had agreed to take on the town lord's request.

He's got no choice but to go to Golbul now, but it's not like Golbul is that far anyway. It's nothing if it means getting Vouka town lord owe him one.

In hindsight, the advice Shira gave her, to concede everything he can concede, was appropriate.

As Lecan stood up, the town lord's son, Agito spoke up.

"Lecan. To me, Shira-dono is my savior, someone I hold dear. I cannot promise that I will never go visit her again in the future."


The town lord answered Lecan's question.

"Shira-dono had done so much to help this town discretely when it was yet as prosperous as now. She wouldn't budge when we publicly asked for help however."

Looks like Shira has been dwelling in this town longer than Lecan originally thought.

"When Agito nearly lost his life to an illness during his childhood, it was Shira-dono who saved him."

"I see."

Lecan stared at the young Agito.

And he ruminated the meaning of their exchange.

Earlier, Lecan warned a son of the town lord against visiting a commoner. He condemned Agito for causing a commotion due to his senseless behavior.

And yet Agito sought permission to visit. He also said that he would reconsider how he's visiting in the future. Meaning he admitted Lecan's reprimand as valid.

But now he insisted that him visiting Shira was only natural. Restating that he wasn't at fault.

(I see.)

(He's not just a blockhead.)

Lecan recalled the time Agito broke into Shira's house.

Agito's father said what's wrong about a town lord inspecting a commoner's house, and he's right. Lecan has no say in guard corps' actions of stepping inside Shira's house. Despite the town lord saying about wanting to keep their relationship with Shira well, Agito's action practically trampled upon that, but that's their internal family matter to settle.

Besides, considering his actions were fueled by his concerns over Shira's and Nike's safety, they can't exactly reprove his motive.

And at the time, Agito obediently accepted commander Tesla admonishing him. He didn't try to make use of his position as the town lord's successor to make commander Tesla bend to his will. It's fine to admit that quality of his.

"Then at least send forth a messenger beforehand. And if Shira isn't present or not willing to meet that messenger, give it up. Do not resort to brute force to get your way in her house, no matter what."

"I-I got it."

Admitting that here is like admitting he really was using force to break into Shira's house, but Agito appeared to be at his limit.

The town lord next to him sighed out.

At any rate, Lecan managed to notice things he wouldn't normally notice and thought up matters he wouldn't normally consider during the course of this discussion. That landed him in an advantageous position in the end.

(Gotta thank Shira for this.)

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.13


The town lord quenched his throat with tea before speaking again.

"Could you pay Golbul town lord a visit? And would you mind showing that dagger to him?"

Lecan was a bit slighted. Then he noticed his irritation, and made an effort to calm himself. The town lord isn't asking for the impossible. It's his position as a town lord that necessitates him to put forth this request. Thus Lecan persuaded himself.

"Is there a guarantee that Golbul town lord won't try to take this dagger off me."

The town lord and his son looked annoyed. Apparently something Lecan said rubbed them the wrong way.

However, the town lord replied back to Lecan without changing his expression.

"I will be sending forth a messenger to Earl Golbul. We shall inform him that the dagger's owner, adventurer Lecan has no intention of letting the dagger go, and has agreed to show Earl Golbul the dagger with that respected."

That's not enough, thought Lecan. He ruminated how to put it into words.

"I guess it would be like throwing dirt in your face if he tried to take this dagger by force after what you told him. But Earl Golbul may choose to get his hand on this dagger over your face. Do you have any way to prevent that?"

"That's... His honor as a noble would be lost if he did that. However, I see now, I cannot guarantee Earl Golbul won't choose that path."

The town lord shut his eyes and pondered over.

"I could ask Earl Golbul to take an oath before our messenger, for him not to attempt getting you to present or sell the dagger if he wishes for adventurer Lecan to visit and show him the dagger."

"Won't you get publicly shunned making other town lords take that kind of oath?"

"It is as you say. I would be seen as an impudent man by doing so. However, without such an oath, you won't go visit Earl Golbul, and Earl Golbul himself will never live it down unless he's shown the dagger in person."

"To you this is a chance to improve relationships with Golbul town, you acting haughtily will only make that chance go up in smoke."

"That's... what a surprise. To think you would be concerned over that."

"You don't have to demand that oath. However, if Earl Golbul attempts to forcefully take this dagger off me, I will kill Earl Golbul. I will kill everyone who gets in my way. And I'll also have your head. Just keep that in mind."

The town lord, his son and commander Tesla were flabbergasted.
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Strength dwells in the town lord's eyes, but there's no hostility in it.

"I see. You are indeed an adventurer who has delved in the depths of dungeons. That fact has been made clear to me now. And you likely hold the power to make that a reality."

"I don't care about that. I'm an adventurer until the last moment of my life, I will fight to death anyone who attempts to deprive me of my freedom. That's all there is to it."

"Really. Our ways of life and the worlds we live in are too far apart. However, I can't help but feel envious of you right now, curiously enough."

"If protecting their territory and the populace is the job for a town lord, you've got too many things you need to protect. I hate being bound by something. I don't have the courage to bear the responsibility like you do."

"Hahaha. Are you comforting me? No, perhaps, you're praising me? You're quite a jovial fellow to my surprise."

The lord sipped his tea.

"Lecan, I would like you to attend the award ceremony for gold rank adventurer tomorrow. And then, as a gold rank adventurer of our town, I hope you could go visit Earl Golbul as soon as possible."

"Award ceremony?"

"Indeed. A ceremony where you are awarded your Adventurer Badge by the Adventurer's Association Chairman in the presence of a town lord proxy and a representative of Temple Head."

"Understood (yale). However, just because I'm a gold rank adventurer, I'm not gonna change my outlook to make you look good."

"Of course, you wouldn't. I personally only wish for your talks with Earl Golbul to end in peace. You being a gold rank adventurer of this town should have a bit of chilling effect. And once this matter has settled down, the fact remains that a gold rank adventurer from our town has conquered Dungeon Golbul twice. That in itself is a huge bargaining chip to me."

"So I just have to come over Adventurer's Association tomorrow?"

"Please come by tomorrow afternoon."

"Got it."

"I shall send a messenger to Golbul tomorrow morning. As they will depart on horses, just consider that Earl Golbul has been informed of this by tomorrow. When do you plan to head for Golbul?"

"I'm going the day after tomorrow."

"Excellent. Adventurer Eda. I would like to endorse your promotion to gold rank once commander Ritton has returned to this town. Would you accept it."

"Lecan. What should I do?"

"Accept it."

"Un. Town lord-sama. I accept your offer."


With this, the discussion is over.

They can go home now.

But, at this point, Lecan felt that he could be frank to this town lord. It's a bet, but winning the bet here will ensure a certain degree of safety for Eda in this town.

"As the town lord of Vouka, I'm sure you're aware of the commotion at the temple and Goncourt Mansion."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.12


"So you're actually capable of these exchanges if you wanted, Lecan. I underestimated you. You've got me there, but that's a reassuring quality for a gold rank adventurer to have."

The townlord praised Lecan.

Lecan had no idea what did he got from the town lord, nevertheless he stared back at the town lord with a confident look. Losing nerve would mean his loss here.

"I have a request, or more like a consultation. It's about Golbul's town lord."


"Golbul's town lord had sent forth a courteous messenger here. 'An adventurer from town of Vouka by name <Overlord in Black> conquered Dungeon Golbul twice. As it is the first time dungeon Golbul has ever been conquered, we would like to grant him the honor he deserves in person', so they say."

"I see."

"And they would like to negotiate with you for the ownership of <Dagger of Harut>."

"I have no intention of selling that dagger. Nor will I present it."

"Yes, Zenkis has told me."

"Who's Zenkis."

"Now this is a surprise. Who would have thought there's an adventurer who doesn't know this town's Adventurer Association's chairman's name."

"Ah, that guy huh. Got it."

"To tell you the truth, I too would like to purchase that dagger. Though publicly you would be presenting it to me and me granting you reward. By doing that, Golbul's town lord will have no choice but to lower his head at me and ask to let him purchase the dagger off me. With that favor in my pocket, I plan to use the opportunity to buy up dungeon items as well as form new relationships with Golbul."

"I see. I get your aims and standpoints. What's the reason Golbul town lord covets <Dagger of Harut> so much."

"A <Dagger of Harut> was dropped in a dungeon he manages, don't you see? The dungeon's ranking will surely go up. However, there is no point when the town lord hasn't even seen the thing let alone owns it. He will want to have it on hand as he shows it off to influential individuals inside and outside his territory for a while."

"Guess that's how it goes."

"That is how it goes. And once the fact that a <Dagger of Harut> was dropped in Dungeon Golbul and is in possession of Golbul's town lord has been known far and wide, he will go and present it to the royal family."

"The royals? But I heard they've bought a <Dagger of Harut> that was in circulation awhile ago. Do they even have any use for another one before they've decided on the next crown prince?"

"So you knew about that. We have no idea when will the next crown prince's selection will be held, it could be in 10 or 30 years from now for all we know, but the royal family prefers to have a <Dagger of Harut> ready for that time if they could. And even if that's not the case, the dagger itself holds an extremely important value as a gift, the royal capital will surely reward Golbul back many times over."

"Fumu. Let's say I get it."

"Thus, I shall ask you once again. Please take this strictly as a business proposal and not personally if you would."
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"You own a <Dagger of Harut>, don't you?"

Instead of word, Lecan raised the collar of his overcoat, took <Dagger of Harut> out of <Storage> and put it on the desk. He had put away his sword and dagger in <Storage> since it wouldn't be good meeting the town lord fully armed.



The town lord and his son bent over forward and stared in amazement at the treasure casually put on the desk. Even commander Tesla who was by the wall reflexively came closer.

"Do you mind if I touch it?"


The town lord took up the dagger and stared hard at the grip and scabbard before drawing the blade out. A mysterious yet graceful light was let out. The three gazed at the treasure soundlessly.

Eventually, the town lord put the dagger back in its scabbard.

"Phew. That was truly an extraordinary sight. You have my thanks."


"Now then, would you be willing to part way with this dagger for one white gold coin."

Since Lecan had prepared himself for this offer, he wasn't especially perturbed. On the contrary, he thought the town lord must have put forward the best deal he could offer.

"I understand you have put your sincerity in that amount of money. I thank you for that. However, I'm sorry, but this dagger is an exceedingly helpful item to have in my adventure. I do not plan to give it away no matter how much money offered to me."

The town lord sighed out greatly and let himself sunk into the sofa.

"I see. That's regrettable. However, it's only natural for an adventurer. Forgive me for putting you on the spot."

"Is a <Dagger of Harut> really that unusual?"

"To think you would ask that. No one has any idea how many <Dagger of Harut> in which dungeons have ever been dropped. The reason for that is because those who obtained <Dagger of Harut> are adept adventurers such as you in majority of cases. They keep the dagger to themselves. Hence the emergences of this dagger itself aren't very well known. Even the royals are incapable of getting their hands on one anytime they want."

It's obvious when you think about it. The only time an adventurer would even consider about selling this dagger is when they're retiring.

Since he said most cases, there must be rare cases as well. Some other entities like dungeon knights might have opportunities to obtain one as well.

Lecan put away <Dagger of Harut> in <Storage>.

"Now then, we have re-confirmed that you are not willing to part with that dagger. There's one thing I need to discuss you with."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.11


Commander Tesla welcomed them at the town lord's mansion.

Town of Vouka has three commanders, one for guard corps, one for a unit guarding town gates, and one for a unit protecting the town lord's mansion. Commander Tesla is the one in charge of the mansion.

Lecan and Eda were led inside the mansion while the Tree Wolves were menacingly growling 'baw baw'.

They were brought to a parlor furnished with first-class interiors instead of the lord's office.

They were told to sit on the sofa, so they did.

The town lord soon arrived. Along with his son, Agito.

"Hey there, Lecan. It's been a while."


"And you would be Eda then."


"To think it's such a lovely young girl. Make yourselves at home. You have done great during the bandit sweeping operation."


"Now then, Lecan. I'd like to recommend your promotion to gold rank adventurer. Would you accept it."

"Do I get some sort of responsibilities as a gold rank adventurer."

"There is no specific duty. You might get asked to do personal quests from me or this town's influential individuals, but you are free to refuse them. In other word, even though you may be a gold rank, your position as an adventurer will see no change."

"My apothecary training under Shira will be over this year. I plan to wander around all over the places after that. No concrete plan yet though."

"Is that so. That's unfortunate. But that doesn't mean you won't ever come back to this town, does it?"

"No idea. I might come back. I might not."

"That's fine then. Do show your face at this town once in a while. But the choice is ultimately yours."

"What's in it for you if I get to be this town's gold rank adventurer?"

"Fumu. Even the mere fact that a town has a gold rank adventurer will improve public order. It has the effect of deterring surrounding town lords and scheming fools from messing with the town. Furthermore, you're a special case."

"Special as in?"

"The best deterrent against outside forces a town can have is having an assembly of knights, however, our town hasn't reached that stage yet. Naturally, lords who rule over dungeon cities have their eyes set on such towns. Simply because they can hire high-ranking adventurers anytime they want. To town lords who have no access to either, gold rank adventurers fill the bill instead."

"I see."

"However, you end Eda are gold rank adventurers as well as dungeon conquerors. Moreover, you're a rare kind of adventurers who has conquered two dungeons thrice. You, adventurers of our town. What would this be called besides special."

"There's no guarantee we will act in accordance to your will in the future. Is there a point in gold rank then."

"That's no problem at all. Or rather, if it ever comes to a point that I have to rely on your powers to brute force things, that signals my defeat as a politician. Deterrents have meaning only if they aren't used."

"Hmm? I don't really get difficult stuff. Anyway, it's fine if you profit from it as long as we aren't burdened with duties."

"I'm grateful to hear that. Pardon me, but I had prepared myself for a very difficult discussion from my impressions of you the last time we met."

"Shira told me."

"Shira-dono did? What is?"

"To concede everything I can concede in my talk with you."

"I see. Shira-dono said such things. To her, we're truly"

Truly what. The lord didn't continue.
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After a moment of silence, Lecan spoke.

"If you're done with us, we're heading back."

"Ah, no, please wait a bit. There's something else I need to talk to you."


"First, I'd like to confirm something once again. You conquered Dungeon Golbul solo, didn't you."


"And twice at that."


"Does that mean you had already conquered the dungeon when you visited this mansion back then?"

Lecan tried to recall the time he came to this mansion.

"You mean that day I came back to this town after my first conquest. The day your son tore down the door to Shira's house and tried to arrest me."

"Please don't mention that again. We are truly sorry about it. But, right, then. That means you were already a dungeon conquerer back then. And yet my son and I didn't treat you with the respect you deserved. Please forgive us."

Vouka town lord lowered his head. His son next to him also bowed. Commander Tesla who was standing by the wall also did.

Lecan was filled with a sense of gratification for a second. However, an alarm rang in his head immediately after.

(The most powerful person in this town and his successor are bowing to me.)

(Giving me the pleasure of victory.)

(But something's wrong.)

(Is this really a victory to me?)

(On the contrary, isn't it bad for these guys to lower their head to me.)

It's not logic, it's instinct.

His instinct is telling Lecan that having these two bowing to him is like having a rope tied around his neck.

Suddenly, Lecan bowed his head.

Bowing with his head lower than even the town lord and his son.

"I have put shame on the lord and his successor. For that, I offer you my apologies."

"I-I can't believe Lecan would bow at someone else."

Eda next to him was surprised.

"Ah, no."

The town lord seems perplexed.

"In the future, please send a messenger if you have a business with me or Shira."

"Please don't say that, I too would like your permission to visit Shira-dono and Nike-dono in the future."

Lecan raised his head.

The town lord's son, Agito is looking straight at Lecan.

Next to him the town lord is frowning.

"As a successor of this town's lord, no one would bar you from visiting Shira, an inhabitant of this town. However, commoners have their own way to live as commoners, we have our own rules to follow. I'd like you to respect that if you could."

Lecan squeezed out those lines after racking his brain very hard. However, he himself couldn't really get the meaning of the words coming out of his mouth.

"But of course. I shall not do anything that would inconvenience Shira-dono and Nike-dono."

The town lord frowned even harder when he heard Agito.

(I won.)

What did he win, Lecan himself didn't understand, his instinct just told him so.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.10


Since Eda insisted on taking a bath, Lecan opted to go to Shira's house.

"Didn't I tellcha don't come."

"Oh yeah, you did. Sorry. I forgot."

"Well, is fine. I haven't gone into rest yet, still sorting out documents and letters. So, what do you need."

"The town lord recommended my and Eda's promotion to gold rank adventurers."

"Hee. That's good. You're gonna accept it, right."

"Eda should get her rank to gold, but I'm thinking of declining myself."

"And that's because?"

"I don't want to be bound. Besides, the town lord was looking to buy <Dagger of Harut>. Wouldn't want to find myself selling the dagger cause I ended up owing him a debt."

"Hold on there. I'll get us some tea."

Shira took down the first class tea leaf from the highest shelf and poured it in cups.

A nice aroma filled the room.



"Your strength is like a finely whetted blade. Razor sharp pointed strength. Anyone who steps on it gets stung. Unless you see them as friendly."

"That it is."

"That's a fragile strength."


"Think about it. Pointy stuff breaks easily. Sharp blades nick easily. Just like you."

"What do you want me to do."

"Become a solid sword."

"Solid sword?"

"A sword that won't get chipped even if you hit and cut up rocks with it."
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"What should I do to be that?"

"Right, well. First of all, I suppose you must understand the weakness of the strong."

"I don't get what you're even talking about."

"Do you think town lords are strong?"

"They are. They've got got authority and subordinates. Position too."

"It can be said so indeed. However, a town lord is also the weakest existence in the whole town."


"Cause they've got so many things they have to protect. The town's economy, prosperity and peace. Nobles and commoners. Merchants, workers, farmers, and adventurers. And they have to protect every single one of them. A part of town being ruined is the same as having part of the town lord in ruin as well."

"There are have nots in this town."

"And are you going to bring that up to blame the town lord? A town lord has to kill two in order to save eight. There are times when they are forced to forsake some for the sake of a whole. However, if that whole prospers, everybody will eventually find happiness. That's what it means to be a town lord."

"Is there really such a town lord out there?"

"I'm talking about the position itself. Although, I do think this town's lord is doing a pretty good job."

"The son is an idiot though."

"That's it."

"What's it."

"The way you look at people."

"What about it."

"When you look at someone and think of them as shallow, that someone might really be shallow in reality, or it might be your way of looking at that someone that's shallow."

"My, way of looking?"

"I personally think that boy is quite something."

"Which part of him that makes you think so?"

"What does asking me that entail. Finding that out yourself is a path to becoming a solid sword. You can't have someone else walk your path."

Lecan can't win against Shira in a verbal argument. Even so, the fact that Shira holds the town lord's son in high regards must mean that he's got good points Lecan is unaware of.

"Town lords are weak. However that weakness is not a weak weakness, it's a strong weakness."

"Strong weakness?"


"I can't comprehend what you're saying."

"I figured you wouldn't, right now. The time you do is the time you're about to become a solid sword."

"In the end, what am I supposed to do. Should I accept the gold rank?"

"You gotta decide that on your own. Right, you're going to meet the town lord after this, aren't you? Just concede on everything you can concede."


"You can't agree to stuff like getting deprived of your freedom as an adventurer, or having your important things taken away. You don't have to sell the dagger either. But make use of everything else to save the town lord's face."

"Save his face?"

"Don't you put up that confused look on me now."

"Even if that's something that will bind me?"

"I'm telling you to learn how to distinguish that. Once you do, it might turn into an armor that protects you instead of a chain that binds you. Cutting down everything that falls on your body is the same as living in bare."

Lecan couldn't really follow.

Isn't being an adventurer means being constantly in nude.

In exchange for having nothing, nothing binds you.

Isn't that freedom exactly a privilege of adventurers.

However, he doesn't believe Shira would lie or speak nonsense.

Shira is the first being in Lecan's entire life that he could call master.

Even if she's a non-human monster.

He couldn't flat-out reject Shira's words.

"I'll follow your advice and concede on things I can concede. I'll report back later."

"And I told you don't come here."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.9


"So I heard Eda did great during the operation. I'm really proud to hear that."

This brawny big bald man, the Adventurer Association's chairman is in good mood today.

"The commander, Ritton made light of Eda at first, ya see. He was shocked when he found out she knew <Detection>, <Sleep> and <Recovery>. Especially when she put all those bandits to sleep from afar, guy's got struck dumb. Told me he had no idea the level of adventurers in town of Vouka had shot up so much."

"State your business."

Being told that, the chairman immediately fell silent with an unamused look on his face.

"Geez. Okay okay. I'll state my business. Once the bandit leader was defeated, and the whole gang captured, Zeki whispered to commander Ritton. That's <Thigh Torer Merda>."


"Merda is a gold rank adventurer designated by Vantaroy's Adventurer Association."

"So what."

"Do you put that attitude toward just about everybody? Bah you must be. Ritton consulted me when he got here, and it was decided that he would advise the town lord to endorse yours and Eda's promotion to gold rank, as well as head to Vantaroy to deliver Merda's head."

"I don't see where this is going."

"Ah. Yeah, you came from afar eh. Gold Rank adventurers are heroes of a town, that town's faces. Adventurer Association may designate them but in reality it's the town lord who gets the pick. It's akin to a declaration to the town's populace and outside, hey look our town's got these powerful adventurers on our side."


"An adventurer designated as a gold rank adventurer in Vantaroy was leading a bandit gang, that fact would make Vantaroy's town lord lose face. It's gonna be harder for him to exert his influence in and outside the town. Just all around bad."

"I see."
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"So if his death is kept confidential and that head gets delivered in secret, Vantaroy's town lord will owe a debt to Vouka's town lord."

"Got it. But how does that necessitate calling me and Eda."

"Commander Ritton is headed for Vantaroy for sure. He's probably gone off already even. Once he gets back and confirms that it's truly Merda's head, your gold rank promotion will get fast tracked. Publicly Eda's achievements would be for Silver Wolf extermination and bandit gang suppression, but in reality, it's mostly due to the stuff with Merda. I hope you understand."

"The bandit gang was suppressed by joint efforts of Zeki, Ritton and all members of the suppression force."

"It would have turned into a chaos if not for Eda's <Detection> and <Sleep>. Heck, it's a bandit gang led by that Merda. The operation might very well have failed. It's thanks to Eda that everyone was unharmed by the end. How her arrow shot through Merda's leg was splendid as well. Both Ritton and Zeki gave their highest praise to Eda."

Eda played a major role in the operation this time indeed, but using that as a pretext to promote her to gold rank seems a bit forceful, thought Lecan. However, since Eda getting gold rank is preferable to him, he's not going to talk back.

"Oh right. Almost forgot. Our branch got a notification and an inquiry from Ninae's Adventurer Association. A party that called themselves <Willard> conquered Dungeon Ninae on the 22th of month six, they're looking for information about that party."


"This branch replied back right away. This town has a party by the name <Willard>, members being Nike, Eda and Lecan."

They did introduce themselves as <Willard> in Ninae. They never asked this town's Adventurer Association to keep their party a secret, nor would the association listen even if they did anyway.

"Nike wasn't with us during the exploration of Dungeon Ninae."

"Yeah, you mentioned that before. A swordsman called Arios, and another local swordsman you got acquaintance there, right. They're not related to this town. What's important is how a party that registered and is active in this town has conquered Ninae."

Looks like Dungeon Ninae's conquest is the decisive factor for Eda's gold rank promotion. Moreover, Ninae's Adventurer Association even expressly named <Willard> as the conqueror. The town lord here must be eager to boast about having such a mighty party in his town.

"Every members of your party is a gold rank. I've never heard of such a thing before. You guys are the pride of this town."

"Get Eda to Gold Rank. I'll stay Silver."

"That won't do."

"Does it matter to you."

"Very much so."

Lecan was about to rebut further, but since the association's chairman himself affirmed that it does matter to him, it probably is personally, so Lecan refrained.

"The town lord wishes to meet you and Eda to talk about the promotion as well as for other matters."

"I'm not selling <Dagger of Harut>."

"Where'd that come from. I've passed on your stance about that. The town lord isn't going to be unreasonable. He won't want to worsen your mood."

"When do we have to go?"

"If possible today, or tomorrow at the latest. I'll come with you if you're going now."


"Hm? What's wrong."

"We've got to take a bath and dress up if we're going to meet town lord-sama."

"Dress up? Ah, right. Gotta get our equipment in order. You don't know what's waiting for us there after all."

"Oy, Lecan! What the hell do you think you'll be doing at the town lord's mansion? War?"

"Depends on the other party."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.8


"The morning after, we were going to look for the enemy's hideout, and Zeki-san asked if there's anyone good at scouting, so I told him I can use <Detection>."

"Yep good. That kind of stuff is better left announced."

"Zeki-san asked, how far could that cover, I said, around 60 steps. Then I went to scout out the area with Zeki-san and confirmed the hideout's location and the number of bandits there. There were 22."

"Then we went back, and Zeki-san and commander Ritton had a discussion to decide the plan. We would split into six groups and encircle the hideout, then once Zeki-san cast his magic to reduce their number, we would charge in. Then I told them I could cast <Sleep> remotely."

"That's quite a feat, Eda-chan."

"But commander Ritton wouldn't believe it. Who would believe something as absurd as casting <Spell> from a distance, he said."

"Is that commander something a mage?"

"I don't think so. He had no smell of mana on him."

Lecan was a bit surprised. There's no way to tell whether someone who doesn't emit mana at all is a mage or not even if you're a mage yourself. Yet it appears Eda is able to sense it through this smell of mana thing.

"Then Zeki-san said, it doesn't matter even if it doesn't go well, just let her give it a shot, so I got grouped with Zeki-san and commander Ritton."

"Did the <Sleep> work well?"

"Since there was someone on the lookout, I put him to sleep first. Zeki-san asked what about the preliminary casting, I told him I never learned how."

"I don't remember teaching you that for sure."

"Then as there were two people outside the huts, I put them to sleep too. There were three huts, with six, four and eight people inside each. Since I could tell their positions with <Detection> even though I couldn't see them, I put them all to sleep one by one. It turned into an uproar by the third guy, and they started peeking out of the huts from inside, but I didn't mind and just kept casting sleep."

That can be done by combining <Detection> and <Sleep> huh. But that's only possible because Eda can alternate between two spells successively, it's not something anyone can just mimic.

"Nicely done there."

"But then there was one guy that repelled my spell. Zeki-san told me to ignore that and just keep putting the other guys to sleep. So I did."
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"The bandits must be clueless as to what was going on."

"Then it happened after around the 18th guy I think. The guy who repelled my magic rushed out of his hut. It was a really big man."

"Hmmm. He was probably wearing an equipment that resisted your magic."

"Un. Zeki-san told me about it later. He had an armor that could repel magic on him."

"Hee? That's quite an amazing piece for a mere bandit."

"Just when Zeki-san started a preliminary casting for some spell, that big man began charging toward us. So I shot my arrow at his leg to stop him. Then Zeki-san's magic landed on him, commander Ritton ran out and cut down the man."

"Nice coordination."

"Then the remaining bandits tried to run away but other adventurers kept them in check, I put them to sleep one by one."

"That's one operation done."

"Un. Then everybody tied up the bandits. I was gonna wake the sleeping guys up but decided against it. Cause Baa-chan warned me not to use magic to rouse people in public."

"I did say that. Great job remembering that. Good girl, good girl."

"Hehe. Then since we had to wait for those guys to wake up, we ended up staying the night in the huts. And since we couldn't travel quickly with the captives, we camped along the way and just got here today."

"Well done. I'm proud of you. We've got someone with a twitching nose over there too."
<TLN: 'Proud of you' said in an idiom that literally says, 'my nose is up high'.>

"My nose is not twitching."

"You just don't realize it yourself."

"Zeki-san sent his regards to you, Lecan."

By the end of month three to around the beginning of month four, Lecan, Nike and Eda escorted a wagon to Vantaroy. Along with Zeki and Vandam. They were attacked by <Crushing Hammer Bufuz> and <Evil Eye Jiba> along the way. Lecan took care of them both. Their equipment were sold once they arrived at Vouka and were split to everyone, nine gold coins and nine big silver coins each. Zeki got the same amount of money supposedly, thus it's only natural for him to see Lecan in high regards.

"Ah, and then, Lecan."


"The head of Adventurer Association was waiting for us when we got back here, he talked about something with commander Ritton and then asked me to come there tomorrow with you Lecan."

"To Adventurer's Association?"


"I've got no business there."

"I've gone and told them we'd go."

"It can't be helped then."

Eda left Shira's house saying she wanted to eat something and went home.

Lecan cast spells on his potpourris.

At first, Shira coached him on it, but by the time he was done with half, she would say nothing.

"You're doing good. You've mastered how to make potpourris now."

"Have I. I owe you one."

"And now you should let them dry out for about ten days. I'll teach you how to make stamina restoratives on the 26th."

"Got it. But I'd like to learn <Accelerate> so I'll be dropping by sometimes."

"I wanna sleep. You're barred from coming here unless for a very pressing matter."

Can one really sleeps for ten days straight. It's curious, but the entire being of this old woman is a lump of mystery in itself.


When he got home, dinner was already prepared.

He had his fill, enjoyed his liquor in peace and went to bed.

The next day, Lecan got up at his pace, had breakfast at his pace and then went out to Adventurer Association with Eda.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.5_6_7


The next day, the first thing Lecan did was sorting out all the herbs he gathered.

Some need to be cut at the roots, some not, before you can dry them.

And some whose leaves fall off shortly after drying need to be separated.

This time he's not making ointment.

He also only needs a small quantity of remedy and cold medicine.

As for potpourris, he's gathered enough herbs for 100 pouches.

It's not that he wanted 100 pouches of potpourri, he was using it to practice and better polish his medicine making skill.

There are two types of Shira's potpourris, one that uses eight ingredients, and another that uses 21. All the potpourris Lecan is making this time are the 21-type ones.

Once all 21 ingredients have been put in a pouch, it needs to be poured with mana. The way you put this mana decides the potpourri's efficacy, but it's quite a complex process. Thus he's using this chance while he's still under Shira's tutelage to practice on 100 pouches.

He was done sorting out the herbs in the first half of the day.

The later half and tomorrow would be for drying out the herbs and bundling them together.

"Now now, you. What's with that mountain of stamina restorative ingredients, how many did you gather anyway. Which country are you planning to go to war with?"

Lecan picked up a lot since it was for a year worth of medicine, but he may have picked a bit too many. The main ingredient may be Kyumis grass, but in term of quantity, the other sub ingredients trumped. The processing later would be an ordeal.

He started potpourri-making on the third day.

First, he puts 21 kind of herbs into a pouch to create the potpourri then he casts a spell on it.

Lecan wondered how Eda is doing right now while working.

Since the trip to the site takes one day, she might even come back by the end of today if they were quick with the suppression. Wonder if she's on her way back right now. Or perhaps something happened and she's still on the site right now.

"Quit it with your irritation."

Said Shira as she read what seemed to be a letter while having tea.

"I'm not irritated."

"Then stop clack clacking your feet on the floor."

"I'm not clack-clacking my feet on the floor."

"Oh really."

For now he should forget about Eda and focus on his work.

Clack, clack, clack, clack.

He noticed his right leg stepping repeatedly on the floor and stopped it.

She's together with 20 people, the operation surely won't fail.

Zeki is someone who can issue commands with sound judgments.

The enemy's leader is supposedly quite strong, but how strong are we talking here.

Clack, clack, clack, clack.

He had started stomping on the floor again before he realized, and stopped.

"I'm tired. Heading back."

"Oh really."

In the end, he didn't finish making potpourris that day.

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The day after, Lecan caught sight of Jericho while he was making potpourris.

He's tilting his head, making a face like asking, "What's the matter?"

Lecan looked at the potpourri in his hand.


"What is it."

"You must have cast <Morph> on Jericho this time as well, haven't you."

He had started making magic beast warding potpourris in front of Jericho, a magic beast, without thinking.


Shira took her eyes off a document she was reading and replied back with a perplexed sounding voice.

"Aah, yes that's right. Of course, I did."

Lecan finished bundling up the potpourri in the morning.

After having their lunch, Shira spoke to him.

"Lecan. There's something I need to consult you about Eda-chan."

Lecan jolted.

This wise elderly woman has something to consult about Eda-chan.

Surely, it must be something that will greatly affect Eda's life.

"Eda-chan's changed her speech recently, hasn't she?"

Oh right, Lecan never talked to her about the reason for that. Just when he was about to say that her previous way of talking was a product of her forcing herself, Shira continued on.

"Well. I've got a rough idea as to why she came up with that speech."

Looks like she got it without Lecan's explanation. Then what is she consulting about.

"That ssu-ssu speech, you see."

"Ssu-ssu speech?"

"Like, <Really ssu>, <Oh no ssu>, <Thanks for the trouble ssu>, those ssus."


"I thought it sounded annoying at first, but now that she's stopped doing that, I can't help but missing it. Is there no way to get her talk like that again?"

"Hell if I care."

It was an exceedingly worthless consultation.

Just when he was about to put a spell in the potpourris.


A red dot shown on <Life Detection> is drawing closer.

This is probably Eda.

(She's coming.)

(She's coming.)


(Soon she'll get here.)

<3D Perception> caught Eda landing down the garden.

Her energetic voice could be heard a moment later.

"I'm back~!"


"Shira-baachan's tea is the best in the world."

"Oh really, really now. So, how was it, the suppression."

"Un. We all gathered in front of the west gate as scheduled. And then, Gyom was there."


Gyom was an adventurer Eda saved when he was suffering from a grievous wound. Even though he promised he would keep the matter about <Recovery> a secret, he went straight to the temple and sold Eda off to the priests for a loose change. Thanks to him, Eda got summoned to the temple and went through a trial. As a result, Lecan ended up having to go visit the orphanage for nine days.

Hence no one can blame Lecan when his right eye glared out when he heard the name.

"But that stuff was my fault for failing to see through Gyom's real character. That's why I said nothing to him."

"Hmm hmm, then?"

"The Guard Corps commander Ritton said this when he saw me. They can't bring a little girl with them."


"Lecan. Quit putting up that scary face."

"I'm not."

"But thanks to Zeki-san giving an assurance, saying that <Thousand Shoot Eda> is a dependable adventurer, I was allowed to go with them."

"I see."

"The suppression force was split into six groups as we went on our way to the site and gathered back at a campsite once we got there. I dunno why but that Gyom guy was being overly familiar to me, but I coldly told him off. Then Zeki-san came by and helped shooing him away."

"Zeki is a good guy alright."

"Huh? Shira-baachan, you know Zeki-san?"

"Oh, yes I do."

"Then Zeki-san asked me what happened, so I told him the whole story about Gyom. I was summoned by the temple and had a tough time because Gyom sold me off, I said."

"Were Gyom and other guys nearby when you told your story?"

"Un. Gyom was saying something about <Recovery> being a wonderful ability and that he's obliged to report it to the temple or something. Zeki-san said, you trampled upon the moral code of adventurers, and even sold off your life savior for money."

"And then."

"Zeki-san spoke to commander Ritton. Should we send a decoy to scout out the enemy, we've got just the right person for it here, he said."

"Oh my my."

Must have been quite an undertaking for the taciturn Zeki.

"Gyom was gone the night that day."

"My my, well well."

The guy accepted a quest from the town lord then fled in the presence of the enemy without permission. Lecan is ignorant of Adventurer Association's rules but the guy probably won't ever be able to take on jobs in this town anymore. He might even get his adventurer's qualification revoked.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.4


Once Lecan got back at town of Vouka, he went straight to the weapon store and collected the <Sword of Agost>.

He's going to be busy processing the herbs from tomorrow on.

Kyumis herb, the main ingredient for stamina restoratives will lose its medicinal efficacy if it isn't processed while still damp.

Thus, they're going to deal with Kyumis herb first before all other herbs.

At first, Shira taught Lecan how, afterward he continued to work on it himself.

Shira was done with hers very shortly and proceeded to sort other herbs.

As for Lecan, he still hadn't finished with Kyumis herb even after two days.

After all, you could only gather Kyumis herb in month five to seven. In other word, he's got to make a year worth of stamina restoratives. He ended up gathering quite a lot due to that.

Eda also helped at first, but she apparently quickly got tired of it and made a mess as she went on, so Lecan made her clean up Shira's house instead.

Right now she's standing in the garden's entrance, tirelessly practicing <Sleep>.

That's a method Nike taught her during their herb gathering trip.

Trees growing in a forest are the best target for practice.

They won't sleep since they have no consciousness, but the magic still gets a feedback when it hits.

The thicker and bigger a tree is, the stronger the feedback.

She would practice on various trees, ones growing on the side of the road, ones growing far deep, or casting the spell on trees while running.

Eda was ecstatic when she managed to cast <Sleep> on two trees at once, but Shira scolded her instead.

"Your casting will get sloppy if you do that. Focus on casting the spell on one target proper for the time being. Casting a spell to multiple targets is still too early for you."

She's practicing <Sleep> on herbs growing in the garden right now, but since that can be done with only little mana, she can do it endlessly.

It seems she would also occasionally cast <Detect> to probe the neighborhood.

By the way, they told her that Nike had once again gone to some distant place to attend some business.

Noon on the second day, Shira spoke.
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"Oh? Someone's dropped by."

"My hand's full right now. Eda can deal with whoever it is above."

In the evening, when Lecan was finally done processing Kyumis herb and climbed up, Eda had a troubled look on her face.

"Did something happen."

"Ah, Aira-san came by earlier."

Aira is a staff member of this town of Vouka's Adventurer Association.

As far as Lecan knew, Aira had never come to Shira's house before.

"They're dispatching a suppression force to deal with a bandit gang tomorrow morning. She wanted you to come along too, Lecan."

Asking for more detail, apparently there have been cases of bandits attacking travelers in the vicinity since two years ago, they constantly shift their areas of operation, but the gang has grown exponentially larger recently and started to even raid small caravan groups.

This town has also suffered quite a bit from them, and the town lord has been posting quests to gather info and search for that gang, which has succeeded narrowing down the gang's present location, so they're forming a suppression force to deal with those bandits.

The suppression force consist of adventurers mainly. Five rank silver, 12 rank copper, as well as six members of Vouka's guard corps under the town lord's order. The one in command of the suppression force is one of the corps' captains, a man called Ritton who's in charge of the town patrol, but the one commanding on site will be the silver rank adventurer, mage Zeki.

Zeki is a personal bodyguard of Chaney Company, but apparently the town lord has requested for Chaney Company's help in this matter. The town lord was originally asking for Vandam and Zeki's presence through Adventurer Association, but unfortunately Vandam has already departed to Vantaroy for an escort duty, and won't come back for a while.

As they don't want to miss this chance, the suppression force will still be formed regardless, but the enemies apparently number more than 20, and the leader is very strong.

Silver rank adventurers aren't necessarily all proficient in combat.

That was when Adventurer's Association had the idea of dispatching Nike or maybe Lecan. Hence why they sent Aira to Shira's house.

Aira who heard from Eda that Nike had gone somewhere far and wouldn't come back for a while asked her to ask Lecan if he could take part instead before returning. Lecan had told Eda to keep the underground workshop a secret. Therefore, Eda must have told Aira that Lecan wasn't here.

"How many days will this suppression last?"

"You can apparently get to the location in one day, but with the time to scout them added, it would take four days in total."

"I can't go tomorrow. Gotta sort the herbs."

"Yeah, I figured. So, Lecan."


"Can't I go instead?"

Lecan couldn't give her an answer right away.

Suppressing bandits means fighting humans. Even if the goal is to arrest them, there's no way the combat will end with no one dying.

Eda is still too young, thought Lecan.

She's still 14. She doesn't have to comprehend what it means to deprive someone of their live yet.

However, Eda is an adventurer. She might find her calling in another occupation in the future, but she is and will be an adventurer for the foreseeable future. Which means she can't avoid fighting humans.

In fact, this might be a good chance considering she will have company.

Moreover, the one in charge is that Zeki.

Both Lecan and Eda are familiar with Zeki during their escort duty and such. That man won't recklessly rush headlong into battle, nor will he treat Eda badly.

"Very well. Go."


"However, you must not use <Purification>. <Recovery> is fine."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.3


During their trip, the first thing Lecan did was asking Nike to help him inspect <Necklace of Intuador>.

The results were astonishing.

First of all, the necklace is capable of storing a slightly higher amount of mana than Lecan's present mana pool. Since there's no real need to fill it full in one go, he would simply pour an amount of mana he would recover in his sleep before going to bed, doing so will fully fill the necklace in a few days.

That much mana is usable at a moment's notice. It's tremendously functional.

Next up, the one filling the mana doesn't have to be the user as well. The mana Nike supplied was usable by Lecan without any issue. As did Lecan's mana to Nike.

Eda could also use it. Even mages who don't know <Drain> will have their mana replenished by <Necklace of Intuador>. In such a case, the wearer's mana will be automatically replenished once it falls below a certain threshold. But having <Drain> is better if you want to refill a lot of your mana in one go whenever you want.

The necklace nullified every magic attacks of all kinds Nike tried to shoot. Lecan had no idea the majority of Nike used since she didn't even recite the spellname, but the necklace was effective regardless of magic types.

It couldn't stop <Dehydrate>. Lecan thought he was going to die when he took this magic. The damage was simply that severe on his body. He was saved because Eda immediately cast <Purification> on him. According to Nike, she merely cast a mere speck of <Dehydrate>, but against living beings, this magic is capable of inflicting an outrageous amount of damage.

However, it blocked <Sleep>. It even nullified a <Sleep> Nike seriously cast. That one cast ate up the majority of the necklace's stored mana though. Even Nike was surprised by this.

"This necklace is amazing. Never thought it could even stop my serious <Sleep>."

Even more surprising was the fact that it didn't nullify <Recovery> and <Purification>.

"Uun. I wonder how this thing even works. It repels <Sleep>, but not <Dehydrate>, I get why. Since <Sleep> is activated by sending out your mana at the target, you can repel it if you block that mana. And since you have to touch your target for <Dehydrate> to work, it goes past the necklace's effective range. But <Recovery> and <Purification> are both spells that send out mana. Why aren't they nullified then?"

Nike came up with two hypotheses.

First, the necklace puts up a barrier around the wearer which distinguish mana that get past it, if the necklace deem the mana dangerous to its wearer, it will nullify the magic.

The other one is that <Recovery> and <Purification> possess some kind of distinctive traits that are unlike other magic, and the necklace has been preset to let only these two specific mana to pass through its barrier.

After carefully inspecting the necklace during its activation, Nike concluded that it's not the former.

However, you can't conclusively say that it's the latter either.

"This is pretty much an unsolvable problem until we find out the special characteristics of <Recovery> and <Purification> mana. Think about it."
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Lecan had no interest in complicated theories.

By wearing this necklace, <Recovery> works, offensive magic don't. It even nullifies mind magic. And since it even stops Nike's serious <Sleep>, Lecan is now virtually impervious against all kinds of single-hit magic except for special types like <Dehydrate>. Knowing that much is enough.

"Nike. Are there other magic like <Dehydrate> where mana don't get sent out."

"With Perception type, all of them besides <Appraisal> and <Analysis>. Spatial type would be <Exchange>. As for Special type, there are other spells than <Dehydrate> with similar characteristics, but <Dehydrate> is probably the only one used by human mages. <Exchange> and <Dehydrate> are especially dangerous among these, but you simply need to move out of the way the moment you heard the spell name casted. Then you won't get hit."

"What if they're far enough you can't hear the spell name?"

"Then the spells won't reach you."

In other word, Lecan is nigh impervious against magic attack with the necklace on.

"This necklace isn't actually that handy to ordinary mages. First of all, a mage can't fill it with mana unless they know <Grant>. Thus every time its mana storage is used up, you need to go back to a <Grant> user and have them refill it."

It's not rare for mages who delve in dungeon depths to know <Drain> but not so with <Grant>.

"It's got quite a powerful magic defense for sure, but the necklace will lose its stored mana if you keep getting hit by magic. So the mage wearing this probably gets protection from their comrades so no magic attack get to them, they would only use the necklace as a mana pot when push comes to shove."

By doing so you can afford shooting magic capable of finishing off mighty foes several times. And if you make use of blue potions along with it, you can use many more spells than before.

"Of course that doesn't negate its usefulness in protecting the wearer from ambushes by magic."

But the situation sees a complete reversal with Lecan in picture.

"You can drain mana off magic stones without casting even while getting bombarded by magic, continually refilling the necklace's mana. You're pretty much invincible to magic attacks as long as you have magic stones with you."

Lecan had shown Nike that he could drain off magic stones without casting, as well as filling mana into magic stones and jewel without casting during the testing. He believed there was no point in hiding them anymore. Nike didn't look surprised by it either.

"But don't let your guard down now. Even that necklace will get emptied by one shot of ritual magic. If you get assaulted by several powerful mages in that moment, not even you could get out of it unharmed."

That can also be interpreted as Lecan being able to stave off a shot of ritual magic if he's got the necklace on.

However, this necklace unfortunately is inactive unless one wears it on their neck. Its Graces won't work when put inside a pocket. Hanging necklace is a hindrance in battle. But this is solved by wearing it under a shirt.

The expedition to Dungeon Ninae bore so many juicy fruit in unexpected ways.

This is the reason why Lecan can't stop exploring dungeons.

Lecan practiced harder on <Lighting> after the inspection and managed to learn how to hit multiple foes within a specified area. Thus concludes his acquisition of <Lightning>. And if he manages to refine his control of it even further, he can snipe only at the enemy during a chaotic battle.

He gave up trying to learn mind magic knowing he had no aptitude for it, so he decided to learn Special type <Acceleration> instead.

At first Lecan thought the magic was for raising battle speed, but that wasn't the case, it's a spell that speed up specific movement after every specific period of time. By having this magic cast on you, you will gradually accelerate after every specific period of time, and maintain that speed without using up physical strength much. In other word, it's a spell that makes you run very fast without burdening your muscles much. An extremely useful spell for traveling.

Thus 20 days elapsed, spent on gathering herbs and magic training, the three returned to town of Vouka on the 10th of month seven.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 20.1_2


On 31st of month six, Lecan and Eda went to Shira's house after breakfast, they were greeted by Nike there.

Eda was overjoyed with their reunion.

Then the three departed.

They're gathering in five spots this time.

Four of which the same spots Lecan went in month two.

Surprisingly, Lecan didn't really have a tough time trailing Nike's speed.

This is partly because he's learned <Recovery>, but also because his inherent stamina have risen.

And more surprisingly, Eda is keeping up with them.

Her stamina must have gotten a boost too.

However, the ways their stamina increase seem to differ.

In Lecan's case, basic parameters that governs his offensive power such as physical strength saw a noticeable increase.

On the other hand, Eda's got parameters related to mobility and evasion such as her endurance and agility raised.

Arriving at the first gathering spot, Nike swiftly gathered the herbs she needed and then took her time to teach Eda magic. Lecan gathered a lot of herbs for future use. And then he chatted with Nike before studying under her.

The journey was a leisurely one.

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Eda has learned <Lamplight>, <Ignition>, <Recovery>, <Purification> and <Sleep> so far. She's been given the verdict of having no aptitude for spatial magic.

She also tried to cast <Flame Arrows> when they first set out, but there was no sign of it getting casted, thus Nike told her that she doesn't seem to have an aptitude for light and heat magic.

Nike taught Eda <Detection>. It's a magic that detects living beings nearby, unhindered by obstacles. Once you get better at it, its range will increase and you can then distinguish between humans and magic beasts. And if you progress even further, it will be possible to immediately find the location of a marked target.

Eda showed an aptitude for this magic right away.

"Uun. I'm sure of it now, Eda-chan, you'll learn <Detection> soon. It might be a good idea to expand on <Sleep> and learn <Invisible>, then expand on <Detection> and learn <Stealth> now."

"What happens if I do?"

"Your enemies won't be able to find you even in an open space. If you're going solo, you can get close or run away without getting noticed. In a party, you can cast <Recovery> on your allies without worries of magic beasts attacking you."

"Oh right, forgot to report that Eda is able to cast <Recovery> from a distance now."

"Oh my, that's quite fast. I knew she would get to it eventually."

"Is it an age-old technique."

"It existed in the past yes, but it's been forgotten now. Because once someone is known to have an aptitude for <Recovery>, they would always have a wand in hand whenever they're practicing nowadays. You end up only being able to produce <Recovery> on a wand's tip if you get better at it by borrowing a wand's power, see."

Eda learned <Detection>.

By the end of the journey, the range increased from 50 to 60 steps, and she could distinguish humans from beasts. However, she can't tell beasts and magic beasts apart, nor can she tell if a human possesses mana like Lecan can.

Apparently, using <Detection> make the surroundings feels noisy to Eda.

It was the same with Lecan when he first started learning <Life Detection>. Since you end up detecting small animals, birds and bugs in a forest, it feels noisy until you grasp the knack.

And Eda also consulted Nike about the usage of <Sleep>.

Since it didn't work all that well on floors near the last one at Dungeon Ninae.

"That you see, is probably not an issue with your <Sleep> proficiency, but more because there was a vast gap in life forces."

"Gap in life forces?"

"Mind magic don't work against beings that are far higher rank than the caster, you see."

"Eh. Really."

"However, the Eda-chan right now possess an unbelievable amount of life force. It must be the results from defeating a dungeon boss, and most importantly, the 10,000 magic beasts. So you'd probably succeed if you give it a try now."

"Oh, I guess beating 10,000 magic beasts is just that amazing."

"Listen now. Defeating an opponent you can easily defeat won't raise your life force much. But defeating ten opponents you can't easily beat is tough, isn't it?"

"It is, yeah."

"When you're up against 100 enemy you can't easily beat, normally you work your way on them one by one, and then by the 100th enemy, it won't be an opponent you can't easily defeat anymore. Defeating 10,000 enemies you can't easily defeat in one fell swoop is simply impossible."

"Hmmm. You can say we've made a killing then."

"Well yes, that's about it."

"Then I don't have to practice <Sleep> anymore?"

"Nuh uh. You should practice even harder. I've said it before, but you'd better off mastering one spell of mind magic than learning many kinds of spells of the same type. If you do that, you'll eventually learn <Invisible> and maybe even <Control>."

"<Invisible> sounds kinda cool. <Control>, the name's eerie."

"It is a frightening spell. I've never taught this to anyone before. But I believe Eda-chan won't use it for something indecent."

"Thank you. But Nike-san, you really know your magic even though you're just a tad older than me."

"Well I'm not Shira-baachan's grandkid for nothing."

"I see!"

As Lecan listened to the two's conversation, he thought of leaving Eda at Shira's place and departing Vouka by new year.

(Then I'll just check back at Vouka once after some years.)

(Because Vouka is a comfortable town.)

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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.21_22_23


"I sold those to you. How you're gonna use them is up to you."

"That's the part I need to consult Lecan-sama about."


"Purchasing them would mean we have to agree to a price, then I have to pay the agreed price in exchange for the goods."

"Yeah well, that's how it is."

"It's not like our company cannot afford the amount of money needed to buy up all those materials. However, it won't be the most optimum prices for those goods, and it won't be a deal that could extend business arms of Chaney Company."


"I would like to penetrate Vantaroy market using those goods."

"Haven't you formed business connections at Vantaroy already."

"Yes. And it's thanks to Lecan-sama. With the items you acquired in Dungeon Golbul, Chaney Company managed to find new trade partners, and garnered considerable trust. We opened a branch office at Vantaroy just the other day, with Orst assuming branch manager position."

Orst is a clerk of Chaney Company. Lecan's group escorted him once.

"Those materials are not beyond the skill of the artisans here at Vouka. However, the expert craftsmen at Vantaroy are capable of producing items one or two ranks higher out of them."


"I plan to join forces with a certain merchant at Vantaroy and get skilled craftsmen to craft the best products, mainly light armor, there are, and for that, I plan to present it to Vantaroy's town lord."

"Is the lord here fine with that."

"We will gift some to the lord here as well. Naturally. And if the town lord there permits, I'd like to put up new goods on the market and sell materials to new trade partners."

"Then do so. I've got no reason to refuse."

"We cannot put a price on the goods right away if we proceed with this plan. And the payment will have to be deferred for quite a long time."

"I don't mind. I'm staying in this town for the remainder of the year. No need to hurry."

"Thank you very much! I shall take up the challenge now that Lecan-sama has given his consent. This will help forming connections with new business partners and craftsmen, opening a path for goods one, two rank higher. Please accept this."

Chaney put a luxurious small bag on a tray and presented it to Lecan.

"This small deposit is the least we could muster right now."

Lecan took up the bag.

He guessed there were two white gold coins inside from the feels.

Lecan put the bag back on the tray and pushed it to Chaney.

"You're gonna need some liquidity. Save the money for when it's all done."

Chaney bowed his head almost down to the ground.

"Thank you, so very much."

"Well then, can we talk about our light armor orders now."

"Yes. We've called a workman for the measurement. Please consult to the person himself for any requests you have in mind. As it will be made at Vantaroy, we're truly sorry but it will take a month to finish."

"Ah, Chaney-san."

"Yes. How may I help you, Arios-sama."

"I'd like to sell this."

"And this <Box> is?"

"There's a venom sac of Dungeon Ninae boss, Octocular Great Spider Queen inside. "


Chaney was frozen solid on the spot like he got hit by the Queen's freezing attack.

Lecan spoke to Chaney.

"I want you to use the highest quality parts from the materials we gave you for our armor."

"Y-yes. Naturally."

"Also, use this for the armored parts."

Lecan stood up and took a huge mass out of his chest <Storage>.

With a diameter of around a step and a half, a beautiful blue shell-like something.

There's a lone hole on a section.

If you look closer, you'd notice scratches on the lower part.

With a single glance, Chaney realized that it was a mat from a mighty magic beast he never witnessed before in his life.

"That's... That's... It can't be."

"Shell part of the Queen's abdomen."

Dungeon Ninae boss is structurally unique, boasting an extremely tough abdomen.

To the point that a full power blow of Lecan's Perforation skill was unable to open a hole in one hit.

"Eda. You haven't got your share in the Queen's extermination, have you."


"The best part of this shell is yours."




"Make Eda's light armor out of this shell's best part. Use the rest for me and Arios's armor."

"W-we shall have it done."

"You can buy the leftover scraps."

"T-thank you very much!"

Lecan commissioned Chaney to repair his vest as well.

His plain black vest has been with him since way back at his former world. It's made of Thousand Rock Spider's thread, boasting powerful magic defense. However, it's all tattered now, a huge hole has opened on it from the raid at Dungeon Ninae. Although he probably can't find the same material here, some of the mats this time carry similar properties. That said, wearing it under the light armor would make it too thick, so he's probably not gonna wear it when he has the light armor equipped.

He also asked to get his trousers' mended. It's made from a mix of rare materials by a master craftsman. It's all worn out already, but Lecan has grown attached to it. Chaney suggested making fitting underwear, shirts and trousers along with the light armor using the mats this time, and Lecan complied.

Eda and Arios also ordered shirt, trousers and underwear during the occasion, but Eda declared that she might not wear the underwear depending on how comfortable it is.

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The workman taking their measurements was very elaborate, he asked fine details such as the way they fight and their standard equipment.

As Lecan also ordered shirt on top of light armor and boots, he specifically asked for a sturdy inner pocket on the armor to put the <Guardian Jewel of Zana> in, and other pockets if he ever obtains more jewels in the future. He also ordered a holster to hold <Dagger of Harut>, and a belt with a small bag attached to it for putting magic stones that can be readily taken any time. He made other requests as well afterward.

Arios was even more particular than Lecan, asking for specific shapes and functions.

Eda was unconcerned about functions and stuff, she asked for specific colors, shapes and that they looked cute, thus Lecan said to the workman to decide at his own discretions.

Once the measuring was over, it was evening already.

Dans came by and led the three to the usual high class restaurant. Chaney is treating them again tonight. Lecan has never paid a dime to this restaurant.

"Master deeply apologizes for his absent."

Chaney is probably busy going around to create new business opportunities, it's only natural he can't come.

Dans also went back, so the dinner was only with the three.

"Eda. Drink a third of wine glass."

"Sure, but why."

"Here's to Eda's promotion to silver rank adventurer. Cheers (Jo Jood)!"

"Ah, you're right. Cheers!"

"Congratulations. Cheers!"



"We're going out to gather herbs on the 31st. It'll be me, you and Nike."

"Nike-san is back then!"

"She should be here now already. Last time it took around 14-15 days. Get yourself ready with that in mind."

"I shall depart this town tomorrow. I will come back after one and half a month at the earliest, two months at the latest."

"Arios-kun. Be careful out there."

"Yes. You too, Eda-san."

The food was good.

The drink was good.

The three relished on the food to their heart's content that night.

"Oh right. Arios. This is for you. And also Eda."

Lecan handed over two white gold coins to each of them.

He got 6 white gold coins from <Jaira> as an apology for assaulting them. Eda is the victim that almost got kidnapped, and Arios is a comrade who fought together against them then, they both have the right for the money.

Arios thanked Lecan and casually put the coins away.

Eda went stiff for a while.


Lecan jumped out of bed in the middle of the night.

He recalled something important.

"<Light (Teraparm)>"

With the light on, he took a necklace out of <Storage>.

The necklace Jade gave him, an apology from <Jaira>.

It's an equipment worn by mage Veta, a dungeon depths explorer.

He hasn't found out what kind of functions it's got.

"<Appraisal (Abel)>"

<Name: Necklace of Intuador>

<Type: Necklace>

<Graces: Mana Storage, Null Magic Attack>

※ This necklace can store mana

※ Stored mana can be utilized by the wearer

※ Nullifies magic attacks suffered by the wearer by consuming the stored mana

"This is. This function."

How much mana can it hold, and how much mana it consumes to nullify magic attacks need to be checked first.

But it's still an astonishing function.

Does it mean Lecan needs not fear of ambushes by magic attacks if he has this necklace equipped.

Will it completely protect him from magic attacks like the kind that penetrated through his <Overking Bear> overcoat and stomach in Dungeon Ninae. So long as Lecan has enough mana.

If so, this is the ultimate equipment for Lecan.

The herb gathering is a good chance to inspect this equipment's performance.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.18_19_20


"By the way, Jinga."

"Yes. How can I help you."

"A <Shield of Wolkan> got dropped on floor 43 of Dungeon Ninae."


Lecan grinned when he saw the usually calm and collected Jinga's surprised look.

"Is that true. To tell you the truth, my shield was a drop item in Dungeon Ninae as well."

Lecan knew that already from his <Appraisal>, but Jinga didn't seem aware of that.

"Did you get it yourself."

"No. The previous marquis-sama bought and bestowed it to me."

Heles said that <Shield of Wolkan> is the dream of every knights. The marquis who went to get that shield and gave it to Jinga must still hold him in high regards even now.

Lecan absolutely refuses to serve under someone.

He's also never laid his life on the line for the sake of a mission. He will try to do everything he can to accomplish a job he took on, but if the situation changes and doing that job means putting him in disadvantages, he will immediately get away. You can't be an adventurer unless you've got that much brashness at least.

However, perhaps that's precisely why Lecan holds a unusual sense of respect to those who swear loyalty to their master and those who throw their life away for the sake of completing a mission.

I don't want to fight against this guy anymore, thought Lecan as he gazed at Jinga's deeply wrinkled face.

"The tea Jinga made is so good."

"I'm honored to hear that."

"It's true, it's nice."

Lecan likes this time of enjoying tea while gazing at the garden along with Norma and Jinga.

When he's here, he doesn't have to think about dungeons or fights to death, he simply gazes at the growing herbs, spending times in relaxation.

It's been two months since he came to this clinic.

The garden was full of red and white flowers at the time.

Right now it's filled with vividly green trees and grass. With small white flowers popping up here and there.

The lustrous charm of spring is nice, but the summer's serene yet vigorous atmosphere is also good.

Lecan never had an opportunity to admire grass and trees like this before.

Dungeons are a colorless world.

It's dull with nary red, blue, green or white, there's only a meager amount of soot-like tints.

Even when he tried to retrace his memories of dungeons, he couldn't recall a single vivid scene.

Lecan's entire recollections are dyed in gloomy gray.


Only red is the odd one out.

Only the color of blood red is painfully vivid.

And his mouth and eye involuntarily laughed when he recalled that color of blood.

That's the world Lecan lives in.

Days of being covered in yesterday's blood.

Tomorrow will likely be another blood-covered day.

But just for today.

Just for this one day.

Next to a woman who devotes her life to treating others' wounds and illnesses.

I want to be soaked in the scent of tea.

Thought Lecan.

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As they ended up getting back late, they bought spit-roast on the way home, but it turned out Arios had prepared lunch for them. Both the spit-roast and Arios's cooking in everyone's stomach.

"Lecan-dono. I'm thinking of selling the Venom Sac you gave me to Chaney Company, do you mind?"

"Do as you like."

They had that conversation.


Chaney Company's HQ was a plain single-story building.

The buildings on both wings seem to have been another stores the company bought later and then made connected, they're made of different materials and of different ages, heights and roofs.

Chaney in person ran out of the building to greet Lecan and Arios.

It's a surprisingly spacious store, with an abundant of warehouses.

They were led to a small secluded building in the back.

It's a cosily-made building sporting an elegant garden.

Beautiful female employees brought nicely fragrant tea in luxurious-looking cups.

They enjoyed the tea while gazing at the garden for a while before Chaney started reminiscing.

"I, you see, was born in this town. When my father passed away, I sold our general store, paid all our debts and went out traveling to peddle my ware. Thanks to a chance, I managed to start up a small store here in my hometown. I really worked myself to the bone there."

Lecan kept silent.

"This was a poor town, but the young town lord took many measures like reducing merchant taxes, and other policies to tempt more merchants here. I have no idea why he was especially fond of me. This store has faced numerous crises in the past, as does this town."

Chaney's face as he gazes at the garden looks shockingly aged.

"But the town is now bustling. I have ceased finding people on the side of the road dying due to starvation during winter. My store has grown quite big as well."

(This man is trying to make a resolve on something.)

(He's looking back on the past to steel this resolve.)

"Then some odd bunch came butting in, I got driven out of town lord's chief merchant position I had kept for many years, and fell into a crisis that might very well ruin my store, if not for Lecan-sama's help."

Before he realized, Lecan is now getting called with <Sama> honorific by Chaney.

"That was a coincidence."

"Yes. It was a coincidence. Coincidences are something sent to you by gods. I believe my encounter with Lecan-sama was god Boa-sama's guidance."

God Boa is supposedly a god of trade.

"Our company is secure now. I have been thinking of retiring and handing over the company to my grandchildren."

"Eh? Chaney-san. Aren't you still young. I'm sure you can keep going even further."

"Hahahahahaha. I guess I really shouldn't give up yet if someone as young as Eda-san could say that to me. However, even though I apparently look young in other's eyes, I'm actually from the same generation as the town lord-sama's father."

This fact surprised Lecan.

He recalled the town lord's aged face.

Lecan isn't good at guessing this world human's age, but that town lord is surely not less than 40.

Chaney being the same age as that guy's father is a real shocking revelation.

"That was when Lecan-sama brought something truly tremendous to me."

Mysteriously enough, Chaney's face has lost its agedness. It's a youthful face full of ambitions.

"Materials of magic beasts found in Dungeon Ninae's depths. Legs, heads, abdomens and venom sacs of 24 greater Octocular Great Spiders, and the web threads of Spotted Spiders found on floor 20s. I'm confident to say that not even big merchants at the royal capital have ever got hold of all these materials at once."

Chaney turned around.

Looking straight at Lecan's right eye.

"Human, take up the challenge. Thus god Boa-sama whispered to me."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 19.17


At the clinic, a <Non-consultation Day> sign was put up.

Jinga greeted them like usual, and guided the two to the break room that overlooks the garden. Norma was enjoying her tea there. Since there was another cup, Jinga must have been with her.

"Ah hey. Welcome, come on in. Did you just get back from the dungeon?"

"Yea. From Ninae."

"I'm just glad you're back in one piece. Is it just my imagination or has Eda grown bigger."

"She must be."

"How far did you go?"

"Got to floor 45."

"Oho. Wait, what, doesn't that mean you conquered the dungeon?"

"We did."

"Conquering Dungeon Ninae. And in so few days. I bet Eda was with you until the end too."

"This girl is a reliable member of our party. Especially once she learned how to remotely cast <Recovery>, our party potency doubled."

"Hold it right there. Remotely cast, <Recovery>, did I get that right?"

"By the end, she could even cast <Purification> remotely. From around 40 steps away."

Norma drank down her tea while shaking her head left and right to calm herself.

"I do not comprehend. My head can't catch up to the words coming out of your mouth. Say that again. You mean you can put <Recovery> on someone a few steps away from the caster right."

"Eda. Show her."


Eda opened the door and got into the hallway outside.


A soft green light wrapped Norma's whole body.

Norma closed her eyes pleasantly, entrusting herself to the light of healing soaking her body.

"Forget preliminary casting, she cast <Recovery> with zero lag time, and it reached me from so far away. No really, I feel like all the research I've done so far is disappearing before my eyes associating with you two."

"I've brought the tea. Please have a sit, Eda-san."

"Ah, thanks."

Eda and Jinga sat on the sofa, the four sipped warm tea.

"Eda. You've always been fast at casting <Recovery> but the speed you just showed me was abnormal. How are you able to cast so fast?"

"I mean, I couldn't make it in time if I didn't do it quick in the dungeon."

"What kind of training you have done that enables you casting <Recovery> remotely?"

"Eh? I mean, I learned how with <Sleep>, so like, I thought I could do that too with <Recovery>. And I did when I gave it a try."

"My head hurts. I wonder if I'm the only one thinking the conversation isn't established."

"Eda herself is answering you in earnest."

"I see, of course. Of course she is. Aaaaah. This is supposed to be a historic moment though! But too bad no one would believe it. They'd either ignore me with cold eyes or tell me to demonstrate it. But I can't expose Eda. Truly unfortunate."

"Here's your souvenir."
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"Eh? What's with the bag. Ah. Aren't these small red potions. So many of them. This is-"


"Yet you didn't have any for Jericho."

"Don't mention that."

"No! No! I can't accept such expensive stuff. Let me pay for them. Thankfully we've got spare cash right now thanks to you. We can only afford two or three at most though."

"Hm? Since the standard price of one small red potion is one big silver coin, it should go for half of that when adventurers sell one to a store right?"

"No no. That's only at a dungeon city, and only at stores or Adventurer Association right? Its price tag is double, multiple times that in non-dungeon cities."

"That's weird. You put up a quest sending a copper rank adventurer to go buy a small red potion at Dungeon Golbul alone. The quest fee was three 3 silver coins, so 10 silver coins should easily afford you one. How'd it double that."

"That's not how it works, Lecan. The demand for potions is never ending at any dungeon cities. And every dungeon cities prioritize the safety of adventurers. They'd spot an adventurer who doesn't dive in the dungeon and sanction the town that dispatches that adventurer."

Even if that's the case, nothing will stop dungeon-exploring adventurers from selling potions in other dungeonless towns, thought Lecan, but he immediately negated that thought.

(Those who delve in dungeons probably won't sell their red potions unless in dire straits.)

It's another thing if they could cast <Recovery> like Lecan, but red potions are literally those adventurers' life lines.

"Of course, you could sometimes get some on the cheap by chance. But most would immediately use it up, or resale it for profit. And most people know that they can sell one for big gold coins to people who need one, very rarely anyone would let it go for silver coins. When nobles or the rich is looking for one, red potions could fetch some truly exorbitant price."

"Really. At any rate, those potions are souvenirs for you. The stuff we learned from you can't compare to those. Please take it."

In reality, these ten red potions were bought at the guild. They didn't obtain even one small red potion during the expedition this time. Either way, since they didn't have enough potions in stock, they had gone to buy large red potions at the association along with the small ones for souvenirs. Though, Lecan actually asked for 30 red potions but the association could only afford to sell him ten.

"Are you sure then. Thank you Lecan. These potions will definitely see use."

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