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Okami wa Nemuranai 33.1


"Huh? Where are we going again."

"A common variant room."

"Isn't it time for us to go back already today?"

"No. Got an itch to fight some common variants."

Arios looked reluctant, but Lecan paid him no mind and got in an inner passage close by.

Arios went after him.

Lecan was a bit surprised when his <3D Perceptions> showed the magic beasts.

"Oh? One got a spear and the other a bow."

"Bow? That's a first in this dungeon. Or more like, I've never seen a magic beast carrying a bow around before. Have you Lecan-dono?"

"No. It's a first for me too."

"Hope it drops a nice bow, that would make for a nice present for Eda-san."

"Or I might claim it for myself."

"Yes, yes."

Lecan kneaded his mana for <Barrier>, and stepped in the room once he was ready.

He was about to recite <Barrier> spell as he got through the entrance.

But the enemy was faster.

Five thin dark red light magic projectiles assaulted Lecan, and got repelled by <Necklace of Intuador>. However, the attack managed to disturb Lecan's concentration, misfiring the <Barrier> he had recited.

The spear magic beast had charged out the instance Lecan got through the entrance. It's right in front of him already. Lecan narrowly managed to draw his sword.


He thrust out his sword as he shouted in his head. A thrusting attack that makes use of the enemy's charging momentum is the only choice he's got in this situation. He twisted his upper half as he thrust forward to push it deeper.

The enemy's spear was aimed right at his heart. But due to Lecan twisting his body, the spear tip only cut through the surface of his light armor to the right.

Then, Lecan's <Power Sword> pierced through the beast's neck, bone guard and all.


He swung his sword to the side, tearing off the enemy's neck.

At that point, Arios who rushed out ahead of Lecan for some reason, had also just lopped the bow beast's head off.

"Arios. You saved me. Why'd you get in ahead?"

"I just felt like that would have been for the best."

Two treasure chests got dropped, with a spear and a bow inside.


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<Name: Bow of Yelvitz>

<Type: Magic Bow>

<Offense: Small>

<Piercing Strength: Medium>

<Speed: Large>

<Maximum Arrows: 5>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Endurance: Maximum>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 120>


The result was a bit lacking since Lecan hadn't really used Appraisal on this type of item much, but he should get the gist right.

The size is between medium to large bow.

About double the size of <Bow of Ishia> given to Eda.

It's solidly built with a thick string.

Lecan took a stance with the bow, aiming at the wall.

It's not heavy.

Even light for its size.

He felt the bow demanding mana as he drew its string.

Lecan poured his mana.

One arrow manifested. Looks more reddish brown than dark red. A dimly shining magic projectile in the color of reddish brown.

He drew the bow just a bit and released.

The arrow shot out at speed untraceable with naked eyes and hit the wall before getting flicked off and falling on the floor, eventually disappearing.

"Pretty fast."

Only a trail of light remained in eyes due to its extraordinary speed.

The magic beast earlier shot five arrows.

Lecan pulled the bowstring once again.

Only one arrow gets manifested still.

Lecan imagined five arrows in his mind.

No change on the already manifested arrow. However Lecan felt a feedback.

He let the arrow loose. The arrow immediately split into five and hit the wall.


It's quite a fun weapon. Lecan grinned.

He tested more things afterward.

As a result, he got a rough grasp on <Bow of Yelvitz>'s characteristics.

First of all, its strength is proportional to the mana poured. Doesn't matter how weak or strong you pull the string. Though it feels drawing it to its limit makes the arrows penetrate better. There's no way to check this in this room. That is because even though the rocky part of dungeon walls, ceilings and floors can be broken down, the inner part beyond that is indestructible. It would be a different story if there were desert, lake or forest dungeons like in Lecan's previous world though.

Next, the user can arbitrarily set the number of arrows, from one to five. You simply need to will it as you draw the string.

The speed is simply astounding. The arrows land on targets almost at the same time they're let loose. Faster than even <Lightning> and <Flame Spear>.

Unfortunately, you cannot individually set targets and density of each arrows when you shoot multiple. One arrow is situated in the center. Then one arrow each above, below, left and right to it, and no matter how far or short you shoot them, the distance between each arrows is only around half step.

"Fumu. I wanna test it out on magic beasts. Let's go up."

"Err. Will you appraise this spear?"

Lecan turned around with only his upper half and appraised the Grace Spear.

"What. What's up with that slovenly appraisal."

"<Lion Spear (Zanawitou)>."

"Say what?!"

"Oh? Caught your fancy for once eh."

"What Graces does it have?"

"<Cross Pierce> and <State Retention>, also got sharpness boost grace. Both got Large effects."

<Cross Pierce> is a grace that reduce defensive grace when used to stab the Grace Gear in question. Lecan has another weapon with a less effective <Cross Pierce> Grace in his <Storage>.

"Yes! Please gimme that."

"Oh, sure thing. Take it."

"My <Box> will swell up if I put this thing inside. Lecan-dono, please carry it for me."


"To think this kind of things also get dropped here. Let's go push further."

"Well now, aren't you enthusiastic. You usually never showed much interest in any of the swords we got so far."

"That's simply because none of those swords had high enough level to catch my attention. Ours also deal with spears and throwing weapons, not just swords after all. I've been wanting to get my hands on a <Lion Spear>."

"'Ours', your sword school?"

"Yes well, something like that. Come now, let's get to the next one."

"No. We're gonna head up and test out <Bow of Yelvitz>'s performance."


"We conquered two floors today. We must not rush things."

"Are you sure you of all people should be saying that? Ah, or rather, we've only conquered one floor today."

"Shut it."

Checking on floor 80, Lecan found out just how fearsome <Bow of Yelvitz>'s penetrating power is. It's on the level of easily piercing through ordinary shields and armor. Moreover, the arrows don't disappear immediately after hitting their targets, so they're likely capable of piercing through three, four people in a straight line. You can just shoot more arrows before the last ones vanish. However, since its penetration power is focused in a small area, it cannot tear off White Spectre's neck in one shot.

Come to think of it, Shira did tell him that while <Bow of Ishia> is a nice bow, its performance isn't really outstanding enough to attract unwarranted attentions. No wonder, it is inferior to this level of Grace Gear indeed.

On the other hand <Bow of Ishia> is small and light, also easy to carry and handles nicely in the midst of battle. Its power may be far below <Bow of Yelvitz> but it's more than sufficient against magic beasts and bandits in escort missions and such.




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