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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.3


"So then, what happened next?"

"Thanks to Kraiton-jiisan's intimidation, Nichison-san went straight to apologizing right away. He acted so meek during the apology, even I was surprised. And even after that, he'd keep following me around everywhere, throwing flatteries all the time."

"Hahaha. I suppose this is what they call a model merchant."

"I think even Norma-san would be fed up by that. His shameless flip-flopping was just way obvious."

"But, that Kraiton-san? That man sure knew how to push Nichison-san's buttons. Don't tell me, Eda. You had a hand in it?"

"Well not physically, I just signalled him with my eyes."

"Hahaha. That's just wonderful. Hmm. To think that Eda would come to employ dirty tactics. Humans grow up so fast."

"Speaking of fast, I was so shocked when I got back to Vouka and found Norma-san missing at the clinic. I couldn't process it when Racrus-sama told me you've moved to Goncourt House."

"Hahaha. Oh right, Goncourt House's messenger came the same day Eda departed this town. I'll talk all about it later."

Jinga is quietly watching over Eda and Norma's conversation.

Eda loves the atmosphere with Norma and Jinga around. That doesn't change even now when they're chatting over tea in Goncourt Mansion instead of the clinic.

"So you didn't file a complaint in the end then?"

"I did."

"My oh my."

"I just can't tolerate Nichison-san's ways of handling things. I went and talked to the association's chairman face to face. The chairman seemed more angry with how Nichison-san tried to get me cast <Recovery> than the breach of contract. He said he'd be sure to report it to the town lord."

"Goncourt House has also received a directive from town lord-sama. Concerning your treatment."


"It's the matter with Herb Saint-sama. We are to not treat Adventurer Eda unjustly, it says. The directive has been sent to all noble houses and the temple, and I bet even to the Adventurer Association. Did you mention Nichison-san's matter to Vantaroy's townlord?"

"I didn't. I mean, Vantaroy townlord has nothing to do with that escort quest."

"That's good. You shouldn't involve Vantaroy's town lord in this. That'd be like releasing a tiger to catch a fox, and it's just going to make you indebted to him for no good reason."

A moment of silence drifted.

"It's not like I don't get what Nichison-san is thinking."


"Vouka's vegetables are really tasty and cheap too. Compared to Vantaroy's at least."

"Hm. Right they are."

"Besides, this town is currently bustling with many adventurers so you can get your hands on all kinds of hard to get items."

"Come to think of it."

"He'd profit big if he could bring a lot of them to Vantaroy. But since vegetables are bulky, hiring too many guards would eat into profit."

"Hou. You're most likely correct."

"Nichison-san is a merchant who just recently got here from another town, I'm sure he's trying to find a new business opportunity. Things didn't really work out this time cause of magic beasts' raid, but if only that didn't happen, that number of people should be enough I think."

"I see, I see."

"And then, eventually, adventurers who get hired by him would suffer irreplaceable damage. I had to make it strict this time around so that would never come to pass."

"Well I'll be. You've thought so far ahead."

"And also, though he got a lot of meat and vegetable on the wagons, Nichison-san probably wanted to stock up more on fur and medicines originally. But since he couldn't get as much as he wanted, he might have been forced to reduce the number of escorts. I heard this from Kraiton-san."

"I see."

Someone quietly knocked on the door.

"Come on in."
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Butler Kanner peered over the door.

"Norma-sama. Sir Racrus has arrived."

"Ah, it's that time already huh. Do let him in."


Transcriber Racrus who was waiting right behind Kanner entered the room. His pupil Parm followed carrying his belonging.

"Norma-sama. Pardon my intrusion."

"Good afternoon, Racrus-dono. And Parm-dono too."

"Oh, I see Eda-dono is here too."

"Good afternoon. Racrus-sama."

"It would please me if you could drop such exaggerated manner of speaking with me."

"Ok then, Racrus-dono."

"You really are true to yourself Eda-dono."

"No no. She's been getting craftier by the day. Well, anyway, have a seat."

The two sat down, had their tea brought and did some pleasantries.

Then it was time for Norma to answer Racrus's inquiries.

"I believe this part should be <However> instead of <Whoever>."

"Fumu fumu. Ah, you're right. Please revise that."


"Racrus-dono. As I've been saying, feel free to correct that kind of typographical errors at your own's discretion."

"No no. There have been instances of transcribers overlooking meanings behind words because they only look on the surface. I would be delighted to have a bit of your time for every revision."

"Of course I have no reason to refuse. It's mine and my father's wish to finish up a good book after all."

"Then if you could take a look at this sentence here."

Racrus is a transcriber dispatched by Amamir. He's a specialized transcriber known as stylist.

A tidy up is a necessity before you can publish a book handwritten by a scholar. Because even scholars aren't always good at writing even if they're a master of their craft. Issues like incomprehensible phrases, misspellings, omissions, mixed-up meanings, and inconsistent terminologies can and do crop up.

There's also the difference in formats between handwritten notes and books prepared by transcribers.

Chapter's numbers, positions and formats. Or how line breaks are handled. Where to put and the beginning and end of two-page spreads. And in case of quotations, where and how big should you put the source, name and book titles, there are things that must be prepared well in published books.

The wording also differs depending on the book's target audience and standing. Those who specialize in this rhetoric modelling is called rhetoricians, and Racrus is also one accomplished rhetorician.

On top of that, you also have to check for mistakes in person's names, years, facts, a lot of things before you could turn a manuscript into a book.

Turning academic manuscripts to books especially, such a feat demands someone who's knowledgeable in all kinds of fields as well as book formatting.

A manuscript has to go through a great deal of revisions before it could be made into a published copy.

On the other hand, any kind of edit is absolutely forbidden when you're making copies from a book that has been tidied up by a transcriber. You must completely follow everything to a T, each and every words on every page. And you can't just redo any mistake on your accord. Afterward, you put your signature at the end of the book. Naturally, copies of copies will have additional annotations at the end.

Making copies from a published copy demands a different skill set from a stylist. A skill to write beautiful and dignified characters. Where in a character to start and end the ink, which character to write down strongly, which character to be made decoratively, one needs such knowledge, sense and ability to finish up a book. Those who specialize in this are called copywriters.

Racrus is a master stylist. He's brought along two apprentices to Vouka, and a wagonful of materials. He's staying at Norma's clinic, but he's gotten completely absorbed into the making of Norma's father book, he's been at it without sparing any time for leisures.

After he was done with his inquiries, Racrus left the mansion and went back to the clinic on a wagon.

A wagon is sent there to pick him up at agreed upon time every day.

Norma muttered.

"Wonder how Lecan is doing right now."

"I'm sure he's gleefully tackling Dungeon Tsubolt. Might have gone over floor 100 by now even."

"Hahahaha. There's no way, that's too outlandish. What do you think Jinga?"

"Right well. As we are talking about Lecan-dono here, who knows he might have gotten to floor 50 now."

In reality, that day, the 23rd of month two, Lecan had just broken through floor 106.





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