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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.5


Norma's Medical Center began operation.

Norma would examine her patients without wrapping her wand in mana while teaching Lecan and Eda what's wrong with those patients and how to treat them along the way. She would also tell them the kind of medicinal plants and the dosage needed for each case.

Lecan and Eda would put the designated medicinal plants on small dishes and showed them to Norma every time.

"All good."

After confirming them, Norma would process those plants, sometimes she would bundle them in raw Shinanja leaf, sometimes she would knead them with water, and sometimes she would boil them together.

Most were wrappings of certain amounts of dried herbs in Shinanja leaf.

Jinga manages the traffic of people coming and going out of the medical center. Meaning, he's in charge of picking people who will enter the treatment room, guiding those who go out, and informing them the treatment cost.

After finishing her examination, Norma would instruct Lecan and Eda to mix herbs, ask the patient to go to waiting room and begin examining the next patient.

She was impressively skilled at handling her patients, she finished treating all of them before dusk, even with the short lunch break period. Most patients were sick persons, those with injuries were few. None of the injured had fresh wounds either, all of them were either those suffering from rotting wounds, or those who couldn't move well due to old injuries.

Some of them also asked for <Recovery> but they gave up the moment they heard the cost.

Only one patient requested to have <Recovery> cast. A woodworker man. The second joint on his right arm is bent in a weird direction after getting injured in an accident. His wages have been reduced since he's unable to lift things and do precise work after the accident.

Norma explained in details the symptoms and cause. She must be aiming to finish the treatment in one cast of <Recovery>. Lecan cast <Recovery> slowly but surely and succeeded in correcting the man's joint, enabling him to move his fingers again.

The man kept thanking them over and over again on his way back, several patients in the waiting room peered in their wallets when they saw the dramatic results of the treatment.

After promising to come again tomorrow morning, Lecan and Eda left the medical center and headed for Shira's house.

"You did something at a noble house yesterday, didn't you."

That was Shira's first word.

There's around 3000 steps between this house and Goncourt mansion. It must be <Flame Spears> she sensed, this old woman detected the invocation of that spell from such a faraway spot and even concluded that it was Lecan's doing.

Lecan explained to her the circumstances.

Eda who was sitting next to him was awfully surprised when he got to his duel against Jinga part.

"B-but, Jinga-san. Looked the same as always today, right? He even served Lecan tea like usual."


Lecan replied curtly since he couldn't be bothered to explain. Shira would do the honor instead.

"Eda-chan. That was a greeting from Jinga."
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"'I will treat you like I always did, I bear no grudge on you, so please treat me like you always do as well'. That's what Jinga wanted to tell Lecan. That he won't go back to the marquis house, he's going to stay by Norma's side from now on."

"Ah, so that was it. I see~. So his usual behavior was a message."

"And you, Lecan."


"Don't you back off because you think it's a pain, now. You've got to give a proper explanation to Eda-chan. Weren't you saying you would teach Eda yourself for the next half year."

"That I did. Sorry."


Afterward, Lecan and Eda studied magic under Shira.

Lecan practiced <Lightning>. He managed to invoke a small spark in the end.

Eda practiced <Sleep>. She couldn't cast it at all, but Shira said that there was a sign of it working.

"I'm glad for you, Eda-chan. Once you've learned even one spell of mind magic, you will build resistance to mind magic. I was a bit worried about this since there are magic beasts that can use mind magic inside Dungeon Ninae."

"U-umm. Shira-san."


"Lecan doesn't have the aptitude for mind magic, does he?"


"So then, Lecan can't get in that dungeon?"

"Oh he'd be fine. He has ways to deal with mind magic."

"Is that true, Lecan?"


After giving that curt reply, Lecan recalled about having to give a bit more detailed answers to her questions.

"Abnormal statuses get annulled with this silver ring equipped. It's not like mind magic won't work on me, however states caused by mind magic such as sleep, paralysis and bind will disappear right away."

The good thing about this silver ring is its always-on effect.

Equipment that nullifies mind magic cannot block magic whose power exceeds the equipment's capability. And even if that isn't the case, there's a small chance of such magic to work regardless.

However, this ring undoes abnormal status that has been inflicted. Even if it doesn't do that in that instance, it will a moment later. So long as Lecan has this ring equipped, he won't be afflicted by a barrage of abnormal status attacks.

"Ah, come to think of it, that priest's magic didn't work on Lecan when we were at that temple. Priest-san was wailing around about it."

Which reminds him, Shira told Lecan to have this ring on right before that.

(Have I ever told Shira about this ring?)

He can't really recall, however, it doesn't feel like he ever did. And yet, Shira was aware about this ring's effects.

She might have <Appraisal>-ed it in secret, however this ring is one of the things he brought from his former world, Shira's <Appraisal> shouldn't have worked on it.

(It might be that magic called <Analysis>.)

Either way, having every detail about him laid bare just by being close to her isn't comforting to know. This isn't a matter of him not trusting Shira or anything, it's more an instinctual thing to Lecan.

(I've got to find a way to outsmart Shira one of these days.)

Thought Lecan as he watched Shira patting Jericho with a smile on her face.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Strongest Sage, Incites Dragon


(...It's about time.)

The town's entrance is the only spot with human's mana reactions left.
There's a congestion of people trying to get out of the town's gate... but it should clear up in time.
During this time... I make my move.

I draw my sword and move into Zadokilgias's blind spot.
Then... I slashed at Zadokilgias's neck while completely hiding my presence.

This slash would instantly kill Zadokilgias that's only as strong as an average demon physically speaking.
--If it hit the target, that is.

"Too slow."

Zadokilgias muttered as it cast a minimum amount of defensive magic to shift my sword away without even looking at my direction.
Even a weak defensive magic is capable of thwarting a sword slash if placed diagonally against the slash.
That may sounds easy in theory... But putting that into practice requires an extremely high magic control capability.

And this demon pulled it off without even looking at the sword...
Looks like Zadokilgias's skill hasn't fallen even after reincarnating.
And here I was expecting it fell a bit.

"...Only one?"

Zadokilgias isn't looking at my direction not because of negligence.
The opposite actually--it's under maximum alert.
Especially against a potential member of suppression unit slipping in among the evacuees.

In reality... Past demon suppression units would hide among these evacuees and launch their attack the moment Zadokilgias turned its attention to my sword.
Its relatively defenseless back would be exposed to attack if I managed to draw its attention away.
That would also mean my early death... However, sacrificial pawns weren't exactly unusual in a fight against demons that couldn't be defeated the frontal ways back then.

"...No reinforcement huh?"

Zadokilgias stood still while muttering that.
But it's not like it's doing nothing.
Maintaining a stance holds the meaning of retaining its highest alert level against ambushes.

On the other hand, I also haven't made a move since I pulled my sword back after it was parried off.
In my past life, the opening of my fight against Zadokilgias could also be summed up as [Motionless Fight].
This quietness is exactly the evidence of a clash of techniques.

Going into the offensive naturally means lowering your defense.
In other word, attacking also means creating an opening.
Small openings created from magic are nothing to worry about in an ordinary battle... But in a fight between those of equal skill sets, one such momentary lapse is a gap between life and death.

Zadokilgias has taken a stance that allows it to counter any attack from any direction at any time.
Anyone that takes the first strike will be countered back.

Against that, I take the aggressive stance.
If Zadokilgias showed a slightest opening, I'd crush its escape path with magic and cut it down right then and there.

Positioned right behind Zadokilgias, I've held the advantage.
However... Zadokilgias just won't show any opening.
Launching a simple attack here would get me countered to death.

A minute passed since this standoff began.
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"No reinforcement... huh."

Zadokilgias murmured once it confirmed all the evacuees had left the town's gate.
Now that there's no need to worry about potential ambushes from demon suppression unit mixed among the evacuees, I'm the only one left it needs to worry about.

It slowly turned toward me.
Without showing an opening in the slightest.

"I see. I considered you were but a mere child... What a huge mistake. I can't find an opening."

Zadokilgias stared at me as it said that.
Yet its glances were directed at my limbs, not eyes.
Not just to watch out for my move... But also to look for any slightest opening so it could immediately shift to attacking.

(...Glad Ruli and Alma aren't here.)

Zadokilgias's mana really is on the same level of an ordinary demon.
However... it's clear from this distance. This demon is simply on a whole other dimension.

Ruli and Alma would be instantly killed had they got close.
Even I would have lost my head the instance I relaxed my guard.

This situation will only wear down my nerves if it keeps going.
The townspeople have finished taking shelter.
Let's get right to the plan.

Zadokilgias had been waiting for the end of evacuation to dispel the possibility of an ambush.
However--Zadokilgias isn't the only one waiting for that moment.

So did I.
In order to allow Iris go wild without minding the surroundings.

"Iris, do it."

『I got you!』

Receiving my instruction, Iris soared up in the air.
Then she swooped down from the sky--and swung down her claw toward Zadokilgias with all her might.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-47

17-47. Satou VS Demon God


Satou here. The phrase 'A cornered rat will bite a cat' is quite famous, but snatching victory is an entirely different matter than just snarling back. All the more against someone who just won't let their guard down--.

"--While sitting?"

Despite saying something like, "obliterate your very soul into oblivion impossible to get revived", Demon God keeps sitting down in his throne, doesn't look like he'll get up anytime soon.
The Dimensional Blade and Nihilistic Blade in both his hands are hanging loose too, his Impurities-encroached body must be in bad shape still.

Looks like waiting for a chance to remove his Impurities won't be a problem--.

The moment that carefree thought crossed my mind, I got pulled to right in front Demon God.

A hollow blade is fast approaching.


I managed to barely dodge it somehow, almost got my head parted from my neck there.

Still, my body feels heavy.

The sense of almightiness I experienced during my death feels like a long gone dream, my body won't respond well to me.
It's so heavy I'd like to have magnet coated.

"--How did you dodge that?"

Demon God asked, seemingly finding it hard to believe.

"Now that you have been deprived of your level and skills, you shouldn't have been able to."

Ah, this sluggishness is because my level has returned to 1 huh.

I dodged more of Demon God's erratic attacks by a hair's breadth once again.
I could have easily dodged these attacks if I were in my usual state.

I need to get closer to Demon God in order to cleanse his Impurities, but he would teleport me back right in front of me every time I attempted to go around him.
These teleportations appear to come from his Dimensional Blade, not magic nor Authority.

I probably would have died twice already had Demon God not in such a bad shape.

I glanced at the Log for a second.

This would have been exactly the moment I acquired new skills usually, but the Log shows absolutely nothing.


Due that action, the Nihilistic Blade is coming at right when I can't make an evasive maneuver.

I took Divine Sword out of Storage and blocked the Nihilistic Blade.
The blade dispersed the moment it touched Divine Sword before reforming back in Demon God's hand.
I was trying to take advantage of the time one of Demon God's troublesome weapons got destroyed, but it appeared to be meaningless.


Demon God spoke irritatingly.
Look like not even Demon God could overlook Divine Sword.

Right at that time, Map popped up in my vision.


A swarm of red dots are rushing toward Demon God's Castle at unbelievable speed on the Map.
I reflexively turned my attention there.

"Finally noticed huh."

Demon God snickered.

"Those are the prime elites granted with my Authorities I had dispatched to the borders of Realm of Gods."

Demon God projected a huge swarm of Demons in mid air.

On top of General and Avenger types, there's a lot of battleship and ghost ship type demons as well.
All of those demons are clad in black auras, apparently they've been defiled by the impurities.

More projections got displayed.

Projections of the girls.
Showing Zena-san's group mowing down demons outside our large spaceship, and Arisa's group fighting against female type demons in a hallway.

--Don't tell me.

"Stay where you are as you watch your girls get trampled upon."

Looks like Demon God is sending those prime elite units to the girls, not me.

"--I won't let you."
"The system has been shut down. What can you, stripped off your temporary powers, hope to accomplish."

The thing I can do--.

AR readings in my view.
There it is. The one thing I can do.

"--I sure can."

I operate my Menu.
An Icon I once turned off due to its severity.


Demon God put up a distorted smile.
A face I can't believe coming from a parallel world me.

His Impurities must be getting worse.

Zena and the girls are pointing at the sky in the projection.
It seems those prime elites have come into their view as well.

"--Now is time to begin the massacre."
"It sure is."

Demon God seemed to find my agreement perplexing, he muttered, "--What?"

"...It cannot be."

Thick purple clouds above those demons were torn apart, revealing a burning red meteor.
The amount of meteors quickly multiplies, raining down like a heavy downpour, annihilating prime elite demons.  The word 'massacre' truly fits the scene here.

"Even those granted with Absolute Magic Defense, Absolute Physical Defense, and Absolute Evasion Authorities are falling prey to those meteors?"

Well yeah, I mean it's the magic that destroyed the strongest Dragon God after all.
Of course, it'd win over anything.

"How were you able to conjure magic!"

Demon God glared at me.

"--No, wrong. That is no magic. I did not sense mana from you."

I took a quick glance at the Log next to the agape Demon God.

Unfortunately, my level stays at 1.
My Log is showing units I've eliminated, and yet my exp gauge isn't moving at all, nor I get any new skill.

"You mean to tell me that's an Authority!?"

Demon God arrived at the correct conclusion.
Yes, that was not a magic, but one of the [Meteor Shower] icons given as a support bonus for new players.

"You were using Dragon God's Authority?! Are you insane?!"

Demon God is weirdly surprised.

Apparently, Meteor Shower on my magic list and Meteor Shower icon are entirely different things.
Well, it's an attack prepared by Dragon God for the sake of defeating herself after all.

"However, using up your last resort for sentimental matters shall be your undoing."

Demon God got off his throne while staggering.

"Will you retain your ego if you get killed by the God Slaying Divine Sword, I wonder?"

His hand has gotten hold of Divine Sword before I knew it.

I see that his Thief God title isn't just for show.

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Demon God is getting serious.

A fast approaching black slash. I dodged by ducking. Another blade coming from my blind spot. I dived in to evade it. I saw Demon God grinning, looking down on me as I rolled. A harassing slash ran after the rolling me. Demon God is making light of me. However, that derision would surely birth a chance to turn the table on him.

Oh crap.

Demon God's attacks are getting faster little by little. Several of his attacks managed to scratch my body.
I can't use Unit Arrangement. I have to save it for reversal and for escape.

I desperately keep dodging.

"How are you able to keep dodging?"

Demon God murmured while not letting up with his attacks.

Now that he mentions it, I've gotten to the point that none of his attacks manages to hit me.
My body still feels as heavy as ever, yet I've gotten used to these heaviness and sluggishness. I still couldn't get any new skill, but I gradually recalled the sensation as I frantically dodged Demon God's attacks.

"Rapid Slash <<First Slicing>>."

I dodged Demon God's attack enshrouded in dark purple light.

That's right.

This is how you dodge.

I easily dodge Demon God's attacks as they get severer.
Looks like my body remembers even without skills.

"How could you manage to dodge Authority-clad attacks?"

Demon God sounded confused, but the speed of an attack doesn't really matter so long as you know where the attack is coming.
I think he should have used a Sure Hit-type Unique Skill here.


Thinking that seemed to be a bad move, I couldn't move my body all of a sudden.

This sensation, it's space magic.
Demon God seemed to have lost his temper and restrained my body with space magic.

If only this was a barrier, I could have easily broken through it.

The moment that thought came to my mind, the restrain binding my body came undone.
Is the mysterious barrier-nullifying power effective on space magic too, I wonder?

"Is that your Authority!?"

This time he shot out a paralyzing spell, and I managed to undo it as well.
I don't get how it works, but hey, so long it's handy.


This time he cast a wide-ranged attack.

Just when I thought, 'Oh crap', the approaching magic vanished right in front of my eyes.

"No respond from my mana? Is that another of your Authorities!?"

Demon God was surprised, but so was I.

Perhaps--I checked my Storage and confirmed Demon God's attack magic had been stowed inside.
Imagining to grab the magic when I thought, 'Oh crap', earlier was a correct decision.

I'm not confident enough to constantly pull it off though, so just having Demon God cease using magic attack is a huge relief.

Now then, time to launch a counteroffensive.


Demon God used space magic restraint together with a slash.

--Impossible to dodge.

Concluding that, I took out another of my trump cards.

"Divine Sword, blocked?"

Demon God's jet black Divine Sword got parried by a spear of the same color I held.
Unfortunately, the current me's strength cannot hope to match Demon God's. Eating that attack head on would have sent me flying to the wall in pieces.

"What manner of spear is that?"
"--My trump card, you see."

It's a spear made from my left arm which got defiled by Impurities when I tore [Demon God's Offshoot] off Heavenly Dragon back then.
I never gave it a name, so let's just call it Black Arm Spear.

I attacked the surprised Demon God with the Black Arm Spear, but my thrust got blocked by a seemingly permanent barrier he had on.

Even though Black Arm Spear could block Divine Sword, it lacks the power to harm Demon God it seems.

I dealt with Divine Sword and Nihilistic Blade's slashes by dodging and parrying with Black Arm Spear.
Space magic and Shadow magic would also randomly assault me at times, it's quite heavy.

Even one mistake would kill me at this rate.

This is bad.

As I dodged Divine Sword and parried Nihilistic Blade, transparent purple blades--Dragon Rendering Slashes came flying at me.

Three of them at that.

"--Pierce through!"

A white dragon spear I took from Storage pierced through the three transparent blades, bore through Demon God's barrier, and headed straight toward Demon God himself without losing momentum.
'Kishi, kishi, kishi' sounds echoed, transparent purple shields stopped the Dragon Spear's advance.

Looks like that's the original Divine Dancing Armor.

I didn't think it could stop Dragon Spear made of a dragon fang that [Pierces All]. I thought it would work since it did pierce through the Divine Dancing Armor protecting Demon God's Castle, but apparently the one Demon God has on himself is even sturdier.

"Dragon spear, is it--"

Demon God glared irritatingly at a white spear I held in my hand.

"--Will it reach me?"

Looks like he's aware of Dragon Spear's weaknesses.

Unlike the Black Arm Spear, Dragon Spear is fragile. Forget Divine Sword, I don't think it can even block a blow from Nihilistic Blade or Dragon Rendering Slash.
It's exclusively for attacking.

"I will make it happen."

With Black Arm Spear as my shield, and Dragon Spear as my lance, I challenge Demon God.

I've recalled the sensations of not just Evasion but also Spearsmanship and Foresight.

However, I'm not the sole ally of time.

Demon God is slowly moving better as time passes by.
He's still moving erratically, but at the rate it's going, he's going to be back on his feet earlier than me.

--I see.

I realized something.
Impurities overflowing out of Demon God are decreasing.

Those Impurities are going straight to the Divine Sword Demon God is holding. Impurities gnawing Demon God has been getting sucked into Divine Sword during our fight, improving Demon God's condition.

Demon God stopped moving and stared at Divine Sword.
Looks like he noticed too.

"It ate excess miasma huh. For this accursed God Slaying Sword to end up saving me..."

Accursed huh.

But I wonder why isn't he using Divine Sword's <<Perish>>?


With Black Arm Spear.

I blocked slashes from Nihilistic Blade that could damage even gods.


And even a downpour of Dragon Rendering Slashes that would annihilate dragons.


It even managed to block blows from the God Slaying Divine Sword.

However, bents and chips accumulate, eventually going over its limit.

'Bakin', Black Arm Spear broke into pieces along with that sound.

"Kukuku, Irregular. The spear protecting you is no more."

Demon God sneered.

So Divine Sword is still above it after all...

I'll eventually get pushed back at this rate.

And yet, it's far too early to run away.
By a fluke, Demon God's Impurities have been greatly reduced thanks to Divine Sword.

I could tear the remaining Impurities off Demon God if someone could just distract him for a bit.

"--How boorish."

Demon God turned his line of sight at the audience chamber's entrance.

The bulky door was blown away along with a roaring sound, a General demon fell on the ground.

『Demon God-sama, they have--』

General points at the door.

Looks like my reinforcement is here.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Platinum Right Hand


Arriving at the site, Nobusada was greeted with a scene of a boy swinging a sword around like a madman and a girl shouting at him while frantically trying to dodge his assault. Another man of the same age who's probably their party member is lying on the ground, bleeding.

What is this pandemonium.

"Come back to your senses, please Afuro!!"


The expression behind the boy's steel helmet is that of a lunatic, not that of a sane man. Various liquid like drool and stuff are spilling out of his mouth.
Whoa, this isn't the time to to make a commentary. It's situation critical no matter how you look at it.


Even though the girl somehow managed to barely block the sword with her mace, her strength was just not enough against the boy. The blade is pushing closer to her body.

"Kuh aa, I can't"

Just when she was about to yield, a voice resounded out of the blue.

"Air Bind!!!"

A spell Nobusada cast bound the boy. The girl dropped her mace before falling down herself.

"Aah, I intruded in since things were looking bad there, or was it an unnecessary intervention?"

The girl had a face mixed with relief and wariness turned at Nobusada who called out to her with a nonchalant voice.

"N-no, you're a lifesaver. Thank you very much."

"But really, just what's going on here anyway. Mind filling me in? Oh wait, gotta go treat that person first."

"Ah, then let me..."

"Oh it's fine. All in a day's work. High Heal!"

"Eeeeeeeh, no way. High Heal, chantlessly!?"

The fallen boy's wounds closed up in a blink of an eye. His ghastly breathing that sounded like it would stop at any moment stabilized as well. The girl was relieved to see her friend saved even amidst her surprise at the stunt.

"All done. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"N-no, I'm fine. As for your question earlier, I don't have the answer to that either."


"Ah, excuse me. I haven't introduced myself. My name is Chein, I'm a priestess who serves upon Hadin-sama. The fighter lying over there is Brighton, and the restrained boy over there is our leader, Afuro. And then there's another party member, but she went missing..."

"Fumu fumu, ah, I'm Nobusada. A D-class adventurer for once."

The girl leaped up in surprise the moment she heard the name. Her line of sight toward Nobusada turned cautious.

"Eeh!? Um... Err... no, it's nothing."

"Ah, it's fine. I could hazard a guess. You probably won't believe it coming from me, but those nicknames have been nothing but trouble to me. Who even likes to be thought as a man who would indiscriminately assault girls."

"Err... I'm sorry."

The girl, Chein bowed apologetically.

"So, you see. We were walking on this floor to hunt monsters like always when a mage member of our party went missing all of a sudden, then just when we were about to look for her, Afuro turned out like that. Brighton was cut when he was trying to cover me, I was in frenzy afterward."

Fumu. I'm curious about that missing member, but this Afuro boy takes priority for now.
Discerning-sensei, your turn please.

Name: Afuro Ryei - Gender: Male - Age: 15 - Race: General Human
Class: Swordsman Lv18 - State: Cursed
Title: None

One-handed Sword Lv3 - Two-handed Sword Lv3 - Archery Lv2 - Intuition Lv2 - Evasion Lv2 - Escape Lv1 - Body Reinforcement Lv1 - Magic Resist Lv1 - Life Magic

Okay, he's a concerned party alright!
And what's up with this lump of talents!!
And it's another Curse!!!

To whom those successive quips are for anyway.
As I put my finger on my forehead, Afuro jolted.

A moment later, a jewel embedded on the grip of his sword shone.



Air Bind restraining the boy was erased, releasing the insane boy off.

"Tch, these father and son just go break my magic will ya!"

Nobusada got on guard while having a distant look in his eyes.


Afuro is swinging his sword once again while howling out.
The sword was swung down toward Nobusada... which got parried and sent to the ground.
Nobusada immediately elbowed a side of the blade, but instead of getting flicked away, the boy's hand got dislocated instead.
The sword is stuck in his hand? Is it the 『Unremovable Cursed Equipment』 type?

I was planning to try out some things at first, but I guess this isn't the time.


I directly put gravity around the touched blade. No matter how out of control he is, he surely can't swing it around now with this and his dislocated hand.

"Let me help undo your curse, it's gonna hurt a bit tho'. Clench your teeth!"

I recite a spell while holding my right hand with my left.

"Shine, palm of mine! Roar and break this curse!"

Light converges in Nobusada's right hand. Eventually a platinum-colored light dwells in that hand.



The unleashed palm slapped Afuro's left cheek with all its might. A mark from Nobusada's right hand on Afuro's left cheek turned into light. Then a change took place.

The light gradually wrapped around Afuro's whole body. Once it covered his whole body, the sword that was stuck so hard in his hand dropped down just like that. A will dwelt back in his then unfocused eyes, putting Nobusada in sight.

"That hurt, even Maman never hebua"


"Another slap!?"

"A great man once said this. When you got your left cheek slapped, offer your right cheek right away."


The two quipped back in harmony. Well aren't you a pair.
For now I cast Heal on his dislocated hand.
Ah, they're creating a space for their own universe. Yeah yeah, thanks for the treat.

<TLN: Catch the latest updates and edits at Sousetsuka .com >
That aside, I confirm if the sword is really the source of problem.

Treasured Sword Core Minder
Quality: First Class - Enclosed Mana: 3/68
A treasured sword created by Craftsman Anaham. Negate magic the embedded jewel considers to bring harm to its wielder. This sword's grip is twice as long as a normal sword's grip, hence it can be used both as a one-handed or two-handed sword.
Blessings: 【Break Magic】【Lightening】

Temuro-san, that's some equipment you gave your son.
Break Magic must have broken Air Bind apart. Not sure if it could be used to remove a curse, but the user probably needs to will it.

The jewel embedded on the swords' grip is working correctly. However, a blue gem-like thing under the grip which looked like an ornament broke down into sand. No change besides that. Which means, that's the cause huh. I took a look at the leftover sand, it was just normal sand.

"Just what's going on anyway? This person just went and slapped me right when I came to."

"You don't remember? Afuro, you got cursed and cut Brighton down in your delirium. And then, me too, you were about to... That was when Nobusada-san here saved me and even undid your curse."

"I-I cut down Brighton!? And even Chein!?"

Afuro was shook. He took his helmet off and sat down on the ground. His emerged hair is exactly what it says on the tin... it's humongous.
That afro hair makes your serious expression completely go waste.

"Yes, do you feel any abnormality with your body? Any idea how it came to this?"

"The last thing I recall is the time I drew my sword. Oh right, I remember now. A voice filled up my head back then. Go murder, it said."

He looks clearly shaken. He must comprehend the gravity of his deed. If I hadn't happened to pass by, he might have slaughtered his own friends. But, I'm not done fishing for answers yet.

"Where did you get the gem below this grip?"

"Eh? I-I got that from Belchika the mage. It was a charm from a famous fortune teller she said."

Alright, guilty as charged.

"Girls! Capture the girl hiding behind that pillar over there!"

""""SIR, YES SIR~~""""

With Nobusada's signal, the three girls plus Tino-chan jumped out. Caught completely off guard, a girl in mage outfit hiding and watching us from behind a pillar got captured without any resistance. It's very obvious she's been peeking at us from a while ago. I didn't train in scouting for nothing.

"Why are you getting in my way! You even broke the gem fortune teller-sama granted me!"

Nobusada crouched down and threw questions to the girl who were being pressed against bare ground.

"Fortune teller? Did they incite you to do all this?"

"They didn't incite nothing! Fortune teller-sama only gave me an advice. My love will come true if I put this necklace on and let my beloved hold onto that gem."

Fumu? Looking closer, this girl is wearing a mismatched adult-looking necklace on her.

Rimoton Necklace
Quality: First Class - Enclosed Mana: 28/55
A magic tool furnished with a curse that induces the wearer to think like the caster wishes to. It ultimately only induces the wearer's thought process, however, those who fail to resist the curse will be under an illusion that they're doing the act on their own volition.

OH、NO! You're cursed too!
This smells like a giant pain in the rear. What now.

"A~ah, anyway, looks like she's been cursed too, gotta remove it first."

Hnn, I wouldn't want to slap a girl, and we have another actor acting behind the scenes and all, guess I'll just return the curse then.

"Curses, like chickens, come home to roost. Be ashamed of your deed and act, realize the error of your way!"

I converged mana in my palm and chanted. Consuming about 40,000 mana point. The surrounding area is shrouded thick in mana. Chein and Afuro were panicking over that.

"『Curse Return』!"

With the magic cast, a black sphere emerged over my palm.
The sphere floated toward the mage girl and sucked black mist-like thing out of her. It did the same to the necklace which then broke down into sand.
The curse absorbed by the sphere wasn't that of the girl, it must be identifying the spellcaster's mana for the last step of this spell. Now go! Go along with that ominous curse!

FUSHUN, the sphere vanished.
The Curse Return should work if everything goes well. Though folks who would do this kind of crimes are probably also prepared to deal with this.
The spell seemed to have worked, the girl looked around restlessly, ascertaining what she had done.

"Umm, they're heavy, help me please."

Oh, looks like she's come to her senses.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.4


"Lecan. Can we get back on topic?"

What's going on here.

That Eda asked Lecan to get back on topic.

Eda, that master of derailment.

Lecan sunk into silence due to the huge shock as Eda continued on.

"And then, in the end, Kanner-san said that opposing Zepus-san's disinheritance was a mistake, that the little brother should have been the heir instead, and that he bore the responsibility for failing to educate Zepus-san, after that, Lecan lopped off his, err..."

"His head huh."

Eda nodded.

Norma shut her eyes and contemplated for a while.

"Zepus-san would use polite speech whenever he spoke to me, but I could always sense contempt in his words. I guess that was it was all about."

No one answered her. It was a rhetoric question.

"I was awfully taken aback when I heard about Zepus-san's death, but I've calmed down now after talking about knights stuff with Lecan, curiously enough."

Norma suddenly stood up and bowed to Lecan and Eda.

"I beg for your forgiveness. You were put in danger because of me. Perpetrated by my mother's family at that. I understand it's not something an apology could settle, but I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

"Oh, oh no. It wasn't Norma-san's fault at all. We should be the one apologizing for killing Norma-san's cousin instead."

"We are in your debt. Nothing you have done warrants you to apologize. We'd like to keep studying under you if possible."

"I should be the one asking you two that. To tell you the truth, things have gotten a bit complicated."

Jinga stood up and left the room. He must have gone to deal with the clatter coming from a crowd formed at the waiting room and the entranceway.


"What is?"

"Err well, remember you two treated a few patients while you were here? That garnered an awfully good reception, causing a huge influx of people coming here to have a medical exam and people requesting house calls."


"You mean there's more emergency patients and injured people coming here?"

"No. Emergency cases aren't somethings that would suddenly spike up, and none would go out of their way to a medical center just because they had slight wounds or caught a cold. Most aren't about emergency cases. And you don't have to mind about the people coming here. We can just treat them during our opening hours. The problem is house calls."

"What's the problem with those?"

"We've gotten an upsurge in requests from patients who have only asked for house calls once or twice before, and from those who never requested one before. All of which suffer from chronic illnesses."

"I see. I got it."

"I don't get it all."

"Simply put, patients who didn't see immediate results from my house calls or those who couldn't be cured at other medical practitioners are now asking for our house calls."

"Fumu. Is it okay for us to treat those people."

"Eh? Is there anything wrong with treating people who need treatment?"

"That's the problem Lecan. There'd be no end to it if we did, and it would hinder the operation of my medical center. As such, I've decided to ask for five silver coins for every <Recovery> spell cast by Lecan and Eda."

"I see."

"Eeeh? Pricey. That's too pricey.

"Eda. Five silver coins are nothing for <Recovery> by the two of you. Besides, five silver coins for a cast is the lowest fee the temple here asks, asking for any lower than that could potentially invite trouble."

"I heard medical practitioners' <Recovery> are cheaper though."

"That's only true for practitioners who can only use a very weak <Recovery>."

"I shall abide by your stance."

"Then, then, I'll comply too."

"Thank you."

"However, you will have two out of those five silver coins."

"Eeh. No, I can't do that."

"We are technically learning how to use <Recovery> from you, using it on a patient is like a kind of field study. The students can't be the only side getting rewarded."

"I see. In that case, I'll gratefully accept. By the way, Lecan. Are you fine with Eda casting <Recovery>?"

"Telling this girl not to use <Recovery> is akin to tell her not to sympathize with others, which is impossible. Hence, we should let her do it under our watchful eyes."

"I see. Okay. Then we need to teach Eda how to distinguish between <Recovery> and <Purification>."

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"Have you ever recited <Purification> spell before?"

"I-I never ssu."

"Okay then, let's have a test here. Take your wand out and cast <Purification>."


Eda took her wand and turned at Lecan.

"Lecan. Crouch down."


Lecan crouched down, Eda pointed her wand at his left eye. She focused her mind and distinctly recited the spell name.


A gentle blue light lit up on her wand and swelled out greatly before wrapping up Lecan's head.

"Ooh. What a huge <Purification>..."

Lecan experienced an unprecedented sense of ease.

It feels more like being soaked in viscous oil than a light. That oil soaked deep into him. The wrapping light softly breaks into small pieces, melting down unpleasant things and every bad objects that hinders his bodily functions. And then, then yet unknown energy and bliss spring up from deep within his body.

Even after the blissful light had vanished, its lingering wave appeased Lecan's inside for a while.

"This is amazing. I didn't realize it would be to this degree. I can sort of understand how people get addicted to having <Purification> cast on them now."

"No no, Lecan. I don't believe you could comprehend just how it feels to the elderly. As well as their emotion when they receive <Purification>."


"Lecan, I'm sorry."


"I couldn't heal your left eye."

"This is incurable. I would need a <God Cure> if I wanted it healed, or so said Shira."

"Lecan. Lemme take a quick look."

Norma enveloped her wand with her mana and examined Lecan's left eye.

"It gives no reaction of being damaged or aberrant. Your body has completely accepted the state of not having left eye."

"Is it because of <Overwritten> phenomenon?"

"I think this is a different case. But I have no idea how couldn't that <Purification> earlier heal your eye either. Eda, try to cast <Recovery> this time. I believe you've got a grasp on what <Purification> is like, so try to keep this <Recovery> from turning into <Purification>."

"I'll give it a try."

Eda carefully kneaded her mana.


A green light wrapped Lecan's head.

A mild delightful warmth soaked into Lecan.

"It's not healing after all."

"Norma-sama. It has been quite some time since our opening hour."

"Ah, whoops. Lecan. Eda. We're heading to the treatment room."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Strongest Sage, Raises Vigilance


"...She's as big as ever."

Iris's dragon form looks quite awe-inspiring from this distance.
It's still Iris on the inside regardless of her form though.

"A... A dragon outside town!"

"Wha? It's really... A dragon..."

"Any experienced adventurer here?! ...You're a rank B, aren't you? Do something about that!"

"Are you crazy?! Like hell anyone could beat that! ...let's hurry up and run!"

The sight of Iris caused a stir inside the town.
There are even people who fainted while frothing on their mouth due to excessive fear.

Dragons are feared as unstoppable calamities in this present era.
Though dragons themselves are barely around anymore... Their gigantic size and overwhelming powers are truly a symbol of fear.

And the townspeople are correct for fearing Iris.
After all, she's quite a high ranking darkness dragons amongst her dragon peers.
Were Iris shot her [Dragon Breath], this town would have vanished without a trace with Zadokilgias as the sole survivor.

"Oy, you there! You better run too!"

"It's a dragon! A giant dragon unlike anything showed up! Everyone, run!"

"Over here! Hurry! Adventurers, help carry children the elderly!"

Just as planned, they've promptly starting evacuation.
I'm a bit worried if the elderly and children would get away in time... But the guild and adventurers seem to be lending their hands.

This town's populace appears to have a strong bond between them.
Judging from Mana Reactions... I don't see anyone lagging behind.

While I was thinking that... Iris shouted out loud in dragon language.

『Oooh! My body feels so light! Mathia's treatment really works a miracle!』

I see that she's delighted at the state of her body.
Iris's body--especially her wings and magic circuits were all tattered after she got rolled up in Magic Fusion Reactor's meltdowns.
I had been treating her damaged magic circuits during our journey together all this time... Glad to see it's working.

『I can shoot [Dragon's Breath] just fine now! Thank you so much!』

Iris said her thanks to me even though we're on the eve of a battle.
Her voice--caused a panic in the town.

"T...the dragon's mad!"
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"What's a dragon doing here!"

"HIIIIIIIIIII! I-it's all over!"

Apparently Iris's jolly voice sounded like enraged roars to the townspeople.
They rushed out of town in a fluster.
Half of the town on Iris's side has been completely deserted already.

I talk to Alma and Ruli while watching that.

"You two, go wait at the planned spot... We're going with that plan we discussed on our way here."


"Gotcha! ...Man, it's a huge responsibility!"

Afterward, Ruli and Alma ran out of town.
After confirming that, I headed to the guild.


I murmured in my mind when I saw Zadokilgias.

Zadokilgias is walking slowly among the fleeing adventurers slightly behind other evacuees.
Its movement is unlike the townspeople who's seized with fear.
It's full of calculations and alertness of its surroundings.

This evacuation isn't necessary to Zadokilgias.
Even a [Dragon Breath] doesn't warrant that much vigilance since it's easily dodgeable so long you pay attention.
Iris by herself is no menace to this demon.

Zadokilgias is on the lookout for possible demon suppression units lurking among the populace.
Zadokilgias would easily perceive people trying to besiege it when it was staying still in the guild.... But that's not the case at the congestion of people trying to get out of town's entrance.

Encircling Zadokilgias in a crowd is a simple matter.
In previous era, a suppression unit that excelled in stealth were capable of disguising themselves as common populace beyond recognition.
If Zadokilgias focused only in pretending to escape and mixed itself in the crowd of evacuees, such a suppression unit would easily encircle it.

To Zadokilgias who boasts an overwhelming advantage in skill set yet falls behind in pure power, getting besieged is a huge disadvantage.
It would surely try to avoid getting driven into a situation where it gets squashed in a barrage of brute force where skill means nothing.
In reality, that kind of suppression unit doesn't exist in this current era... But Zadokilgias isn't aware of that right now.

And yet, not taking shelter here would mean disclosing itself to the suppression unit, rendering its human disguise pointless.
As such Zadokilgias purposely lag slightly behind the other evacuees to avoid congestion.
Yup, it's all going as planned.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 17-46

17-46. Satou Dies


Satou here. In ghost or reincarnation stories, you tend to see scenes where the protagonists watch their own funerals. In older works, those scenes usually take place in the protagonists' homes, while newer works feature mortuaries, a sign of changing periods. Not like I want to experience something like that regardless of settings though.

Innumerable lights disperse.

A sense of helplessness like I'm in a zero gravity assaults my body.

I can't collect my thoughts.

What was I doing?
What has become of me?

A golden light and a purple light flashed in the corner of my vision.

Someones are fighting.
Someones important to me.


"Arisa-chan, I've taken care of the greater demon!"
"Got it! Mia, release the next demon!"
"Nn, Avenger."

Arisa's space magic [Dimension Labyrinth] and Mia's artificial spirits are holding demons down so they won't have to fight more than one at a time.

"Revenge brings nothing so I persuade."

Receiving Nana's Provocation-invoked shout, a knight-type demon, Avenger, lunged toward Nana's deployed barrier.

"Shadow Stitch no jutsu~?"

The shadow below Avenger stretched out and bound its legs, stopping it.

"Now's the time for finishing move, charge, Vorpal Strike Luxion nanodesu!"

Pochi clad in a golden colored light charged at Avenger.
If I remember right, that's the new official name Arisa indoctrinated Pochi who couldn't say 'Extra Mode Excellion' correctly, Arisa was like 'Yep yep, the new mode's called Luxion.'

Avenger blocked Pochi's charge with its jet black shield.

"Tail burst nanodesu!"

Pochi shot out unfocused Magic Edge Cannon from her tail to forcefully accelerate herself, piercing through the shield.
However, Avenger tilted its head to dodge her attack by a hair's breadth.

"Nin nin~? Tama's a precocious headhunter~?"

Tama appeared out of nowhere and swiftly cut off Avenger's defenseless neck.
Even Avenger couldn't react fast enough to a ninja that showed up of nowhere inside its barrier.

Avenger swung its sword at Tama even without its head.
Quite tenacious.


Lulu's bullet flicked that sword away in the nick of time.


Flutter~ Tama escaped into Avenger's blind spot.
Avenger is still chasing after Tama.

Nana undid her defensive posture, and rushed toward Avenger with a boost from her powered exoskeleton's thrusters.

"Overlap, Blast Armor!"

Nana invoked her finisher successively, blasting away Avenger's barriers one after another.

"All defensive barriers destroyed, so I report."

Multiple utility pole-sized transparent spears rained down upon Avenger.

"I've sewed it down!"

After confirming Hikaru's report, Liza activated her golden armor's acceleration circle, launching herself from catapult mid-air.

"--<<Dragonic Penetrator Hexa>>"

Liza's finishing move drilled open six holes on Avenger's body, blue lights overflowed out of those holes, tearing open Avenger from the inside before dispersing it into black mist.

Nicely done.

They managed to defeat an opponent stronger than an average demon lord without a hitch.
Looks like all the girls including Arisa and Hikaru have broken through level 100. Wonder if there's no level limit in Netherworld, or it's just easier to level up here?

Every one of them has gotten so much more stronger than when I first met them.

I can leave my back to them worry-free.


I could see black stagnation-like thing on the aura covering these girls, or am I just imagining things?

That's not a good thing.

I don't know why, yet I'm convinced of that fact.

I stretch out my who-knows-where hands toward the girls and get rid of those black stagnations.

Done, they should be fine now.

As I watched over them, Arisa seemed to be surprised at something.

Did something happen?

Perhaps, Zena-san and the girls at the space ship are having trouble?

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Light streamed, my view moved above the hanging garden where our large spaceship parked.

Countless demons are encircling the space ship.
Most are lesser and middle demons, but a few greater ones are also mixed among them.


Karina in her heavy exosuit unleashed her finishing move at a greater demon while exterminating all the lesser demons that were in her way.

Unlike the ordinary exoskeleton, this one looks like a robot outwardly as you can't see the person wearing inside.
Losing to Arisa's and Hikaru's plea and getting carried away during their construction might have been a mistake.

"Karina-sama! Don't get too far ahead!"

Zena-san wearing the same heavy exosuit as lady Karina's exterminated a middle demon that was creeping in behind lady Karina.
I saw a cannon-type demon trying to snipe Zena-san from her blind spot.

Zena-san, watch out--.

Either my murmur reached her, or her sixth sense was at work, Zena-san made a sudden turn to dodge the cannon.

Oh good.
Gotta pay attention to your surroundings with these many enemies.

"Set the ship's defense at maximum output, intercept enemies coming from the sky with anti-aircraft guns."
"Defensive output is already at max. Deploying wand ship to buff up with sacred magic. Core two, please raise generator's output."
"No no can do! The generator won't hold up if we do that!"
"We'll think about that once we overcome this. Our top priority is to secure a place for Satou-sama and the others to come back at."

Princess Sistina, Sera and Core Two seem to be stressed out.

It's okay.

I've made it so the generator won't break easily.

Since Core Two isn't as experienced as Nana on this, I'll do it for her and raise the output temporarily. It might cost a bit of the generator's life span, but all is fine so long it's enough to get us out of Netherworld.

"Huh? The output's stabilized. Your side is getting power, Sera. We can afford anti-aircraft bombardment now. Will auto-tracking do?"
"Yes, Core Two, please focus on commanding ship repair golems. Turn over damages beyond self-repair functions to my golem units."

A golem army under princess Sistina's control are hard at work warding off lesser demons closing in above ground.

"Third golem unit, switch to close quarter defense. Fourth unit, continue to support Zena."
"... ■■■■ Sacred Dome."

Sera's magic passed over the space ship along with the light from her Unique Skill.
Looks like Sera's sacred magic is their final defensive line.

"Tina, done repairing the main ship. Only void sky circuits left."
"Thank you, Core Two. Sera, is the Miasma Barrier holding up fine?"
"It's consuming more power than predicted, but it should last us three hours more."

That's shorter than anticipated.

I turn my sight at the generator maintaining Miasma Barrier.
An improvement plan unknown to me during the generator's initial construction emerged in my mind somehow.

I'll fix it up real quick.

My fingers tempered with the circuits here and there.
The adjustment was a cinch since I could see mana flow and miasma law better than ever.

"Tina-sama! Miasma Barrier's generation circuits have regained power. We should be fine for eight hours more with this."

Yup, that's good news.

Everyone, give it your all.

My mind went blank due to the relief.
It kinds of feel like I'm watching a dream.

I saw Aze-san worrying about me and her guards, Shiro and Crow trying to cheer her up.
In the same view, I saw Sage Mouse Chuu Fat and his subjects, Raven Riders of Underground Empire patrolling Shiga Kingdom's skies.
Godbird Hisui is noisily singing 'pipiru piru piru', seemingly bothered about something.
You're making the little princess Doris anxious, pipe down a bit.
Hard working Echigoya Firm's personnels, Muno Marquisdom's people, Labyrinth City's populace, lady Ringrande and her entourage, I saw many people in various locations.

It's as if my consciousness has been dissolved over the entire world.


My vision suddenly refocused in a spot above Demon God's Castle hallway.


Looks like I was drawn by Arisa who was calling for me.

Arisa and the girls are advancing ahead in a fluster.
A reckless march without a hint of their safe tactics earlier.


Dark purple light pulsed over Arisa's body, a dazzling white flame burned demons down.

"Arisa, advising to hold back the usage of Unique Skill!"
"Forget about me, it's Master! Hurry! I've gotta hurry to him!"
"That's not good, Arisa. Master wouldn't wish you acting recklessly like this, Arisa."

Yup, listen to Nana and Liza.

Look, you're turning into a demon lord already.
I brush Arisa's hair, and gently restores her [Soul's Vessel] which was on the verge of breaking.

It should be fine now, but considering Arisa's state, it's probably gonna break again soon.
Guess I'll make it a bit sturdier?

I tore off a piece of me and used it to reinforce Arisa's soul.
Yup, it should be fine now.

"More coming~?"
"Mwu, swarm."

A huge army of demons surged in ahead of the girls.

"Stop flocking out en masse like roaches youuu!"
"Arisa-chan, there's demon lords among those."
"Pochi's seen that broken horned Avenger person before too nodesu!"

Demon lords and knight Avenger they just defeated earlier were among the crowd of demons.

『As long as Demon God-sama wills it, we are indestructible』

A demon lord bragged.


That word echoed in my head.

"Ooh, Satou. Just what happened, how could you die."

An altar-like location shining rainbow colored lights was reflected in my hazy vision.
The mysterious little girl in the painting is mimicking a shinto priest.

I know who she is now.

"Are you still sleepy?"
"No, I'm fine."

I straighten myself up.


I stare at the mysterious little girl.


The patron god enshrined at Hikaru's family shrine--.

"Dragon God Akon Kagura who summoned me to this world, aren't you?"

The mysterious little girl stared at me from top to bottom before saying, "Correct."

"When did you find out?"
"I had my suspicion since quite a while ago, but that only turned into conviction just now."

That phrase was her most favorite within my memories of us playing games together.

"Where are we?"
"We're in an interstice between life and death."
"You mean, I'm going to come back to life?"

At my question, the mysterious little girl--Kagura nodded.

"Since you're a beginner at dying, Ichirou, your souls had gotten scattered all over the place. Those needed to be collected and recomposed here."

Souls got scattered all over the place?

--One worth of soul is not enough, you've gotta unite a great number of them.

That word suddenly crossed my mind.

"So you're saying I'm a unified collective being of Suzuki Ichirou from multiple worlds, right?"
"Correct. You're the collective one of all Suzuki Ichirou except the one that became Demon God. I said summon earlier, but reincarnation would be more correct here. You're the unification of every Suzuki Ichirou, while being Suzuki Ichirou himself."

So confusing.

So that's the reason for the hazy part of my memories, and the sense of having experienced something I had never done.

It didn't come as great of a shock, either because I had expected this, or because of this space.

Some things still bug me.

"So why isn't Demon God among those?"
"That Ichirou was special."

Kagura's nostalgic yet sorrowful words slightly pierced my heart.


I peer into Kagura's rainbow eyes.

"Among the great many worlds, that child was the only lolicon."

My body fell limp.

"I'm being serious--"
"It's the truth. All other Ichirou saw me as his very best friend in every world, that child was the only one who sought me and my young figure as a love interest."

No clue how many is that 'great many', but from what I could feel from the souls inside me, that number must easily exceeds thousands, tens of thousands.
That there's only one lolicon among that many really merits a praise in itself.

That aside, some questions remain.

"Then, is there really a need to summon a collective of me?"
"I did it precisely because it was needed."
"Is it in order to fuse me with Demon God, perfecting him?"

That'd be sad if true.
Since that would mean she only regards me as a mere part to bolster her loved one despite me seeing Kagura as my best friend.

"No! That's wrong!"

Oh good.

"I wanted you, Ichirou to stop Demon God."

Kagura said that she wished for me to reform Demon God, who has been twisted from his failure to accept that he would never take hold of his ideal, by my own hand. She couldn't bear to look at his miserable self.

"Can't you do it yourself, Kagura?"
"I can't do that, I would never try to destroy Ichirou. I don't want to, ever."

Well, I suppose one wouldn't want to kill their dearly beloved.

"Can't we turn him back to his pre-twisted self?"
"It can't be done with ordinary methods."
"How about by rewinding time back?"
"Time manipulation is a taboo act, you know. Attempting that means the same as throwing oneself into an infinite circle. What awaits there is a vicious circle where you have to keep correcting yourself for all eternity."

No wonder there's no time magic.

Suppose that's the reason for my summon--.

"So you got yourself killed by my Meteor Shower on purpose then?"
"Un, Indestructible won't function until you've adapted yourself with the collective souls of Ichirou, thus I made you kill me and my familiars to raise your level so you won't die easily."
"Since you're a god and all, can't you just let me raise my level right after the unification?"
"Ichirou dreams too much of god. I didn't want to warp the newly unified Ichirou, so I made use of this world's system."

I see, so there's a reason for her roundabout method.

"Did you sacrifice your familiars for that?"

Arisa's smile flashed across my mind.
Familiars are like family to me, is that not the case with Kagura?

"Don't worry. Those children would come back along with me when I get revived."

So, no need to hold back from using the bodies in your Storage, Kagura gave her approval.

"Now that you mention it, why didn't you revive yourself sooner?"

I remember Kagura saying something about [God being omnipresent] back in Japan.

"Ahaha, it's mostly for your sake, Ichirou. I function like an adhesive that glues your souls together. I'll get revived on its own once that's over. The signal for that will be when your last Unique Skill gets activated, Ichirou."

I see, [Indestructible] is the only thing that gets activated this time, [Unit Creation] is still grayed out.

"Any other questions?"
"No, this is good enough."
"--Really. Then, can I hear your answer?"

Kagura is looking at me with a slightly anxious look on her face.

"I got it. I'll do it. I've got a lot to say about you abruptly ending my life in Japan without asking, prepare yourself then, okay."
"Oh, don't worry about that. The Ichirou now can resume your life in Japan if you want."

Whoa, that's good news.
I'll have Kagura teach me how once this is all over.
I'm probably gonna lose my power once I do that though, so that's a story for after I'm done with all the sightseeing I want.

"Well then, here I go."
"--Un. Ichirou, please take care of Demon God--the other you."
"Yea, leave it to me."

I left the rainbow space with that word.

"--This cannot be! How are you revived?"

Demon God was right in front of me as I opened my eyes.

"I see you must have 『Return from Death』 Unique Skill!"

[Indestructible] to be exact.
Can't rewind time after all.

"Very well then, I shall completely obliterate your very soul into oblivion impossible to get revived."

Demon God produced Dimensional Sword and Nihilistic Sword on both his hands.

Well now, dunno how far I could go in this fight at level 1, but guess I'll give it my all and fulfill Kagura's request.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.3


Lecan considered that was everything he needed to tell her. However, Eda had another idea and spoke out.

"Zepus-san knew how Norma-san's mother's life was like at the marquis house, and why she was there."

"Did he now. I had a hunch that was the case."

"He was saying something like, 'Noble's confidential matter', and 'our house's secret'."

"Hmph. He called my mother a <servant> though. Ah, I see. I suppose a servant is a member of a house."

"Prado-san asked Zepus-san if what he did to me was true. Zepus-san denied it, saying he was trying to protect me."

"Protect you?"

"Yes. He said, 'I'm protecting a talented young girl beloved by gods from the tyranny of an outlaw'"

"Tyranny of... an outlaw?"

"I told him. Lecan is a kind man. He accepts me even though I intruded on him, protects me and teaches me things. Even <Recovery> magic was a thing Lecan taught. I told him I like Lecan so much."

"Is that so."

"Yet you tricked me, knocked me unconscious and brought me to this mansion against my will without even trying to understand my situation, I said. Then Zepus-san said. You're being tricked by this outlaw. You will be given fair clothes, high wages, food, everything you want at this mansion, he said."

"That's, like"

"I thought of, one thing."

"One thing?"

"Zepus-san probably thought this when he found out about Norma's mother's power manifesting at the marquis house. That, to him, it was something that should have been ours."

"...I see. Now that you mention it, that person probably thought of it that way."

"While we were having that conversation, Zepus-san had an assassin sneak in the ceiling to kill Lecan. Lecan just went woosh and got rid of that assassin, Zepus-san fell down and demanded him to sell me for a one large gold coin while trembling."

Norma let out a sigh.
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"Then, Kanner-san the butler spoke. The values of <Dagger of Harut> and Solid Sacred Silver sword Lecan had exceeded this house's entire fortune. And adventurers who have delved in dungeon depths like Lecan are those who don't think twice to use such items up, he said."

Lecan recalled one thing as he listened to Eda.

"Right. Kanner said something about hiring the same kind of adventurer or at least training a dungeon knight if they wanted to oppose me. Norma. What's a dungeon knight."

"You're asking that part? Just where did you come from, really? You're really oblivious to so many things. Err, there are royal knights, lord knights, and noble knights. Are we clear so far?"

"No, we aren't. Aren't knights appointed by the king."

"Those are formal knights. Way back in the days, only those conferred by the king are allowed to call themselves knights. The so-called royal knights. Eventually, nobles with court ranks and nobles with territorial lands are able to confer knighthood to their subordinates as well. These would be lord knights. Nowadays, nobles would appoint their own knights as they please. These are noble knights."

"I see. Got it."

"On the kingdom's side, one has to be a knight to be a court ranked noble or a territorial lord. These kinds of knights are royally appointed knights. However, this custom has turned into a mere formality these days and any court ranked noble and territorial lords are automatically regarded as royal knights even without a royal appointment."

"Fumu? Well, let's just say I got it."

"Just a friendly reminder, don't say that lord knight is a 'lord knight' to their face, same with noble knights. It's gonna turn into a duel."

"Then what should they're called?"

"Just call them 'knight'. What are we talking about again? Err. Right. Dungeon knights, isn't it? Now then, knights under direct control of the king are very strong. The selection process is pretty strict to begin with, and their equipment are first class. They never fall behind in training either. Certain floors of Dungeon Finkel are used as exclusive training grounds for these King's Knights, which also double as an assistance in dungeon exploring."

Dungeon Finkel is a dungeon located right next to the royal capital, recalled Lecan.

"However, the strength of lord knights and noble knights are all over the place. They're not exactly useless as they've gone through some training and have some good equipment. However, there are times when their limited strength don't hold up."

Lecan could see where this is going.

"They're no match to adventurers who have delved in the dephts of dungeons. You can sometimes find ex-adventurers among bigger bandit gangs, and adventurers are a bunch who's not really particular about regulations, so troubles do arise. So then, how do you deal with them?"

"Fumu. Dungeons huh."

"Yep. Raise their strength by training in dungeons. Those are dungeon knights. That said, the average dungeon knight isn't actually that strong."

"Hum? Why?"

"Oh my my. Are you really asking that? Listen now. You don't get to be a knight by being strong. You've got to be strong once you're a knight."

"Ah, I get it. I see. Make sense."

Assume 1000 individuals started going in a dungeon. Within a month, 100 of them either lost their lives or suffered injuries that halted their exploration, the same number of people also gave up. The number of participants would continue to drop each month, there would be less than 100 in a year. And most of those 100 would stop at floors that have a good balance between risk and reward. Either that or their pace would slow down to a crawl. There would be less than ten who stepped foot in the depths. After a year, it would be down to three.

Dungeons are simply that callous of a world. And adventurers who have delved into the depths of dungeons are those who have spent at least a decade wandering in such a callous world.

Though once you've progressed up to a certain point, you will have the equipment, abilities and the knacks to surviving, making you harder to die. You get to know peculiarities of each dungeon. Those who come later can purchase information from their predecessors. Lowering mortality rate even further.

However, to keep exploring means to always stay close to death. Not sure how it's like in this world, but in Lecan's original world, most adventurers are stuck exploring one dungeon while oddballs like Lecan who keep challenging one dungeon after another are a rarity. However, that world is entering an era of strife, many individuals bearing mighty powers are rising up to the world even outside dungeons, hence there is a gold rush of people coming into dungeons.

Conversely speaking, lord and noble knights must have gone through formal training already, and they're given nice equipment, which can't be used up for training inside a dungeon. Even if 1 out of 100 knights manages to rival the strength of a Deep Adventurer, they can't exactly sacrifice the 99 rest to achieve that, and there's no territorial lords who would allow 100 of their knights go off duty while they train in a dungeon.

Therefore, lord and noble knights must only spend a moderate amount of times exploring relatively shallow dungeon floors. Naturally, their strength remains moderate as well.

"Fumu. However, there is an exception to every rule."


"Indeed. There just might be a real strong dungeon knight out there."

Lecan looked at Jinga.

Jinga quietly sipped his tea with his gaze downward.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 14.1_2


The next day, Lecan and Eda went to the medical center after breakfast.

The one who welcomed them at the front door was Jinga.

Jinga greeted them first before they could.

"Norma-sama is currently enjoying her after meal tea. Please make yourself at home."

They were led to a reading room in the back of the house.

"Norma-sama. Lecan-dono and Eda-dono are here for you."

As urged by Jinga, Lecan and Eda went in the room.

"Eh. Lecan and Eda? Haven't you two gone to the dungeon? Is there something wrong?"

It was a reading room. The bookshelves inside are filled up with an amount of books Lecan had never seen in his life before. Some books are neatly bound. Must be made by professional book makers. As are there amateurishly bound ones. Both must be treasures of equal values to Norma. There's piles of unfinished documents on a side table.

"It's too cramped here. Let's move to the lounge next to the garden."

"Understood. Well then, Norma-sama. If you could please lead the way for the two."

"Un. Lecan, Eda, come over here."

The lighting on the ceiling and desk went off when Norma left the room.

There's a comfortably big chair in the break room. Big enough for Lecan to sit on.

The garden has got a splendid view inside. Tall trees and grass basked in the morning sunlight.

Absorbing the life energy of the earth, basked in blessing of the sun, with the grace of wind blowing over them, herbs are growing nicely into objects which save lives. A cycle of gods' blessings.

Jinga carried the tea Norma left in the study. Along with fresh tea and three trays.

After putting tea cups in front of Norma, Lecan and Eda, he put the last cup on a small detached side table and took a seat there.

Jinga is neither a butler or a servant. No idea how his wages are like, but he's not a mere employee. He's supposed to take care of miscellaneous tasks here, but he's not exactly below Norma in term of standings.

In fact, considering he's got a family name and being a knight, he's likely of a higher standing than Norma who's a commoner now.

It seems Jinga was originally Norma's mother's bodyguard. It's anyone's guess how the little Norma was reflected in Jinga's eyes during his time as her mother's bodyguard.

That mother eventually departed this world and Jinga became Norma's bodyguard.

Jinga probably followed her and her father when they returned to this town. How did Norma's father feel about that, was he glad or annoyed? No way of knowing that now.

However, there's no denying that Jinga's presence is like a reassuring guardian to Norma. Especially after her father died.

Seeing them from a sideline, it's clear how harmonious their relation is. It takes a long time for two individuals to form such a relation, it's not something a stranger should trample upon.

Lecan pondered that for a bit before cutting straight to the point.

"Eda was abducted by Goncourt House last night."

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"Eda and I consulted to Shira about going to a dungeon in the morning. Afterward, Eda headed home, I practiced magic under Shira and went to the orphanage afterward, it was already dark out by the time I got back."

Norma blinked a few times over as Lecan continued on.

"And Eda was nowhere to be found. Her important stuff were left in the house, hence I wondered the possibility of her getting abducted."

"A-and then?"

"I went to look at Goncourt House. And found Eda there. She had been made to sleep through some sort of force. I woke her up with a yellow potion."

"I'm surprised they let you see her."

"They didn't, I forced my way to the room where they put Eda asleep. According to her, Zepus's messengers dropped by our house looking for me. One of them knocked Eda out with a magic tool from behind her while another was talking to her."

"My goodness."

"I brought Eda to Prado's bedroom and demanded an explanation."

"I'm surprised they let you pass."

"Several people tried to attack me. How many was it again? I can't recall the number, but none of them was anything special."

"I could imagine what happened there, slightly."

"Kanner the butler called Zepus over to the bedroom. Zepus had an assassin lurking in the ceiling, trying to kill me. I disposed of that assassin by shooting a <Flame Spear> through the ceiling."

Eda added here.

"This huge hole opened up on the ceiling and the roof."

"Were you trying to go to war with Goncourt House, Lecan?"

"I did toy with the idea of killing everyone there. But after finding out that it was a deliberate act by Zepus alone, I settled with just killing him."


Norma's complexion changed.

"What did you just say. You did what, to Zepus-dono? Please say that again."

"I lopped his head off."

Norma stopped moving with her eyes wide open. Like a statue.

"I made Prado promise two things. One, to never mess with Eda again. And the other, to get rid of Norma's observers. I refrained from killing Prado after getting those promises off him. That's all."

It was Jinga who reacted to this.

"Norma-sama's observers?"

"Yeah. Zepus had people monitoring Norma at all time. That's how they found out about me and Eda training here. They even located our house on the very first day."

"I had no idea. So that was the identity of suspicious presences I sometimes felt."

"Ah, right, forgot one more thing. Norma."

"Eeh. Y-yes?"

"Prado had seen <Purification> during the King's Crowning ceremony. That's how he knew Eda's <Recovery> was in fact <Purification> right away. He also knew how advanced level <Recovery> is like."

"Goodness. That explains it. So, Prado-san had always known from the start."

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Budding Ones


In the beginning, I Air Bind-ed some mushroom monsters mid-air and let the girls gang up on them, but once they gained some levels, Oltea said this.

"Nobu-niisan. Come on, let us fight the moving ones too."

I lured one monster toward them while feeling slightly worried about it. I've got 『Provocation』 skill if things are looking bad and they've got Full Protection on, so they should be fine.

My worries turned out unfounded though. Like, my eyes almost popped out watching their incredible teamwork.

A fist sent the monster flying after a whip struck down its legs. Then Tino-chan and Mashu's wind magic delivered the finishing blow.

Another monster got its legs Wind Bind-ed, then Oltea proceeded to beat it to a pulp on a mount position. Savage, just savage. Meanwhile, Gana and Tino-chan lured in another monster. Oltea welcomed them back with an enraptured look on her face.

They kept gaining levels afterward. I let Mashu took some breaks along the way since I hadn't used Differing Souls on them yet, but once Tino-chan learned Spirit Magic, the pace went up dramatically. Aren't you girls already competent enough to work as adventurers? Was what crossed my mind.

"Wind Spirit-san, feed on my mana and tie that monster up!"

A D-Lostshroom flailed on the ground like a caterpillar.

That was when Gana with a rapier and Oltea with a club, or rather a bat, beat the crap out of it. A monster I and Tama-chan once struggled hard against. Don't think anyone could blame me for having a distant look for a bit here.

Whoa, a Stealth Bat is creeping in on them from behind. Looks like they don't notice it?
I put my hand on Lunar Cat before immediately drawing it.

"Martial Art - 『Magic Blade - Severing Slash』."

A slash flew off Lunar Cat, cutting the Stealth Bat in two.

I only realized later on that my Katana skill level had gone up right before I was knocked out during my mock battle against Temuro-san. This is the weapon skill I learned.

『Magic Blade - Severing Slash』
Flying slash. Converts all kinds of things like mana, fighting spirits, life forces into flying slashes different from wind cuts.
Koji Hermett is said to be an ancestor of samurai. He is said to massacre a sentient iron giant-like foe with this technique honed to the extreme.

Thank god. Finally an ordinarily usable weapon skill!
And a very flexible one at that. A ranged attack for a situation where magic usage is not possible, awesome. I'm not gonna comment on that last part though!

Tino-chan and Mashu were surprised to see a Stealth Bath suddenly falling behind them.
They glanced at me but went back to focusing when I pointed at the monster. Mitama would have shoot down the Stealth Bat with her intuition, Futsuno-san would have a barrier to defend herself. I suppose this is a difference in combat experience. That said, this is their first real battle after all, they've made a good progress all things considered. I was much worse when I just started out after all.

"Nobu-niisama, thank you so much."

"I messed up. Thanksies Nobu-oniichan."

"Yup, I may be watching your back but don't let your guard down."

I'm actually in the middle of a certain training myself right now.
Per Sefi-san's suggestion, I keep constructing magic compositions while watching over these children. And not just one or two magic.
When I consulted to Sefi-san about how my magic got easily canceled in my match against Temuro-san, she told me, 'Nobu-chan's magic kinds of feel like it's brute forced through sheer amount of mana. It's like you're forcing your way to make it happen~. I'd suggest training your mind to process multiple things in parallel here~'.
At any rate, composition of my magic will get better if I just persevere on this training, apparently.

Whoops, looks like the girls are done exterminating all monsters around this area while I wasn't looking.
Let's see here now, how strong you girls have gotten.

Name: Gana - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Vampira
Class: Vampira Lv15 (up!) - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv2 - Whip Lv2 (new!) - Rapier Lv2 (new!) - Small Shield Lv1 (new!) - Darkness Magic Lv2 - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

【Racial Skills】
Bloodsucking Lv2

By the way, I've lifted the curse off Gana. According to her, the people who caught her put the curse on her to prevent her from acting out. Thus, I modified Dispel Curse spell into a curse back magic [Retribution] to return the curse back to its caster. Since I put a stupid amount of mana into it, it should turn pretty grim on that side.

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Name: Oltea - Gender: Female - Age: 11 - Race: Ogrefolk
Class: Ogre Lv15 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Grappling Lv3 - Club Lv2 (new!) - Magic Ball Lv1 (new!) - Body Reinforcement Lv2 (up!) - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

She's learned some weird skills. Balls she throw would make a curve before hitting monsters. I don't get the mechanic, but that's just how the weapon skill works apparently. As a sidenote, techniques hailing from the east are called 'Bugi' (martial art), while all others are called Weapon Skills.

Name: Mashu - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Hakutaku
Class: Hakutaku Lv13 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Wind Magic Lv2 (new!) - Two-handed Cane Lv1 (new!) - One-handed Cane Lv1 (new!) - Alchemy Lv2 (up!) - Pharmacology Lv1 - Flora and Fauna Lv1 - Life Magic

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

【Racial Skills】
Well of Wisdom Lv1

Yup, Mashu's normal. Please grow up well. That'd put my mind at ease.

Name: Tino - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Elf
Class: Pharmacist Lv15 (up!) - Miko Lv12 (up!)
Title: None - State: Healthy

Dagger Lv1 (new!) - Archery Lv2 (new!) - Spirit Magic Lv2 (new!) - Agriculture Lv1 - Compounding Lv1 - Life Magic - Flora and Fauna Lv2

【Unique Skills】
Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)

Tino-chan has learned spirit magic. From what that gentleman lolicon Gerukkun told me back then, apparently elves can borrow powers from spirits by feeding them mana. Tino-chan seems to have the aptitudes for wind spirits and water spirits. For the time being, these are the only two people(?) she can borrow powers from.

『Levellit's Protection (Large Serving)』
Additional protection bestowed by Levellit, goddess who governs over growth and talent. Gives plus rate to experience and skill points gained, in and out of battle.
『Can't win against temptation of tasty stuff. No regret.』 from Goddess.

Regret a bit! Geez, fine I'll offer her an extra serving of soy milk pudding and honey syrup when I get back later. I-It's not like I'm doing it for you!

Like anyone's excited with my tsundere-ness.

Nevertheless no-goddess's protection notwithstanding, these girls' growth is pretty fascinating. They've been devising up new ways to beat monsters with each encounter. I feel a bit jealous since I was all alone when I trained here.

Then, while I was thinking our plan next, a shrill scream and an abnormal-sounding voice reached us.


"kikikiki, ill, ill, ill, ill, kill kill kill kill kill, let's kill kill kill 'em alllll"

The children are looking at me with frightened looks on their faces, not knowing what to do.

"I'll go take a look, you girls go hide behind something with Tama-chan. Don't get too close, okay."

They all nodded together.

I invoked Space Camouflage and ran toward the source of the noise.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Urges Evacuation


"Found our target. Inside the guild."

I went back to the girls and informed them.

"It's really... In there then."

"It didn't engage you?"

"Yea. Our opponent didn't seem to notice me... It made no move."

Zadokilgias could have attacked me at any point.
We were only 10 meters apart, which is practically nothing to magic combatants with crests other than Disqualified Crest.
And even though that's beyond Disqualified Crest's range, it's actually within range for all intents and purposes with how instantaneous you can close that distance.

"Is that... Because the demon's going to launch a surprise attack when we let our guard down...?"

"Nah, Zadokilgias likely doesn't think there's any point in that. It's got its schemes instead though."

Zadokilgias isn't the only one disguising mana.
I purposely loosened up my mana control to make me look like an amateur mage when I approached the guild.
From Zadokilgias's perspective, it was probably, "Better than other adventurers here, but I could easily kill him anytime I want."

"...So like, is the demon buying time by ignoring anyone who's not immediately dangerous?"

"In short, yeah. It got nothing to do with buying time though."

I checked Dragon Veins running nearby.
Fortunately, quite a lot of the veins are running around these lands.
Connecting to Dragon Veins won't be a problem with the 『Man-eating Blade』 in our possession.

"I've told you girls our strategy on our way here. First off, we need to evacuate this town."

Our strategy is pretty large scale this time around.
Running rampage with 『Man-eating Blade』 means huge collateral damage.

Surely the damage is within tolerance, especially with the 『Nomination of Plenipotentiary Commander in States of Emergency』 I've got.... But of course that doesn't extend to lives.
First, we need to get the populace away from the town.

"...Okay then, Iris, you need to transform back into your dragon form outside town... Can you manage?"

"I should be fine now! ...I might end up stepping on a house or two if I get into town though, is that alright?"

"I'll notify you once the town has been cleared off the populace, stay put until then. You can break things all you want afterward."

Our strategy this time will likely cause a great deal of destruction in the town.
We can't make use of Iris's power otherwise since Zadokilgias is lurking in the middle of the town.

"There's no need to feel guilty... If we don't beat Zadokilgias here, forget losing their houses, people would have to part with their lives. The kingdom will compensate for their houses, but that can't be done for lives lost."

"I got it! Okay then... Don't mind if I do!"
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Iris ran off out of town afterward.
We've already decided on the spot she's going to turn back into her dragon form.

The populace will most likely run straight to the opposite of Iris once they see her.
Humans instinctively run away to the opposite direction of frightening things even if it leads to a dead end.
And dragons should be the very symbol of fear to ordinary people.

As such, Iris would show off her dragon self at the opposite side of the town's entrance.
Thus, the populace will effectively scramble out of town once they see her.

We simply don't have the leeway to lead this fight to an uninhabited location.
There's no choice but to let people take shelter on their own.

"Err... Can't you ask the town guard for help with that 『States of Emergency Thingy』 you got from the king? Would be far safer than creating a stir with Iris..."

"That would be nice... But do you really think this town's guards will be any use...?"

"Ah... Good point. Asking a random passerby for help would be more productive for sure..."

True, we could safely and reliably evacuate the town if only the town guards could be depended on to take charge.
However... That's only if we can depend those guards.

We had taken a look at the guard stations while we were scouting the area earlier, and state of affairs was just pitiful.
Forget working, those thug-like bunches were drinking in the middle of the day inside their stations.

The town lord probably fired all the upright guards and hired those ruffians to work as his underlings.
I don't believe for a second we could rely on them to help with evacuation. It would end up giving clues to Zadokilgias instead.

Meaning, we'd better off showing off Iris's dragon form to accomplish the evacuation.
Zadokilgias would likely slip among the crowd and pretend to flee, but I could just attack and stop him then.

I watch over Iris's position with detection magic.
Then she arrived at the planned spot a few minutes later.

"Well then, time to do this."

After confirming Iris's mana reaction had stopped moving, I shot up a kind of explosion magic at the sky.
An explosive sound reverberated in the vicinity.
A few seconds later--the Darkness Dragon emerged where Iris was.

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