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Okami wa Nemuranai 32.5


"A messenger from Kogurus's town lord?"


"They want me come to Kogurus?"


A messenger sent by Kogurus townlord has arrived at Vouka.

They had an audience with Vouka's town lord, Crimus Ulban, and the matter they conveyed was shocking to say the least.

They told about how a retainer of Kogurus townlord, elder Zack Zaikaz has fallen critically ill, his condition is such that not even red potions nor <Recovery> are of much help.
They wish to have him get treated by Eda-dono, the <Healing Hands of Herb Saint>, they will pay the one big gold coin fee. Naturally they will also cover the cost of her staying at Kogurus. Such was the message.

"Eda. Let me hear your wish here. I shall abide by it."

Eda got lost in thought.

Eda was present when Crimus and Lecan were discussing about Zack Zaikaz's relation with this town. She didn't really get what they were talking about back then, but Lecan is not here now. She's got to grasp the situation herself and give her own answers.

She puts all she knows about the topic in her head in order. But it's getting nowhere. So she tried putting it into words.

"Wonder what they want from me."

Crimus and Norma stayed silent. They have no answer to that.

"One possibility is that Zack has legit fallen ill and they're looking for help for real."

Eda spoke like she was chewing.

"Another possibility is they're trying to take me hostage."

'What's the point in taking me hostage, oh wait, it must be ways to get Vouka in trouble', thought Eda. She's got too low an opinion of herself.

"Or perhaps, it's both."

Wonder if there's really no other explanations. Eda racked her brain.

"Maybe they want to have me cast <Purification> on someone else. Un. They're up to no good no matter how you roll it."

Eda couldn't imagine going to Kogurus would bring her happiness. But even so, what would happen if she refused here.

"The townlord there put aside their pride to put this request out, declining here would make Crimus-sama lose face, wouldn't it?"

"Eda. Me losing face would be a far better outcome than you coming to harm. Furthermore, I do not wish for my circumstance to influence your will. I shall give you my full support no matter your decision."

Eda herself had no problem going to Kogurus had Crimus asked. But they probably won't let her go back easily if she does.

"Un. Then how about we do this."
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"Hou. Do tell us."

"I'll agree to take the request. Adventurer Eda under medic Norma's guidance formally agrees to cast <Purification> on Zaikaz-dono for the normal fee of one big gold coin. However, Eda has made an arrangement with townlord of Vouka per Guide Skalabel's plea. Per that arrangement, she cannot cast <Purification> outside town of Vouka. As such, we would like Zack-dono to come to Vouka."

Crimus opened his eyes wide.

Norma looked surprised as well.

"Wonderful. Truly wonderful answer. Eda, that is simply perfect."

"You think so? Ehehehe."

"That took me by surprise too. This rule where you can only cast <Purification> in Vouka is pretty good. Really good. That should be set as a rule that must not be broken from now on. And the way you bring in Guide Skalabel as a reason to not break this rule. Well done, Eda."


"All right. I'll go tell the messenger right away. You two please come with me."

The three met the messenger and Crimus replied with Eda's suggestion.

The messenger went back to Kogurus the morning after.

Crimus was in an awfully good mood.

Believing he had avoided trouble.

In Crimus's mind, even if it's for the sake of getting treated, there's no way Zack Zaikaz would come to his town this late in the game. His thinking is reasonable. Even moreso if Zack is truly sick. How Eda's suggestion is a consent in form but a refusal to cast <Purification> in practice was just superb.

However, the messenger made a swift return.

Crimus couldn't believe his ears when he heard the words the messenger spoke out.

"We are grateful for your consent to our plea. Zack Zaikaz as well as my retainers shall immediately depart for Vouka under supervision of my second son, Riol Shalbart. We pray for god's benevolence to grace him in the miracle treatment. Yale. That would be the message from my lord, Kogurus town lord, Daryl Shalbart."

Crimus could barely keep up in his confusion.

"W-when will Zack Zaikaz arrive here?"

"Sir. As they should have departed right after I did, I believe they will arrive at Vouka in three days time."

Crimus's gotta get a lodging ready first thing first. Fortunately there's the guesthouse. But there's no caretakers. It hasn't been cleaned well either.

But now that the person in question is really coming after telling them, 'Come over here if you want treatment', there's no way Crimus could just tell them off, 'we have no lodging for you', now.

The instance the messenger went away, Crimus and his subordinates began their frantic preparations.

Fortunately, the townlord mansion's has twice as many personnel than pre Herb Saint's Visitation. That's how much the workload has increased. More and more buildings got erected in the site. And with that comes traffic of workers coming and going.

Those personnel as well as the gradual increase of servants lent by a variety of nobles have transformed the townlord's mansion to a whole new level.





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